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DLRA NEWS Issue 38 - January 2011

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ISSUE 38 - Janaury 2011

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Rods Ramblings
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Our New Sign - LID Design
January Committee Meeting
TAG Heuer Timing update
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On the Cover: Wayne Pickles’ Marilyn Monaro, Dave and Pam Alexander’s record holding Chrisman Clone, Aussie guys at Bonneville, 2010.
Left : Mal Hewett on his Vincent at the start line at Bonneville, August 2010.

President Cled Davies
Vice President Norm Bradshaw
Secretary Rod Hadfield / Carol Hadfield
Treasurer Rod Hadfield/ Carol Hadfield
Chief Steward Brian Nicholson & Bob Ellis
Motorcycle Steward Gary Baker & Dave Hinds
Race Director Steve Charlton
Starter Chris Hanlon
Timer Stan Suchodolskiy

PO Box 349 Castlemaine VIC 3450
Phone: 03 5472 4629 and Fax: 03 5472 4370
info@ dlra.org.au

From the Chair - Cled Davies
Our new meeting rooms were certainly different! Everyone had a chair & the PA system made communication a lot easier too – a great find Norm! Our next meeting on Sunday 6th February 2011, commencing at 11 am will also be at the new venue: HIGHWAY 31, 743 Sydney Rd Brunswick, lunch and drinks available at reasonable prices. Why not come along & check the venue out and of course hear more about 2011 Speed week!
Once again though a big thanks, on behalf of all members, to Vicki and Norm for their very generous hospitality and great BBQs provided whilst we occupied their factory for our meetings. Norm’s new factory address [yes he’s shifted] is 34 Macquarie Drive Thomastown [same phone number]. Norm tells me they only lost one day’s production during the move...huge job-guess how much scrap metal he shifted!

Unfortunately we had to abort the Christmas function at Wandong – seems we all had too much on in December – hopefully better response next year. Incidentally members can be reassured that DLRA funds were NOT used to pay for deposits/ printing etc.
As yet I’ve not managed to get down to check out Lake Omeo in Gippsland although the intention is to do that and report back to those attending the February meeting. Obviously access to this area depends on the weather in the next week or so, will certainly be down for a look a soon as possible.
Whilst on the subject of weather our best wishes go out to members and supporters effected by the recent and current flooding on the eastern seaboard. This shows us how vulnerable we are to the elements – if there is any way in which we can assist individual members please contact us and we’ll do our best to help.

The Working Bee from at the Lake between Sunday 26th and Thursday 30th – 31st December was very well supported with several family groups joining us and really enjoying the experience. My wife a definite starter for next December - hopefully we’ll encourage others to check out our fantastic Speed Week venue & to get some experience in the real Australian Outback! Sunset on the Lake has to be seen to be believed - I’ve never seen the Lake as smooth as it was in December a racers dream surface.

What a difference the generators made to creature comforts during the working bee –fridges, aircon, hot showers and loos all working helped to make the 40 + heat quite bearable. There was a great atmosphere and real sense of co-operation very evident under the guidance of newly appointed Camp Commandant, Trevor Beck and his crew. A massive amount of work completed resulting in a much tidier and better organised camp set up for all to enjoy in March.
Apart from the family holiday between Christmas & New Year at Lake Gairdner we had the reps from Tag Hueur join us for a few days to test the new timing equipment. Aaron and his computer whiz colleague Seb were quietly confident but FANBLOODYTASTIC can be the only way to describe the new equipment! We tested to 8 miles and only stopped there because we ran out of voice contact! The new equipment is going to make such a difference in so many ways. No more wires to be rolled out and no more breakdowns with the inevitable joins giving way as we’ve experienced in the past. And the big bonus – greater accuracy which means our times will be recorded with exactness not possible previously.

Word is that we have two of the major officials from Bonneville joining us in March –the Meeting Director and Chief scrutineer coming over to see how we do it in Australia- can’t promise an Oprah happening but am sure these fellows will be impressed –please make them welcome!
As in previous years we’re doing our utmost to build on the corporate look for officials and further supplies of event shirts and hats will be made available this year too – it helps everyone to know who’s who and to raises the profile of the DLRA too.
The August newsletter had a comprehensive list of volunteer duties required to make 2011 a successful event & I do hope for a great response to this call for assistance because we all want to make certain the meeting runs as smoothly as possible. The same list appears at the end of this newsletter. Please check it out. Each year as we get more organised & more people lend a hand it shares the load adding to the enjoyment of Speed Week for everyone.
The August 2010 Newsletter also advised that the AGM will be held on the Lake during the event rather than back at camp but the Annual Auction will take place as usual at the main camp. It should also be noted to that the bush camp at the lake’s edge is controlled by Mt Ive Station & DLRA are not responsible for this area.

