2x WWII Ford GAA 1100ci Petrol V8 Engine for Sale (ex Sherman Tank Engines)

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2x WWII Ford GAA 1100ci Petrol V8 Engine for Sale (ex Sherman Tank Engines)

Post by hoggyhipau »


2 x Ford GAA V8 1100ci (Rare Engine in Australia)
(18ltr All alloy Petrol V8 - WWII Sherman Tank Engine)
Art Arfons built a supercharged Ford GAA to run in Green Monster before changing to turbines.

Price: $35,000 for the pair (open to sensible offers)

Engine numbers: 16980 & 17359 ( both engines earlier 4 bolt mains version )
Use one to run and one as spares or build up 2 motors using one as a back up when out on the salt

Std Spec
8 cylinder
1100ci (18ltr)
All alloy twin cam V8 Petrol engine
4 bolt mains, 4 valves / cylinder + 2 carbs
Std Spec: 525hp @ 2600 1050 ft/lb torque @2200
HP Potential of around 5000hp with lots of mods & big turbos, as seen in Tractor Pulling machines

(Application: Ford fanatics, Hot rodders, Rat rodders, Land speed record chasers, tractor pulling)

(If this engine is ain't big enough for your needs, then you need to get a new hobby!!!)


Engine 1) Serial number 17359

* Engine Complete but ENGINE NOT RUNNING

* Engine will need to be rebuild before attempting to run

* Engine rotates, was told by the guys I bought the engines from that this engine was believed to be in good cond for age.

* Complete but cams removed for inspection, but can be re-installed before delivery.

* Engine does not have carbs, but I have a spare part of carbs that will need rebuilding to use which can be provided at additional cost if required.

Engine 2) Serial Number 16980 (believed to be as have the data plate but not attached to engine anymore)

* Engine 90% complete but dismantled, have pretty much all the main bits to complete, but have to dig through the 1-2 tons of spares to find the pieces.

* 1 piston not in block and corrosion in that sleeve (can be machined though), but believe the piston & rod are in the boxes, but can not guarantee at time of writing this listing. ( note there are some pistons & rods available on ebay and some of the parts suppliers I have tracked down. )


1) 1x original engine rebuild gasket set (SUPER RARE, but this set will allow you to make more if needed)
2) Workshop manual
3) Have a range of other small spares available for sale in a seperate sale, ie carbs, mags, etc

(Engine currently located near Bathurst, NSW, with my engine builder, who has the facilities to rebuild and/or modify the engine to suit your needs. He is building a third, fuel injected version of this engine for another project I am working on. Need to sell these engine to pay for the project. )

*** Have fork lift to assist with loading it will not be fitting in a 6x4 single axle trailer..... AND you will need to make your own arrangements for collection, but plenty of easy access for transport company to collect ****

DIMENSIONS of engine only:

41 inch long nose to tail as seen in pics ( massive clutch unit can be removed to shorted the motor by over a foot)
39.5 inches from bottom of sump to top of air cleaners
35 inches from bottom of sump to top of valve covers
33.25 inches wide

When stripped of the clutch housing and other unnecessary bits these motors can get down to just under 500kg, which is about the same weight as a fully dressed 454 big block chev with blower and twin carbs, so although dimensionally massive they are light due to being all alloy.

With inlet mods, modern carbs or injection, cam regrind and heavier valve springs they can turn up to 5000 rpm and make upwards of 1200 hp normally aspirated, peaking at 5000hp with big twin turbos. In std form, unmodified they will run upto 3800 rpm with the governor removed.

(Background information, youtube of similar engines )


http://www.amcarguide.com/custom/1969-m ... nk-engine/

Any questions please message me.

Photos available via email as have not been able to attach to this listing.

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Re: 2x WWII Ford GAA 1100ci Petrol V8 Engine for Sale (ex Sherman Tank Engines)

Post by Marco »

Do you still have the GAA's for sale?
I am seriously interested.
Greetings Marco Buijs

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Re: 2x WWII Ford GAA 1100ci Petrol V8 Engine for Sale (ex Sherman Tank Engines)

Post by hoggyhipau »

Hi Marco,
Yes engines are still for sale.
Also worth noting, I did find the piston and rod for the 2nd engine.
Please feel free to email me direct at john@othera.io
Best regards

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