22nd Annual Speed Week

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Lake Gairdner South Australia 28th May - 1st June 2012, 19th - 23rd March 2012


Rain Date Speed Week CANCELLED 20/05/2012
Just had a phone call from Carol.
”I have just had a phone call from Peter Noy and it is official that we have had to call off our Lake Gairdner event proposed for the 28th May - 1st June, the guys inspecting the lake have found too many inconsistencies in the lakes surface and are unable to get enough good salt to run an event.”
The inspection team went out again this morning and could not find enough good salt for even a shortened track. The rain that came through yesterday was still laying on the salt.
As has now be discovered, the problem with this time of the year there is not enough sun or wind to dry up or push around any water. From this experience it would be very unlikely that this time of the year would be considered again.
Just to repeat Speed Week 2012 has been cancelled.

Final Lake Inspection 19/05/2012
From Carol Hadfield.
"I have just had a phone call from the guys inspecting Lake Gairdner and they are not prepared to make a decision on the event until tomorrow afternoon, if it does go ahead it will be a restricted meeting with only a short course, we won't be able to run a long course."

Final Lake Inspection 19/05/2012
The final lake inspection will take place on Saturday 19th May 2012. It is planned to be at the lake by lunch time Saturday. Check the lake and specifically where we could make a suitable track. Depending upon how long this takes they may not be back until Sunday morning at which time there will be a phone hook up with the committee. As soon as possible after this an announcement will be made and posted here, on the forum and on the phone information line.

We know that this is leaving it till the last minute for some of the interstate crews, but you must realise that we are trying to give ourselves the best possible opportunity of running an event in 2012.

Plucka 13/05/2012
For those interstate we can appreciate the extra effort and organisation in getting to the salt with short notice. We will be inspecting the lake and the options re placement of the track mid morning on Saturday. Once we have a decision either way, I will call Carol Hadfield on the Sat phone from the lake and Carol will update the web and call the committee to get it out to everyone. This will be just after lunch saturday. Hope this is timely enough,but it could not have been any sooner, as explained. The 2 Aboriginal Rangers were very impressed with (1.) our knowledge of the lake and what it does and (2.) our committment to its preservation and the manner we went about our business, so much so that the next inspection they were happy not to be there. As long as they are informed our decisions they were happy.

Lake Inspection 12/05/2012
Saturday Night in Pluckas Kitchen.
Arrived at the lake at 1:00PM and met up with DEH rangers to explain and show them what we are about.
Very positive response and much support shown to us.
The ramp area looks to be in great condition.

Tested some areas that were looked at 2 weeks ago and previously.

We then proceeded out to the track area and unfortunately found that the area around the 3 1/2 to 4 mile mark to be unsuitable for traffic at this time.
We then turned around and drove south for aproximately 3 3/4 miles and found the salt to be conducive to racing, BUT alas the surface then deteriated to being soft and slushy.

Pending on this coming week's weather a final inspection will be conducted on next Saturday. Sorry we couldn't be bearers of better news.

Cookey 09/05/2012
This coming weekend (Saturday 12th) we will be accompanied by 2 of the DEH Rangers who are part of the team responsible for the Lake Gairdner area. These rangers are relatively new to their positions and are coming along to gain a better understanding of our operations leading up and during Speedweek.

Plucka 08/05/2012
No real change from John Moss's last weeks visit which is no surprise being that, it not only was a full moon but a super full one. However yesterday and today have been quite warm with a breeze as well. As explained there was no inspection this weekend conducted due to the SA general meeting in Tailem Bend. Last inspection saw a dry surface other than 10mm of surface water from the shore out to about 100 metres. The rest of the surface looks really good and a good covering of salt has been built up.

Lake Inspection 05/05/2012
No DLRA members went to the lake this past weekend as we were down at Tailem Bend Raceway looking up at the ring around the moon. Plucka may get some word from Mt Ive Station.
Peter Noy, Plucka & myself will be up at the lake early on Saturday next (12th) and will report back to the committee and then post here.

Lake Inspection 28/04/2012
Well, the wife and I and Shane from Adelaide inspected the lake today.
This is what greeted us on arrival

Not as good as a fortnight ago but in my opinion it seems to be about the same as the first time I visited the lake on the Tuesday of Speedweek 2010.
It was wet from the ramp around to the canteen. But only 10-15mm deep. Still with a hard layer of salt about 25mm thick at the shore, ranging to 75mm thick a couple of hundred metres out. Driving the car out left no ruts whatsoever in the surface.

Cheers Mossy

Lake Inspection 21/04/2012
Well Smurf and I just got back from the lake, I assume that most of you had seen the weather forecast, predicting 90% chance of 10mm -15mm over this way. Well arriving at the lake was disappointing to see, the prediction correct and again a vast exspanse of water covering the lake, almost as far as the eye could see. It is not deep (aprox 10mm) and we should not be concerned yet with 5 weeks to go. We have seen more water on the surface than what we saw today and 3 days later we were racing on it. As the rain only started at 5:00 am this morning, lasting several hours, it has not had time to dissolve any of what we had seen in previous weeks at the entrance, however we cant afford any more water. I didnt see the sense in photos as its not how we want to see it.
It also appears that some out sider/s (not associated to DLRA) have been out on the lake flogging around. Both Smurf and I disgusted and dissapointed to see that rubbish going on :x . I rang the Senior Ranger for the area and explained what we saw, so we would not get the blame and he was unaware and will look into it.
The next rotation of monitors will be John Moss/wife and possibly myself again.
Hopefully with better news.

