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DLRA NEWS ISSUE 45 April 2013

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ISSUE 45 April 2013

Newsletter Sponsors 2
Contents 3
From the Chair 4
Rod s Ramblings 4
Meeting May 2013 5
Bob s Chatter 5
Queensland Hot Rod Spectacular 6
200 mph Club 2013 admissions 6
Norm's Shit 6
Did you Know ? 7
All is revealed ... 9
Buy, Swap and Sell 9
SpeedWeek 2014 Proposed Dates 9
AGM Minutes 2013 10
DLRA Financial Statement 12
Meeting QLD Members of the DLRA 12
Meeting NSW Members of the DLRA 14

President Cled Davies
Vice President Norm Bradshaw
Secretary Carol Hadfield
Treasurer Carol Hadfield
Chief Car Inspector Bob Ellis
Chief Motorcycle Inspectors Ross Brown
Race Director Steve Charlton
Chief Starter Cled Davies & Rob Cranfield
Chief Timer Tony Cooke
Media Enquiries media@dlra.org.au
Advertising & Sponsorship marketing@dlra.org.au

Cover: Top Left Gary Satara s Jag; Top Right Greg Butler s Lakester; Bottom Graeme Turner and Chris Matheson s Nascar.

PO Box 349 Castlemaine VIC 3450
Phone: 03 5472 4629 and Fax: 03 5472 4370
info@ dlra.org.au

From the Chair Cled Davies
What a relief to finally be able to conduct a race week!

Although the salt was not as sound as other years at least we were able to get out on it & to record some very respectable speeds.

John Lynch 262 mph; Norm Bradshaw 250 mph; Trevor Slaughter’s new streamliner 253.7mph & Brett De Sloop (motor cycle) 241.92mph. Several records were broken by large margins 40 -50 mph. Congratulations to all concerned.

Our new timing gear proved its worth in set up and pull down – a real bonus! Times & accuracy to three decimal places – terrific! Special thanks to Aaron Clarke from Tag Huer for his preliminary work with Tony & the boys in Adelaide a few weeks prior to the meeting! Only a few teething problems during our event when some time was lost during integration of systems plus a couple of wipe outs by competitors-however these were sorted out very quickly – great job Tony.

One very disturbing fact to emerge after the Lake Gairdner meet was the lack of volunteers to help with packing up & putting away equipment used for the event at lake side – pretty disappointing to find we only had five people left to do all the work plus clean up and close down the camp. Special thanks to new member Brook Denning, visitor David Stuchbery, Trevor Beck & Gary Brennan – you guys did a great job!

Obviously this is not a fair division of labour and your committee will actively devise strategies to ensure there are sufficient people available after future events to ensure we don’t have a repeat of this year’s debacle.

Our next General Meeting will be held in Melbourne at White Rose Receptions on Sunday 19 May from 11 am. I urge members to attend this excellent venue, sample the great food and actively participate in the running of our club.

See you there, Cled

Rod’s Ramblings Rod Hadfield
BTW … checked out Benambra – it’s still wet – Bugger!

Well we pulled it off and considering how many entries we had and that it has been three years between drinks I think Speedweek went fairly well, thanks again to the outstanding job done by so few. I acknowledge and thank everyone who pitched in and did their bit, but there were some who worked tirelessly and endlessly and special acknowledgments will be sent out to those, what about the job done by Greg Wapling and Carol Hadfield from the start of Sunday to the last thing Friday, they worked in their new caravan with their backs to the track, Carol made the comment “we hardly saw a run go down the track”. The new caravan was a godsend and many thanks go to Steve Vorwerk and Peter Noy for this contribution to the club.
Thanks also to Peter Warren who drove the DLRA Merchandise

truck over to Lake Gairdner and back, it was completely full on return with rubbish and unwanted material which I sorted into recyclables and half filled a steel skip. We have unloaded all the merchandise, timing equipment and blowers (which have now been serviced ready for next year), fuel drum stored, the truck has been cleaned and will be serviced in the near future, we have also just paid the registration. Carol has ordered merchandise people had ordered and has been flat out on paperwork which of course goes on all year. I don’t know where the club would be if not for her and to have some nobrainer comment on the forum about the Committee needing to be replaced, people take those comment personally and as for some of the comments on Steve Charlton, most people wouldn’t know and are obviously blind. We need constructive criticism, if it were not for Steve again I don’t know where this club would be, its behind the scenes that people don’t see. The damage done to the timing equipment is being repaired (Cled’s job), I think we all agree the new timing is a godsend and to Tony Cooke and his team a big thanks for a job well done. Speaking of jobs well done, what a great job Vicki Howard did on this years event design, it was all voluntary, normally it costs us heaps. We sold out of all of the 2013 event shirts and most of the DLRA club merchandise. We have placed an order for more 2013 shirts and see the merchandise pages in this newsletter for more items with the design on them. Thanks Vicki.
The toilets were once again taken care of by the Broken Hill Boys, especially Kenny 1 and Kenny 2, so a big thanks to them, this is an area the committee is looking at.

