Merry Christmas

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Ho Ho Bloody HO ! meeeerry christmas fellow thrillseekers.
Santa bought me a sheet of 1mm alooominum :D , and a can of inspiration with a shot 'o "just right" grease,,,,the project now sports a ducktail,,,anyone know a good tig welder living alone, who'll work for nuttin' on Xmas day ? (maybe I'll shout him dinner)
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Bah Humbug
They make it
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merry xmas

Post by BONES »

Merry xmas and a happy and fast new year to all.
Santa's bringing mi a box of time--- to help finish up some projects.
cheers Bones

Graeme H
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I will have to settle for Rose or Mary as you are getting the time.
Happy christmas thingy to all.

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emu ben wrote:. beats undies & socks, although i hope someone buys me some as i can't afford to. have a safe one.

since when have you been wearing underpants Ben???

hope everyone had a great day and you're all feeling half normal again

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