Let's go string up Animal

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Let's go string up Animal

Post by club animal »

There's been a lot of crap thrown around since the meet., with a fair bit directed at me. So before the lynch mob arrives, a few final words.
LANGUAGE- guilty and have already apologised. I was showing my frustration at having to bust my ass to organise things for people too lazy or dopey to help themselves by arriving on time.

CONED UP (Plucka) I have not smoked a cone since Nov. 1989. Any herbs I was taking or smoking did not contain THC, CANNABOLOIDS, or anything else illegal in S.A.

BOOZING (Cookey)
WASTED/PISSED (Plucka) Not guilty- yes I had literally one or two beers during the day, but always at the bus, not when I was officially on duty, and never enough to get me anywhere near .05. Oldpop got it right when he changed his
comment from"pissed" to "pissed off and drinking" Don't confuse getting vocal , with being pissed. If I was all sweetness and light and didn't get up some of them, the little darlings would still be there somewhere,
waiting for their first run.

JOCK WEARING SHIRTLESS RACE DIRECTOR (Plucka) I wore pants to official sermons like the pre-race meeting and press conferences, and to line up the racers at 7.00 AM. For the rest of the time, I dressed as I always have- its part of
the package.

AGM (Plucka) Not guilty, I didn't set the time but a lot of people did turn up (including Plucka's ole mate Cookey) I guess those that were interested made the effort to find out.

MEETING RUN DISCRACEFULLY (Plucka) Can't make any comment on this as Plucka has not given any details.

SPELLING Before some smartyjocks chimes in, I still can't spell too well, but my private secetary can, and she's not too bad at grammer either.

Still thinking about that lynch mob- better go and work out what i want for my last meal..........
Regards ANIMAL
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Re: Let's go string up Animal

Post by JonB »

I want to thanks you for the work you put in Animal.
It's unfortunate that the video got posted, I think most of us have used exactly the same language when frustrated.

I was amused by by the attire, I've never seen anyone carry their durries in their jocks before.

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Re: Let's go string up Animal

Post by Tombullet »

Times change....Animal doesn't. And now that everyone has a camera it's easy to be a critic should one choose to be.
Maybe he would look more acceptable in pressed white trousers A La Bonneville but I have no trouble understanding his communications and he gets a difficult job done.
I love good presentation BUT I love to see the job done well even more....regardless of language, drama or appearance.
To me Animal is an inegral part of speedweek, and the 3 newbies that rescued me and towed me from Brisbane to the lake would have been highly dissappointed if everything and everybody had been different to my description on the way.
See you next year Animal. If ya need some long white bowling pants , let me know.....as if.

David Leikvold
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Re: Let's go string up Animal

Post by David Leikvold »

"Meeting run disgracefully"? I don't think so!

The only thing I saw that went wrong was the morning 30 competitors turned up first thing to the long/short course start line without any running order sheets. That threw us into a spin for a while but with help from Animal and Gary Brennan we were soon ready to go. The only reason that happened was the running sheets pad had been misplaced. That was just bad luck and certainly not Animal's fault, or anyone else's for that matter. I'll bet it won't happen again.
I haven't heard of anything else that didn't come up to scratch. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Animal did a good job running the show and I'll be happy to do it all again for him next year.

If anyone thinks things were badly managed, be specific and we'll all try to fix it. Then spend the whole of Speedweek 2014 with Animal and do whatever it takes to help out.

Jocks? Maybe we could have a whip-round and buy him some stylish board shorts :wink: .

Spelling? There are only two typo's in the whole post. That's pretty good compared to some we get.

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Re: Let's go string up Animal

Post by hawkwind »

Whats going down ???? sorry to hear that some dont appreciate you Animal ... you do a bloody good job ..... see you next year ... dont pull the pin like john lynch ( who I have sympathy with)
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Re: Let's go string up Animal

Post by rgn »

Thanks Animal... without your style, and forthwith good nature, Channel 8 entertainment to keep us sane in the heat. \

Side note: Can I have access to the members area please?

For our team I ask if you forgive us if we do the safety vest underpants tribute next year?

2 or so years since the the last meet? Thanks for everything.

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Re: Let's go string up Animal

Post by momec3 »

I find it not nessasary to defend you as you are big enough and ugly enough and have spelt out your own defence.

I was in the background when that video was happening and did witness you herding them up.

To give those that did not realise or were not informed for many years we have pushed for earlier race starts and later finishes. Running Feburary was great for this as we had more daylight.
By about Tuesday or so all the officials and voluteers knew it was a 7.30am race start with them lined up at prestage at 7.00am.
What animal did to his credit was step in and fill in for volunteers that had not turned up on time for their shift.
He did this Animal fashion as only he can.
Kathy and I did the same on the Main track (in our own fashion as we are both ourselves at all times also) and Rob Cranfield was always on time in his signiture shirt. Cookey was there and Bob and the Fireys and all the others that were out of bed before sunup to be on time.
This got racing happining on time or as close to time as we could.

In the racers defence there were always 10 vehicles rolled up to the start on or about time and racing began.

If it was the Racer that shot the video and posted it for the world perhaps you may like to spend next Speedweek in Animals shoes or mine or any of the other thankless officials that got the job done so you could race.

Chris Hanlon

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Re: Let's go string up Animal

Post by DLRA 112 »

Can a moderator move this please to the members area.
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Re: Let's go string up Animal

Post by GodSilla »

I, for one, thought you did a sterling job mate.
I didn't notice anyone else stepping up to the plate either.
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Re: Let's go string up Animal

Post by ChrisACT »

I'm a newbie here and haven't attended a speed week yet. I've raced a bit with other clubs on circuits. So you can take my comments with as much salt as you like.

To me, the characters who are passionate about the sport are something special. This is not a corporation where OH & S and political correctness gone mad are de rigueur. It's motor sport and it's a relatively small club. It seems to me that some people might be getting a bit too big for their boots.

Here we are, in Australia (land of the larrikin), in the desert, racing high performance vehicles on the ragged edge of exploding in flames ... and someone is offended by a bit of swearing? Really?

Do we actually want to be so beige that we never offend anyone? Is that what this sport is about?

Don't change, Animal. The club needs you.

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Re: Let's go string up Animal

Post by 34SaltNorm »



Re: Let's go string up Animal

Post by rgn »

I'm not sure about stringing up Animal? ...

But a wedgie perhaps? Club auction?

Every time some one gets you throughout the meet Animal, you have to contribute $20 dollars to the auction till? (bring your surgical gloves folks)...

Edit: If the assailant fails in the wedgie attempt, they have to put up $20 for the fund... All's fair in fund raising and war?

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Re: Let's go string up Animal

Post by DON NOBLE »

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Re: Let's go string up Animal

Post by DLRA »

Good one Don! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Tell him he's dreamin' ..........

I can't believe it sold for $955NZ !!!
Keep the shiney side up........
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