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DLRA News 39 - May 2011

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ISSUE 39 May 2011

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On the cover: (Top)Sunday 20th of March 2011, approx 150 mm of water over the surface. (Bottom Left) Saturday 19th of March 2011, Morning Inspection where the hell did all the salt go (Bottom Right) Tuesday morning 22nd of March 2011, under threatening skies the DLRA travels along the Mail Road out Note how the usually dry landscape is fresh and green.
Left: Not exactly the sight anyone wanted to see.

President..............Cled Davies
Vice President.........Norm Bradshaw
Secretary...............Rod Hadfield / Carol Hadfield
Treasurer...............Rod Hadfield/ Carol Hadfield
Chief Steward.........Brian Nicholson & Bob Ellis
Motorcycle Steward...Gary Baker, Dave Hinds and Graeme Hadley
Race Director..........Steve Charlton
Starter..................Chris Hanlon
Timer...................Stan Suchodolskiy

PO Box 349 Castlemaine VIC 3450
Phone: 03 5472 4629 and Fax: 03 5472 4370
info@ dlra.org.au

From the Chair - Cled Davies
What a mess! What a disappointment! Talk about all dressed up & nowhere to go …
On Monday 14th March I received a phone call “be at the lake by 12-30 pm tomorrow [Tuesday] to sign the MOU [Memorandum of Understanding] between DLRA & the local indigenous claimants!”
After a very hurried pack-up & a drive long into the night from Bendigo to Port Augusta [ thanks Doc & Kathy] it was great to have a bed ready & waiting when I arrived allowing for an early start the next morning – then after a quick run around at FoodWorks for supplies I was off to the Lake – arrived by 11-30 am to find 6” [150mm] deep tyre tracks left by then long departed international film crew-An inspection by Mick Starkey (on behalf of the claimants) resulted in him declining to sign the MOU, with an agreement that he’d meet us at the DLRA main camp on Wednesday to discuss the use of the salt – also present Michael Freak from the Northern Ranges Conservation Group-after further discussion it was decided to hold off the lake inspection & meeting ‘til Friday.

Then the rain came! #!***#!?^!! ##****!!!

A few early birds had also made it by Wednesday but after that the roads were closed by the rangers & SA police & we were isolated! By Friday am it was blatantly clear that a decision had to be made to cancel the 2011 event & notices were placed on the DLRA web-site & Forum whilst the camp phones ran hot as we attempted to contact people before they got too far from home.
Once the rain eased & because we were locked in we decided to make the best of it & gave the camp a good clean-up building on previous work completed during the post Christmas working bee The derelict caravan was stripped & pleasing to find that the chassis surprisingly well made could be salvaged & used in future to carry the plastic matting-once again. Trevor took away a large trailer load of scrap ensuring that the whole area is now looking very tidy – thanks to all who helped achieve this.

Now to the future – Minutes of the AGM held on Sunday 20th March are reported elsewhere in the newsletter, my thanks for re­electing me to the Chair We have formed a sub committee to handle future consultations with both DEH & Native Title Claimants – Sub-committee members are – Sgt David Pluckhan; Russell Branson; Trevor Beck; Peter Noy; Rob Carroll-all sub committee members have experience in these matters We also have a letter from a member offering to contact his Barrister for further advice on behalf of the club.

• Still no news on Lake Omeo at present – advised it’s still very wet –waiting-waiting
Your newsletter includes an item outlining details of the Annual Subscription fee voted in at the AGM – with a year of minimal income this will be very welcome.

See you at the next meeting on Sunday 5th June at Highway 31 in Brunswick.
Best wishes Cled

Worth a Look
Test & Tune Days
SA members have scheduled test & tune days at Tailem Bend Drag Strip – dates May 7/8, Aug 13/14, Nov 5/6, Feb
[012] 4/5 Phone Peter Noy 0888484261 or Steve Vorweck 0410477316 for further info.
Heathcote Park (Vic) Drag Strip has a Test & Tune day each month to give engines & trans a work out-useful to have somewhere without a major noise restriction – Held every second weekend – cost $60 per car -phone Russell Clarke complex manager 03 54391288, 0416072478 for further info.
Queensland members are investigating the clay lake out from Bedourie (Q) past Birdsville – the local Mayor is reported as being very supportive & enquiries as to suitability for our purposes are continuing.

