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DLRA NEWS ISSUE 44 January 2013

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ISSUE 44 Jan 2013

2 Contents
3 From the Chair
4 Rods Ramblings
4 Meeting January 2013
5 Scrutineering Day NSW
5 Upcoming Race Meets
5 Notice to Members
5 From the Office
5 Did you Know?
6 Important...Stay up to date!
6 Volunteers Needed
6 Entrants Help us Help you
6 A Risk to Dry LakeRacing
7 Hear Hear!
7 DLRAs Response
7 Norms shit
8 2013 T Shirts Available Soon
10 Better Communication
10 Merchandise
11 Advertisers
13 Annual Subscription Form
14 On the cover: 2013 SpeedWeek Artwork. T Shirts available soon. Check out newsletter for Merchandising sales contacts to order.

President Cled Davies
Vice President Norm Bradshaw
Secretary Carol Hadfield
Treasurer Carol Hadfield
Chief Car Inspectors Brian Nicholson & Bob Ellis
Chief Motorcycle Inspectors Graham Hadley & Shane Gaghan
Race Director Steve Charlton
Chief Starter Chris Hanlon & Paul Lynch
Chief Timer Tony Cooke

PO Box 349 Castlemaine VIC 3450
Phone: 03 5472 4629 and Fax: 03 5472 4370

From the Chair Cled Davies
Seasons’ greetings – hopefully by the time you read this Santa will have provided you with all you wished for [& deserved] for Christmas

I know for sure that like me the rest of the committee put in a special order for a dry lake surface for our meeting at the end of February – just to be on the safe side have everything crossed too.

Of course by this all drivers & riders will also have read the update on the 2013 Rule Book as submitted by Bob Ellis (Chief Scrutineer). Bob officiated as Associate Scrutineer at Bonneville in 2012 & returned to us with his thoughts that are included elsewhere in this newsletter-thanks Bob.

You can find the update by Bob Ellis at http://www.dlra.org.au/techinspect.htm

Please note the 2013 Rule Book specifications will be enforced for the up –coming 2013 Meet. Although some rules may seem draconian we must remember that SCTA (Southern California Timing Association) has introduced these changes which we’ve also adopted, to ensure our standards are comparable to those in the US. The rules state that ‘new rule have been written in blood’ we’re adopting them to be sure we don’t have any bloodshed – they’re all about safety for competitors & crews.

Greg Wapling ( Webmaster Supremo) still has vacancies on the volunteer register for February – the old saying ‘ many hands make light work ‘ rings true for the DLRA too – please contact Greg to register your intent to help out.

Once again we’re experiencing some issues related to changes in government legislation relating to the usage of the lake. Greg has produced a response on our behalf & we need everyone to sign the petition he has up on the website – we need your support & that of friends & family to protect our little corner of Lake Gairdner.

Penny & I hope you had a wonderful Christmas & New Year celebrations too. We’ll be at the lake with others for a bit of a working bee during that week & check out exactly what was lost during the break-in in recent months. And of course to make certain that all equipment is in tip top condition for
our meeting in February 18-22

I’ll not attempt to name names in my thanks to committee & DLRA members apart from acknowledging the sterling effort put in once again this past year by Carol Hadfield – a true champion!

‘til February – safe travels


Rod’s Ramblings Rod Hadfield
Well the countdown is on and things are looking the best for some time, there has been 5 inches less rain on the lake this winter, I rang Mt. Ive who said film crews have been using the lake for some time, I believe Greg Watters and Kim Krebs, our top bike rider ambassadors have been hired to make an ad.

there. Congratulations guys on your efforts at Bonneville this year, not forgetting Evelyne Scholz’ achievements also. The car guys Mark Dunne, Norm Bradshaw, Wayne and Adam Pickles did the club proud, their achievements have been well documented in the relevant car publications. Speaking with Norm, it was an expense and a half but one they would like to do again. Mark Dunne’s car was built in super quick time and is a credit to all concerned. Norm had transmission problems and now has a complete new trans ready for our February meeting.

