Busa supercharger kit

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Greg Watters
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Busa supercharger kit

Post by Greg Watters » Tue Nov 02, 2010 8:59 am

Selling for a mate
Supercharger kit,motec,engine parts
but most parts could adapt easily to a bike
Hayabusa Rotrex supercharger kit ( was in open wheel Hillclimb race car )

All in excellent condition (only run for approx 3hrs )

Produced 350bhp on stock engine (standard compression ) with 2 inlet cams and running on shell 102 unleaded fuel.

Rotrex C30-94 Supercharger

Custom mounting bracket & adjustable idle pulley

Rotrex oiling kit & cooler

Toothed belt & drive pulleys

Hayabusa crank drive / pulley / support bearing

PWR custom intercooler / plenum / blow off valve / fan

3” intake tube & K&N sports filter

Bosch 044 fuel pump (will support up to 700hp)

Custom fuel rail with 550cc injectors


Brett 0419566690

Motec M800 ( logging,dual lambda , pro analysis )

Complete plug in wiring harness for Hayabusa

Traction control multiplexer

3 wheel sensors

3 chopper wheels

Bosch ign modules

GM 3 bar map sensor

Computer / can cable

Instruments ( boost gauge , tacho , water temp )

Motec LED warning lights


Brett 0419 566690

Hayabusa Gen 1 parts

New inlet cam and adjustable sprocket APE

Inlet cam

Exhaust cam

Various sprockets

2 standard output shafts

New H/D APE clutch springs

Cometic 81mm bore .030 head gasket ( will take the big studs )

03-07 ECU

Wiring harness

Fuel pump

Injectors & rail


8 standard Con rods

4 standard pistons


Hayabusa tool kit

$500 for the lot

Brett 0419566690


Motty AFR tuner for 08-10 Hayabusa

Complete with AFR tuner , lambda , plug&play harness and all cables.


Brett 0419566690


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Re: Busa supercharger kit

Post by gazza414 » Wed Nov 10, 2010 8:27 pm

Some good stuff there Greg 8)
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