Carol reports that our membership has reached the magic 1000 with more applications arriving each week – so please get your entries for 2011 in early to help make Carol’s job quite a bit easier- thanks!

Thanks also to Norm & Vicki who have taken over production of the newsletter & to Greg Wapling who is taking on the job of times [speeds] & record keeping for the DLRA.
Well all it needs now is for me to wish everyone a happy new year and if we don’t see you at the February general meeting make sure to be at Speed Week in March 2011 – those dates again March 21 – 25th- mark your calendar now!

Best wishes to all Cled

Hot Off The Press - Cled Davies
Drug & Alcohol testing of both officials & participants at our National Speed Week event at Lake Gairdner SA
-21st - 25th March 2011.

The committee has resolved to take this action in awareness that should a serious accident or other incident occur during the event, involving persons affected by drugs or alcohol, it would certainly jeopardise the future of the event & most likely this form of motor sport in Australia.
Our committee wish to safeguard all individuals involved in this unique sport whilst ensuring that they are not placing themselves or others at risk of litigation should the unforseen occur. With this in mind we believe that testing of all involved is a responsible precautionary action.
We envisage that officials & drivers/riders together with other individuals who will be participating would be tested at the commencement of each day. In 2011 only we see this as a public relations exercise – the only penalty for an individual registering a positive reading would be for them to return to the pits area & not be permitted to compete /participate until a negative reading is returned. All officials & competitors will be advised prior to & during the event of the introduction of mandatory testing in 2011.
Cled Davies Chair

Rod's Ramblings - Rod Hadfield
We flew the flag in Queensland
It was suggested and discussed at a Victorian General Meeting that it may be a good P.R. exercise for the D.L.R.A. to fly the flag at the Queensland Annual Hot Rod Show that for the first time was to be held on the Gold Coast at the Casino and at a totally different time of the year. It was a big gamble for the organizers with a substantial cost increase for the venue, but they needn’t have worried, everything went right for them, it rained so the people flocked in and it was Schoolies week so there were lots of extra people in town. Scheduled for the 20th and the 21st of November we put a request in for a 10 x 3 metre stand next to Norm Hardinge’s “Aussie Desert Radiators” so we could help each other. Bob Ellis’s XP Falcon was chosen as a draw card and I must thank Leigh Russell for having his car on standby.

