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Update on Bones

Post by swozzie »

Hi all,

Sorry for the week's silence, been a touch busy...

Bones spent one day at home, last wednesday to thursday, then had another chest pain on thursday nite and has been at Westmead Hospital since. He's having 2 more tests done tomorrow to try to pinpoint where he's at heart-wise, and probably will have to stay in over the weekend still to sort out his blood pressure medication stuff after it dropped to 74/40... bit scarry... I'd rather have him there than at home till they've got that sorted out...

Hospital is boring as far as he's concerned, specially when he can't get out of bed for the day, but the food's actually good, nurses are nice and the doc's are doing they're best to get him sorted so we can go n have fun again...

For the local people, if you're bored over the weekend; he's at Westmead, A5a , bed 27.... sorry, no direct phone and can't always get to the wall phone, but will let ya know when he's home...

Cheers, Ev
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Post by DLRA »

Thanks for the update Ev, you know we are all thinking of you both and praying for a speedy and complete recovery. Still can't believe it. Now he's getting the best of care, make sure you look after yourself.
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Post by Lynchy »


I spent a bit of time in Cardiac Care in brisbane following my first trip down to the salt in 2005. I think the excitement was too much for my ticker and it wanted to join in on the fun - My heart redlined at 240 bpm for about 90 mins, I was about to get a jump start in Emergency (and this is the weird bit) but asked if I could use the bottle before they zapped me (didn't want to make a mess, you know!) and this caused it to revert back to idle, I suggested maybe a sticky accelerator linkage, they didn't get it - turned out to be an electrical fault!

The food there was good as well but not too much of it. I was allowed to visit the cafeteria for a sausage roll as my heart and arteries were OK. It does get a bit boring but at least I had Foxtel and a supply of car magazines.

Give him best regards from Brisbane!


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Post by DirtyDave »

Hey Eve,
I've had to undergo the scary heart stuff to was getting major pains in the chest, ESG etc, turned out all i had to do was leave my Miss's I'm stress free now, No more burst blood vessels in my eye's after racing as well.
Bones is in good hands make sure you look after your self mate, as we want to see you both on the white stuff, Don't know if you remember but you two guys where the very first people I met at the lake, pitted next to Ben James whom we meet next,
Some things you never forget,
I was once in hospital for Bathurst weekend and I made my then Girlfriend swear not to tell anyone I was in hospital so i could lay their in hospital with an almost unlimited supply of Morphine and V8 Racing on the Idiot Box.
I thought life was good at that point in time....
Be cool Love Dirty Dave.
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Post by momec »

All the best from Bahrain Ev, get well soon Bones
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Post by JN »


Michelle and I wish you both the best.

Take care and we hope Bones gets through this without any further problems.

John Noonan

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Post by firemanjim »

Eve, wish him well for me and when you get him home make him eat better and get some exercise.Gotta stay healthy if you want to race---heck the FIM make us old fools take an EKG and they need a copy in hand at check in.

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bones heart attack

Post by BONES »

I'M OUT !!!!!! They put in a defibrilator/pacemaker, now everything will be ok.No work for 4weeks but driving in 11/2 weeks Plenty of planning to be done.Visitors are welcome THANKS to all the wellwishers I'll be back on track soon.

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Post by hawkwind racing »

Thats bloody great news Dave ,get well soon mate , you are always welcome to join my efort if you cannot race by speed week

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just guessing

Post by Dr Goggles »

Now Bones , take it easy ....

I was just wondering it wasn't valve trouble you had was it?.....

........coz if it had a rubber stem.......

just kidding

rapt to hear you're on the mend :D :D
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Post by ben james »

great news bones, now if you play your cards right, you should be able to get ev to wait on you hand & foot for about a year. just play the i've got a dodgy ticker card.
see ya when i'm lookin at ya.
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Post by Stayt`ie »

you got a defibrilator/pacemaker, what class dose that put ya in now :wink: :?: ,
take it easy, and wish you a speedy recovery,,,,
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Post by gazza414 »

Bones is doing well, he's been hard at work learning ACAD at home and tinkering with designing new parts for his motorbike engined streamliner him and the "organiser" bought earlier this year off Bob P.

Bones is Back on deck! :lol:
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