Rain – out dates
Member suggestions for a rain out date for later time of the year in future was well received by DEH -negotiations will continue – watch this space!

Raffle – Tag Hueur Limited Edition Stop Watch
Sales of tickets are progressing well & we look forward to a sell out of available tickets very soon to allow drawing of the raffle – contact Carol for tickets.

Your favourite T shirt now has a collector’s item logo & is also available from Carol who is now being assisted by Stan’s wife, Janita – her offer to help Carol is much appreciated.

Hot off the press - Rod Hadfield
Norm Bradshaw has been on the job again and found another good deal with a truck that we must discuss at our next General Meeting on the 5th of June. It’s a dual cabbed Isuzu diesel with 240,000km, low tray and tow bar, just what we need to cart everything such as the mats, track and pit items, pumps and blowers, fuel, toilets etc. and if Norm says it’s suitable it will be.
Another item that has arisen is where it says in the new rule book that Nitrous Bottles are not to be housed in the drivers compartment, but after the bottles caught fire in my car we moved that Nitrous Bottles were not to be located in the engine bay, so in my rebuild I housed them inside but in a very strong steel box, much stronger than the firewall, so this one will need to be sorted.
See you at the meeting in June.

Rod's Ramblings
Disappointment would be an understatement here at the DLRA office after we were forced to cancel the 21st Annual Speedweek. Months of preparation went into preparing what was shaping up to be our biggest ever meeting with 170 pre-entries all processed, Firies organised and Insurance sorted out, the Ambo and surveyors ready, Mount Ive Station and the Ice Truck sorted along with a huge outlay in new and existing merchandise and 600 Colour programs printed in a last minute rush for the first time ever. Our new Timing Equipment was checked and ready along with our original as backup, new tents for the pits and start line had been purchased along with a new blower and much reconditioning on the old blowers, pumps and generators. The Dodge Truck also received a lot of attention, the new rule book and auction items were ready, two full days had been spent preparing and loading the DLRA truck. Luckily we had our Anniversary shirts ready early and in fact sold so much merchandise prior to the meeting we had to order more, two different posters had been printed in anticipation.
On the Sunday after the forced cancellation we set up tables in the shearing shed, prior to the General and Annual Meetings and sold quite a large amount of merchandise. If one good thing came out to the cancellation and being stuck at the lake was that we got quite a lot of tidying up achieved around the campsite.
Many people need thanking for work put in over the year and preparing for the meeting, thanks guys. A big thanks to Paul Penney for organising the Ice Truck and for arranging auction items plus a memento that was given to Betty Burkland, wife of the late Gene Burkland, the owner and builder of the fastest Streamliner yet built. Betty and her friend Bev flew into Sydney after looking around New Zealand, getting a small camper van they travelled down to Victoria and spent a couple of days at our place in Castlemaine where she caught up with her old American friend, Journalist Tex Smith, the well known U.S. Book Publisher who known spends at least half the year here with his wife Trish. Betty then went on to visit the Grampians and drive the Great Ocean Road before heading to South Australia on her way to visit member No: 2 Andy Jenkins in Broken Hill. Now, what are the chances of this? Carol and I pulled into a service station to fuel the DLRA truck on the way to Port Wakefield, pulling out onto the highway again we had to give way to a camper van, GUESS WHO, anyhow Betty and Bev were on their way to Coober Pedy, this was the Wednesday before the rain started, they never got to see the lake . Carol posted off to Betty a program and Paul Penny’s plaque that was waiting for her on her return to Montana. Others who need special mention are Tom and Rob Carroll for their maintenance work, Cled Davies, who at super short notice had to drive straight through to the lake for the signing of an agreement that didn’t happen in the end, Stan Suchodolskiy (real Stan) and Gary Brennan for work on having the stands for the timing equipment ready, Gary Satara for work on getting the Rule Book up to speed, Greg Wapling for organising the programs and Paul Lynch for preparing the Startline procedure manuals.
We have sent off an article to Bonneville Racing News about our washout and as soon as a new date is decided I will inform them for their calendar. This is our fourth washout in 21 years and Keith Turk has twice now travelled out from the U.S.A. to be caught. I also did an article for “Cruzin” Magazine which is out now and shows some of the pictures of the severity of the storm on the area, in fact it is reported the area had equal to its Annual Rainfall on the Friday and through the night.
I have repaired the DLRA trucks front mudflaps and thoroughly washed it, it will have to get a full service next, it is now covered at our place, we found a home for the re-treaded tyres that were on it originally, we have also managed to find a home for the Fifteen 44 Gallon Drums bought back from the campsite after placing an ad that they were free in the local paper. The response to the merchandise advertisement in “Cruzin” magazine has had fantastic results, Carol has been busy parceling up and sending out orders, a big thanks to Gavin Kelso from “Cruzin” for placing the ad. free of charge. Real Stan has put our 2011 Speedweek T Shirts on ebay as well, thanks Stan.
I have been working hard to repair our Commodore after being able to acquire a VR Supercar front developed by GMH for maximum down force, I am hoping it is not too efficient and pulls the front into the salt. We are on this date ready to attack the wiring which of course was a write-off after the fire. We have implemented all the rule changes introduced after the fire including no Nitrous Bottles in the engine bay, however, the SCTA rule states “no Nitrous inside the car”, so I have enclosed them in a thick steel box vented to the outside and locked down.
This box is in fact stronger than a firewall would be. A small radiator has been installed with a thermostat which should warm the engine quicker and more effectively than before. Thanks to Norm Hardinge for his help here, we acquired all the new motor internals from the U.S.A. last year, as the Nitrous mixed with the Methanol makes an acid that ate into everything after the fire, even the rockers which I left in a drum of diesel straight away could not be saved.
Steve Vorwerk, better known as “Smurf” has located that caravan that we have been looking for, it is 18 ft. long, aluminium construction, fold up side to form a verandah, with a bench and cupboards which the Committee has decided to purchase, this will be ideal for the Administration and storage of paperwork, making life a lot easier during scrutineering and the running of the meeting in general. Thanks also to Peter Noy for helping out with the purchase.
See you at the meeting on the 5th of June.