One of the main reasons for our decision to attend the event was that Queensland is second only to Victoria for the most number of members and here at the office we get twice the phone calls with enquiries from Queensland. It was also considered a good idea to give our DLRA truck a run as it has been sitting in our yard since last March with its purpose built cover over the cabin to help preserve the interior. Even though the batteries were disconnected they were flat so a charging job a couple of days before saw it fire up o.k. Carol had spent several days organising the merchandise with this years shirts and next years 21st Anniversary shirts, jumpers, jackets, polo shirts, stickers, speed wheels, posters, rule books, caps etc. We purchased two fold up tables for the club as we never have enough, Norm had tablecloths and we put in the two club banners. Stacking it all in left plenty of room for Norms trade stand items and at 6am on Thursday the 18th we left Norms place at Kal Kallo with the aim to reach Rod Bods address in Nabiac, NSW, a couple of hours out of Newcastle. Thinking we could make by around 7pm that evening -WRONG! All was going well until 110 km from Sydney on the Hume Highway we heard the distinct sound of an exploding tyre, a mirror check confirmed that, so a suitable spot to pull up was of the extreme concern. Upon inspection it is the inside drivers side rear tyre, the tread of the recap had jammed itself between the rim and the spring after taking out the guard and folding it on top of the good tyre also damaging the wiring of the tailgate, oh well!! we have a spare and tools, one big problem, we can’t undo the nuts, the first six of them were so tight we had a five foot bar on the job and a support jack, one hour later we had them off along with the outside wheel but there was still six to go, but no way could we shift them, so it’s time to call for help, I rang my RACV Totalcare number but they didn’t want to know because the vehicle was over 4 ton.
So Norm rings home to get Vicki to look up tyre businesses close by which we then proceeded to ring, but it was now 4.30pm and not a lot of interest was shown, but after three or four calls and an assurity of a tyre sale a mobile tyre service truck arrived with a huge air ratchet and a much safer jack. “We’ll have this fixed shortly were our thoughts” -WRONG! His air ratchet wouldn’t look at it, now it was three blokes on a nine foot bar pushing and pulling to get them to crack and did they crack! It was like a shotgun going off, anyway we got the wheel off and the jammed tread out, I cold chiseled off the welds on the guard and brackets, we fitted up the new tyre and refitted the wheels, checking all pressures thinking it would be a good idea to loosen the other side just in case – WRONG! They were tighter than the other side, forget it, lets hope for the best! The roads were wet, keeping the speed down, we continued on. Three and a half hours was lost and we arrived at Nabiac at 11.30pm where Elvis, the owner of “Rod Bods” had beds for us, he had his vehicle loaded with his trade stand items, we were up early the next morning to get to the show site before the allotted closing time on Friday night. It was really raining heavy and the Pacific Highway was busy, busy all I was worried about was another tyre change, but at last, after checking each town we went through, in Kempsie we spotted a Beaurepaire Tyre Service with heavy duty truck equipment and rattle gun to end all rattle guns connected to a huge air line and compressor, so every nut was removed and coated with Molybond and tensioned correctly. Norm was paying every second fuel stop every four hours. It was raining all the way and we crossed into Queensland at Tweed Heads and were relieved for the small break in the rain while we found the Casino and the loading dock assigned to us. Elvis had made a backdrop long enough to service the three sites, his, Norms and ours, Bob Ellis had a few Queensland members there and soon we had a very respectable stand assembled featuring our new Lake Gairdner road sign replacing the one we had stolen last Speedweek, thanks again to the guys from “Lid Design” in Hobart for creating and supplying it.

Our Motel was close by and a restaurant was found which was open until 1am, thank god, we were all starving. Both Norm and I had been asked to speak at the early Saturday morning breakfast which lasted until just before the show opening time, arriving at the doors at 9.55am there was a huge crowd lined up to get in. We were kept busy all day with enquiries and merchandise sales, we signed up a new member and there was lots of interest in Bob’s Falcon. I would like to thank the boys that came in and helped, especially at pack up time, our stand was close to the door and the truck, we had it packed and ready to go in less than an hour. We left the show at 7.30pm Queensland time and arrived at a Sydney address at 8am next morning where we picked up a very substantial sized gearbox that was to be sold as scrap and I was back in Castlemaine be 8pm Monday night after dropping Norm and his trade stand back at Kal Kallo. All in all the exercise worked out o.k. for the club and the exposure we received is not really measurable. I have now fitted new tyres to the truck and will keep the recaps for spares. I am glad we didn’t have these tyre dramas going to the lake or we would have really been in real trouble, a new guard has been fitted so we should be able to have trouble free travelling from now on.

Entries for 2011 - Carol Hadfield
Please note, entries close on the 28th of February 2011 and any received after that date will incur an extra $100.00 fee.
There is an entry form with this newsletter. Please send it to me promptly!!

More Rod's Ramblings - Rod Hadfield
Working Bee 26-27-28-29 December 2010.

The end of year working bee at the DLRA campsite this year had an extra goal, that was to test the new “Tag Heuer” electronic timing equipment that we have been negotiating the purchase of for over nine months. We had paid a deposit with the balance to be paid after its testing. So to be sure it would do as hoped representatives of the Company attended so that preliminary tests could be carried out. Our Chief Timer Stan Suchodolskiy (Real Stan) was in attendance and has written the results of the test in a separate report, thanks Stan.

I left Castlemaine in the DLRA truck on Christmas night at 8pm carrying five 200 litre fuel drums for the camp and working bee, 2 of Petrol for the official cars, our club Rodeo, our pumps, blowers and portable generators etc. 3 of Diesel for our Dodge truck and the major generator, I also had on board tools to service all the equipment, other peoples supplies and needs to see out the week along with spare parts.

