ASRF Blokes Day Out

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ASRF Blokes Day Out

Post by DLRA » Fri Nov 15, 2013 8:36 pm

ASRF Blokes Day Out

Sunday March 23rd 2014
Sandown Park Racecourse Melbourne, Victoria
Gates open to the public at 10:00am


The Australian Street Rod Federation in Victoria has decided to do something pro-active to support men’s health.
The historical handbrake on men's health has been to get the buggers to go for a check-up, so we decided to take the check-up facilities to where the guys are certain to congregate ...

... a full-throttle blokes day out !

Firstly we'll cover the basics such as checks for:
· Diabetes
· Heart & vascular issues
· Stroke risk
· Obesity
· Glaucoma
· Skin cancer

We'll also provide awareness campaigns for :
· Prostate cancer
· Depression
· Alcoholism
· Drug dependency
· Sexual health
· Domestic violence

We'll also be encouraging those attending to do something to help others:
· Register as a blood donor
· Register as an organ & tissue donor

This is not just a car show ... it’s much, much more.

We're actively mustering anything and everything that would be of appeal to the male population.

We are aiming high:

Get blokes in the gate, give them a good day out, and potentially save lives.
Keep the shiney side up........
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