Holden or Ford engine for a project

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Holden or Ford engine for a project

Post by DLRA » Tue May 19, 2015 7:08 pm

Received via email.

Some weeks ago I was talking to Mark from Aussie Speed in S.A. Mark has formed a relationship with Bob Krogdahl, who as you may know builds his own unique engines based on inline six cylinder Holden & Ford engines, twin cam with funky firing orders.
Mark has suggested that Bob would like to get involved with someone to run one of his engines on the salt.
As my health is slowly returning & with many unfinished projects in my shed this is something that needs to be passed on.
Should you or any DLRA member be interested please feel free to contact me or Mark for details & contact points
Chris Kaye
Small Engines
Phone 0458 661 295
Keep the shiney side up........
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