Another belly tanker, QLD

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Re: Another belly tanker, QLD

Post by sammj » Tue Sep 28, 2010 11:18 am

Ok bit of an update.
The bad news is the build has stalled for the moment as I'm moving house.
Good news is i'll have a "proper workshop" instead of the old titan shed to work in complete with kitchen, shower and toilet. No need to leave really! Also I have ummed and arred about the drive train some more and have decided that if I'm doing it I'm doing it right. So as someone told me earlier "you will want to go faster" I have decided not to limit my self with equipment with minimal scope for improvements. So...... I have liberated the 308 and trimatic from the ute and have procured a 2.78 ten bolt salisbury diff. The Motor and box are already reconditioned and it put out 232HP at the wheels on the dyno. So thats the basis of the driveline sussed.
Hoping to be set up by Christmas in the workshop and to get the basic chassis layed out...... hoping :roll:

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Re: Another belly tanker, QLD

Post by Lynchy » Tue Sep 28, 2010 11:41 am

don't forget the BBQ this weekend (Sunday 3rd Oct 10am) at Ross's shed!

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Re: Another belly tanker, QLD

Post by Dr Goggles » Tue Sep 28, 2010 1:58 pm

sammj wrote:Ok bit of an update.
. So...... I have liberated the 308 and trimatic from the ute and have procured a 2.78 ten bolt salisbury diff. The Motor and box are already reconditioned and it put out 232HP at the wheels on the dyno. So thats the basis of the driveline sussed.
Hi Sam
go get an Aussie 4speed and shorten it like we did.... you just whip off the extension housing and cut the reverse slider spline the right length. You need to cut the oil seal boss off the end of the extension housing and then cut the flange off the front of it....then get a piece of heavy Al plate put the seal boss in the middle of it and weld the whole thing to the flange so it'll bolt onto the'll need to be milled to true it up but it works a treat.......

The Aussie will be much much smaller than the traumatic but you will have to get a billet flywheel....there are people running autos, but not many. Bill"Sparky" Smith from Phoenix runs the Ratical a big block chev lakester that recently held a record over 300....he has a converter-less slushie.....

I dunno what it is but I love a 308......
...few understand what I'm trying to do , but they vastly outnumber those who understand why..

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Re: feedback already

Post by ggl205 » Fri May 01, 2015 11:54 am

Dr Goggles wrote:
David Leikvold wrote:Well, there you have it Sam, wise words indeed from the Good Doctor who's already been there, done that, gone 193mph. As he said, don't be discouraged by the people who don't understand the lure of the people's car. It's like flatheads or postie bikes, you either get it or you don't. The SCTA rules are designed to suit almost everyone with an interest in speed, whether that be 100mph or 400mph. Make sure you take the time and care to build a car that you can be proud of, something that impresses everyone who sees it and something that breezes through scrutineering all the while getting envious looks from those people who do none of the above.

Doc, any lakester that can fit a driver and a VW flat four will also be able to fit any number of other engine/gearbox combinations if the engine bay is well thought out. If they chose to upgrade later on to a turbo Subaru (for example) and converted the Subi gearbox to 2wd they could probably give you a run for your money and still sound like a Volkswagen :wink:

Dave :D

The main problem with transaxles is available final drive ratios but if you can build a motor that'll rev over 8 grand it won't be an issue.......but building those sorts of things or getting gears cut is expensive....hmmm, that's what makes this interesting....
Back in 1995, my lakester was one of five teams that came to Lake Gairdner from America. We sure learned a lot with that car. It used a Hewland Mk9 transaxle which may sound expensive but when you consider cost to modify a stock VW transaxle to handle torque of a performance engine, cost was a push. Besides, Hewland has a ton of ratios and R&P's available, all at reasonable prices when sourced used. Anyway, I used 28" Front Runners at rear and that combination was good for a one pass best of over 230 MPH (not at Lake Gairdner). That car was sold many years ago but one never recovers completely once bitten by the salt bug. To that end, I am building a new lakester for G and possibly F classes. I will be starting with a 1984 Reynard FC chassis mainly because everything is already there for pedals, engine, rear hubs, transaxle and rear suspension. The car less engine was purchased for 3200 dollars U.S and came with wheels that can easily be sold and that included the Hewlad gearbox. Yes, I will have to graft in SCTA legal driver cell tubes but this is much easier than you think. Frontal area will be just slightly greater than my first lakester but aero improvements should offset this. The car will be built in three sections, a driver/engine/rear suspension, a front section containing a water tank, steering and front axle. The rear section is small and houses nitrous/nitrogen tanks, parachute tube and push bar. I guess my long winded explanation is that using an older FV chassis is quite doable but wheelbase should be lengthened.


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Re: Another belly tanker, QLD

Post by big chook » Fri May 01, 2015 3:11 pm

Good luck with your project John , keep us updated with the progress ..cheers Mick

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