Lake Inspection 15/04/2012
John Moss & I arrived at the lake around 1pm yesterday April 14th. We found Mike & Plucka's first reference point & worked from there. The surface has improved slightly since last weekend. Our readings were almost identical with the new salt setting nicely. We found no "potholes" as were evident in March & no surface water.The 5 mile mark is still damp & water dripped off the car after driving through it. At this time it would not sustain continuous traffic, but with warm weather predicted for at least the next week, this will improve. Mossy took photos & will post them soon. Pete Noy. DLRA #6.

Here's the pics

Cheers Mossy

Lake Inspection 06/04/2012
Michael Brixton and myself arrived at the lake about 4.00pm on the 5th April and after a brief look at the lake went on to Mt Ives for the night. Today (6th April) via camp DLRA to collect penetrometer then onto Lake Gairdner. At the shore line there seemed to be quite alot of fresh salt growth and approximately 25mm in thickness. This was stable under vehicle.

We then went from the shore in a direct line towards the start line and @ 50 metre drove the rod through 50mm of again fresh salt build up with then a thin 5mm silt layer which had been washed down onto the surface after the last heavy rains, but under this silt again good salt coverage. At this point it was worth noting that the moisture meter was showing that it was greater than 25 % moisture which was expected with a full moon due to the celestial mechanics which affect the lake and the gravitational bias that at this time sees water being drawn up through the salt surface from the brine layer beneath. The next was @ 100 metres and again great layering of fresh salt of up to 75mm thick then a silt layer of no more than 5 mm then hard salt beneath which was not penetratable.

Then on to 200 metres and the spike did not go into the hard crust surface at all. We then drove out to within 100 metres of the start line coordinates and drove the entire length of the race track out to 12kilometre mark. There was an obvious wet area nearing the creek but quite hard under vehicle. Every kilometre, for the first 5 k's we checked the penetrometer and again very hard and compact with visible new growth. The amount of water that had been on it earlier this year must have left or been blown off quite quickly as the new growth had no crystal like structure to it. We tried to mimic what Smurf and Cookey saw upon their inspection prior race week cancellation and found only one of these in the 12 kilometre stretch, Michael stratched at it going down probably 40 mm then hard salt layer underneath. It will be good to see the next week the difference (if any) with the new moon cycling. I will attach more photos

Lake Inspection 24/03/2012
Norm Bradshaw drove out to the lake on Saturday March 24th and found the salt good condition and almost ready to race.
Further lake inspections will take place on the following dates;
    April 6th Plucka and Michael Brixton (full moon)
    April 14th Peter Noy and Plucka
    April 21st Peter Noy and Smurf
    April 28th Smurf and John Moss
    May 5th Plucka and Michael Brixton (full moon)
    May 12th Cookey and John from Gawler
    May 19th Cookey and Smurf (final inspection)
For reports please follow this link to the forum

Possible Rain Date and other stuff 22/03/2012
"We had a committee meeting tonight and the following items were decided:
  • We intend to have another attempt at holding Speedweek 2012 on the week of 28th of May through to 1st of June at Lake Gairdner, this of course depends on the condition of the lake and permission from DEH to do this, we intend to have regular lake inspections carried out weekly in the weeks leading up the scheduled event. David Pluckhahn has undertaken to co-ordinate a roster of South Australian members to provide weekly updates, these findings are to be dated and posted on the DLRA home page.
  • The AGM is to be held at Lake Gairdner during that week.
  • We will still have a general meeting at Tailem Bend on the 5th of May commencing at 7pm, the Test and Tune strip will be available during the day from 9am through to 5pm.
  • We intend to change the dates for our Annual Speedweek to late January/early February, the actual dates will depend on the moon cycle and we will have a rainout date for late May/early June each year starting in 2013.
  • We will get a newsletter out as soon as possible.

Lake Inspection 09/03/2012
Please ignore any previous notification about Speed Week 2012.
Speed Week for 2012 is officially cancelled.
The lake has up to 200mm of water in some places with more rain expected next Wednesday. There are large "potholes" with a light covering of salt over them the track making it unusable. When you break through them it's just mud.

Lake Inspection 09/03/2012
The lake was inspected this morning and found to be dry and in good condition, even the wind was blowing the right way.
The lake will continue to be monitored over the coming week, but at this stage Speed Week is definately on.
Cled has asked for anyone wanting to ring him to use his mobile, NOT his landline.
Inspection to take place Friday 9th March 2012.
Road was opened to 4WD on Friday 2nd March 2012. Inspection made by air on the 3rd March 2012. See footage on YouTube. Shows water over the majority of the lake, but no idea how deep.
Lake Inspection - An inspection of Lake Gairdner was to take place on the 3rd March 2012. However due to recent heavy rains which have swept right across Australia the dirt roads leading out the the lake have been closed. Do not read into this more than what is there. The Roads Department often force these dirt roads closed as a preventative measure, to limit damage by vehicles that may other wise try and get through. Better to wait a couple of days and have the road dry and in good condition (less work for them). There is a thread on the forum for people to follow if they wish. As soon as there is any news it will appear here and on the forum.
Tech Inspection Day - 10am. Sunday February 19th 2012 At Aussie Desert Cooler, 34 Macquarie Drive, Thomastown 3074. If you have a new car or bike you want to race at the lake in March, this could save you and the tech inspectors a lot of time and frustration. Lionel West and Graham Hadley have volunteered to carry out the inspections and give advice. These guys have a wealth of knowledge and are happy to help. BBQ supplied. Everyone is welcome. Please let me know if you are coming Contact Norm 0425 700 954
Pre Race DLRA Meeting - Sunday February 12th 11 am. sharp - all welcome, at Highway 31, Sydney Rd. Brunswick
The next Tailem Bend Test & Tune weekend is confirmed as FEBRUARY 4th & 5th 2012. Same rules as before, only vehicles constructed to DLRA rule book allowed, full driving/riding suits required. Free overnight camping is available on site, or book accommodation in the town. For more info call me on 0427 777 661, or Michael Brixton 0418 806 650. See ya there ! Pete DLRA #6. (more...)
Volunteers Register now open! As you all know Speed Week cannot operate without volunteers, this register exists to ensure that we have the right number of volunteers where and when we need them.
Entries for Speedweek 2012 are now open and pre-entries do not close until 28th February 2012
Pre-Entries - Where entrants did not request a refund of entry fees from the 2011 event, they will be automatically entered for the Speedweek 2012.
5th June 2012 - dates for Speedweek 2012 were anounced at the Victorian Club meeting . They are 19th to 23rd March 2012. Consideration was given to arranging "rain dates", whilst it's a given that competitors will race any time, the main problem related to volunteers and officials getting additional time off for such an event.