Wayne’s Monaro had the yanks scratching their heads. Lots of behind the scenes work going on with Rob and Tom Carroll working on our newly acquired Nissan Twin Cab Diesel also Dean Adamson who reconditioned the motor, this will replace our Rodeo which has fallen victim to the area (salt). President Cled located a Mazda 1600 Flat Tray at a bargain price and handed the plates back in, it will do the trip to the Christmas working bee on Rob Carroll’s truck. Rob will be working out exactly what has been stolen and servicing what needs it. We have permission to put a container at the homestead which we will be able to lock our valuables in.

The office work never stops for Carol with new members to sign up, entries from 3 meetings back to process, co-ordinating the members and vehicle database to work with the timing equipment, insurances to chase up , Medical officer, Fire & Rescue guys and many emails backwards and forwards with the DEH for their permission and the list goes one. Greg Wapling has been upgrading our website and generally keeping an eye on things, a big special thanks must go to Vicki Howard who has been working on the design for the 2013 T Shirt and organising of the Newsletter. The Merchandise has been moving steadily through the year and has ramped up the closer we get to Christmas, don’t forget you must have your entries confirmed by the 15th of January, be sure you have checked your vehicle against the rule book as we are now using the U.S. rules, luckily Lionel West studied it and we have had to fit Perspex in all the windows in the Commodore which was quite a big job. It’s looking like at least we may get to try our new timing equipment, thanks to Con at CAE for battery servicing and Norm Hardinge for keeping us up to date through the pages of “Cruzin” magazine.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish our chief track scraper and general helper Andrew Madin a total recovery from his recent stint in Hospital.

Hope to see many of you at the meeting in Melbourne on the 20th January at White Rose Receptions, 725 High Street,
Thornbury at 11am.
For the rest of you, see you at the salt.


Meeting January 2013
Our next meeting is on Sunday 20th January 2013
and will be at:
White Rose Receptions,
725 High St, Thornbury,
Why not come along and check the venue out!

There will be a scrutineering day on the 12th January at the Ratmuller workshop at Annangrove (old Amaroo Raceway, 233 Annangrove Road, Annangrove. NSW) for all and sundry to attend.
Dave (Bones) will do the bikes and Kevin and Gary Satara will do the cars.
Scrutineering Day NSW

Upcoming Race Meets
SpeedWeek Lake Gairdner
18th – 22nd February 2013.

Notice to Members
At our AGM held at the DLRA campsite in March 2011 a motion was passed that an Annual Subscription fee of $25.00 be paid by members.
This fee replaces the Newsletter fee that was only supported by a few . One of the main reasons for charging this fee is to find out how many of our members are currently active in the club. Please fill out the form at the end of this newsletter.

Important … Stay up to date! - Bob Ellis
As some of you racers may know, I had the opportunity to attend the Bonneville Speed Week 2012 at the invitation of my counterpart Steve Davies (Chief Car Inspector, SCTA).In all, I spent 10 days working with Steve and his team, and I was thrown in to the deep end straight away. I was involved with inspecting everything from a 112 mph Daihatsu, to high 300’s streamliners. I was also involved with a major incident (a crash on the course) and the follow-up investigation and reports etc.
This was an extremely valuable experience, learning all of the rulings and solving a lot of the ‘grey ‘areas of how the rules are interpreted. Even being involved in a (rather messy) protest, was a great learning opportunity.
The main purpose of this article is to educate my fellow racers what is required by our DLRA Inspectors, when you present your vehicle for inspection. Some rulings may seem trivial, and some may seem like overkill. But the rules exist, to ensure YOUR safety.



Bob Ellis’ full document can be found at


Volunteers Needed
Volunteer Register 2013
As you all know Speed Week cannot operate without volunteers, this register exists to ensure that we have the right number of volunteers where and when we need them.