From what I hear our International entrants were more than happy with the event, especially Norm Hardinges U.S.driver David Haas who gained a red hat and the New Zealand guys were also rapt with their achievements.
Glen Torrens from Street Machine magazine who raced his VW has written a story for the next edition and was obviously impressed, plenty of bike records fell and some apparently are well above the U.S. equivalent, we need someone from the bike fraternity to write a column for next newsletter.

On a personal note we didn’t do as well as hoped having to virtually start again, with observation passes and two drivers, it was going to take a while, so it was decided to save some time and get co-driver Lionel West through. Lionel got a 250mph pass when our clutch let go, we had a spare so it was installed, but on the last pass of the meeting I took the engine right up to 6.500 rpm the second clutch let go big time on the 3rd to 4th shift allowing the motor to hit the rev limiter which means the ignition was only firing every second revolution allowing raw fuel into the exhausts and with our new exhaust system finishing just behind the rear end then exiting into funnels in an attempt to fill the vacuum behind the car this fuel caught fire thus setting alight the plastic rear bumper etc., luckily I got the car stopped a.s.a.p. and the fire was extinguished with the minimum of damage, but still a lot of work, thanks to those Firies, it could have been worse. We feel we may have to return to our previous exhaust configuration to try and cut down on the heat inside the car and a repeat of this incident. What happened as with most things that happen when experimenting one would not think of, as they say........................that’s racing!

So, again on behalf of all the racers a big thanks to everyone who helped run the meeting. Help keep the club alive by attending the meetings through the year, if you have any ideas please put them forward and buy up on the merchandise.
..... Rod Hadfield

Meeting May 2013
Our next meeting is on Sunday 19th May 2013
and will be at:
White Rose Receptions, 725 High St, Thornbury, Melbourne.
Why not come along and check the venue out!

Bob's Chatter Bob Ellis
Well folk’s, Speed week has come and went (it was certainly a hectic two weeks for me)

I left Brizvegas at the nice early time of 3.00AM on Monday 11th, managed to make it to Broken Hill at 8.30 that night. Drank some beers at Chris and Jo’s new pub, and spent the night with them (after a few more lagers).I did a pre inspection on Chris’ new ’39 Chevy coupe, and then headed for Pt. Augusta.

Caught up with Doc and his wife for dinner, at Ian’s great Western Hotel, Cled and his mate were there too. Wed morning, met up with Cookie and headed out to the Lake. We were the first to arrive, so did a few things at the camp and then went out to search for suitable track locations.

The salt was looking really good, the best in years!!Cookie and myself felt good about where we had the tracks and pits roughed out, ready for the surveyors on Thursday morning. Well, Thursday was not a fun day. We had the surveyor marking the main course, and then we are told that the pits MUST be out front of the lakeside canteen. This would put the pits at the start line and not at the ‘speed’ part of the track, the track was then moved ,and moved again to accommodate these new demands.
Because of the way the layout was changed, the road to the start line caused severe problems (Including getting our ONLY tractor bogged) , and with the pits being so far from the race course (although close to the lakeside canteen) , made it difficult for our spectators ,and especially the officials (for safety reasons),to observe the runs on the main course.

Getting past that, we then continued with the pit and track setup.
Friday bought us a lovely warm day, and work continued, I had now moved from track set-up to concentrate on Tech Inspection. My aim was to have Tech and Registration working by noon. About 1.00 PM we had the Registration and Tech area’s open for business. Only a few customers on Friday, but at least the OPEN sign was up!!

This year we introduced the ‘Helmet decal’, this is affixed to your helmet to make the starters life easier. He (and others) can see that your helmet is legal and passed inspection. A new system (based on the B’ville system) of infringement decals is now also in use. The purpose of these decals is that all incidents can now be monitored easier. With the ever increasing number of entrants, it has become harder to keep an eye on the incidents that are happening, on and off course. When an official (or fire crew) places a decal on your race vehicle, unless the incident has been dealt with, and signed off by one of a few officials, the starter will NOT let you race. These decals can also be used to ‘speed limit’ a vehicle, some people abused their set limits this meet (and you know who you are).Next year, there will be ZERO tolerance on this matter.

Saturday was another warm sunny day (it had been a few years since we had a dry sunny Saturday at the lake), Tech Inspection got off to a slow start, but got busier as the day progressed. A few of us were still working up till 6.00. Sunday, well we got past being a warm day!!And busy? Not too sure how many customers we had, but Sunday was a HUGE day. BIG thankyou to Animal for the Koolpops!! 5.00 And it was time to shout the team a well-earned beer or three!!

The standard of cars has improved, but there is A LOT of improvement required. We are still getting people coming through Tech that have NOT read a rule book!!!! An example… We are presented with some so called “race gloves”, the only label on them says “Made in Pakistan”. No SFI tag or even an FIA tag.