2012 DLRA Calendar

Get 'em while they're HOT!!

To order: ring Carol at the

DLRA Office 03 5472 4629

 Advice for Drivers News  Spectators  Reporters  Pre-Entries  Photos 


The DLRA has its own rulebook, this book contains operating procedures, competition requirements, engine class breaks, technical requirements and classes. It is based on the rule book of the Southern California Timing Association. Copies can be supplied by contacting our Chief Steward. There is information on vehicle styles and classes and engine displacements breaks on this site.

NOTE: The rule book is currently under revision with the aim to align as closely as possible with the SCTA Rulebook with some additions for Australian conditions where required. If you are currently building a vehicle you would be wise to contact the Chief Steward for advise on how to proceed. Existing vehicles will have a number of years to transition to the updated rules.


The Operational Plan describes the requirements to conduct the annual Speedweek held at Lake Gairdner in South Australia by the Dry Lake Racers Australia.
All motoring events have an element of public risk and potential for environmental impact. The Operational Plan has been compiled with due consideration to reduce these risks and to prescribe the tasks required to conduct a safe and enjoyable event for participants and spectators.


There are a number of Club Rules and guidelines which competitors and their crews must follow whilst on the salt. Most of these relate to environmental issues. Breaking or ignoring these rules will may see you paying for any restoration work required, depending upon the willfulness and severity you may be removed from the event. As an organisation, we are only allowed access to this unique location whilst we demonstrate care and respect for it.


To compete, each driver must be a member of the Dry Lakers Racers Australia and have completed an entry form, paid the appropriate fees and had their vehicle inspected and passed scrutineering prior to competing. Enquiries about becoming a member should be directed to the Secretary.


There are technical representatives in each State who are capable of conducting mechanical or safety inspections or to advise on vehicle construction. Please contact the Chief Scruitneer who will make the necessary arrangements.
We have been receiving a number of enquiry's from interested parties who want to use an existing race car and are requesting information as to what class their vehicle applies. Please refer these enquiry's providing details and if possible photos direct to the Chief Scruitneer. It is the owners responsibility to nominate which class and engine break they wish to compete in.

Additional instructions and map of the course will be supplied prior to the Drivers Meeting at the Lake.

Drug & Alcohol testing of both Officials & Participants

The committee has resolved to take this action in awareness that should a serious accident or other incident occur during the event, involving persons affected by drugs or alcohol, it would certainly jeopardise the future of the event & most likely this form of motor sport in Australia.

Our committee wish to safeguard all individuals involved in this unique sport whilst ensuring that they are not placing themselves or others at risk of litigation should the unforseen occur. With this in mind we believe that testing of all involved is a responsible precautionary action.

We envisage that officials & drivers/riders together with other individuals who will be participating would be tested at the commencement of each day. In 2011 only we see this as a public relations exercise – the only penalty for an individual registering a positive reading would be for them to return to the pits area & not be permitted to compete/participate until a negative reading is returned. All officials & competitors will be advised prior to & during the event of the introduction of mandatory testing in 2011.

NEW!! DLRA Phone Information Line - 0435 213 785
We now offer a pre-recorded message of the latest news from the DLRA. This message will change as news and events take place. If you need to talk to someone ring the office, if you want the very latest news ring 0435 213 785, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Additional Recommended Reading - Technical Inspection
  - Entry Form
  - Membership Form
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  - Starters Instructions
  - Push Cars
  - How to get to Lake Gairdner
  - Lake Gairdner
  - What to take
  - Club Rules

 Advice for Spectators News  Drivers  Reporters  Pre-Entries  Photos 


There will be special areas assigned for spectating whilst the cars are racing. The pits will be open for you to enjoy during race times, but for security reasons will be closed to spectators at all other times. Spectator fee for entry to the lake is a flat $25.00 (if your there for a day or a week) per person.

Operational Plan

The Operational Plan describes the requirements to conduct the annual Speedweek held at Lake Gairdner in South Australia by the Dry Lake Racers Australia.
All motoring events have an element of public risk and potential for environmental impact. The Operational Plan has been compiled with due consideration to reduce these risks and to prescribe the tasks required to conduct a safe and enjoyable event for participants and spectators.

A program will be handed out to entrants and spectators, with track layout, race times, rules on Lake and Station property.