I drove straight through to the camp arriving on Sunday afternoon, buying supplies in Port Augusta along with washing the truck, luckily I fitted mesh to the radiator as those locusts in the early morning around Burra and Crystal Brook were bad. I thought I would support the Iron Knob service station and fill the truck there, big mistake, lucky I was carrying Diesel! It was shut, so please do not rely on it in March it will not be open, it looks like terrorists had attacked it. On arrival I found our Camp Commandant Trevor Beck and a couple of others all ready setting up, I unloaded what was needed, took fuel and the starting battery up to the generator which Rob Carroll started as he and Stan along with their wives and families had now arrived, President Cled Davies and his wife Penny were also setting up. With the generator running all water pumps could be started along with the toilets and showers, fridges, freezers, air conditioners and the camp lights.

Over the four days the Dodge truck was greased and started, the brake booster removed for repairs, the main generator was serviced, the fuel shed was cleaned out of unwanted items and restacked, the spare parts shed was completely cleaned, shelves fitted and totally organised, thanks to Trevor and Gary Brennan. The electricians shed was also cleared of unwanted items, swept and re-stacked. The toilet trailers were all serviced and cleaned along with flat tyres changed, Trevor had previously cleaned a lot of unnecessary items from the area to keep things tidy and the landowners happy. All our water pumps were checked along with the blowers and portable generators, those with problems were bought back to Castlemaine for repairs. Our new sign board was erected in such a way that no low life will get it (easily anyway).

There were approximately 12 members there, some non members, wives and families.

Our new Ranger dropped in to see us along with our Police member “Plucka” from Woodina. Our cool store also received some attention but its future is uncertain. The DLRA truck was loaded with much of the unwanted items collected over the years along with the empty fuel drums ready to be re-used, despite how hot it was a lot was achieved including patching a hole in Dale Clarks 3,000 km old V6 ute sump caused by an encounter with a rock.

The salt itself is hard and dry and so smooth it wouldn’t need grading in spots, the road in has many wash-aways and the usual corrugation in spots. The majority of things are now ready for March thanks to those who made the effort.

Andrew Madin was there and reports that Lake Omeo is wet in one spot, Cled and I are going to try and check it out and report to the next general meeting on the 8th of February at Highway 31, Sydney Road, Brunswick.

I returned home on Thursday morning after leaving on Wednesday night with no sign of those f***ing locusts at night, dropped all the tyres for repairs at the local tyre service, took the old batteries and scrap steel to the recyclers along with a lot of old wiring and copper. The truck was washed and its cover refitted ready for the merchandising for March’s meeting. Can you believe we put our race dates back by two weeks this year partly to get away from the Clipsal 500, well they have moved their event back two weeks also, but Paul Penney who attended the working bee assures us he has the ice under control.

For those coming to the March meeting for the first time, turn right at Iron Knob, there is 128km of gravel road, if you drive at around 60kmh you are unlikely to hit any of the wild goats, kangaroos, emus or sheep, I would have had one of each if I had been going any faster plus one very large snake. Much of the way in the truck, 35­40kmh was the maximum comfortable speed. There are 21 cattle grates between the highway and the turnoff to Mt. Ive Homestead and Store which is 4km off the gravel road, there is one more cattle grate before the right hand turn at our DLRA sign to the lake (approximately 8km from the Mt. Ive turnoff). It is approximately then 21km to the DLRA campsite which is right at the “T” intersection (at the water tanks) and left to the Lake itself. This year there will be different coloured arm band for those camped at the Lakes edge, if people wish to use the DLRA toilet and shower facilities they will have to purchase a second arm band.

Please note, entries close on the 28th of February 2011 and any received after that date will incur an extra $100.00 fee.

Our New Sign - Thanks to LID Design
Here is a photo taken of our new sign kindly donated by the boys at "Lid Design" in Hobart, the photo was taken just after we had mounted it in such a way that it cannot be easily stolen, note the padlock on the top right hand corner. We are considering having this sign made up as a poster if this proves successful they will be available at the march meeting.

Thanks to the guys at Lid Design for a great job!

