cancelled or postponed

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cancelled or postponed

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will some one put me out of my missery please :!:

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Gaz , have just flown back from meeting at Norms in Melb. The meet was canned on Sat Arvo , some discussion on a postponed date.Quite a few members still going out for the week ,as they have already booked holidays etc. Will be a workin' bee / piss up no dought ! Was talk of maybe in 9 weeks? but will see if lake has improved.By the report the Old timer gave me last nite ,it could take as long as a year to heal itself.Sorry there is no good news! now go forth and commence drinking HEAVILY! Cheers , Bob. #66 C/GCC.

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Just updated the web site, just waiting for the proverbal to hit the rotating apparatus.....

Here's what I wrote

Lake Gairdner Speed Trials - 2008
3rd - 7th March 2008
After an inspection of Lake Gairdner by representatives of the DLRA and Rangers from the South Australian Department of Environment and Heritage, on Friday 7th February 2008 and again on Saturday 8th February 2008. It has been decided to indefinitely postpone the 2008 DLRA Speed Week.

This decision has not been taken lightly, and in consideration of the wasted travels made by many competitors last year it was deemed appropriate to make a decision at this time. It is understood that there are some international vehicles in transit now and their departure was guided by the best information available at that time.

Using GPS an inspection of the track surface was undertaken at each mile mark, the salt was soft enough for a large screwdriver to be pushed in by hand. Where vehicles had driven over the salt, the depression left by the tyres immediately filled with water. On the Friday a DEH 4WD got bogged at the northern end of the course, fortunately they had a satellite phone and were able to contact DLRA members who brought out the necessary equipment to effect a difficult recovery.
It should be noted at the inspection at the lake in December 2007 by DLRA members even thought there was surface water, it took up to 5 blows of a mallet to drive a sharpened spike on 25mm into the salt.

Several teams are still planning on going out to the Lake around the 3rd March 2008, another inspection of the lake and track surface will take place at that time. It is not anticipated that the surface will be suitable at this time, so further inspections are planned of later in the year.

The issue of cancellation or postponement was discussed by approx 70 members at a meeting in Melbourne on 10/02/2008. There was overwhelming support to conduct a meeting later in the year if conditions were favorable. There are a number of other considerations to be taken into account for another date including the Newtons giving their approval, fire and safety crews availability, surveyors being able to mark the track at short notice and many, many other details.

The Test and Tune day at Mangalore was considered by all to be very successful and gave a lot of new vehicles the opportunity for a shakedown, saving valuable time and expense. There will be another Test and Tune day at Mangalore, date to be announced, Queensland are also looking for a venue.

There will be further announcements as and when inspections of the lake take place. Any news will be posted on this page, placed on the DLRA Forum and distributed via the mailing list
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Thanks Greg well done as usual. :!:

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That's got to be the best avatar I've ever seen!
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In 2006 didnt it rain for 2 day during speed week, an then continue on, i dont want to sound or seem like a stick in the mud, but there is still 3 weeks to go an if the weather continues like it is in adelaide wouldnt there be a good chance the lake would dry out, just wondering why a decision to cancel cant be but off till a week before the meet seeing as most people have arranged for time off an prepered for the trip already, just wanting to say my 2 cents worth as i was unable to compete last year for the same reason.

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Post by gazza414 »

Na in 2006 it never rained at all on the lake BUT it did rain up north and then the wind blew it down... a few days were lost racing and not good for the bikes as tram tracks were left behind by the cars. Most had issues with wheel spin
In 2005 the salt was had and dry BUT we did get some showers thru the week--salt was so dry it sucked all the water up quick fast.

so from 2006 we havent had good salt........ :twisted: :arrow:
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Post by jrbcastle »

off tap gazza is right the wind blew the water down to were we race and blew it far enough away to get a start but was still wet down the track i think from about 6 mile through to 9 mile .As for canceling the meet the waters in the salt not on top big difference won't dry in 3 weeks and also many members went belistict because they wern:t warned early last year so they didn"t waste time, money and for some 3-4 days traveling,so Rob Carroll and co can"t win as people will crack the shit"s :( for there swift and right choice this year thats my 20 cent"s .As Bob Ellis put it no good cutting your wrist"s over it also no good trying to shoot the messenger either

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Post by Brootal »

I was one of the people who had to cancel flights the night before we were due to leave last year.

Although I couldn't make it this year, so I'm not really affected, it's much less painful being called off a month out than a day or two before.

I guess anything can happen, but it doesn't look like the salt will sort itself out in the next few weeks.

You old bastards can probably answer this question: How many times has it been cancelled? Three times in what, 17 years? Not too bad I guess, but could it just be that we have been really lucky with running the event in March and the fact most of the country was in drought may have been why the lake was so dry.

Could it be that later in the year may well be better?

Isn't there anyone out there (private individual or govt dept) that knows what the weather is like on the lake at any time during the year?

Maybe Aug/Sep might be better, or maybe it's time to consider having two dates set, so there's at least a chance of running once a year, and with a bit of luck, twice! :)

More work for all involved, I know...

Personally I think part of the allure of Lake Gairdner is that it is so hard to get to and it's such an effort to get to the lake, that running more than one event a year, or having a venue that was more accessible would make the event less appealing.

...just thinking out loud...
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Post by Graeme H »

I will go out on a limb here and predict the dates the 2008 event will be held

Given I am yet to make it to the lake after trying and preparing for the last 2 years. I am confident the 2008 event will be held between the 21st of April and the 8th of June 2008.

How can I be so confident?
I will be overseas and there is no way the "Dragon" will let me cancel the holiday to go racing.
So rest easy. The dates just need to be fine tuned!!

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Post by Reverend Hedgash »

You know Graeme, I have a gut feeling that you are right too.

Let's stay motivated everyone and ready. Let's not let ourselves down by not being ready to go if the March party should find that the salt is ok.
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Post by momec »

I'll tell ya what Rev the bus is fuelled and the race ute needs a coupla days and I'm ready to drop everything and go. Just waiting for the low tide :wink:

Cheers Chris
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Well we all know where we'd rather be this week.....

Post by DLRA »

Just to rub it in a little bit more. Found this on You Tube yesterday.
Its the 60 Minutes piece from 2006.
Typical hyped up TV, but still watchable.
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Post by Rob »

Thanks Greg,

I missed that the first time 'round so it was good to see. Are there any other worthwhile videos about of the DLRA at the lake? I've seen The Big White Dyno but that's it for Aussie stuff and you tube only yielded a couple of bike videos last I looked for the lake there.


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There's 2 slideshows (with sound) that were done for the Age and we have rights to display on the website. These were from 2004.

I just had to watch them again myself, seems like such a long time ago.
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