You have 3 options;

  1. Mt. Ive homestead has a number of limited rooms, and most of this is booked from one year to the next. There are some shearers rooms available with dormitory style sleeping, but be quick and book ASAP. There is also a camping area at the homestead, tents and caravans are welcome, but you are in the outback so be prepared. Power, water (drinking), food and fuel, you have to be self sufficient, there is some power and showers. The homestead is some 18 km's from the lake. For bookings, contact Mt. Ive homestead direct.
  2. The DLRA camp is where competitors and their teams and regular visitors have purchased beds in semi-permenant structures. For Spectators there are plenty of un-powered sites, with toilets and showers available . The camp is about 6 km's from the lake. No booking required and fees are payable to the DLRA ($10 per night and a $10 diesel levy, $60 for the week) at the merchandise van.
  3. The Mt. Ive camp; located behind the canteen and very close to the lake. All persons intending to use the bush camp at Lake Gairdner are required to take Porta Potties for personal use - human waste is not to be left in the bush. No camp fires are permitted to be lit near the bush or trees surrounding the bush camp. To stay here you really need to be self sufficent. Run by Mt. Ive Homestead, no bookings required, $7 per night, pay at the canteen.

NOTE: There is strictly no camping upon the Lake itself.

The Mt. Ive homestead run a canteen on the edge of the lake operating for the week of the event only, you can buy cold drinks, beer, ice and all your meals there if you wish. They sell cooked breakfast, lunch and dinners, sandwiches etc.. Prices are very reasonable and the dinners very generous.

Additional Recommended Reading - Lake Gairdner
  - How to get to Lake Gairdner
  - Getting Started
  - Track Layout

 Advice for reporters and journalists News  Drivers  Spectators  Pre-Entries  Photos 

There will be a number of announcements and press releases leading up to the event. If you wish to be placed on the mailing list, please forward all your contact and publication details, to the DLRA Web Master.

We don't have a press kit other than what you see on these pages. If you require further information please contact the DLRA Web Master.

Commercial photographers and film crews will need to contact the DENR Media Centre for an application form and to obtain permission and pay a fee. If the film or photography is for non commercial use, a permit is not required. Contact the South Australian Department of Environment and Water.

During Speed Week at the lake we need media/press to identify themself with their credentials to officials at the Entrants Caravan, you will be issued with a press pass that will allow you to be there for the week. Registered photographers can gain special access to areas on the track deemed appropriate by the Race Director by prior permission. Typically these will be with the Fire and Rescue vehicles located along the track. At no time will they be allowed outside the spectator area without the express permission of the Race Director.

Whilst on the lake photographers and film crews will be required to wear a high visability vest. It's also a good idea to carry a UHF radio (Channel 8) so that you are informed of events and contactable at all times.

Additional Recommended Reading - Lake Gairdner
  - How to get to Lake Gairdner
  - Getting Started
  - Track Layout


 Pre-Entries News  Drivers  Spectators  Reporters  Photos 

NOTE: Many entrants have not provided their complete or correct class. Please contact me ASAP with details. Same goes for vehicle number, especially if it is different to your membership number. With the new timing system we cannot record your time without these details prior to your run. If we have to collect all these details during racing it's going to slow everthing down, do it now!

