Transport from Perth to Lake Gairdner and back

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Re: Transport from Perth to Lake Gairdner and back

Post by #rakofftothesalt » Sat Mar 14, 2015 7:54 pm

Wow, I'm excited, 1 week, leaving on SAT 5am, decided on the Mazda B50, 2wd, No Fridges, NO Generator, NO trailer, but we worked out how to get the Kwakka 250 on a rack out the back.
Been advised to carry extra diesel and extra water because its a long way off the main road. Also could be using a bit driving around the lake.
Water has to last at least until the auction on WED. I think we can recharge the H2O at the station?


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Re: Transport from Perth to Lake Gairdner and back

Post by outbacktrev » Sun Mar 15, 2015 12:08 pm

A GOOD esky will do what you want as ICE is available and will be available at the lake during the week, thanks to Dion from Mildura ICE. Diesel is available at Mt Ive. Carry enough water for your remote travel. People die with out water. A 2WD vehicle will be more than adequate for the way you will travel in to the lake. Drive to conditions and you will be fine. A second spare wheel could be good insurance, if you could borrow one for the trip.
Have a safe trip and if you do break down DO NOT LEAVE THE VEHICLE it has your food and water and is easier to find if the worst happens. Make your trip plans known to people from home and you can ring them from the lake to verify you have arrived etc.
Trevor :D

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Re: Transport from Perth to Lake Gairdner and back

Post by Johno Senior » Thu Mar 19, 2015 5:37 pm

Compared to the two big bushy beared blokes in the big black cadilac with no windows I seen last year .... you'll eat em for breakfast in your rally car. Slab of 2 lire water bottles, two spare wheels is good as the boys said, if you get stuck like I did with blowout there is a lady on this forum who will rescue you, change your tyres an all. She is a good girl. speaking of that I must catch up with her this year and say thank you for stopping..
cheers Johno

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