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DLRA News 41

Post by DLRA » Tue Dec 20, 2011 2:11 pm

From the Chair Cled Davies
Welcome to our Summer Newsletter.
So far everything looks good for our next event in March, I’m told the salt is back and should be good if this fine weather stays with us.
I strongly urge all competitors and pit crews to familiarise themselves with the new rule book.
Although some of the more contentious items may not be enforced at our next meeting we should be all aware these rule changes are entirely for our protection. Such items for example, the “Hahn’s” style head restraints and full door length window nets do require careful investigation.
I hope all our volunteers have been in touch with Greg Wapling (phone: 03 95873061) to once again ensure the smooth running of our March Meeting.
On the subject of Ute categories I offer the following idea: If the vehicle has a tray it runs in Pick-up. If the vehicle has a tub rear body whether part of the cabin or separate on the chassis, it runs as a utility! Seems simple!
We will be having an inspection of Lake Omeo in the New Year, who knows what we will find!
I chatted with Joy Newton recently and Joy feels the Native Title situation is nearer to resolution. Joy also wished our organisation all the best for Christmas and the New Year.
Our General Meeting in May might well be held in South Australia in support of our hard working members from South Australia.
Our next meeting in Victoria will be held at Highway 31 in Brunswick on Sunday the 12th of February and we will be looking for entries then.
We will try and schedule all general meetings for the second Sunday in the month proposed to give a continuity to general meetings.
There will be a working bee and a social gathering at the DLRA campsite between Christmas and New Year although I will be unable to attend.
All the best to members and families for the festive season.

Pre Race Meeting Victoria
Our next meeting is on Sunday 12th February 2012, commencing at 11 am will be at:
HIGHWAY 31, 743 Sydney Rd Brunswick, lunch and drinks available at reasonable prices.
This meeting will be the last chance to Pre enter the March 2012 event.
Why not come along and check the venue out!

Notice to Members
All members are to be advised that there have been several changes made to the Club Constitution, there will be discussion and a vote taken on changes at our next AGM which will be held during Speedweek.
There will also be new Rule book changes voted on at the same meeting so if you are wanting to have your say you need to be there.

Speed Week 2012 Entry Form
Please find your entry form for SpeedWeek 2012 at the end of this newsletter.
There is a cut off (12th Feb 2012) and a $100 extra charge if you are a late entry.

Heuer Stop Watch Raffle
21st Anniversary Raffle
Unique Heuer Stop Watch
Limited Edition No: 43 of 1860 Worldwide
Times to 1/5th of a second.
Value $1350.00
Tickets $5.00

Get your raffle tickets from me!!
Call me on 03 54724629
send order to
P.O. Box 349
Castlemaine.Vic 3450
email me

Important Dates - Norm Hardinge

TEST & TUNE...............
Tailem Bend South Australia....
The next Test & Tune is February 4th & 5th 2012
Access to the track for camping is available from Friday night.
You can camp at the track or accommodation is available in Tailem Bend. The new DLRA timing equipment will be getting at test run at this event before the big one at the lake.
All enquiries Ring Peter Noy 0427777661 or get on the web site www. dlra.org.au
11 am. sharp Sunday February 12th at Highway 31, Sydney Rd. Brunswick - all welcome
TECH INSPECTION DAY ................
10am. Sunday February 19th 2012
At Aussie Desert Cooler, 34 Macquarie Drive, Thomastown 3074.
If you have a new car or bike you want to race at the lake in March, this could save you and the tech inspectors a lot of time and frustration.
Lionel West and Graham Hadley have volunteered to carry out the inspections and give advice. These guys have a wealth of knowledge and are happy to help.
BBQ supplied. Everyone is welcome. Please let me know if you are coming ... Norm 0425 700 954
19th to 23rd March 2012
Lake Gairdner South Australia entries now open contact Carol Hadfield 03 5472 4629 or download your entry form ............ http://www.dlra.org.au

