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Re: Corona Virus

Post by harky »

SA Premier ‘s , statement has just reiterated the Fed gov position

As of monday any non essential gathering of 500+ people is “ cancelled”

There is to be meeting every few days to “ review “ the situation

not sure I am helping , just stating what is happening in SA , as it happens
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Re: Corona Virus

Post by johnno149 »

I agree with those that have said that it's rare for large groups to be together at the lake. You could even argue that most people would be in closer contact with others in their usual workdays in most towns or cities and that being at the lake would actually reduce their exposure. About the only exceptions would be during the drivers briefing (which is only for a short duration) or at the canteen/bar area of an evening, and even then I don't know that the numbers would be over 500. For the rest of the time people are in much smaller groups spread over thousands of acres - hardly a close-contact gathering.
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Re: Corona Virus

Post by penny »

My thoughts on tne matter are that a 500person gathering is certainly maneageable .
Maybe we will be seen to be controlling this " number " to 500 at the ramp / entry .
It may only be for Monday Tuesday as the numbers drop off from then .
Also we cant control walk outs from the canteen lol .
The 230 entrants will obviously get a pass to go out . Please feel free to pickup anyone walking out , wink wink nudge nudge !

No thanks to the Moron on facebook that is saying it will be cancelled .

We can do this .
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Re: Corona Virus

Post by Stayt`ie »

Hey fellas, your all missing the important bit in the statement,, thay are saying "Non Essential", fellas its "Essential" that this event goes ahead :lol: :lol:

Having said that, Our President and his committee will be doing everything thay can to see it happen, and im sure if thay do cancel the event it will be for good reason 8)
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Re: Corona Virus

Post by DLRA 112 »

The only way the event will be cancelled will be if the DLRA Committee call it or the Govt put on a ban the DLRA have to abide by.
To date I am sure the DLRA Committee are doing what is best for the members.
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Re: Corona Virus

Post by JayBee »

Yep - It's up to the committee. "Quotes" saying everything over 500 is cancelled from Monday are unhelpful.
Read and hear what the authorities are actually saying and don't get sucked in by media headlines.
At least at this stage its still officially only a "recommendation" so the committee can make the call.

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