Minutes of Committee Meeting - January 2011
In addition to the new drug and alcohol testing that is being implemented for officials and participates at the 2011 March meet, the committee at the January meeting also voted in the following improvements to the running of SpeedWeek:
* The generator at the DLRA campsite is to be used for refrigeration and lighting only and not for electric jugs, toasters etc.
* All push cars and recovery cars are to have the following items:
1. UHF radio
2. Flashing orange light
3. Fire Extinguisher
4. Spill kit

These vehicles are to be taken to scrutineering for checking at the time of race car/bike being scrutineered and all drivers and crew are to attend the drivers meeting where they will be handed a copy of the track layout for driver and crew to study.
*The Scrutineers will be looking closely at vehicle classifications and any alterations to vehicles after scrutineering such as add on ballast, wings etc. must be re­scrutineered.

Thanks to Paul Lynch for putting together a very professional “DLRA GPS Track Operations Manual”.

TAG Heuer Timing System - Real Stan

Arrived at camp 26/12/10 at 8pm after a long drive,had a good feed and a frothy or 2.

Aaron Clark from event timing (tag heuer) arrived the following day 3pm or so. After a meeting with Aaron we settled for a 9am start on the big white dyno.

Well, morning came & all very eager we were off at 8:15am aprox. After setting up a timing tent around the same area as the timing van as a simulation as Aaron had requested. We then set up a antenna on a 4mtr mast (impressive) lap top & all the Tag Heuer gear.

Aaron & myself went out and set out 2 sets of timing lights 1 mile apart,which we had instant reception with base and NO WIRES.We ran the old timing ute (feral ute) through the two lights,Success with no wires 53mph from a standing start.

We proceeded to test over several miles,up to 8 miles with excellent results.

So we are looking forward to a successful speed week as far as the timing.

Regards DLRA Chief Timer
Real Stan.

Next General Meeting - Victoria
Our next meeting on Sunday 6th February 2011, commencing at 11 am will be at the new venue: HIGHWAY 31, 743 Sydney Rd Brunswick, lunch and drinks available at reasonable prices. Why not come along & check the venue out & of course hear more about 2011 Speed week!

Buy, Swap, Sell
Fresh 460 + 30 thou. Suit Race or Street Application.
Roller Cam, Ported Heads. Ready to fit.Has done 194 mph at Lake Gairdner in my roadster.For more information, ring Norm 0425 700 954


These cool retro DLRA sigHs are a must!

General Meeting Minutes - Victoria

HELD AT HIGHWAY 31 CAFE 743 Sydney Road, Brunswick Vic.
10th October 2010

The meeting was opened by President Cled at 11.30 am, Cled thanked Norm Hardinge and Vicki Howard for the use of their premises and the work involved in holding our General Meetings and organising lunch for the past years.

Peter Noy, Robin Cseh, Alan Lacey, Trevor Beck, Robert Murdock, Ray Charlton, Deb Dawson, Chris & Kathy Hanlon, Mark Hewitt, Dik Jarman, Bob Ellis, Tom Carroll, Wayne & Adam Pickles, Robert Cranfield.
The apologies were accepted and moved Stephen Charlton and seconded by James Stewart.
MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING were moved by Greg Butler and seconded by Stan Suchodolskiy as being accepted as they appeared in the April 2010 Newsletter.
• The Christmas Break-up “Salt Round Up 2010” is to be held on the 4th of December at the Australiana Hotel Wandong at 7pm, the cost is $35.00 per head which includes a Christmas Dinner banquet.

• Cled has booked the surveyors and contacted Mt. Ive Station in preparation for Speedweek 2011 which is to be held from the 21st through to the 25th of March.

• Cled spoke on Lake Omeo near Benambro in Victoria, a dry dirt lake that one of our members, Andrew Madin has sourced, it is 3 miles long and 680 metres above seal level, it is Crown Land and at the present time is controlled by the East Gippsland Shire. Cled is to investigate this further as a proposed practice track that could possibly be used as a lead up to our Annual Speedweek.

• The practice track at Lake Gairdner has been eliminated as the GPS track will be used in the future for any shakedown runs.

It was moved by Neil Davis and seconded by Steve Charlton that the Business Arising be accepted.

• An email from Robert Cranfield nominating Gary Satara as his proxy at this meeting.

• Emails from Gary Satara regarding SCTA
rulebook implementation

• Emails from Peter Noy and Gary Satara regarding “Ute” Class

• Copy of Newspaper Advertisement and emails from Trevor Beck and Robert Murdock regarding a consultation Meeting to be held by the Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation Division of the South Australian Government in relation to Tarilta Resources seeking authorisation to drill on and around Lake Gairdner.