Drivers, Riders and their crew are expected to volunteer for at least one session. Members and non-members are welcome to volunteer, its a great way to be part of the action.
You can nominate from the DLRA web site or just send an email. Go to http://www.dlra.org.au/schedule.html to see the tasks that are available for each day.

As an extra incentive, team members who nominate early will have a significant advantage when selecting their tasks and times, whereas later entries will have to take what ever tasks and times are left.

There will be a board posted at the registration caravan each day during Speed Week for those jobs that are still required for that day.

Entrants Help us Help you
Please ensure that you have fully completed your 2013 entry form. With the introduction of the new timing equipment this year we need the following information uploaded into the timing system before your runs can be recorded.

Member Number
Member Name
Vehicle Number (If you are running multiple classes with the
same vehicle, each class has to have a unique vehicle number eg
226, 226A, 226B)
Vehicle Type (Car or Truck / Motorcycle)
Vehicle Description (Year / Make / Model)
Vehicle Class (Engine Displacement / Category)
Vehicle Colour

If you present at registration with an incomplete entry form, you will be instructed to take it away and not bring it back until it is complete. We don't want a queue of other entrants behind you standing there waiting for you to finish filling out your entry form.
Please make sure your vehicle has the driver and class identifiers clearly displayed in contrasting letters at least 75mm high
eg. 226 C/ALT or 226B C/FALT
If you have multiple drivers/riders for one vehicle, you can have all combinations listed, so long as when you present at Pre-Stage the only the details visible are for one driver / vehicle combo racing at that time.

A Risk to Dry Lake Racing
Lake Gairdner Draft Management Plan

The Department of Environment Water and Natural Resources
(South Australia) have instigated 2 separate activities that affect
Lake Gairdner.

1. Amendment to the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972
This Amendment to the Act proposes to introduce a new classification system to the Act. It includes a re-classification of Lake Gairdner from a National Park to a Nature Reserve. The basis of this re-classification is that the majority of Lake Gairdner is already under a number of mining claims, so cannot be protected as a true National Park can.

To view or download copies of the draft Amendment Bill and the supporting documents or to make a submission go to


NOTE: There is a cut-off of the 21 December 2012 for submissions, so if you are going to make a submission you had better do it quick!

2. Preparation of the Draft Lake Gairdner National Park Management Plan
This new plan will replace the existing Lake Gairdner Management Plan that was prepared in 2004 and was used to formulate the DLRA Operational Plan that was submitted to the South Australian Department of Environment and Heritage and provides the rules and regulations under which we operate Speed Week.
The existing Lake Gairdner Management Plan contains many references and requirements for Motorsport and Land Speed Racing as well as access to the lake. Also included is management of commercial activities like Tours, Filming and Advertising.
It is anticipated that the Draft Management Plan will be released for comment mid next year.
If you think that this is something that is of interest to you, there is an online registration form on this page, I would recommend you all register, nominate your method of engagement and make your individual suggestions. There is also an Information Sheet detailing why this work is being undertaken.

Got to : http://www.environment.sa.gov.au/haveyo ... nermgtplan

The DLRA will be making it's own submissions, co-ordinated by myself, please send comments and suggestions for inclusions in our submission to drylakesracersau@hotmail.com.
Keep the shiney side up........
DLRA WebMaster / Editor

Hear Hear!
The Dry Lake Racers of Australia have an established history of responsible use of Lake Gairdner for the purpose of landracing.
After extensive searching it appears that Lake Gairdner is the only practical venue in Australia for this type of racing as it requires a minimum uninntererupted eight mile straight course.
The DLRA have always operated under a "leave it as we found it " use policy and the more than one -thousand members hold the lake as a very special place in their hearts. Landspeed racing is an amateur activity that sees people from every single walk of life , men and women from teenagers to octegenarians who race both historic and cutting edge vehicles , some which are unique,built from the ground up designs.