  • This is a work in progress and will be updated several times over th coming weeks.
  • Pre-Entries have now closed, entries are still being accepted, but will incur a $100 late entry fee.
  • Record Speeds shown in BLUE are the highest speed attained for that class from all previous years
    or have never had a vehicle register a speed for that class and are considered Open.
  • Timed (long track) speeds shown to 3 decimal places, speeds to be confirmed by Timer.
  • GPS (short track) speeds shown to 1 decimal place.
  • GPS speeds are not recognised for records
  • P.B. (Personal Best) is for that entrant, in that class.
  • VR* - those entrants marked with an "X" have nominated for the Volunteers Register (Note: All entrants are expected to nominate for at least one shift doing something)
Name VR* Vehicle
Vehicle Class P. B. Record
2 Andy Jenkins   2 Lakester K/GL 85.0 Open
3 Rod Hadfield     1996 VS Holden Commodore AA/FALT 259.067 259.067
35 Ray Tully     1959 Porsche 356 ?/GT -  
70 Bill Heeremans     1974 Nissan 260Z A/MS - Open
71 Graham Scott     Streamliner G/GS 127.514 127.514
85 Les Shadwell     1928 A Ford C/GMR 120.14 185.013
92 John Lynch X   Belly Tank A/BFL 301.729 301.729
93 Darryl Hunt     1981 Commodore VC E/PRO 165.039 179.928
105 Lucky Keizer     1989 Streamliner S/G 1000 136.467 136.467
120 Chris Fraser X   1939 Chev ?/?? -  
123 Hugo Halls     1959 Porsche 356 ?/GT -  
131 Brian Nicholson X 131 1973 XA Ford Coupe C/PRO 198.096 217.155
135 Phil Cvirn   135 1963 Harley Davidson Shovel MPS/PF 1350 152.775 162.577
139 Trevor Clare   555 Special Construction Streamliner H/GS - Open
140 Phil Arnold   140 1997 Moto Guzzi Daytona P/PP 1000 139.794 139.794
140B Phil Arnold   140 1997 Moto Guzzi Daytona MP/G 1000 136.074 136.074
144 Max Hooper     1980 Suzuki Bosman SC/F 1350 141.883 Open
150 Peter Vansittart     1953 Triumph Thunderbird MPS/VF 650 109.157 109.157
150B Peter Vansittart     1953 Triumph Thunderbird VF/650M -  
151 Steve Charlton X 149 Lakester D/GL 212.854 212.854
155 David Waight   1928 1923 Ford T Roadster V4/GMR 100.421 122.050
178 Ronnie Stayt X   2002 Kawasaki ZX12R M/G 1650 - Open
194 Bob Bowman X   1927 Ford T B/GMR - 168.07
201 Norm Hardinge   3410 1934 Ford Roadster B/GR 195.577 195.577
222 Leigh Russell     1987 Suzuki Alto J/PRO 101.715 101.715
222B Leigh Russell     1987 Suzuki Alto J/GCC - Open
234 Mal Hewett   234 1950 Vincent Rapide MPS/VG 1350 154.932 154.932
234B Mal Hewett     1950 Vincent Rapide A/PG 1350 - 140.208
241 Michael Hite     1987 Harley Sportster A/PG 1350 140.208 140.208
245 Leigh Goodall     1934 Austin Special ?/? -  
249 Graham Cain X 8 1972 LJ Torana D/GC 169.411 195.047
250 Norm Golgerth X 8 1972 LJ Torana D/GC 164.308 195.047
251 Chris Hanlon X 706 1982 Ford F100 C/PP - 117.30
251B Chris Hanlon     Ford AU Ute D/PRO/UTE - Open
251C Chris Hanlon     Ford AU Ute D/MP/UTE - Open
252 Stephen Morgan X   1984 Toyota Hilux Pickup D/MMP 152.654 152.654
253 John Dent     1996 Ford AU Falcon B/BGC - 192.153
253B John Dent     1968 Ford Mustang A/GC 192.492 202.440
256 Peter Walduck     1926 T Ford Roadster H/GMR 81.8 Open
258 Debra Dawson   258 1953 Studebaker Champion A/GCC 190.799 190.799
259 Paul Broughan     Belly tank Lakester F/BGL 184.077 204.127
271 Leo Monahan X 8 1972 LJ Torana D/GC 166.389 195.047
280 Terry Prince     1950 Vincent SC/MVF 1350 143.747 147.423
281 Don Noble   708 1976 Datsun 260Z Coupe F/GT - 139.919
282 Gary Baker X   1986 Special Construction Kawasaki APS/BF 1000 - Open
295 Norman Bradshaw     1996 AU Falcon B/BGC 192.153 192.153
304 Stuart Penn     1955 Vincent Supercharged Black Lightning A/VBF 1000 112.542 112.542
317 Jack McDonald     1952 Norton Manx M/VG 500 - Open
321 Bruce Fisher     1973 Falcon C/PRO - 217.155
331 Adrian Reid X   2005 BA Ford Falcon Ute C/MP - 118.561
342 Adrian Hunt     1981 VC Commodore E/PRO 156.087 179.928
343 Steven Vorwerk X 343 1950 International R190 Truck U/DT 133.779 155.749
344 Nathan Bradshaw     1996 Ford Falcon B/BGC - 192.153
371 Grant Schlein X   2003 Suzuki GSXR 1300 Hyabusa P/P 1350 203.504 203.504
371B Grant Schlein X   2003 Suzuki GSXR 1300 Hyabusa MPS/G 1350 204.104 217.443
374 James Stewart   374 2007 Bellytank Special E/GL 192.051 192.051
374B James Stewart   374 2007 Bellytank Special E/FL - 152.768