• Quotations from Phoenix Screen Printing for 200mph Caps

• Letter to Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation Division of S.A. Government supporting the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1988 in relation to drilling on and around Lake Gairdner as well as letters to authorise Trevor Beck and Robert Murdock to act on behalf of all DLRA members at the proposed meeting.
• Letter to Andrew Starkey, Aboriginal Elder to gain permission to take cars onto Lake Gairdner between 26th and the 31st December for the purpose of testing the timing equipment.
• Email to Lid Design in Hobart thanking them for their donation of our new sign.

• Letter of thanks to the Secretary of the SCTA for the hospitality shown to Gary Satara, Paul Lynch and Graham Hadley during Bonneville Speedweek.

It was moved by Greg Watters and seconded by James Stewart that the correspondence be accepted.

• Andrew Madin spoke on Lake Omeo as mentioned above in Business Arising, he stated that the council is prepared to grade the lake and accommodate us with the use of it.

• Cled spoke on the purchase of the Tag Heuer timing equipment and explained that it will be tested at our Working Bee to be held between Christmas and New Year. There was a question from the floor on the life of the equipment, we believe that its life is 15 years and we have a 3 year guarantee on it.

BANK BALANCE @ 30.9.10 $ 34,407.88 PETTY CASH $ 202.65
• The Treasurers report (attached) was moved by Carol Hadfield and seconded by Stephen Charlton.

• Carol requested and advance on Petty Cash, Steve Charlton moved that the Treasurer draw down $1,000.00 petty cash, seconded Rob Carroll.

• Paul Lynch spoke on a meeting held in Queensland last week but there was nothing to report from it. Rod Hadfield asked that Paul organise a vehicle for the club stand at the Queensland Hot Rod Show to be held in November.

• Cled spoke about Tarilta mining putting in an application to drill on Lake Gairdner and the consultation meeting in Port Augusta regarding this. As yet we have had no response to our letter of support for the Aboriginal Heritage Act.

• Motions moved at Committee meeting: Fees Raised

Competitors – Car and 1st Driver/Rider $275.00 2nd & consecutive Drivers/Riders $175.00
Spectators: $25.00 for the week ( whether they are there for one day or the full week.)

• Rule Book Review - Discussion was held on changing to the SCTA rules, Gary Satara spoke on the difference between our rule book and that of the SCTA and stated he is prepared to carry out the updates. Gary Satara moved a motion “To update our current rule book to the SCTA rule book with updates.” Seconded by Norm Bradshaw, all in favour by a show of hands. It was decided that our current rule book still apply for the 2011 meeting.

• There was discussion on SCTA Scrutineers – (Kiwi) Steve Davis and Lee Kennedy being invited to attend our Speedweek. Cled Davies moved that “ We invite Steve Davis, Chief Scrutineer and Lee Kennedy, SCTA Technical Chairman to attend our 2011 Speed Week as advisers.” Seconded by Norm Hardinge, all in favour by a show of hands.

• Ute Category – There was discussion on the Ute category, it was decided to run it as per our rule book for 2011, discussion is then to be held over until our next event as we will be adopting the SCTA rule book.

• Cled spoke on marking for the end of the track and suggested that coloured garbage bags on bollards be used to give those in low cars better visibility of markers.

• There was two samples of metal signs depicting the DLRA logo that The Engine Centre from Victoria had made suggesting we include these in our merchandising, there was a good response from members and we decided to gauge the interest shown and then decide whether to stock them.

• There was a fluro SCTA Inspectors cap on display and we discussed whether to implement these for our Officials at our Speedweek. The Committee is to look into this.

• Norm Hardinge elaborated more on the Salt Roundup/Christmas Party to be held on the 4th of December at Wandong, Tex Smith, renowned American Hot Rodder and Editor to speak at the event, Tex has been attending Bonneville Speedweek since it’s inception in the 1940’s. Norm has also organised other entertainment for the night, there will be a full Christmas Dinner provided and tickets must be pre-purchased from Carol Hadfield.

• Cled advised that Mt. Ive lessees have requested that they have keys to the shearers quarters at the campsite and that all containers be numbered with names and contact details of the owners be give to them.