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Assult on Longford - Doug Gregory
Longford Revival Festival Speed Demonstration 1 – 3 April 2011
Pleasant enough morning in the Tamar Valley Tasmania on Wed 30 March 2011 when Grant “The Boy” Schlein and Mick “Team Manager” Adi arrived, after negotiating log trucks en route from Devonport, with “371” strapped to the tray of the mighty Rodeo. Welcome pleasantries completed it was time for breakfast, catch up conversation and some sort of plan for the coming days. Doug “Main Man” Gregory together with Denis “The Cook” Gregory had previously done a bit of a recce out to Longford to check the layout. Working on old maps, the original track could be followed in part or could be seen from different vantage points. The “Crew of Four” headed for Longford mid morning to introduce Grant and Mick to the layout especially “The Flying Mile” section of the track where the speed demo would take place. Armco railing was being installed along the Flying Mile and tents were being erected in the paddocks as we drove (slowly) along the road. Had the event been scheduled for the previous weekend, it would have been washed out as sections of Longford were inundated by flooding of the Esk River. Standing on a section of the old track below the 5 metre flood marker, we could visualize the actual height reached of 8.5 metres. Satisfied with the recce we headed for JJ’s Bakery and Old Mill Cafe for lunch. Back in the car then some sightseeing via Evandale, Launceston, The Gorge and Tamar Valley to home base for a few ports and light hearted banter before tea. Thursday was a day of preparation. Grant and Mick unloaded “371” and meticulously scrutinised machine and items/accessories required for the Assault. Mick fabricated video camera mounts for “371” so as to enable capture of the passes from both front and rear. The day passed, “371” loaded and ready for Longford. Doug had the pizza oven fired and pizza was the go for the evening meal with local fresh water crustaceans on the menu. “The Cook” had been busy tending her farm for the majority of the day. Time plan was settled on for Day 1 of the Festival. April Fools Day started early as “371” was required to complete the appropriate paperwork, unload in the designated area and prepare for the day ahead. Once the final checks were completed, polishing, cars parked and chairs set up, Grant, Mick and Doug walked the portion of “The Flying Mile” to be used for the Speed Demo. Plenty of cracks, lumps and bumps not to mention a couple of fairly significant rises with the accompanying dip in between the two. Could pose a problem if the bike became airborne but hey, time and the first run will indicate if it is a problem or not. The track portion was around 700 meters from the start corner. There was a further 500 metres for run off/stopping before turning around and returning to the display area.