For the Bike Riders Norm Hardinge
Motor racing can be dangerous – The Wink Eller Update
Wink Eller is an old Nitro racing Harley rider from way back and not shy of a few hard knocks to say the least. Here is an update. He arrived this year at El Mirage in May with his new bike. Built with the help of S&S Cycle and Barnett Performance Products and as his friend, Broken Spoke Saloon’s Jay Allen, put it, it’s as beautiful as Marilyn Munroe.
After a 170 mph pass, coming back up the return road being towed by his wife Dee in their pick up at low speed, he went into a dip and with the bike being so low he high centered the bike, flipped it, was pinned underneath and dragged.
He broke his nose, broke his collar bone and was lucky not to lose his leg. He rang Jay while laid up to borrow an electronic shifter. Wink figured that he could still ride at SpeedWeek if he had an electronic shifter.
At SpeedWeek Wink did try to ride his new bike, number, but the bars dug into the wounds on his leg and he nearly passed out with the pain. But Jay’s bike sported fairing that came from one of Wink’s old bikes and so Wink fitted Jay’s bike like a glove. Wink parked his new bike and jumped on Jay’s Harley.
First run at the first mile mark, the bike was coming on real strong, then at the two mile mark, a side wind put Wink straight through the track marker at 180 mph. He took out the marker banner but luckily didn’t go down. He broke the windscreen on the bike and the orange mile marker put orange marks down his helmet and down one side of the bike.
After being checked over by Tech Inspectors the bike was ok’ed to run again and Wink was out to find a new windscreen.
A few weeks later at the BUB meet before his first run he was asked if he had any expectations. He replied “I just want to make it to the other end. If I make it to the other end then I can do it again.” Wink reconfigured his new bike for the BUB meet and successfully rode it to a 169 record. But, during a wind storm in the pits, he jumped to grab a blowing awning and cut his leg on the motorcycle stand. With a 3 inch wound in his leg, he took some needle and thread, pliers and a pocket knife, went into Jay’s motor home and stitched up his own leg. “This is what happens when you don’t have health insurance.” he said “I borrowed a sewing kit from Caroline. Cut my leg open pretty deep and it’s a little too deep to put super glue on it so I’m going to have to stitch this thing up because in the morning we’ve got to make a run.” If you have a strong stomach, you can watch the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnG5i4IUB8c.

Greg Butler’s new ride
Greg Butler is excited he has spent the last 3 years in his shed designing and building this six cylinder Ford powered Lakester .Speedweek 2012 will it’s first time on the salt.

Buy, Swap and Sell
1975 F250.
Yep, the old F Truck is for sale! Runs a high comp 351 Clevo / C6 Auto F350 Front End (Big Brakes)
Dually Rear. Holds 300 Ltrs approx. LPG. Set up to tow.
Minor Rust, 10 Months Reg. $5500 ono. Ring Norm on 0425 700 954.

Fresh 460 “TOUGH” has ran 188 mph at Bonneville USA. Suit Race or Street Application.
Complete Carbys to Headers.
For more information, ring Norm 0425 700 954

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Minutes of General Meeting 9th October 2011
HELD AT HIGHWAY 31, 743 Sydney Road, Brunswick Vic.
9th October 2011
The meeting opened at 11.40am and Cled welcomed members and guests, he also spoke on the need to set dates for General Meetings in advance.

Peter Noy, Roland Skate, Kim Krebs, Stewart Pennycook, Daryl Chalmers, Ray Charlton, Adam Pickles, Aulis and Dean Soderblom, Bob Ellis, Kevin Saville, Brian Nicholson, Greg White, Bruce Fisher, Ian Souter, Paul Lynch, Stan Suchodolskiy, Greg Telford and Tom Carroll.
It was moved by Deb Dawson and seconded by Norm Hardinge that the apologies be accepted.

Were read by Cled, moved by Norm Hardinge and seconded by Norm Bradshaw that they were correct.
The motion was carried.

There was a discussion on the protest mentioned in the minutes of the last meeting and the method of dealing with future protests. The meeting was told that the person concerned was refunded his cheque.