Someone even turned up with a Motorcycle helmet. I put in a huge effort to produce the “Technical Inspection Guidelines”,(which is on the DLRA web page),to help explain the rulings, These were NOT new rules as was thought by some people, merely showing what is expected from the racer when he/she appears at the Tech area. It’s not hard to follow the rule book. If you are in doubt, ask someone!!

Monday dawned with the start of SPEEDWEEK!! , Finally after three years waiting, the Big White Dyno can be put to use. Tech inspection continued for late comers, it was announced at the drivers meeting that a new system of infringement decals is now being used. Unfortunately we had to issue a few yellow ones, and Chris Hanlon has the honour of receiving the FIRST ever red decal issued by the DLRA, (It was only for a blown engine, but I was just itching to write one out for him!)

The week continued on with the usual dramas, until Wednesday morning. As you all know by now, we had a serious incident on the main course. We had a driver tip-over his race car, at over 200mph at the 5 mile marker. The driver is fine, fit and healthy, thanks to our safety requirements. I want to thank ALL involved with this incident. Russell Branson and his fire and rescue team , the on course doctor Scott Lewis, Animal, John Dent, Wayne Pickles and crew, Norm Bradshaw and crew, Tony Cook, the unknown people that helped pick up the debris,All my Tech team, Lionel West, Mark Dunn, Rob Drabsh , Chris Hanlon .
Larry O’Toole and Neil Stamp for supplying their photographs, (These were very helpful in our investigation, but will not be for public viewing) and, to the racers for being patient, while we dealt with the emergency.
Many things have come out of this incident; some new rules will be bought in, along with a few procedure changes. I have been working with the Chief Car Inspector in the SCTA regarding this incident; there are items I am looking at addressing that Kiwi Steve’s team have never thought of. The DLRA and the SCTA now have a good working relationship regarding safety. I am determined that ALL racers on our course get to go home to their families at the end of Speed week, in one piece, and fit and healthy.

Next year, 2014, THERE IS ZERO TOLERENCE!! If your car (and your safety gear) is not 100% compliant, YOU WILL NOT RACE YOUR VEHICLE!!
I will be updating the “Technical Inspection Guidelines” to show what is required; there is a link on the main DLRA webpage to these guidelines.
After we had the above incident, I was hoping that racing would get back to ‘normal’. But we had more incidents, engine blowups, two major motorcycle incidents on the main course, a few small fires (hope the damage is not too bad, Rod) racers collapsing from the heat, One racer in particular. He was admitted to hospital upon returning to Qld, suffering from renal failure. This was started by dehydration at the lake. So, from this we are to learn to look out for your mate, the guy in the next pit, the volunteers on the line etc., etc., NO ONE IS IMMUNE TO DEHYDRATION!!!We must all be aware, and look out for each other!!

One pleasant chore I was given during Speed week, Performance Metals donated a trophy and cash prize to be given to the best presented vehicle. I was asked to choose that vehicle, so I included all my tech inspectors in the decision. A young man, Ian Hancock, had built his car (a 1000cc Datsun coupe) and had followed the rule book so well, that he won the award.
Matt (from Performance Metals), has vowed to come back next year with the same award to give away.
Who will win it next year??

One rule that is coming, the matter of driving Competition vehicles in the pit/ return road area. Somehow this rule escaped being in the current rule book.

Think about this, All vehicles on Lake Gairdner must be registered (or on a permit), unless they are competing competition race vehicles. Race cars are NOT registered, so if YOU run over someone or are involved in an incident (other than on the race course), it now becomes a matter for the S.A. police, (no different to driving an unregistered and uninsured car on the road).

My pick for the “Run of the Week”, goes to Mark Love from Christchurch NZ. On Friday he ran 259.056 mph. Not too bad for a carb’d big block ford. I (and Matt Saunders) were the first to congratulate him, on the return road. A very happy Kiwi!!
After the last run (about 1.00), I had to hit the road, I needed to make phone calls to Brisneyland before 5.00. Spent the night at Pt. Augusta, and headed for home first thing Saturday. Arrived home about 5.00PM Sunday (after a trouble free drive), TOTALLY STUFFED!!

BUT, I will be back next year to do it all again. WHY? Because I made a personal commitment to the DLRA, and this madness called Land Speed Racing, My commitment is that strong, that I chose to leave my #66 Falcon at home so that I (In my official position as Chief Car Inspector) could give my best to the racers and the club.
Bob Ellis
DLRA Chief Car Inspector
DLRA #202
DLRA 200mph Club.

