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Re: theTRUTH

Post by russelllowe » Wed Jun 20, 2018 10:21 pm

Hey Stayt'ie, I'll keep that in mind for version 2 ... funny how something simple sounding (like some skids) presents so many issues to overcome. I've spent ages thinking about it already and still aren't anywhere near happy with the solution. Keep going aye!

Yeah, good reasons to avoid aero for the time being. I may do a small fairing just to help me hang on, but no tail or anything for 2019. I recon spread out like I am gives better leverage than sitting on the bike in a more conventional sit up pose. I could feel the back end moving around at 150 this year and it was no bother at all. Having said that, the APS1000 from last year was spinning all over the place at 195 and felt fine too (I squeezed onto that in a real jockey pose; legs right under my butt and no help at all). The long wheelbases probably help I recon.

I've got gears for 220 for the V8. Ambitious ... but necessary for a red hat.


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