• Email from Michael Brixton regarding contact with Solicitor Ted Guthrie from Johnston Withers in Adelaide S.A. regarding Native Title issues and emails from Ted Guthrie re: conflict of interest, emails from Tim Mellor of Mellor Olsson, Solicitors from Adelaide who are now taking on our case. Many emails to and from David Pluckhahn, Peter Noy and S.A. Committee Members regarding this issue.
• Email from Doug Odom thanking the club for sending his 200mph achiever cap and asking if anyone is interested in purchasing the POP Sprite.
• Letter from Curleys of Traralgon accompanied by an entry form for the Shannons Hazelwood Allmakes Car and Bike Show being held on the 23rd of October 2011.
• Email from Peter Noy regarding “A Nomination of Lake Gairdner as a Wilderness Protection Area”.
• Emails from Gary Satara regarding Rulebook Petition from Ross Brown and asking whether we can set dates for general meetings a year in advance so that people have more notice of the dates.
• Emails and Proposal Forms from Sean Owens on Cowden Insurance Brokers regarding Association Liability for the Club which insures its Volunteers against Liability.
• Many emails accompanying the Annual Subscription fee.

• Many emails to Solicitor Ted Guthrie from Johnston Withers in Adelaide S.A. and members of our South Australian Committee regarding Native Title issues along with copies of our Operational Plan and Constitution, extract from the DLRA website, application forms to DEH for past two years, MOU between DLRA and Gawler Ranges Native Title Claim Group for 2009 and 2010 and the Lake Gairdner National Park Management Plan, these same documents have been sent to Solicitor Tim Mellor of Mellor Olsson Legal Firm in Adelaide who are now looking into the legality of the Gazetted use of the Southern part of Lake Gairdner for Land Speed Racing.
• Many emails to members regarding the Annual Subscription fee.
It was moved by Alan Lacey and seconded by Norm Bradshaw that the correspondence be accepted.
The motion was carried.

1. Rob Carroll, on behalf of Peter Noy, asked whether an inspection on the condition of Lake Gairdner in February was required. The Secretary will write to Peter Noy and Trevor Beck to ask them to carry this out.
2. Cled reported on David Pluckhahns’ recent visit to Lake Gairdner in which he reported that the salt was back on the edge of the lake but there was still water visible.
3. Gary Satara reported on the changes he has made to the club constitution, the main changes being that there are two types of members: 1. Active member 2. Inactive member. Members are to be notified that the constitution changes are to be voted on at the next A.G.M.
4. Carol reported that she is sourcing Liability Insurance for Committee members and volunteers whether they are members or not.
FINANCIAL REPORT: BANK BALANCE @ 30.9.11 $ 27,854.38
PETTY CASH $ 100.70
The Treasurers report was moved by Carol Hadfield and she requested that an advance of $1,000.00 Petty Cash be allowed, seconded by Stephen Charlton.
The motion was carried.

1. Cled read some extracts from the document “A Nomination of Lake Gairdner as a Wilderness Protection Area,” the general comment is that if this occurs it will have little affect on our use of the Lake but will affect the mining operations that have been allowed.
2. Cled showed the meeting an article from the “Age Newspaper” regarding a World Land Speed attempt at Lake Gairdner by Paula Elstrek in approximately two years time, the club will watch the progress of this attempt as it may have positive benefits to us.
3. Rod spoke to the meeting on the Castlemaine Hot Rod Centre and its benefits, he urged members that bank with the Bendigo Bank to tag their accounts to the centre.
4. Cled read an extract from Norm Hardinge’s article in Cruzin magazine regarding the “Hahns” device, a discussion was held where it was explained that a “Hahns” device should not hinder existing clearances as it is held in place by the seat belts and attached to the drivers helmet. Norm Hardinge suggested that we invite Bruce Williams to attend Speedweek to check the devices as there are many different versions. Garry Brennan is to contact four manufacturers to obtain information on the fitting of them.
5. There was discussion on the rule book regarding door nets and their purpose. It was decided that we advise entrants to make sure they read the current rule book for the changes that have been made.
6. Gary Satara reported that Bob Ellis is going to New Zealand to scrutineer machines being built.
7. Gary Satara spoke on the rule change on allowing more than 2 engines in a vehicle and that the book would incorporate a “Ute” class, there was discussion on the definition of utes versus pickups.
8. Gary Satara reported that he has done research on the fuel versus gas issue and found that the testing procedure far too involved for us to carry out.
9. Cled reported that Rob Carroll will be going to work on the generator at the Campsite from the 27th to the 31st of December and asked if there was any one else intending to attend, if so contact Rob Carroll.
10. Cled reported that Heathcote Park Dragway offer a Test and Tune day once a month at a cost of $60.00 per vehicle.
11. Rod thanked Gary Satara for his efforts with rule book and constitution changes he has been working on, there was a round of applause from the members.
Cled thanked Norm Hardinge for supplying the raffle prizes which were then drawn, the total raised was $108.00.
The meeting closed at 12.50pm.