Queensland Hot Rod and Street Machine Spectacular
4th and 5th of May at the RNA Showgrounds Brisbane.
When I read the advertisement I started thinking (not always a good thing!) I then spoke to Norm Hardinge to see if he was putting a trade stand in the show with his radiators and that I would do the same and suggested to Norm we could do some DLRA promotion at the same time. Then I thought why not ask Trevor Slaughter if he would be interested in putting his Streamliner on display. I figure this car will be the clubs main future talking point. I spoke at length with Trevor, who agreed to participate, Trevor hopes to run the car at Lake Gairdner later in the year using our timing equipment and will need DLRA volunteers, he will have FAI officials in attendance and will try to gain the World 3 litre record then do an engine swap and go for the Outright Wheel Driven record. What an achievement to get the car built and to our February meeting where he followed the meeting procedures and didn’t ask for any favours or receive any.
Norm has spoke with the Queensland Show Promoters who are very enthusiastic about the idea as this will be a major drawcard and about a suitable spot in the show with easy access, so as many of you Queensland members as possible try to make the effort to come to the show and help out with the merchandise sales and show your support for Trevor.
If you would like to be a witness to possible LSR history and can help with the campaign keep in touch and watch for dates etc.
See you there, Rod Hadfield

Did you Know?
Don't forget next meeting
19th May 11 am
White Rose Receptions,
725 High St, Thornbury, Melbourne.

Must have exceeded 200MPH whilst setting a new record for their class
Trevor Slaughter, Trevor Clare, Mark Dunn, Norm Hardinge, John Dent, Norman Bradshaw, Mark Love, James Stewart, Greg Watters, Wayne Pickles, Brett De Stoop, Chris Bryson, Steve Williams, Ken Robinson, Andrew Maslen, David Haas, Ralph Nicholls.

First time a driver or rider achieves 200MPH or better at a DLRA event
Alluis Soderblum, Dean Soderblom, Troy Bodley, Dave Rosewarne

Norm’s Shit Norm Hardinge
James Stewart aka Dr Goggles is a well known, die hard salt lake racer who proclaims that there is little else in the world that he loves more than salt racing. His belly tank was built in a small garage in Sunshine with mates Dik Jarman, Graham Hadley and others.
I was going to tell you about his exploits at Speedweek 2013 but then I decided I couldn't do it better than he does himself, so in James Stewart's own words:
"I had been as anxious as it was possible to be, I’d felt like vomiting for the previous few hours and was getting sharp powerful cramps from electrolyte depletion, in my legs, back, feet and hands, it was really really hot.

The new engine combo sounded brutal, a manic bark and loopy idle got people’s attention. …My legs felt weak and the clutch in the car is unforgiving. I was in, the canopy down and I was waved away….the F truck pushed and I fumbled with the 1-2 gear lever, it felt like rubber again, again, again nothing. I grabbed the 3-4 it didn’t feel much better, once , twice, three times, I thought about pulling off the track, clunk , I was in third, I looked up the track which had received several hundred cor-flutes since our complaint the day before was ahead of me, my leg buckled and I stepped into it. There was a whiff of clutch and the car shot off. There were a few seconds as I thought “FMD , here I am” I centred the car and collected myself as I realized I had a bit of space under the throttle, I decked it and the car pulled hard, real hard.
I settled in aiming down the middle and listening to the motor, my first glance showed 154mph on the GPS, just past my 150 shift point, I missed the first poke but she dropped into fourth on the second push. The car seemed to accelerate harder again in top. I looked down 185, back up as the car shook violently and skittered on the track, 194 , the track was narrower and the cones were getting closer together, 199, this was taking forever but in reality 8 or ten seconds had passed. The next time I looked it said 206, then 207 , then 206 I passed the four, then it seemed like no time and the sign said six, I buttoned off and rolled. I shifted back to third at 140 so it must have been the eight that I turned off at as I didn’t see the “adequately” marked turn out at the seven. I made a few hundred yards before losing the return road and hitting the crunchies, clunk, clunk, clunk silence.
I popped the canopy and stood up fumbling with my gloves I finally got the helmet and HANS off, it was dead silent…… “I F***** DID IT” !
I screamed with all my lungs, once twice, three times and then a few more times just for good measure, “ I love you little car” …..I patted the top of the cage and laughed , and then yelled a bit more. As I stepped out I noticed oil, lots of it, coming out of the cowl, the tail….
It was three or four minutes before Grumm, Pete and Damon in the F truck arrived, ” you ran 205”we all shook hands and grinned like five year olds, “but that’s as fast as it will go….” I said ….we slid a tarp under the car and grabbed a spade to collect the oiled down salt and hitched her up, we drove back to the pits elated."