379 Greg Watters   379 2003 Suzuki GSXR 1300 Hyabusa APS/BF 1350 - 188.412
395 Dean Soderblom     1993 Ford Thunderbird C/GALT - 218.512
397 Wayne Pickles   285 1968 Holden Monaro C/PRO 217.155 217.155
412 Dik Jarman   374 2007 Bellytank Special E/GL 68.882 192.051
418 Gary Satara     1984 XJ S Jaguar C/BFMS - Open
423 Alan Fountain     1970 Studebaker Avanti 11 C/GC - 169.141
425 Ian Wheatley     1970 Studebaker Avanti 11 C/GC - 169.141
443 Evelyne Scholz X   2006 Suzuki GSXR 1000 A/BG 1000 - Open
443B Evelyne Scholz X   2006 Suzuki GSXR 1000 APS/BG 1000 - 145.240
444 Dave McLachlan X   2010 Bones Built APS/? 500 -  
445 Rebeka Tucker X 445 1988 Suzuki Swift GT1 H/PRO 125.226 125.226
454 Jeffory Lemon X 454 1990 Kawasaki ZZR 1100 M/P 1350 - Open
454B Jeffory Lemon     2012 Kawasaki ZX14R P/P 1650 - Open
459 Peter Lewis     2010 Lakester Front Engine Dragster E/BGL - Open
466 Adam Pickles     1968 HK Holden C/PRO 198.807 217.155
471 John Viles X   1984 Toyota Hilux D/MMP 117.248 152.654
473 Allan Scott     1970 Studebaker Avanti 11 C/GC - 169.141
484 Bob Lambert     1988 CBR 250R A/BF 250 - Open
495 Kim Krebs     1996 Suzuki GSXR APS/BF 750 188.412 188.412
504 Malcolm Sturrock X 504 2003 F4 1000MV AGUSTA P/P 1000 166.389 180.922
507 Steven White     1923 T Model Ford G/MR - Open
508 Paul Radford     1984 Suzuki Solo GSX-1100 M/G 1650 159.0 Open
509 Brett De Stoop   509 Suzuki 750 APS/F 1000 232.108 232.108
510 Max Ellery   510 1988 Holden Commodore E/PRO 179.928 179.928
542 Jim Higgins     2008 Kawasaki ZX 14 M/BG 1650 - Open
561 Jeffrey Jones     1981 Toyota Corolla GC ?/GC -  
561 Jeffrey Jones     1981 Toyota Corolla ?/GALT -  
562 Joel Jones     1981 Toyota Corolla ?/GC -  
562 Joel Jones     1981 Toyota Corolla ?/GALT -  
565 Terry Ings   565 1966 Triumph Bonneville S/G 650 88.0 Open
571 Milton Lewis     1964-5 Yamaha Special SC SC/APG 1350 - Open
571B Milton Lewis     1964 Ford Special SC SC/APG 1350 - Open
572 Michael Riddell   572 2002 Honda CT110 MPS/F 125 - Open
581 Jamie Regan X 581 1982 VH Commodore C/PRO 161.0 217.155
587 Mark Burrows X 587 2006 Special Construction APS/VG 350 77.532 77.532
594 Allen Shephard X 594 1962 E Type Jaguar E/GT 146.032 161.870
601 Alan Lacey   601 1989 XF Ford Panel Van (on LPG) C/GC 122.067 169.141
603 Alan Laing   603 1976 Chev Monza D/GALT 117.0 Open
604 Jake Laing   603 1976 Chev Monza D/GALT 121.0 Open
612 John Ladbrook Snr   612 1988 Suzuki GSXR750J MPS/BF 750 151.0 182.43
613 Graeme Cederblad X   1983 Suzuki RM 80 M/G 100 - Open
618 Edward Garner     1999 Suzuki GSX 1300R MPS/G 1350 122.649 217.443
618B Edward Garner     2000 Harley D FXD P/PP 2000 - Open
624 Chris Bryson     2008 GSXR 1300 Suzuki Hyabusa MPS/F 1350 - 202.065
624B Chris Bryson     2001 GSXR 1300 Suzuki Hyabusa MPS/G 1350 202.588 217.443
632 Wayne Gower   632 1958 Milano E/MS 175.191 205.538
640 Nick Rees     1932 Ford Roadster A/GR - 232.12
642 Phil Shephard X 642 1962 E Type Jaguar E/GT 161.870 161.870
643 Steven Harkness X 643 1981 Kawasaki GPZ 1100 MPS/G 1350 140.0 217.443
644 Mark Holyoak     1973 Volkswagon Beetle F/PRO 117.172 140.274
645 Terry Coles   645 1987 Harley Davidson Sportster MP/G 1350 117.0 153.714
658 Kathryn Hanlon     1982 Ford F100 Utility C/PP - 117.30
659 Mike Bulluss X 581 1982 Commodore C/PRO 159.0 217.155
660 Robert Benson X 581 1982 Commodore C/PRO 159.0 217.155
661 Dave Wilkes X 581 1982 Commodore C/PRO 159.0 217.155
662 Brian Payne X 662 2002 Kawasaki ZX 12R M/G 1350 - 161.059
667 James Bragg   667 1986 Harley Davidson Sportster MPS/F 1350 147.734 202.065
671 Alan Blackwood     1999 Triumph Sprint ST MPS/G 1000 167.504 167.504
671 Alan Blackwood     1999 Triumph Sprint ST M/G 1000 - 138.370
680 Nathan Perry   680 2002 Suzuki GSXR APS/G 650 - 75.917
689 David Pluckhahn X 689 1968 Holden Monaro C/GALT 146.389 218.512
692 Tharon Hart X   1990 VN Commodore /PRO -  
696 John Leskovec     1999 Suzuki GSX 1300 MPS/G 1350 - 217.443
696B John Leskovec     2000 Harley D FXSTB P/PP 2000 - Open
701 Michael Roche X 701 1928 A Model Ford B/GMR - 168.07
706 Peter Sanford X 706 1976 Datsun 260Z Coupe F/GT 137.195 139.919
706B Peter Sanford   706 1982 Ford F100 C/PP - 117.30
706C Peter Sanford     1998Ford AU Ute D/PRO/UTE - Open
708 Stephen Bridge X 708 1976 Datsun 260Z Coupe F/GT 139.919 139.919
