speedweek 2012

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speedweek 2012

Post by penny »

At this years speedweek the ICE will be supplied and sold by Mildura Ice works and will be available from saturday about midday until midday thursday
They will be offering 5kg crushed and 5kg blocks and 7tonne total .
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Re: speedweek 2012

Post by RGV »

Nice one Paul, they (Mildura Ice works) will be manning the shop themselves?

Thanx for organizing it again, I assume you did.

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Re: speedweek 2012

Post by Rob »

Good stuff Paul,

I still reckon that at -6C it was about the best spot in the place on a hot day!

I owe, I owe, so off to work I go.

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Re: speedweek 2012

Post by Greg Watters »

That great news Paul
I depend on ice for my intercooler, so very much hope to be a regular at the truck :D

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Re: speedweek 2012

Post by outbacktrev »

Well done again Paul :D

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Re: speedweek 2012

Post by AuotonomousRX »

Good work Paul

Still trying to decide if I am a procrastinator

Pete :?
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Re: speedweek 2012

Post by momec3 »

Thanks Paul,
I depend very much on the ice for my Scotch, so very much hope to be a regular at the truck. :)


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Re: speedweek 2012

Post by swozzie »

Thanks Paul,
I depend very on the Ice for my Intercooler AND my Bourbon, could the Ice truck possibly stay for an extra day till Friday lunch as we may still be racing till then...
Cheers all, see u soon... 8 weeks n a bit... Not counting... :-)
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Re: speedweek 2012

Post by Dr Goggles »

Good on ya Paul.

Hey Swoz, update ya profile..... :wink:
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