Chris Fraser is a great Aussie bloke who is now the proud owner of the Tydvil Pub at Broken Hill. A few years ago Chris owned the Silverton Pub of Mad Max fame and this is where, after a long session with a few mates, it was decided that salt lake racing was the go. This resulted in an over the top motor bike powered by a blown Rover engine. Chris raced the bike at Lake Gairdner for a number of years and surprising enough, he survived. Now he is back on four wheels. Chris imported a 1939 Chevy out of Bakersfield California. The old guy who owned the car only drove it to Formosa Raceway on Sundays, raced it then drove it home (true story). Chris prepared it for the salt by changing the diff, tyres, seat and fire system. He then installed a specially built 540ci big block. Chris' instructions to his engine builder was that it must be able to hold 8000 revs over three miles flat out. The old Chevy ran straight but at 158mph and only 5500 revs the motor let go big time. Chris was presented later with 2 conrods and a box of scrap metal that had launched themselves out of the side of the block and landed on the salt, Chris is now looking for a new engine builder plus working extra hours to get enough cash to pay for a big block chev rebuild. Hopefully he can come out and play again next ye

Buy, Swap and Sell All is revealed...
1997 Thunderbird (Underbird) NASCAR $45,000
357 Ford Dry Sump Engine, Alloy C3 cyclinder heads, 700hp and 500Ft lbs & 9.5 to 1, 4 speed Jericho gearbox close ratio, low miles Recent resto and painted in Alan Kulwicki/Hooters livery One of the best looking NASCAR stock cars in Australia Built in Australia by Tom Smith for Terry Wyhoon Spares package available. Can be driven at club level, or in many catagories thoughout Australia. $45,000 turn key car. Email: koolkars@bigpond.com

It is a 4/71 GM blower with a weiand front cover and a rare weiand 4/71 to suit small block chev. The only thing with blower is it needs a front drive gear that is all. $3,ooo, contact Norm on 0425700954.

Reconditioned Ford Toploader 4 speed.....top gear = 30% overdrive box is fitted with a new Jeep Shifter and swan neck shift stick comes with an new adaptor, pressure plate and clutch plate to suit flathead ...$1800 ring Norm 0425700954

1967 Mustang Fastback Salt Lake Race Car complete, minusmotor and gearbox. Set up to run Production Class. Very little required to bring it up to current regulations. Longrace history, has run 171 mph with small block,Could run with big block. $17,000.00 contact: Mark Hadfield 0409 217 963 or 03 5472 3546 a.h.

SpeedWeek 2014 Proposed Dates
There has been a proposed date set for 2014 Speedweek, DEH will be notified and it will only change if they have something else booked in. The dates are from Friday the 28th of February until Friday the 7th of March, this is a week later than the Ballarat Swap Meet which is the 22nd 23rd of February. The reason why we are saying from Friday to Friday is so that we can get the track prepared, scrutineering done and the AGM all out of the way before Monday morning so that racing can start on time. The AGM is proposed to be held on the Sunday night.

AGM Minutes 2013

DLRA Annual General Meeting
Held at Lake Gairdner 19th February 2913
The meeting was opened at 8.21 by the President

Apologies: Ray Charlton, Deb Dawson, Daryl Chalmers, Paul Lynch, Stephen Bridge, Len Munn, Ron Munn, Rod Saville, Milan Brndusic, Cam Brown, Peter Noy, Don Noble.

Minutes of Previous Meeting
The minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting were read by Cled Davies.
Moved by: Norm Bradshaw Seconded: Gilbert Bailey 1098

Business Arising from Minutes
• IULA – still under negotiation
• National Park reclassification – no more information on where the process is at
• Lake Gairdner Management Plan – the consultation process has been delayed, but the contribution of the DLRA is recognized and we will certainly be part of the process.
• There was an inspection with some indigenous representatives at the working bee in December and they are very happy with what we are doing.

Correspondence In

Financial Report
See attached

Election of Office Bearers
The election was presided over by Mr. Russell Branson, all positions were declared vacant and nominations were called for.

President: Cled Davies Nominated by Norm Bradshaw Accepted, Elected unopposed
Vice President: Norm Bradshaw Nominated by Colin Bradshaw Accepted, Elected unopposed
Secretary / Treasurer: Carol Hadfield Nominated by Steve Charlton Accepted, Elected unopposed
Race Director: Steve Charlton Nominated by Chris Hanlon Mutually agreed to become a joint position, both accepted Chris Hanlon Nominated by Steve Charlton

Committee of Management
Lionel West Nominated by Wayne Pickles Accepted, Elected unopposed
Rob Carroll Nominated by Norm Bradshaw Accepted, Elected unopposed
Steve Charlton Nominated by Accepted, Elected unopposed
Mark Dunn Nominated by Lionel West Accepted, Elected unopposed
Norm Golgerth Nominated by Steve Charlton Accepted, Elected unopposed
Greg Watters Nominated by Kim Krebs Accepted, Elected unopposed
Greg Wapling Nominated by Bob Ellis Accepted, Elected unopposed

State Representatives To be nominated by members of each State

Technical Committee
Chief Car Inspector Bob Ellis Nominated by Mark Dunn Accepted, Elected unopposed
Car Scrutineers
Mark Dunn Nominated by Bob Ellis Accepted, Elected unopposed
Lionel West Nominated by Accepted, Elected unopposed
Rod Drabsch Nominated by Mike Davidson Accepted, Elected unopposed
Mike Davidson Nominated by Bob Ellis Accepted, Elected unopposed
Chris Hanlon Nominated by Bob Ellis Accepted, Elected unopposed
Kurt Dunn Nominated Mark Dunn Accepted, Elected unopposed