708B Stephen Bridge   706 1982 Ford F100 C/PP - 117.30
708C Stephen Bridge     1998Ford AU Ute D/PRO/UTE - Open
717 Alan Kulari   717 1967 XR Falcon B/GALT 179.901 179.901
732 Stuart Hooper   732 1959 Velocette Venom MPS/BPF 750 - Open
733 Mark Hamilton X   1980 Yamaha SR500 MPS/G 500 122.532 133.451
733B Mark Hamilton X   1980 Yamaha SR500 MPS/F 500 - Open
735 Paul Powditch X   2008 Suzuki K8 P/P 750 167.566 167.566
736 Adrian Vorwerk     1950 International R190 Truck U/DT 113.0 155.749
739 Stephen Finn   739 1977 Suzuki GT 750B M/G 750 146.783 149.377
739B Stephen Finn     1977 Suzuki GT 750B APS/G 750   127.325
753 Stephen Craven   753 1972 Ducati Roundcase Bevel MPS/G 900 143.436 143.436
757 Steve Williams     1934 Plymouth Coupe B/SCC -  
763 Phillip Fairey X 898 2004 Suzuki GSX 1350 Hayabusa MPS/BG 1350 171.534 223.325
770 David Patterson   770 1974 XB Ford Coupe AA/BGC 163.369 163.369
774 John Ogilvie X   2008 Lakester C/FL 158.702 Open
774B John Ogilvie X   1998 Mitsubishi Magna D/GALT - Open
780 Michael Brixton   780 2003 BA Ford Ute C/BFC/UTE -  
783 Ken Robinson X 783 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa MPS-G 1350 199.567 204.603
784 Peter Code   784 2000 Kawasaki ZX12 R P/P 1350 171.722 203.504
791 Troy Bodley X 791 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa GSXR MPS/G 1350 177.0 217.443
800 Scott Gower   632 1958 Milano E/MS 169.0 205.538
805 Shane Gaghan   805 1970's Honda 750 Chopper A/F 750 - Open
805B Shane Gaghan     1996 Suzuki GSXR MPS/BG 750 - 143.815
816 Josh Schuit X 816 1981 BMW R100 CS MP/G 1000 121.049 136.074
816B Josh Schuit     1981 BMW R100 CS MPS/PG 1000 - Open
831 Glen Ross     1982 Yamaha SR 500J MPS/F 500 114.0 114.722
832 Stewart Ross     1982 Yamaha SR 500J MPS/F 500 114.722 114.722
846 Paul Carter X 846 2008 SLS Custom APS 2000 - Open
850 Phillip Eggleston   850 1966 Triumph Bonneville APS/G 750 127.325 127.325
851 Tom Lang     1983 Honda Special XL 185 A Special Construction 88.530 88.530
853 Peter Turner   853 1993 Kawasaki ZXR 400 MPS/G 500 133.451 133.451
856 Philip Monkhouse   856 2006 Yamaha RG MPS/G 650 161.812 161.812
856B Philip Monkhouse   856 2004 Yamaha R1 MPS/G 1000 175.139 177.988
857 Daryl Higgins   857 2006 Yamaha RG MPS/G 650 166.0 161.812
857B Daryl Higgins   857 2004 Yamaha R1 MPS/G 1000 159.0 164.891
859 Greg Mackie   859 1960 Vokswagon Beetle H/PRO 75.1 125.226
859B Greg Mackie   873 1969 Karmann Ghia F/MS 128.0 127.370
860 Brenton Liney   860 1970 R75/5 BMW Motorcycle M/PP 750 110.0 Open
860B Brenton Liney   632 1958 Milano E/MS 89.0 205.538
861 John Colman X 861 2001 Honda NSR 150 SP P/P 175 - Open
866 Peter Healy X 866 1993 Suzuki RGV VJ22 250 M/G 250 99.042 99.042
868 Daryl Bunton X 868 1983 Honda CT110 Postie Bike M/G 125 59.3 60.216
869 David Atkinson X   1993 EB Falcon XR8 C/PRO - 217.155
873 Stephen Muller   873 1969 Karmann Ghia F/MS 127.370 127.370
873B Stephen Muller     1957 VW Kombi F/MS 127.370 127.370
878 Keith Carrick X 878 1936 HRD Comet MV/PF 650 120.0 Open
878B Keith Carrick X 879 1971 Honda CB350 MPS/G 350 - 129.533
879 John Trease   879 1960 Norton Featherbed MPS/VF 1350 - Open
880B Mark Clifford X   2008 Suzuki Hayabusa MPS/G 1350 183.308 217.443
882 Phillip Lovell     1985 Ford Thunderbird D/PRO - 179.104
884 Mike Davison X 708 1976 Datsun 260Z F/GT - 139.919
884B Mike Davison X 706 1982 Ford F100 C/PP - 117.30
885 Neil Mclaughlan X 885 1991 Honda CBR250RR P/P 250 100.0 106.951
886 Mark Arnold    -  1967 XR Ford Falcon B/GALT 150.476 179.901
892 Tobias Breen   892 1974 HQ Holden C/PRO 175.267 217.155
898 Wayne Godwin X 763 2004 Suzuki Hayabusa GSX 1350 MPS/BG 1350 146.0 223.325
904 John Weninger   904 1956 VW Beetle H/PRO 72.1 125.226
905 Andrew Maslen     2002 Suzuki GSXR 1000 MPS/BF 1000 - 174.536
908 Mark Phelan   983 Honda CT110 Postie Bike M/G 125 - 60.216
914 Don Kendall   904 1956 VW Beetle H/PRO 159.0 125.226
915 Brian Fullard   915 1976 Yamaha TT 500 MPS/F 500 - 114.722
921 John Davey X 921 1974 Triumph Trident M/PG 750 - Open
925 Ross Brown X 925 1983 Kawasaki GPZ 1100 M/F 1350 - 143.266
928 David Bolger X 928 1989 Suzuki RGV250 MPS/G 250 118.0 129.533
934 Paul Matthews     1993 Suzuki GSXRW MPS/G 1350 - 217.443
936 Scott Noonan     1998 Suzuki RGV 250 P/P 250 106.951 106.951
936B Scott Noonan     1998 Suzuki RGV 250 MPS/? 250 -  