The members of the DLRA appreciate the Lake as a significant place to the local indigenous people who have lived in the area for tens of thousands of years as it's stark beauty , scale and harsh environment could not have been anything other than a dominant item in the dreaming and storylines in the Eyre peninsula area and beyond.

Protecting the surface and surrounds of the unique Lake Gairdner is not a positive thing, it is an essential thing. Lake Gairdner can be seen from space, it is an irreplaceable natural assett that cannot be damaged for short term financial gain at the expense of cultural, spiritual and environmental values.

Lake Gairdner, and particularly the dry, deep salt southern area should remain a pristine natural environment for ever.

James Stewart
DLRA #374
Sunshine Melbourne 3020

DLRA’s Response - Greg Wapling
Manager, Protected Area Policy and Planning
Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
GPO Box 1047
Email: npwactamendments@sa.gov.au
Phone: (08) 8124 4707

Dry Lakes Racers Australia
PO Box 349
Castlemaine VIC 3450
Ph: 03 5472 4629

Date: 20th December 2012

Re: Submission for the draft National Parks and Wildlife

(Reserve Categories and Other Matters) Amendment Bill

Dear Sir,
Thank you for the opportunity to make a submission on this amendment.

The Dry Lakes Racers Australia is considered as the official sanctioning organisation for Land Speed Racing in Australia, it has been conducting annual speed trials at Lake Gairdner since 1990 attracting entrants and interest from around the world. We represent a membership of over 1,100 and have an obvious interest in the preservation of Lake Gairdner and being able to continue to use and enjoy it for a long time to come.

The existing Lake Gairdner Management Plan lists under its special values and characteristics that Lake Gairdner is “A venue of international-standard for high-speed motor vehicle trials and record attempts” and identifies as a major management goal the “Occasional use of the southern portion of the park for environmentally sustainable recreation”. The DLRA is committed to ensuring that these aspirations remain within the Management Plan. Lake Gairdner is the only other place in the world where this type of activity can occur on a salt lake and is considered by many to offer superior conditions to the famous and historic home of land speed racing, Lake Bonneville in Utah USA. There are also a number of outright and class land speed record projects currently in construction which rely on the availability of Lake Gairdner for their attempts.

After having read the following documents;

• Amendments to the National parks and Wildlife Act 1972
• Overview of amendments information sheet
• Reserve reclassification information sheet
• Q& A –Mining information sheet
• Q&A – recreation in parks and reserves information sheet
• Q&A – Heritage Parks information sheet
• Q&A – Management Plans information sheet
• Q&A – Co-management information sheet
• Q&A – Native Title
The DLRA has no problem with the Departments proposal to establish a clearly-defined system of reserve categories or including additional mechanisms for reserve system management or providing clarity to these reserve categories.

However we understand that the Department proposes to reclassify the Lake Gairdner National Park to the Lake Gairdner Nature Reserve based on the fact that most of Lake Gairdner is already extensively covered by mining rights and extraction of resource leases.

We are extremely disappointed that as the managers of Lake Gairdner National Park the Department has approved all these mining rights over a National Park which deserved to be protected as a National Park should. We are very concerned of the impact to Lake Gairdner if any of these mining rights are ever exercised and the short and long term damage to Lake Gairdner that they may cause.

We note that user section 34A – Alteration of category, Part 1(a) that a Nature Reserve may not be altered to a National park “unless no mining rights are held in respect of the land comprising the reserve”. Making it impossible for Lake
Gairdner to ever be considered for National Park classification in the future.
We also note that there are exceptions to the rule where some existing National Parks that have mining rights over them are not being re-classified to Nature Reserves.
We would actually support the removal of these mining rights over Lake Gairdner.
Whilst we are assured through the fact sheets that there will be no effective change to the management of Lake Gairdner, there is no guarantee that now or sometime in the future this Government/Department/Managers or successive governments/departments/managers view may change and that under the re-classified status as a Nature Reserve there will be little or no legislative protection available to Lake Gairdner or to those that wish to protect and maintain this unique part of the environment.