The weather was blustery and cold. Grant had kitted up when he and a differing array of bikes were called to the gate. Up to their starting area and the bikes proceeded down “The Flying Mile” one at a time. A feel for track and conditions netted a leisurely 248 kph, recorded by a speed gun set up in the dip of the track. Speeds were relayed to the commentators via radio and passed to the listening spectators. First pass showed a 20 kph advantage on the nearest participant. All good for the first pass. Grant “negotiated” with the gate marshals to widen the witch’s hats in the run off area to gain some valuable stopping meterage. A quick yarn with the commentators sorted the pronunciation from “Scleen” to “Schlein”. Coffee and lunch after changing the stock exhaust to the modified mufflers. The GPS was mounted and activated to ensure an accurate measurement of the speed achieved as conversation with the operator of the system used left us in little doubt as to its accuracy – which was later justified. Run 2 on Day 1 upped the ante with a run of 174 mph (280 kph) showing on the GPS. This was promptly conveyed and shown to the excitable commentators who now had no problems with pronunciation. “371” had recorded the fastest speed for the day by around 40 kph. Satisfied, the “Crew of Four” headed for home to check the videos and plan the next days assault. Breakfast and coffee before the 45 minute trip to Longford. The weather was much kinder with blue, sunny skies and little or no wind. Run sheet times had changed from Day 1 and the motorcycle group was ready to go around 11 am. Familiarity with the track surface instilled confidence in “The Boy” with a non GPS speed recorded of 276 kph for Run 1 on Day 2. Discussion with “Team Manager” Mick decided that the best way to defend the top speed recorded to date was to attack. Attack it was, by fitment of the high performance exhaust and sprocket change. Ably supervised by “The Cook”, Grant and Mick set about the task with a little input from the “Main Man”. Job done, sit back, have a coffer and take in some of the brilliant display of vehicles from days gone by right up to the present. Run 2, Day 2 presented itself with “371” hurtling up the road from the marshal area with a note from the exhaust that stirred certain parts of the anatomy. Grant’s turn and “371” screamed down the 700 metres recording a GPS speed of 180 mph (290 kph). The GPS was shown to officials, then onto the commentators to stir them into action. Defensive action taken had paid off as the gap to the next quickest was even more substantial. Cleaned up, packed up and headed for home base. It had been another good day. Day 3 started similar to the day previous although a change had been forecast. Arrived onsite, checked and buffed up “371”. Faces around were becoming familiar and plenty of anecdotes from the olds and bolds of a bygone era. The commentators were trying to instil a sense of competitiveness by recalling the highest speed over “The Flying Mile” was set by one Chris Amon in a Ferrari 330P4 with a speed of 293 kph. What they didn’t add was that Amon was on a hot lap of the original circuit and was clocked well past the finish point of the current Speed Demo standing start strip. They may as well have waved a red flag in front of Grant as now the “record” was close. Run1, Day 3 produced the soul stirring scream up to the start and an even quicker return. GPS recorded speed showed 181 mph (291.42 kph) – so close. More coffee, fraternising with the locals and plenty of hoping that the weather would hold was the order between runs. Blustery winds were swirling across and down the track. Visits from enthusiastic onlookers included the team form Porsche Germany as well as the Martini Porsche visitors – even a live spot on ABC Radio outdoor broadcasting from the event. It was time for the final run of the weekend. The wind was not kind and there had been hints of drizzle. Grant made the final run up to the start and returned with the now familiar scream on the last leg. Run 2, day 3 showed consistency with 180 mph (290 kph) recorded, a very satisfying result considering the conditions. Handshakes all round with a great result from an enthralling and enjoyable weekend. Next closest in the Speed Demonstration standings was the Brock Monaro with a speed of 252 kph. The “Crew of Four” packed, loaded, bid farewell to those around and headed for home base. A quick tidy up then onto the Riviera Hotel, Beauty Point for a feed, celebratory drinks and construction of a plan for “Assault on Longford 2”
Doug Gregory