945 Gayl Ryan     1928 A Ford C/GMR - 185.013
953 Spog Stagbar     2010 VOS1 Special (Advance DC Electric 150V) Omega/? -  
953 Spog Stagbar     2010 VOS1 Special (Advance DC Electric 150V) Omega /? -  
959 John Moss     1954 Thunderbird GT M/VG 650 - Open
967 Bradley Tindale     1962 E Type Jaguar GT E/GT - 161.870
970 Paul Chapman X   2001 Honda NSR 150 MPS/G 175 - Open
971 Charles (Eddy) Findlay     1970 VW Fastback ?/PRO -  
974 Bob Burgess     Homemade Lakester J/GL - Open
975 Herb Wuersch     1979 Honda CBX M/BG 1350 - 126.778
977 Colin Harper     1967 MGB G/GT - Open
980 Vaughn Shaddock X   1988 BMW K1 P/? -  
989 John Flintoft     1995 Ducati 900 SS MPS/G 1000 - 177.988
1009 Marty Steel     1999 Suzuki Hayabusa APS/G ???? -  
1013 Paul Keir X   2000 Kawasaki ZX 1200 R MPS/F ???? -  
1015 T.Scott Jones     2009 Suzuki Hayabusa GSX 1350 ?/G 1350 -  
1016 John Kirchner X   1982 Suzuki GSX 1100 MPS/G 1350 - 204.603
1018 Phil Reid     2000 Suzuki GSXR 750 Production/? 750 -  
1022 Mark Daley     1973 Norton 850 Commando P/P 1000 - 180.922
1025 Robert McDonald     1953 Norton Manx M/VG 500 - Open
1027 Andrew Millhouse     1965 E Type Jaguar E/GT - 161.870
1030 Barry Bunter X 708 1976 Datusn 260Z Coupe F/GT - 139.919
1031 Brian Harris     1985 Ford Thunderbird D/PRO - 179.104
1032 Joel Benson X   1983 VH Commodore C/? -  
1033 Taigue Fountain   915 1976 Yamaha TT 500 MPS/F 500 - 114.722
1034 Tom Noack     1993 Holden VP Commodore C/GC - 169.141
1035 Alex McLachlan     2010 Alex built (80cc) (Bones' son) ?/G 100 -  
1036 Neil Carlyle X   1991 HRC Honda RS125 P/P 125 - Open
1037 Jacqueline Smith     1992 Honda CT110 M/G 125 - 60.216
1038 James Shields     1992 Honda CT110 M/G 125 - 60.216
1041 Ian Gardner     1999 Honda VFR800 M/G 1000 - 138.370
1043 Daniel Gathercole X 1043 1928 A Model Ford B/GMR - 168.07
1047 Max Evans X   1982 Yamaha IT 175 M/G 175 - 77.881
1048 Neill Finlay     2000 Suzuki Hayabusa 2000 MPS/BG 2000 - Open
1050 Matthew Topperwien     1959 Porsche 356 ?/GT -  
1051 Alan Burlinson     2004 Kawasaki 2X10R P/P 1000 - 180.922
1052 Jenny Wu     VW Golf R32 E/PRO - 179.928
1053 James Stanford     2010 VW Amarok G/PRO/UTE - Open
1053B James Stanford     VW Transporter G/PRO - 127.551
1053C James Stanford     VW Polo GTI H/PS -  
1053D James Stanford   1053 2010 VW Amarok E/M/MMP - Open
1054 Edward Sharouni     1988 Suzuki GSXR MPS/G 1350 - 217.443
1057 Karl Gehling     VW Golf R32 E/PRO - 179.928
1058 Jonathon Findlay     1970 VW Fastback ?/PRO -  
1059 Luke Miller     1992 Honda NSR250 (MC21) ?/M 250 -  
1065 Peter Waugh     1995 Suzuki RGV 250 P/P 250 - 106.951
1065B Peter Waugh     1995 Suzuki RGV 250 MPS/G 250 - 121.885
1066 Graeme Bickle     2008 Suzuki BKING M/P -  
1066B Graeme Bickle     2008 Suzuki BKING M/F -  
1073 Bradley Astill     2001 Triumph Bonneville M/G 1000 - 138.370
1077 Geoffrey Macdonald     1974 VW Beetle G/PRO - 127.551
1079 Neil Bromley     1976 Honda CD 125 M/G 125 - 60.216
1079B Neil Bromley     1953 BSA B32 P/VG -  
1080 Michael Adi     2003 Suzuki Hayabusa GSX 1300 R MPS/G 1350 - 217.443
1083 Ron Davis     1985 Kawasaki Z440 P/M 500 - Open
1086 Kevin Parkinson     1940 Harley Davidson WLD M/VG 1350 - 151.375
1091 Leonard Munn     1998 Ford AU D/P/UTE - Open
1092 Ronald Munn     1998 Ford AU D/P/UTE - Open
1098 Gilbert Bailey     1971 BSA B50 A/PG ??? -  
1101 Ian Hancock     1969 Datsun 1000 Coupe G/GC - 57.28
1106 Steven Main     2000 Commodore VT E/PS -  
1109 Charles Waters     1984 Kawasaki KR 12S A/G 125 - 100.502
1112 Michael Vella     2000 Yamaha YZF R1 P/P 1000 - 180.922
1116 David Bennett     1987 CBR 1000 F A/G 1000 - Open
1117 Rodney Bryson     2002 Suzuki Hayabusa   -  
1120 Graeme Carless     1955 BMW Ecco   -  
1124 Rick Howse     1995 VK Commodore   -  
1125 David Harris     1995 VK Commodore   -  
1127 Samantha Peterson     2000 Kawasaki ZX 12   -  
1129 Rochelle Bown     1994 Subaru Impreza WRX   -  
1130 Christian Roberts     1965 XP Falcon Delivery E/? -  
1131 Christopher Bown     1965 XP Falcon Delivery E/? -  
1132 Lara Wilde     1989 Streamliner S/G 1000 - 136.467
1134 Ian Bailey     1989 Honda CBR 250R MC 19 P/P 250 - 106.951
1135 Greg Farrell     2008 Suzuki GSXR 1000 P/P 1000 - 180.922



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