Therefore the DLRA has no option but to oppose what we consider to be a downgrading of the classification and protection that a National Park classification provides to Lake Gairdner.

Descriptions of classifications
Upon contacting the Department is has been explained to me that the descriptions given for each classification are primary reasons only and that there are secondary and other reasons for each classification. How can we be asked to accept a proposal when all of the information is not presented in the proposal?

We believe that these secondary and other descriptions need to be included as part of the Amendment Bill so that people are fully aware of the full intent of what is being proposed.

Mining Rights at Lake Gairdner
The DLRA has always been opposed to any mining activity at Lake Gairdner and cannot support any proposal that facilitates this environmentally destructive activity.

Yours Sincerely,

Greg Wapling
(on behalf of the committee and members of Dry Lakes Racers

Norm’s Shit - Norm Hardinge
It’s all happening, a pre race DLRA meeting is being held on 20th January 11am sharp at White Rose Receptions, 725 High St. Thornbury, Victoria. All interested are welcome!
The South Australian outback will find itself invaded by salt lake racers from Australia, New Zealand and the USA. February 18th to 22nd are the dates for SpeedWeek 2013 (note the earlier date the club has chosen in an attempt to dodge the Autumn rains). It’s time to take out Australia’s fastest machines and try to break some land speed records. Speedweek is the Dry Lakes Racers Australia’s premier event -so with a two year forced break from racing due to a very wet lake, the guys are itching to race. Good news, Norm Bradshaw just got back from a lake inspection with glowing reports. The salt is dry and hard. It finally looks like we get to go racing!!

Entries for DLRA Speedweek 2013 are now open. You can download your entry form at www.dlra.org.au . For general information try drylakesracersau@hotmail.com. If you intend to race, even if you are going to carry over last year’s entry, you must let Carol know so the club can be prepared. You can get in touch with Carol using carol@castlemaine.net or 0354724629.
All pre entries must be in by 15th January 2013. Late entries attract a hefty additional fee.

For you guys in NSW, pencil in 12th January 2013 for the DLRA NSW Tech Inspection day. Ratmuller workshop at Annangrove (the old Amaroo Raceway) is the place to go. Tech inspectors will be on hand to cover both cars and bikes. Need to know more? Ring Gary Satara 0409196025.

Spectators are welcome at Speedweek but we much prefer volunteers. Volunteers do not have to work like dogs, some jobs take only half an hour a day. If everyone helps a little, everything gets done and we all enjoy a fantastic week of racing.
Check out the web page www.dlra.org.au for volunteer schedules.

This year for the first time, DLRA will be running SpeedWeek using the same rule book as the one Southern California Timing Association uses to run Bonneville. Check out the new rule book, make sure your car or bike complies. Also a first, DLRA will be using their brand new high tech timing equipment -no more rolling out wires for miles! That will free up a few volunteers to help out in other places.

Rod Hadfield will be racing his Commodore. Mate, that beast has gone through a major rebuild since a nitrous explosion and resulting fire took it off the racetrack years back.

Al Fountain will be racing the Bonneville record breaking Studebaker Avanti that he bought and raced in the States before bringing back to Aussie soil. Al's also the proud owner of a beautiful belly tank. It is currently for sale and a bargain at $30k. If you want to get involved in salt lake racing, that would be awayto do it-instyle!

Gary Myers and son Jake will be trying for 200mph in their newly built 1000hp+ late model Mustang. They have been impressing crowds with the Mustang at car shows around the country and Gary will be pulling out all stops to try to win Summernats' top prize, the Grand Champion. After the Summernats, the Muzzy will be transformed into a salt lake racer, loaded into a trailer and shipped off to Lake Gairdner.

Big Knob Racing will be trying to back up their USA success by running 200+ mph on Aussie salt. David Haas from Las Vegas, USA, will be a guest driver. David is after an Aussie red 200 mph hat and the Big Knob Racing team will do its best to oblige.

