Help Wanted for 09

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Help Wanted for 09

Post by XDXR6T » Sat Oct 11, 2008 2:03 am

My wife and I have been working on our Ute of and on for a couple of years now. Until a couple of days ago my work schedule had me going to 2010 Speedweek. It has just changed so it will be 2009. That means we have 12 months less, to finish the car so I think we might need some help.

Are there any volunteers out there around Gympie that would like to help get our ute to Lake Gairdner in 2009.
Any help would be appreciated but someone with panel and paint experience would be a huge help as that definitely is not our strong point.

The car is a XD Falcon ute with a BA XR6 Turbo motor, Tremec T56-6 and the usual 9”. We want to drive it to Lake Gairdner, eventually get to 200 mph and drive home!!!!!!! Maybe we can maybe we cant, but who cares the fun is in giving it a go, anything else is a bonus.

It will also see some dragstrip duty, hopefully in the 9 sec zone eventually. And of coarse the QTA events will be a highlight.


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