• Cled then asked Norm Hardinge, Greg Watters and Kym Krebs to come forward and speak about their experiences racing at Bonneville this year. Norm reached the magic 200mph in his Roadster this year, Greg earned the title of “Fastest Speed of the Event at the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials while Kym achieved over 200 mph on the same bike. New member Denise Shute then spoke of her experience at Bonneville Speed Week, she was there as a spectator but was invited to ride a sidecar motorcycle at the event.

• Greg Wapling spoke on the Volunteer Register for Speedweek 2011, he has posted it online and it was in the last newsletter, he asked members to let him know where and when they wished to volunteer their time

• The raffle that was held during the meeting earned the club $133.60 with donated T Shirts, cloth patches and an SCTA rule book was then drawn.

With no further business to discuss the meeting was then closed.

Volunteer Register
As you all know Speed Week cannot operate without volunteers, this register exists to ensure that we have the right number of volunteers where and when we need them.

• All tasks must have someone nominated to them before Speed Week can commence.

• Drivers, Riders and their crew are expected to volunteer

• If you nominate for a task at a particular time and you cannot for what ever reason fulfill this obligation, its up to YOU to find a replacement before your allotted time, otherwise the track will be closed.

To give you a guide as to what we are expecting from teams, if we have say 200 entries, that's 2 tasks per team. Not a big ask when you consider each task is only for half a day and they can be spread over up to 8 to 9 days.
As an extra incentive, team members who nominate early will have a significant advantage when selecting their tasks and times, whereas later entries will have to take what ever tasks and times are left.
NOTE: The number of volunteers nominated to any task is considered to be the minimum requirement. There are a number of tasks where if we have more volunteers, the time allocated to the task may be reduced. This is particularly true of some set up and pack up tasks. (This is using the many hands makes light work principle)
1. Select a day

2. Fill in your details at the top of the page (name, team, member number, email address)

3. Tick the box for the tasks you want to do.

4. Select the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page

Or email your name and member number and the tasks you want to do to drylakesracersau@hotmail.com

Snail Mail
Copy this list circle the jobs you wish to volunteer for
and send to:
Dry Lakes Racers Australia,
PO Box 349,
Castlemaine VIC 3450

(Give us a couple of options in case your first choice is gone.)

Tasks Set Up -Thursday 17th March 2011
• Position rubber mats at ramp
• Cone markers -pit area, test track, return road
• All signs to be positioned
• Tow timing van to lake and position on west side of track
• Timing wire roll out
• Camp shower blocks to be cleaned and prepared

Set Up -Friday 18th March 2011
• Place track markers
• All signs to be positioned
• Tech inspection tents to be erected
• Portable toilets to be transported and positioned

Set Up - Saturday 19th March 2011
• Entries
• Memberships
• Assistant Bike Scrutineer
• Merchandise tents to be erected at entrance to lake
• Pre-stage tent set up
• Cleaner (toilets on Lake)
• Cleaner

Set Up - Sunday 20th March 2011
• Entries
• Memberships
• Assistant Bike Scrutineer
• Merchandise Tent - retail
• Merchandise Tent - lake and camping fees
• Merchandise Tent - arm bands
• Cleaner (toilets on Lake)
• Cleaner

Racing - Monday 21st March 2011
• Pre-Stage Controller and /or assistant
• Track #1 Start Line Assistant
• Timing Van Assistant
• Track #2 Start Line Assistant
• Track #2 Start Line GPS Gear Steward
• Track #2 Start Line Timing / Speed Recorder
• Merchandise Tent - retail
• Merchandise Tent - lake and camping fees
• Merchandise Tent - arm bands
• Cleaner
• Cleaner (portable toilets on lake)

Racing - Tuesday 22nd March 2011
• Pre-Stage Controller and /or assistant
• Track #1 Start Line Assistant
• Timing Van Assistant
• Track #2 Start Line Assistant
• Track #2 Start Line GPS Gear Steward
• Track #2 Start Line Timing / Speed Recorder
• Merchandise Tent - retail
• Merchandise Tent - lake and camping fees
• Merchandise Tent - arm bands
• Cleaner
• Cleaner (portable toilets on lake)

Racing - Wednesday 23rd March 2011
• Pre-Stage Controller and /or assistant
• Track #1 Start Line Assistant
• Timing Van Assistant
• Track #2 Start Line Assistant
• Track #2 Start Line GPS Gear Steward
• Track #2 Start Line Timing / Speed Recorder
• Merchandise Tent - retail
• Merchandise Tent - lake and camping fees
• Merchandise Tent - arm bands
• Cleaner
• Cleaner (portable toilets on lake)

