SA SpeedWeek 2012 On DSTV 189 on 22/23 Dec

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SA SpeedWeek 2012 On DSTV 189 on 22/23 Dec

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Received this, this morning.
Anyone want to follow up on how we can watch this here in Oz?
Fellow SpeedWeek Members

We are please to [finally] announce that IgnitionTV will be broadcasting a SpeedWeek 2012 special this coming weekend on DSTV Channel 189. Times are as follows:

Sat 22 Dec : 5.30am / 1.30pm
Sun 23 Dec : 12.30am/ 9.30am/ 7.30pm

Please note that none of the people in the special are professional actors so don't expect emmy award performances :-) but we have been told that a lot of great footage has been used to commemerate this inaugral event. We hope you will be able to tune in to the broadcast as well and please send us your comments/feedback afterwards.

We also sincerely apologize for being so quiet over the last few weeks. By the time we got back from the pan we needed a few weeks to recover. The amount of positive feedback we have received sincer has been overwhelming and we are extremely eager to get stuck into SpeedWeek 2013 preparations. Planning starts in Jan 2013 and bookings will open first week in Feb 2013. We also have some VERY exciting announcements to make early in the new year that is guaranteed to get your motor running. If you think this year was epic, wait till you hear [or read] what we have cooked up for SpeedWeek 2013.

We wish you all a very merry christmas and please travel safely to your destinations. Keep the speeding for the pan as we would really like to see each and every one of you again next year.

Richest Blessings

The SpeedWeek Team
Keep the shiney side up........
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