more LSR events

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extra LSR venues

Poll ended at Tue Aug 09, 2005 5:32 pm

no thanks ,once a year is enough
maybe, all depends on where and how much
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hawkwind racing
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more LSR events

Post by hawkwind racing »

How many of you LSR folks out there , would like to see the DLRA invistigate the possibility of running a couple more events each year , no not at the salt ( once a year is enough for most ) but along the lines of the 1/1.5 mile events ,like Maxton or the Texas mile etc over a long W/E or two , Im after your opinions ,and possible sites to hold such events . I believe Avlon runway in Melbourne would be an excellent venue , I think you can rent it out ? is there enough interest to get the ball rolling on this ?
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Greg Watters
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Post by Greg Watters »

Sounds great, :D
Evelyne suggested similar to me yesterday , but Temora it looked fairly long on the world records show this week when a couple of stunt guys were trying for hi speed wheelie records (150mph on the back wheel would need a bit of distance)

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more LSR events

Post by Stayt`ie »

The more the better, i recon.
There is an airstrip up here thats rumored to be closeing down, i made a few inquiries a couple of weeks ago, however, as its going through the political stage at the moment, no one can give me a straight answer. The strip is in top condition, and at 2073 meters long plus thresholds, lands 737`s everyday.
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Post by BEN JAMES »

yeah i'm in, would be good idea to be in NSW so queenslanders,victorians and south australians could all come. apparently avenel airfield can be hired for $2100 a day. its near nagambie in central victoria.
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Post by Coops »

An event closer to home, easy access and no salt to dig out for the next couple of years? Sounds good. Only problem might be the huge numbers of entrants and spectators compared to what you are getting at the salt lakes. I'd like to see it happen and hope that whoever backs it has the right experience to promote and run the event successfully.


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more LSR events

Post by Stayt`ie »

The ideal situation would be that all LSR events be held under the umbrella of one organisation, utilising the rules, and classes that are already in place. Since airstrips seem to be the alternative, there should be a set standard run up and timed section, then we could compare apples to apples, thus avoiding the confusion that thay have in the States.
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Nathan Lambert

Post by Nathan Lambert »

Avalon is now the home of jetstar and is no longer available for hire, but i believe mangalore airport (avenel) 110km from melbourne is available and long enough.

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extra DLRA events

Post by outbacktrev »

My 2 bobs worth, :)
You blokes put a lot of effort into building/developing/funding/begging/borrowing/stealing! to race your vehicle/s once a year and I can appreciate you want to get the most performance and entertainment value you can from your efforts.
Who will run/organise/ fund these additional events. :D
The name of the DLRA would have to be changed to the DARA (Dry Airstrip Racers Australia). The original intent of Dry LAKE racing was just that Dry LAKE racing, as is the case with DRAG Clubs, Dirt Circuit Clubs, Speedway Clubs etc. :lol: :idea:
Don't get me wrong but if you want to race your machines in or at a different venue then maybe a different Club may need to be created to cater for the different venue. :roll:
As I said just my 2 bobs worth
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Peter Noy
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extra dlra events

Post by Peter Noy »

I agree with you Trev, it would be great for guys to race more often, but a separate club may need to be formed. To run one meeting a year is very expensive, time consuming & taxing on those few who organise & implement it. Finding an insurer is a headache, and is getting worse every year. A 2nd set of timing equipment would cost in excess of $50,000 to buy with wires etc. Comms. equipment would need to be purchased- more expense. A great idea, but I dont believe it is practicle for dlra to be directly involved. Peter Noy. Member # 6.

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more lsr events.

Post by SPOOK »

I agree with Trev and peter. I attended the march meeting and it was a fantastic new experiance for a retired motorcycle racer /constructer/cluboffical/ ACUV Steward. What impressed me was that the meeting was so well run by so few officials. They worked their guts out for the whole week but needed much more help. Thanks Fellas. We should continue to improve the march meeting before we embark on any new ventures. By the way,ask the workers what they reckon?

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