Racing - Thursday 24th March 2011
• Pre-Stage Controller and /or assistant
• Track #1 Start Line Assistant
• Timing Van Assistant
• Track #2 Start Line Assistant
• Track #2 Start Line GPS Gear Steward
• Track #2 Start Line Timing / Speed Recorder
• Merchandise Tent - retail
• Merchandise Tent - lake and camping fees
• Merchandise Tent - arm bands
• Cleaner
• Cleaner (portable toilets on lake)

Racing - Friday 25th March 2011
• Pre-Stage Controller and /or assistant
• Track #1 Start Line Assistant
• Timing Van Assistant
• Track #2 Start Line Assistant
• Track #2 Start Line GPS Gear Steward
• Track #2 Start Line Timing / Speed Recorder
• Merchandise Tent - retail
• Merchandise Tent - lake and camping fees
• Merchandise Tent - arm bands
• Cleaner
• Cleaner (portable toilets on lake)

Packup - Friday 25th March 2011
• Collect signs in pit area, test track and return road and deliver to container at camp
• Collect cones in pit area, test track and return road and deliver to container at camp
• Return to camp water container at edge of lake for emergency crews to wash their vehicles
• Rubber mats removed from lake
• Pack up merchandise tent, signs, cones and deliver to container at camp
• Pack up tech inspection tents, signs, cones and deliver to container at camp
• Collect portable toilets, clean and return to camp
• Timing van pack up and return to camp
• two water containers and water pump etc etc at the toilet dump hole need to be returned to the camp
• Water containers go in the woolshed and the pump and hoses etc go in the small engine/ fuel storage container.
• Cleaner


The hottest in heat management coating
More power less heat, unmatched durability, great looks!

To order call 1800 700 HOT (468)
Free call or Tech Info (03) 5470 6416

Jet Hot Coating Australia
26 Elizabeth Street Caastlemaine VIC 3450


Radiators and Replacement Cores
Made in Australia, by Australians, for Australians
3 year warranty, built to fit into existing support panels
350 Murrary Road Preston VIC 3072
Phone (03) 9470 4449 Fax (03) 94714446


Race Engineering
Wheel Repair Specialists since 1983
Custom narrowing and widening for Steel and Alloy wheels plus
gutterscrapes, re-rolling, axle resplining, general milling, mig and tig welding
See our range of rims, centres, garage & air tools at http://www.raceengineering.com.au
(07) 3376 6275


9 Ashley Avenue Chelsea Heights VIC
03 9773 4244


For all the latest news, event information and coverage, Hot Rod Swap Meet - buy and sell.
Now with the new Bench Racing forum, talk to 100's of other rodders from all over the world.



Sculpting classics of the future from bronze, silver and gold
Investment castings for the finest detail, strength and tollerance

*Event Merchandise *medalions * Jewellery *Awards *Gifts
*Mascots *Artifact Restoration *Custom Sculpting Anything

1 Russell Street Springvale VIC 3171
Telephone 03 9546 6867



Custom made to compliment your cars interior
For a free quotation and information on our full range, contact;
Neil and Desma Stamp,
44 Browning Street, Kangaroo Flat 3555 Bendigo Victoria
Telephone (03) 5447 7555 Mobile 019 333 314
Technical Enquiries 6p.m. - 10 p.m. 7 days.


North Terrace Tyres
In Adelaide are now agents for cold fire ext systems. System costs around $900
Contact Domenic Lepro on
08 83624417 or


Spa - Lite Fire Suppression Systems
Available from
OG Speed Shop
65 Og Road Klemzig South Australia
Ph: 08 8261 7931 or 8261 7700
Suitable to replace Halon systems,
as fitted to Australian Rally Cars.
Contact Leonard


Suppliers and Installers of "JURALCO"
Aluminum Roof Walkway and Guardsafe Handrail Systems
25 Pritchard Place PEAKHURST
02 9584 9566


Cambridge Concrete Services
Bob Ellis #202
25-27 Harrier Avenue
Loganholme QLD 4129
Ph: 0418 733 191 A/Hrs 07 3801 4050
Fax: 07 3801 4160
Keep the shiney side up........
DLRA WebMaster / Editor

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