Kim Krebs will return to the salt after a massive 225.92mph run on a 750 cc bike in the States. Not surprisingly, that put her in the 200mph club. What an achievement! She must have felt very proud (after she cleaned out her leathers). Like I mean, it's exciting enough in a car, imagine doing those speeds on a bike!

Greg Watters whom I suspect also had to clean out his leathers,will be at SpeedWeek in February with his Hyabusa. Greg had the fastest motorcycle at World of Speed USA which he proved with an amazing 256.194mph pass.

If that's not enough Aussie glory for you, this year Evelyne Sholtz riding her 1000cc Suzuki also brought home a Yanky Bonneville record with a 192.993mph pass.

Salt Lake racing is an amazing sport filled with amazing people doing amazing things. After two years of zero, like I mean ZERO salt lake racing in Australia, SpeedWeek 2013 is going to be huge! …See you on the salt, Norm Hardinge.

Kim Krebs: Holder of the World of Speed US Record (MPS BF750) of 229mph (previous record was 209mph set by herself in 2009) Cooks Shootout FIM World Record (MPS BF 750) of 229mph (previous record was 204mph set by Aussie Greg Watters in 2009) Personal best (one way pass) of 238.9mph (and only at 80% of turbo boost capacity) That means Kim is only 2mph off the fastest women in the world, Leslie Porterfield's, fastest one way speed on the salt (MPS BG 1350)

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We now have Credit Card facilities available.
Phone Carol on 03 54724629
or send order to
P.O. Box 349 Castlemaine. Vic 3450

Don't forget we also have stickers, stubby holders, speed wheels, posters and much more.

Better Communication
DLRA is setting up a new system for getting important announcements to our members in a reliable and timely manner. You will receive a text message on your mobile phone and/or your email asking you to respond to verify your phone number and email address.
The new system will allow DLRA to notify all members of important announcements simultaneously in an almost immediate manner. Please respond to the messages to help us implement the new system.

Annual Subscription for all Members
At our AGM held at the DLRA campsite in March 2011 a motion was passed that an Annual Subscription fee of $25.00 be paid by members. This fee replaces the Newsletter fee that was only supported by a few . One of the main reasons for charging this fee is to find out how many of our members are currently active in the club. Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and either mail a cheque, money order or your Visa/ Mastercard details to the P.O. Box or phone Carol on 03 54724629 with Visa or Mastercard details. You can also choose to pay the fee directly into the DLRA bank account, details listed below, if you do this please make sure your name and DLRA number are recorded with the transfer.

If you don’t respond to this you will be deemed as not being an active member and won’t receive any correspondence during the year, also all entrants will need to be active members. If you have already paid the fee to Carol this year please ignore the form.

D.L.R.A. Annual Subscription Fee
Please respond to this to remain an active member.

Name: ________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________

D.L.R.A. No: ________________________________________
Home Phone No: ________________________________________

Mobile No: ________________________________________

Email address: ________________________________________

If paying by Visa or Mastercard please fill out the details below:

CardNo: ---------------CVV:
--/ --Amount: $

Name on Card: ________________________________________

If you choose to pay directly in the Bank account the details are:

Bendigo Bank, Castlemaine Branch
BSB: 633 108 Account No: 1369 41648
Account Name: Dry Lakes Racers Australia Inc.

Send to: D.L.R.A. P.O. Box 349, Castlemaine Vic 3450 or
Phone: Carol Hadfield on 0354724629 email: carol@castlemaine.net


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Re: DLRA NEWS ISSUE 44 January 2013

Post by GSUZ » Fri Jan 11, 2013 4:17 pm

Great news letter guys, a huge congrats to all who kept the dream alive at Bonneville 2012 with an outstanding effort in Tech and on the track. I'm soooooo excited as the new year is uppon us, just writing the date on paper reminds me Speed Week is nearly here. Shane0 #805

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