Turbo Diesel cars in /Pro classes

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Turbo Diesel cars in /Pro classes

Post by K/Pro »

I am new here, pardon me if this subject has been discussed before.

What are the DLRA thoughts on Turbo Diesel sedans running in the Production Car classes?
Currently the /Pro classes are restricted to "Gas" (petrol) engines.
Love them or hate them Turbo Diesel cars are becoming quite popular throughout the world.
I am talking about factory fitted Turbo Diesel engines, not engine swaps either.
Diesel fuel is their standard fuel and not a "performance enhancer".
If I read the rules correctly a Turbo Diesel powered vehicle would only be able to complete in the Truck classes currently.

Turbo Diesel engines in the Lakester and Streamliner classes is another subject again.

This is only a hypothetical question as I don't even own a Turbo Diesel car (yet!)

Regards from K/Pro 8)

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Re: Turbo Diesel cars in /Pro classes

Post by DLRA 112 »

Open for correction but the class would be different as the fuel would be different. The class - Production / Fuel - D.

http://www.scta-bni.org/Rulebook/car_classes.htm Although after looking at this link you may be correct as I see no class exists.
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Re: Turbo Diesel cars in /Pro classes

Post by DLRA »

G'Day K/Pro,
The issue is not only where we start with something like this but where we stop as well.
I don't think anyone would want or expect the petrol and diesel cars to run in the same class.
I'm not trying to talk you out of this, I just want to make you aware of what your really asking for.

We already have a Production Supercharged category (PS) for petrol vehicles.
So we would have a Production Supercharged Diesel (PSD) category?
Or do you add Supercharged Diesel to each of the 6 Production categories? (I think you will find there are blown diesel variants for each of these categories.)
Do we make that available for all engine breaks? (creating 12 new class records for each category)
Next someone will want to introduce this class to other categories, potentially you are looking at multiplying that figure by 13 categories.

So you can see any addition can make for significant changes. When considering a request the committee would be looking at the big picture.

If you are really serious about this see section "B-3 Policy and Procedure for DLRA Rules Committee and Rule Changes" of the rulebook.
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