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Post by harky » Sun Apr 01, 2018 10:55 am

ok ,an update
just returned from our speed week , my naked busa scared the living daylights out of me , with a head shake
( poor weight distribution, the main reason ) , this project is “ intended “ to be about a stable in line platform
theory is good !
the CENTRE HUB STEERING has been completed , represents a serious outlay for me , in having someone else cad design , then cnc machine the whole thing , my satisfaction is in making , “ designing “ anything i run ( be that right or wrong )
the CHS is something i could have done ,but i feel it should be really the best possible bit of engineering i can produce , and in this case it is not by me
I may sell the plans , cad files , in an attempt to recover some of the costs
the axle @ 35 mm is seriously over the top , and weighs nearly a kilo , so weight forward is on track and no one can be concerned about its strength
the wheel is an R1/ R6 Image

i now will start the front “ swing arm “ and use a hayabusa rear spring / shocker
be a while before i am back
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so far 120mph for$2000---imagine how fast I can go for $20,000

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