Chief Motorcycle Inspector
Ross Brown Nominated by Chris Hanlon Accepted, Elected unopposed
Motorcycle Scrutineers
Graeme Hadley Nominated by Ross Brown Accepted, Elected unopposed
Shane Gaghan Nominated by Ross Brown Accepted, Elected unopposed
Grant Schlein Nominated by Cled Davies Accepted, Elected unopposed

Chief Starter Track 1 Cled Davies Nominated by Wayne Pickles Accepted, Elected unopposed
Track 1 Assistants Nominated by Track 1 starter
Chief Starter GPS Track Rob Cranfield Nominated by Cled Davies Accepted, Elected unopposed
GPS Track Assistants Nominated by GPS track starter
Chief Timer Tony Cook Nominated by Cled Davies Accepted, Elected unopposed
Assistant Timers
Camp Coordinator Trevor Beck Nominated by Carol Hadfield Accepted, Elected unopposed
SA Liason Officer Robert Murdoch Nominated by Steve Charlton Accepted, Elected unopposed
SA Liason Committee To be selected

General Business
The meeting was then opened to the floor for any comments

• A date for Speed Week 2014 was discussed and perhaps a rain out date as well. The clash with the Ballarat Swap Meet would need to be considered in selecting a date. There was general consensus that the moon charts be considered before deciding on a date, but that everyone was happy to race in February.

• The need for an Event Coordinator was raised and discussed.
Rob Carroll had already documented a number of items that an event coordination could address.
Moved by Carol Hadfield to create the position of Event Coordinator. Seconded by John Bennett. Carried.
It is now left up to the Committee to find a suitable person.

• The issue of DLRA funds and fees was raised.
John Bennett spoke about raising the annual fee to $50.
Ross Brown indicated that he would second this motion.
Mark Dunn spoke about increasing the entry fee and the club retaining a non-refundable amount if the entrant did not compete.
It was decided to put the issue back to committee to review and that a proposal would be put forward at the next AGM

• Robert Cranfield spoke about the need for a Communications Officer. Chris Hanlon identified the need for better specialist radios for the Start Line Officials. Several people spoke about the need to use different channels. Wayne Pickles moved that this item be picked up by the committee, seconded by Mark Dunn. Carried.

• Greg Wapling spoke about the vacant Public Relations position and how the club could greatly benefit from this position being filled.
Moved by Greg Wapling that the club re-activate the Public Relations position. Seconded by Wayne Dunn. Carried .
Greg Wapling nominated Eric Norton for the position of Public Relations Officer, there were no other nominations and Eric accepted.
Peter Quick has also indicated that he would like to assist in the area and his input is welcomed.

• Gary Satara reminded the committee about the previous action that had been agreed to in relation to holding regular meeting and making these dates known some time in advance. There was discussion about 4 meetings per year but it was finally decided that the club try 3 meetings per year. These are to be the 3rd Sunday in February, June and October.

• Rob Cranfield spoke about how much better the GPS track ran once tow vehicles were used. There was some discussion from the floor then a motion was put by Mark Dunn that “All vehicles are to be towed” and that the rule needs to be enforced.
Seconded by Colin Clare Motion carried

• Anthony Rowe #1181 spoke about the lack of a class to run in for his diesel powered motorbike. There was discussion from the floor about the requirement for a bike to use a motorcycle motor, but it was pointed out that there are already exceptions to this rule.
Anthony was advised to submit a Class Change Request.

• Animal nominated Rob Carrol to the position of Event Coordinator but he declined.

With no more items for discussion, the meeting was closed at around 10:45pm

DLRA Financial Statement
From 14.06.2012 to 12.02.2013

Balance Carried forward 14.06.12 $ 18,204.29
Memberships $ 4,000.00
Annual Subscriptions $ 7,675.00
Entries $ 7,875.00
Sale of Merchandise $ 6,552.00
Donations $ 135.00
Newsletter Advertising $ 100.00
Minor Raffles $ 366.00
Major Raffle-Stopwatch $ 80.00
Outstanding cheques not deposited in 2012:
#196 & 197 DEH $ 5,800.00
#216 CFA $ 3,300.00
Bank Interest $ 208.55

Merchandise Purchases $ 9,655.80
Hire of Lake Gairdner 2013 $ 3,500.00
Bond on Hire of Lake Gairdner 2013 $ 3,000.00
Replacement Padlocks for campsite $ 987.00
Tools & Equipment Purchased $ 170.00
S.A. C.F.S. Hire of Appliance $ 1,100.00
Dept Consumer Affairs -Constitution fees $ 98.20
Fuel Purchased for event & campsite $ 2,559.67
Cowdens Insurance -2013 Event $ 2,456.00
Antenna – Timing Equipment $ 841.50
Batteries for Laptop & Timing
Equipment $ 269.26
Purchase of Twin Cab Ute $ 200.00
Purchase of Diesel Ute $ 500.00
Dean Adamson -Repairs to Diesel
motor in Ute $ 865.00
Dean Adamson -Fuel &
Accommodation -Diesel ute $ 921.43
Purchase of Diesel Pump $ 361.90
Repairs to Dust Blowers $ 214.18
Battery Isolating Switch for Truck $ 27.50
Licence Fees -ACMA $ 54.00
Honorarium Paid to Carol Hadfield for 2012/13 $ 12,000.00
Printing, Stationery, Freight $ 2,098.11
Newsletter Expenses $ 1,196.80
Petty Cash $ 1,500.00
Entry Refunds $ 2,250.00
Fuel -Lake Omeo $ 349.07