Test and Tune Event - Peter Noy
Our first attempt at running a test & tune event here in S.A. was a huge success with 20 entries & around 100 people enjoying a fantastic weekend. Good to see Greg Butler make the trip over from Melbourne ! The weather was perfect & everyone got as many runs as they wanted. So much so, that by 1.30pm Sunday we were all ready to pack up.
Lionel Linn on a Kawasaki ZX14 was happy with a GPS recorded 175 mph, as was Spog on his electric bike who ran an unofficial class record of 205 km/h on the very last run of the weekend. Everyone I spoke to had sorted out problems & developed their vehicles whilst there, except poor old Plucka who sustained some engine damage in the Monaro. The track gives you a run of between 800 & 900 meters, depending on your braking capabilities, with 400 meters to slow down. There is a gravel trap at the end, which Harky tested out with his bike (but managed to stay upright, thankfully).
The facility has a shower & toilets, plus a workshop with hoist, compressor, & work benches. This also doubled as a meeting hall & dining area on the Saturday night. A huge BBQ is available for all to use, too. A genuine Mitsubishi High Speed Simulator was found in the workshop & some of us had a wonderful time "driving" it. (Photos of this are on the forum !). Free camping was allowed at the track,& some stayed at the Tailem Bend Caravan Park, 5 minutes up the road.
Overall a fantastic weekend with a great bunch of people ! Thanks to Paul Penny who looked after merchandise & raffle ticket sales, & Dirty Dave who spent the weekend down the fast end as spotter, fire marshall, & official photographer. Special thanks to Michael Brixton, Gil Cameron & Smurf for doing the ground work & helping get this event up & running.
NEXT TEST & TUNE WEEKEND IS AUG. 13th & 14th 2011, followed by Nov.5th & 6th 2011, then Feb. 4th & 5th 2012
Pete Noy #6.

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Fresh 460 “TOUGH” has ran 188 mph at Bonneville USA. Suit Race or Street Application.
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Next General Meeting - Victoria
Our next meeting on Sunday 5th June 2011, commencing at 11 am will be at the new venue: HIGHWAY 31, 743 Sydney Rd Brunswick, lunch and drinks available at reasonable prices.
Why not come along and check the venue out!


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General Meeting Minutes

MARCH, 2011.

The meeting was opened by Cled Davies at 11.10am.
APOLOGIES: Norm Bradshaw, Brian Nicholson, David Hinds, Chris Hanlon, John Lynch, Daryl Chalmers, Ray Charlton, Brett De Stoop.
Moved by Gary Satara and seconded by Deb Dawson that the apologies be accepted.

MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: were read by Cled Davies, moved by Peter Noy and seconded by Deb. Dawson that they be accepted as correct.
There was no business arising from the minutes.

Emails from:
• Robert Tolson from S.A. Ambulance confirming they can provide a paramedic and a 4WD Ambulance for Speedweek at a cost of $5931.78 for the five days.
• Russell Branson from the CFS requesting an advance of $2,000.00 to purchase supplies for Speedweek.
• Performance Metals requesting they put their trade stand on the lake.
• Email from Dion Higgins who has recently purchased Mildura Ice Works, Dion and his wife used to work at Mt. Ive Station and are very familiar with our Speedweek, they were offering to supply an Ice truck for the week, but as we had already organised Roxby Ice to supply us this year we had to decline his offer.
• Many other emails regarding Speedweek and the weather situation.

• Answers to all the above.

The correspondence was moved by Denis Boundy and seconded by Gary Baker.


BANK BALANCE $ 41,128.47 PETTY CASH $ 403.90
The Treasurers report was moved by Carol Hadfield along with a request for a further $500.00 in Petty Cash. This was seconded by Russell Branson.

