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Re: theTRUTH

Post by russelllowe » Wed Aug 07, 2019 11:57 pm

Hey Harky,

The thing about race car wings ... F1, Supecar, Touring car ... is that they need to work at a range of speeds. There has been some cool #cheating in F1 where the mount for the rear wing was made weak so that it flexed (altering the angle of attack) and created less downforce/drag at high speed (they weren't supposed to have adjustable aero). But it shows that the static design was weighted towards low speed downforce.

My wing also needs to work across a range, but it's from 180mph, where I think I'm starting to loose traction and 220mph, where I recon I will definitely be challenged.

I like glider wing design as a precedent because they don't have a motor, so simultaneously can't tolerate drag and need something to lift them up. They seem to be thin and long.

Some info here on the effect of winglets and the overall shape:

Would be good to cut the back off one of these sailplanes and smash it up the back of theTRUTH ...


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