APS/BF- ???

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Re: APS/BF- ???

Post by Stayt`ie » Thu Mar 27, 2014 6:11 pm

a mate,, the shakedown pass last year at 192 is the fastest naked ive done over there, i recon 196 would have pulled her up on the day,, my calculations tell me for naked, theres a 8-10mph difference between here and there, (depending on conditions),

this might help, HP correction for altitude,, air density at sea level = .0762
air density at Bonneville (avarage) = .0640

.0640/.0762 = .840

so 200hp at sea level x .840 = 168 at Bonneville,,

so 200hp - 168hp = 32hp.

so 32hp squared = 6mph,,, keep in mind that this is the "pure" calculation, many other things can come into play to affect this, :wink: :D ,,,
First Australian to ride a motorcycle over 200mph at Bonneville,,,

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Re: APS/BF- ???

Post by Dreamliner 200 » Thu Mar 27, 2014 7:28 pm

BONES wrote: Try D S McCulla in Alexandria for tubing-- they have a huge range
Call any time

Website / contact details....

Cheers Bones! :mrgreen:
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