• Russell Branson moved that we investigate with Insurance Companies the possibility of taking out rain insurance on our event in future.

• Don Noble asked whether entrants can be refunded due to the cancellation of Speedweek this year, the answer being that it is club policy to carry over the entries until the next event but if requested a refund would be given.

• There was discussion on the meeting dates, Steve Charlton requested that we set the date when there is “No Moon” Cled spoke on looking at the alternatives for a meeting date and investigating weather patterns.

• Cled Davies spoke on the ongoing problems trying to get an M.O.U. signed with the Aboriginals, he had been asked to attend a meeting at the lake on Monday afternoon to do this but it didn’t go ahead and still hadn’t been done.

• There was discussion on changes needed at Scrutineering, we need to form a core group to get extra scrutineers. Stephen Charlton suggested that anyone who has a class problem contact the club. Changes are to be made to the rule book regarding classes and the scrutineers are to check all classes entered. Deb Dawson spoke of those entrants who bring vehicles to the lake without reading the rule book first. Bob Ellis stated that scrutineering will be tougher in the future.

• Bob Ellis moved that we get information pages out to Australian Street Rodding, Cruzin and Motorcycle magazines including phone numbers of the club contacts. Seconded by Peter Warren.

• Grant Schlein thanked all volunteers and committee members for the work involved in organising the event.

• Meeting closed at 12.05pm

AGM MInutes
MARCH, 2011

The meeting was opened at 12.15 pm by President Cled Davies.

Norm Bradshaw, Brian Nicholson, David Hinds, Chris Hanlon, John Lynch, Daryl Chalmers, Ray Charlton, Brett De Stoop.

MINUTES OF PREVIOUS ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING were read by Cled Davies, moved by Rod Hadfield and seconded by Stephen Charlton that they be accepted as being correct.

• Notice of Motion from Gary Brennan and a recommendation that an Annual Subscription for members be adopted. There was a great deal of discussion for and against implementing an Annual Fee. A vote was taken and the majority of members present voted in favour of a fee. Darryl Barkla moved a motion that a fee of $25.00 be implemented and this was seconded by Grant Schlein. Stephen Charlton proposed an amendment to the motion that the fee be $10.00 annually, this was seconded by Andrew Madin, it was then put to the meeting than an Annual Subscription Fee be $10.00, this did not receive approval and the original motion was carried.

FINANCIAL REPORT: BANK BALANCE : $ 41,128.47 Petty Cash $ 403.90
MOVED BY: Carol Hadfield 2nd : Gary Satara

At this stage Cled Davies handed the meeting over to Russell Branson who thanked the past committee for their efforts, all positions were declared vacant and nominations were called for.

President -Cled Davies nominated by Grant Schlein Rob Carroll nominated by Stephen Charlton
As Rob Carroll declined the nomination Cled Davies was elected.

Vice President – Norm Bradshaw nominated by Deb Dawson Rob Carroll nominated by David Pluckhahn
As Rob Carroll declined the nomination and Norm Bradshaw was not present the Secretary is to write to Norm asking him to respond to the nomination.

Secretary/Treasurer – Carol Hadfield nominated by Stephen Charlton and was elected unopposed.

Race Director-Stephen Charlton nominated by Gary Baker and was elected unopposed

Technical Committee:
Chief Car Inspector – Bob Ellis nominated by Trevor Beck Brian Nicholson nominated by Stephen Charlton as Brian was not present the Secretary is to write to him asking him to respond to the nomination. If accepted, both Bob and Brian are to be elected as Joint Chief Car Inspectors.

Car Scrutineers –
Stuart Pennycook nominated by Stephen Charlton
Mike Davidson nominated by Steve Vorwerk
Gary Satara nominated by Paul Lynch
Lionel West nominated by Deb Dawson
Rod Drabsch nominated by Trevor Beck
As Lionel West was not present the Secretary is to write to
him asking him to respond to the nomination. If he
accepts the five people above are to be elected.

Chief Motorcycle Inspectors –
Graham Hadley nominated by Gary Satara
Gary Baker nominated by Rod Hadfield
David Hinds nominated by Grant Schlein As Graham and David were not present the Secretary is to
write to them asking them to respond to the nomination, if
they accept the three of them are to be elected as Joint Chief Motorcycle Inspectors.

