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Re: Web update

Post by Rocket » Thu Sep 18, 2008 1:52 pm

Trevor : DLRA 136 wrote:Howdee every body.
Just a quick note to tell you that the front page of the web site is now done and up. We are still working on the content pages which should be finished soon.
Site address :

Thank you every body for showing interest.

Best regards,

Thanks Trevor,
Have saved a short cut to it 8) 8)
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David Leikvold
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more progress

Post by David Leikvold » Thu Sep 25, 2008 10:33 pm

Sorry I haven't taken any pictures, Paul can do the catch up next week. What did we do on Tuesday night? I did almost finish the centre firewall panel, I made up a very odd shaped filler piece to fix the LH side and then trimmed some thin angle iron pieces (a race car with angle iron?!!) to fill the inch or so gaps on both sides. I still have to put more angle iron on both sides under the main chassis rails but that's about it. Trevor says Tom Burkland (I think) told him about some fireproof filler putty. Tom, if you're reading this can you please tell us how big a gap the putty can fill? What else did we do? Richard II (R2) made up more mounting brackets for the engine cover and relocated the centre rod end for the steering column. The picture was right, it wasn't centred. I put another piece of angle iron under the two vertical air cylinders near Trevor's right shoulder, it will stop them resting on the body. Trevor has done some more skinning of the tail fin and R2 has trial fitted an aerial on the top edge. He hasn't done any more on the diff brackets yet but they look ready to weld. Phil stayed at his workshop welding up the intercooler so that should be good to go next week. All the pictures show nothing in front of the front wheels, there are some open tube ends up there so we will soon be putting some tubing and bracketry for the nose cone there. It's mostly fiddly stuff at the moment but it's all good progress. Trevor said the parachutes are on their way.
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Post by Lynchy » Thu Sep 25, 2008 10:43 pm


Thanks matey. I'll be back Friday next week, so will miss next build night but will do some work on the charger box next week when I get home.


David Leikvold
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this week's progress

Post by David Leikvold » Thu Oct 02, 2008 12:38 am

Hmmm, let me see, what did we do on Tuesday night? Nothing worth taking photos of yet. I was still making up pieces to fill gaps in the firewall, R1 was working on the front axle. He had to cut off the original steering arms on the uprights and do new ones in the right place to match the rack or the geometry would have been woeful. Phil welded up the tie rods, which are only about four inches long. The Winters quick change went back in to do some more planning for the rear suspension. Tubes have been cut to start the frame for the nose cone. The DEIST parachutes have arrived and Trevor refitted the 4 tubes to start finalising the design there. Phil returned with the intercooler now fitted with end tanks. He welded some mounts on the chassis for it and then started on the ducting from the NACA duct on the LH side of the body to the intercooler. At this point we will not join the two components because they would be impossible to remove so they'll be connected by some sealing material so all the air goes through the intercooler. I also chopped up the aluminium angle that held the two fire bottles together because the steering column now gets in the way. Trevor and R2 worked on a pair of lateral head restraints which make it almost impossible for the helmet to move. Trevor has now decided to fit front brakes after all (the uprights already had caliper mounts fitted) and we will be using a dual circuit system with a bias bar. The Motec dash panel has been fitted but there is no wiring for it yet. Lots of fiddly stuff lately, apparently the body panels will be coming soon so the visual progress should suddenly be dramatic. Trevor also showed me the CAD plans for the trailer, which will double as a work platform at the salt. It is intended to be a flat platform with a tri-axle setup underneath. We've still got heaps to do on the car so the trailer won't be started anytime soon. More next week.
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Post by momec » Thu Oct 02, 2008 10:24 pm

Please suggest the Motec mount be very rigid as a common complaint I get is vibration of Motec panel and the driver can't read.
BTW is R2 related to D2
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Post by Lynchy » Fri Oct 03, 2008 8:58 am


The Motec won't be in the cockpit for the driver to read. Trevor already realised that he most likely won't be able to read it so it's placed so that the crew can read it when the engine is started.


David Leikvold
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Post by David Leikvold » Fri Oct 03, 2008 8:57 pm

Thanks for the tip Chris, it is very well braced but now that you mention it, I'm not sure how rigid the flat aluminium panel the welded-on Motec support bracket is. Trevor has deliberately placed it so we can see it when the canopy is up and nobody can see it when it is lowered. He'll just have a major caution light controlled from the pits; if that goes on he pops the chutes and we fix the car. Sadly there is no D2 yet, maybe we need another D on the team so we can make bad jokes for much longer than is necessary! See you all on Sunday.
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Post by Jambo » Tue Oct 21, 2008 9:24 pm

Hi All

My name is Ray Box. I'm part of the Slaughter Motorsport Team and I look after the PR, Marketing and website within the team. From now on all the news and build updated can be found on our News & Build Diary page of the Team website

We plan to have weekly updates but this will depend on the progress of the build. Very soon you'll be able to join our email E-News list and we'll keep you update on all the latest with the build etc. Until then, please check back to the site on a regular basis for all the latest.

We'd also enjoy any feedback on the build and if you have any questions please drop us an email.

Ray Box
Slaughter Motorsport

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Post by Jambo » Sat Nov 21, 2009 1:54 pm

Hi All,

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to have a TV Production Crew from the new ONE HD TV show High Octane come out to visit us, with the view to filming a documentary on the Slaughter Streamliner.

We weren't expecting to be on air this quick but we found out Friday that this Sunday Nov 22 you'll be able to see an intro to the Slaughter Streamliner in full HD on the High Octane program.
Following is when you can catch the High Octane Show.

QLD - 5.30pm
NSW, VIC - 6.30pm
SA - 6.00pm
WA - 3.30pm
(Please check your local guide to be sure)

It would be great if you all could pass this on to everyone you know.

Slaughter Motorsport

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Post by Dreamliner 200 » Sun Nov 22, 2009 8:57 pm

Thanks for the heads up Jambo!

I'm still getting used to looking to One HD, I thought the whole show, and the drag racing (pro stocks from Kiwanna) before was very good!

Trevor explained well his motivation, and I thought determination to suceed!

Obviously some money well spent on this project, quality stuff!

I hope to be at the salt to see it all come together! :P
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Trevor : DLRA 136
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Re: Trevor Slaughter's Streamliner

Post by Trevor : DLRA 136 » Sat Jan 05, 2013 12:26 pm

Hey Guys,

The has been many things going on over the last couple of years, the transformation of the project from just going for a class record to going for the world land speed record for a wheel driven vehicle utilising a t55 turbine from a chinook helicopter. Currently our official launch date for the attempt and the car is January 18th, the launch will have major media coverage and also have live updates via the Slaughter Motorsport "Facebook" page. At this current stage we are packing and finalising things to start testing @ Lake Gairdner during Speedweek 2013, for this we will be using the piston engine prior to the switch mid/late 2013 to the turbine engine. See you guys there.

Dont forget.

We have been revieving a bunch of support and well wishes from people, we really appreciate everyone being behind us with this. & check us out on "Facebook" just search Slaughter Motorsport.

Many Regards
Ben Slaughter.
Marketing Support - Race Controller.
The streamliner in the paint booth, prior to colour.
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big chook
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Re: Trevor Slaughter's Streamliner

Post by big chook » Sun Jan 06, 2013 6:33 pm

Goodluck with your project , car looks awesome . cheers Mick

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Re: Trevor Slaughter's Streamliner

Post by ROSS BROWN » Mon Jan 07, 2013 5:53 pm

WOW... Good to see it nearly complete....can just imagine the logistics that go with it..
Don't quite have the head for face book :evil:
Will have to wait till I see it in the flesh at the lake... 8)


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