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email to all entrants

Post by DLRA » Sun Mar 08, 2015 8:36 am

I sent this email out to all entrants last night.
There were 13 email addresses that bounced for whatever reason.
If you're an entrant and you didn't get this email you might want to send me your correct address.

Welcome to the 25th Anniversary DLRA Speed Week

You are receiving this email because you have entered Speed Week for 2015.
There is some information you need to know and it's better for you to read it now before you get to the lake so that you can take it all in. We want this to be a pleasurable experience for you and you can actually help things run smoothly by knowing what is expected of you.

New Track Layout
For 2015 we have moved the old GPS track to the west of the Main Track and the tracks have new names. The Main Track is now called Track 1 and the old GPS track is Called Track 2. In a first for 2015 Track 2 will also be timed. The timing will either be over a quarter mile or over a full mile depending upon weather and lake conditions. If the conditions are good then it will be the full mile. The track layout is published on the website and in the program. make yourself familiar with it.

Entrants Briefing
This year it is very important for all entrants AND crew to attend the entrants briefing due to the number of changes in track layout and timing equipment.
All entrants and crew are expected to attend the entrants briefing on Sunday 22nd March 2015 at 4.00pm. This will be held at the Technical Inspection shade tents in the pits.
There will be a roll and you will be expected to sign off as having attended. For entrants who cannot attend on the Sunday, an entrants briefing will be conducted on the Monday morning at the registration Caravan at 7.30am. If required there will be a further entrants briefing on the Tuesday morning, same place same time. You must get your signature on the roll, otherwise you may be turned away from the start line.

Rookie Orientation
There will be additional instructions for all first-time entrants. Once again a roll will be taken and all rookies are expected to attend. There has been additional ??? arranged after the entrants briefing on the Monday and Tuesday.
There is a rookie booklet that you can download from the website, I would strongly suggest that you take the time to read it.

Technical Inspection
Tech will start on the Friday. Line up in an orderly fashion with your vehicle and all your safety gear AND your tender vehicle if you have one. If you intend using a GoPro camera or similar these must be mounted for inspection as well.
NOTE: When you change the class of a vehicle it will need to be re-inspected with reference to the new class. Do yourself a favour and have a word to the Chief inspector, let them know what your plans are and arrange for the vehicle to be inspected.

Annual General Meeting
The AGM will be held at 5.30pm on Sunday 22nd of March in the Technical Inspection shaded area in the pits. I would expect it to go for 2 to 3 hours so come prepared with a chair, drinks etc. The Agenda for the AGM has been posted to the private area of the DLRA website and in the February newsletter.

Volunteers Register
Speed Week needs a small army of volunteers to make it happen. All entrants are expected to nominate for at least one shift during the week. Get in early and you get to choose the time, leave it later and you won't have a choice. There are jobs for a wide range of skills and abilities. Help make your event a success!
Keep the shiney side up........
DLRA WebMaster / Editor

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