Motorcycle Scrutineers ­Ross Brown nominated by Paul Lynch Grant Schlein nominated by Gary Baker Greg Watters nominated by Gary Baker Phil Eggleston nominated by John Kirchner Dave McLachlan nominated by Don Noble
As Greg Watters and Dave McLachlan were not present the Secretary is to write to them asking them to respond to
the nomination, if they accept the five of them are to be elected as Motorcycle Scrutineers.

Chief Starter – Chris Hanlon nominated by Paul Lynch, as Chris was not
present the Secretary is to write to him asking him to
respond to the nomination.

Assistant Starters ­Paul Lynch nominated by David Pluckhahn Denise Shute nominated by Rod Hadfield
Rob Cranfield nominated by Paul Lynch

As Denise and Rob were not present the Secretary is to
write to them asking them to respond to the nomination, if
they accept the three of them are to be elected as
Assistant Starters.

Chief Timer – Stan Suchodolskiy nominated by Peter Noy and was
elected unopposed.

Assistant Timers Craig Ward nominated by Stan Suchodolskiy Tom Carroll nominated by Cled Davies
Both Craig and Tom were elected to the position of Assistant Timers.
Camp Co-Ordinator: Trevor Beck nominated by David Pluckhahn, Trevor was elected unopposed.

Rulebook Co-ordinator – Gary Satara nominated by Carol Hadfield, Gary was elected unopposed.
Russell then handed the meeting back to Cled Davies who thanked him for overseeing the elections.

David Pluckhahn recommended that we create a Local Liaison Committee to deal with Native Title and Landowner issues, Cled Davies moved that we form a Sub-Committee to deal with local issues, the suggested areas of concern being:
• Native Title
• Mt. Ive Operators
• Department of Environment and Heritage

Seconded by Graeme Ward.
Nominations for the Sub Committee were:
• Peter Noy
• David Pluckhahn
• Robert Murdock
• Trevor Beck
• Russell Branson

Motion Carried.

There was then a discussion on the current constitution requiring updates, Gary Satara volunteered to do this, he will bring any updates to each meeting and post them on the forum, any changes are to be discussed at the next Annual General Meeting.
The meeting was then closed at 1.20pm.


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gutterscrapes, re-rolling, axle resplining, general milling, mig and tig welding
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(07) 3376 6275


9 Ashley Avenue Chelsea Heights VIC
03 9773 4244


For all the latest news, event information and coverage, Hot Rod Swap Meet - buy and sell.
Now with the new Bench Racing forum, talk to 100's of other rodders from all over the world.



Sculpting classics of the future from bronze, silver and gold
Investment castings for the finest detail, strength and tollerance

*Event Merchandise *medalions * Jewellery *Awards *Gifts
*Mascots *Artifact Restoration *Custom Sculpting Anything

1 Russell Street Springvale VIC 3171
Telephone 03 9546 6867



Custom made to compliment your cars interior
For a free quotation and information on our full range, contact;
Neil and Desma Stamp,
44 Browning Street, Kangaroo Flat 3555 Bendigo Victoria
Telephone (03) 5447 7555 Mobile 019 333 314
Technical Enquiries 6p.m. - 10 p.m. 7 days.


North Terrace Tyres
In Adelaide are now agents for cold fire ext systems. System costs around $900
Contact Domenic Lepro on
08 83624417 or


Spa - Lite Fire Suppression Systems
Available from
OG Speed Shop
65 Og Road Klemzig South Australia
Ph: 08 8261 7931 or 8261 7700
Suitable to replace Halon systems,
as fitted to Australian Rally Cars.
Contact Leonard


Suppliers and Installers of "JURALCO"
Aluminum Roof Walkway and Guardsafe Handrail Systems
25 Pritchard Place PEAKHURST
02 9584 9566


Cambridge Concrete Services
Bob Ellis #202
25-27 Harrier Avenue
Loganholme QLD 4129
Ph: 0418 733 191 A/Hrs 07 3801 4050
Fax: 07 3801 4160
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