The Volunteer Register 2012
As you all know Speed Week cannot operate without volunteers, this register exists to ensure that we have the right number of volunteers where and when we need them.
1. All tasks must have someone nominated to them before Speed Week can commence.
2. Drivers, Riders and their crew are expected to volunteer.
3. If you nominate for a task at a particular time and you cannot for what ever reason fullfill this obligation, its up to YOU to find a replacement before your allotted time, otherwise the track will be closed.
The number in brackets indicate the number of tasks for each day, in total there are just on 400 tasks!!
To give you a guide as to what we are expecting from teams, if we have say 200 entries, that's 2 tasks per team. Not a big ask when you consider each task is only for half a day and they can be spread over up to 8 to 9 days.
See a list of job types and descriptions at http://www.dlra.org.au/task-job-types.html.
As an extra incentive, team members who nominate early will have a significant advantage when selecting their tasks and times, whereas later entries will have to take what ever tasks and times are left.
NOTE: The number of volunteers nominated to any task is considered to be the minimum requirement.
There are a number of tasks where if we have more volunteers, the time allocated to the task may be reduced. This is partiularly true of some set up and pack up tasks. (This is using the many hands makes light work principle)

Go to http://www.dlra.org.au/schedule.html
1. Select a day from the list to the right
2. Fill in your details at the top of the page (name, team, member number, email address)
3. tick the box for the tasks you want to do
4. Select the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page
Or email your name and member number and the tasks you want to do to
Or post to
Dry Lakes Racers Australia
PO Box 349
Castlemaine VIC 3450

These people have already volunteered, why haven't you?

Mick Adi #1080 Slippery Suzuki's, David Aldridge (#921) Team Trident, JB & Kenny2 Team Silverton, Gary Baker #282, Trevor Beck #298, Rob Benson #660 Barker Trailers Racing, Graeme Bickle $1066 Slippery Suzuki's, Bob Bowman #194, Garry Brennan #329, Mick Bulluss #659 Barker Trailers Racing, Daryl Bunton #858 Team Postie, Rob Carroll #12, Tom Carroll #429, Steve "Animal" Charlton #151, Shane Ciccozzi #944, John Davey #921 Team Trident, John Dickinson #635 HDM G6, Bob Ellis #202, Jeff Lemon #454 Red Line Kawasaki, Paul Lynch #447, Brian Nicholson #131, Tom Noack #1032 HDM G6, Peter Noy #6, John Ogilvie #774 SpeedSteelers, Brian Payne #662, Mark Phelan (#868) Team Postie, Paul Powditch #735 Slippery Suzuki's, Rebeka Powditch #445 Slippery Suzuki's, Jamie Regan #581 Barker Trailers Racing, Mick Roche #701 Inc team, Gary Satara #418 BIG GAZ RACING, Mathew Saunders #207, Grant Schlein #371 Slippery Suzuki's, Stan Suchodolskiy #744, Lachlan Tucker Powditch (#445) Slippery Suzuki's, Peter Waugh #1065 Slippery Suzuki's, Dave Wilkes #661 Barker Trailers Racing, Danny Gathercole #1043 Inc team, Chris Hanlon #251, Gary Healy (#866) Two Short Men, Peter Healy #866 Two Short Men, Dave Hinds #523, Jeff Jones #561
Keep the shiney side up........
DLRA WebMaster / Editor

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