Fuel - DLRA Truck to Tailem Bend $ 428.59
Travelling Expenses -Bob Ellis to Bonneville $ 1,000.00
Reception Centre -3 Meetings in Melbourne $ 1,270.00
Bank Fees $ 665.02
Balance at Bank as at12.02.2013 $ 3,756.81
$ 54,295.84

Meeting - Qld Members of DLRA
Date: 17th March 2013

Venue: BULLETCARS, Unit 5/2, Ant Road, Yatla Q4207
Meeting opened 11.30 am

Tony Heinmann, Graham Handley, Steve Charlton, Steve Bridge

Dennis Campbell (Acting Chairman), Chris Hanlon, Bob Ellis, Arthur Demain, Steve Loone, Darren Berry, Mark Reiners, Mic Dare, Ken Streeter, Tom Rabold, Denis Carroll, Dave Leikvold, Jason Pointing, Don Kidd, Mike Riddell, Mick Roche, Danny Gathercole, Trev Slaughter, Matthew Saunders, Paul Lynch, Brook Denning, Bauer Draneim, Lyn Campbell, Eddie Sharouni, Kathryn Hanlon, Peter Healy, Ross Brown, Leigh Russell, Steve Main.

• Input from numerous members
• The majority of those present attended the AGM.
• A minority of those present did not know where or when it was to be held.
• Notice of meeting was not given in accordance with the constitution.
• The AGM was poorly run.
• Doubt as to appointment of members to official positions and apparent change of appointment without a formal vote.

• The constitution on the DLRA website is not the current constitution, which was approved at the 2012 AGM.
• The constitution states that the quorum for any meeting (including an AGM) is 10 active members-this needs to be increased in view of current club membership numbers. Suggestion that a quorum should be a minimum of 10% of active members.

• No proper “headset” radios were provided for start line as promised –time was wasted trying to locate radios, and officials finally had to use their own
hand held sets, which were ineffective when a race vehicle had engine running.
• It is potentially dangerous for starter having to rely on “thumbs up” signal from official in start van – IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT GOOD QUALITY “HEADSET”

• Delays often caused by competitors not being ready at start line.
• Needs better co-ordination between “pre stage” and start line (per David Leikvold) At times pre stage sent up to 30 competitors, but no run sheet.
• Should be a “dummy grid” at rear of start line so competitors can be sorted into 2 rows of say 5 deep.
• Some volunteers for start line were unclear on their duties. David Leikvold stated he and his Brother , Peter, ( in van) were at start line all week and would volunteer for whole week next year – if they had two more “permanent” people for the whole week, this would streamline operations and enable someone qualified (eg CLED) to train volunteers in start line duties.
• A lot of competitors did not seem to know what was expected of them – did not know about manuals prepared by Paul Lynch – more use needs to be made of these. Paul stated that he had e-mailed copies to all of those who requested them.
• Suggestion to use a large whiteboard “map” of track and exits at the start line for competitors.
• Exit roads were not clearly marked. Dennis Campbell showed photos of Bonneville exits with large flags and his design of a large sign “EXIT” in black on orange plastic safety fencing, supported by two 1” PVC pipes, very economical to make. “Flags” could perhaps come from sponsors?
• Exit road angles were too steep, difficult to turn into.
• A large number of bikes nominated the short track, but went on to run the long track. The penalty for should be that no time be recorded and no records set.
• General lack of communication between club and competitors.
• Ken Streeter suggested compulsory (brief) daily briefings for competitors and designated crew chief to advise of problems/procedure change. If competitor did not attend, will be penalty eg fine or loss of position in queue – says this has worked in other (non DLRA) events.

• Chris Hanlon outlined his proposal to improve pre stage queuing (full details on “Pre stage Queue” – DLRA website) Tried to implement it this year , but it did not work .
• Competitors did not listen to the 2 way. May work if FM radio transmitter used from Pre stage to advise relevant competitors
• Runs will increase with more efficiency.
• Timing equipment on GPS track would increase number of “timed” runs, but this will slow down the total numbers of GPS track runs, and require additional manpower to implement.

• It was recommended that the Club needs to provide decent shade structures (similar to scrutineering bays would be ideal) Perhaps approach sponsors?
• Should club provide water and wet towels for competitors – should competitors be required to have their own towels/iced water in their chase vehicle?

• Should be a separate channel for officials.
• Ideal scenario would be VHF, but this could cost 12k – 14k for 10 radio units.
• 2 club members employed in the mining industry to investigate possibility of their employers permitting the club to borrow VHF radios for the week.

• Chris Hanlon gave details of what happened to Steve, despite Steve taking precautions.
• Discussion re DLRA liability to competitors – club needs to educate entrants – perhaps an “education” warning sheet sent to entrants with confirmation of entry and copies available at the Lake and referred to in initial briefing.
• Wet towel for competitors -around the back of the neck is very effective.
• Should February date be reviewed, in view of the extreme heat?

• There will be no leeway/tolerance given to rulebook compliance of vehicles next year.
• Bob will have a technical inspection day for Queensland cars in November or December this year.
• Bob outlined some of the details of the safety equipment in the Thunderbird (major incident on Thursday) Bob was unable to move the helmet side restraints in scrutineering , yet the restraints were moved a considerable distance, in the incident, by the driver’s helmet. The Hans and helmet restraints appear to have saved the driver’s life.
• Rule changes will apply to rollover vents and lines (similar to fuel tanks) for rocker covers , oil catch tanks, gear boxes and diffs to prevent oil leakage as happened with the Thunderbird.
• Fire bottles may need to be mounted horizontally, in line with the drive shaft, (i.e.not vertically) as some may not /will not work if the car is upside down.
• Bob expects any important changes to be advised in the next DLRA news letter.

Chris gave brief comments – problems largely covered in previous discussions.

• Dennis Campbell read out proposed programme prepared by Bob Ellis (Copy attached)
• General discussion and comments regarding same.
• The meeting gave full support for AGM to be held on Sunday night.

• Need a volunteer briefing each day (just after competitor compulsory briefing?)
• Improve conditions (provide water, shade and basic lunch) “Permanent” start line and timing van officials cannot leave their positions to obtain food.
• Better organisation/liaison – a number of members present were told there was no work/position for them when they went to the registration van to volunteer.

• Dennis Campbell read out letter from A L Fountain. (Copy attached)
• Trev Slaughter said he had not asked for any special treatment or favours – he had asked an official what they wanted him to do, He explained how he unintentionally exceeded his target speed on his first run.

• Bob Ellis advised that he was resigning as Qld State delegate because of pressure of work. But will remain as Head Vehicle Scrutineer.
• Nominations were called for. Bob Ellis nominated Dennis Campbell, 2nd by Steve Main. As there were no further nominations Dennis Campbell was duly elected.

• Ross Brown detailed the number of runs and records for the event.
• Ross gave details of the two motorcycle crashes on Friday and gave the riders comments as to the cause.
• Ross is considering any changes necessary , eg .for “A” Class bikes, the rider may be required to wear a headsock.(Brett had a “salt burn” injury to his neck where his leathers had been pulled down.)
• He reiterated that any bike involved in a crash had to be checked by scrutineers before running again.
• There has been discussion and comments about the accuracy of classes, designated by the entrant – Ross wants these checked in “impound” next year, and the following year wants equipment and man power to check engine capacity.

There is a lack of functionality available with the new timing equipment. Eg (1).the system can only produce one report of who ran and the top speed achieved. (2). No time slips are produced for competitors with speeds achieved.
Paul Lynch said when we can extract data from the system we will be able to producemore meaningful reports

• Suggested that competition cars/bikes must not be operated in pits.
• Comments that some competitors speeding – potential for injury.
• Cars/bikes should not be towed on a rope.
• Bikes should be towed attached to a vehicle with a front wheel “lift” as discussed recently on the DLRA website.

• Bob Ellis wants more car Tech. Inspectors trained to lessen the load on the existing few. Several members indicated that they were interested in becoming Tech. Inspectors.

• A number of key officials have not been able to compete in events because of the time taken to carry out official duties.
• The key positions ( eg Race Director, Chief Starter, Chief car/ bike scrutineer etc) need to have trained delegates so that these key officials can get a run.
• These key officials will have to be given priority so that they can run when it suits them and their delegated replacement.

• DLRA needs more funds to buy essential equipment (eg startline “headset” radios).
• General discussion – increased entry fees does not give continuous benefit if meetings are cancelled. The increased membership fees is the simlest
• Moved Dennis Campbell 2nd Chris Hanlon that at the next DLRA General Meeting a motion be put that “The DRLA membership fee be increased from $25 to $100 per annum”. Carried by unanimous vote.
• The Qld delegate to request that this motion be put forward at the next DLRA General Meeting.
Meeting closed at 2.20pm

DLRA Queensland delegate

Dennis Campbell
75 Wyuna Rd Tweed Heads NSW 2485
Telephone (07) 5536 2532
Email dc32tourer@gmail.com

Meeting - NSW Members of DLRA
Date: 6th April 2013
Location: Steve Muller-Ratmuller workshop, Amaroo Raceway 233 Annangrove Road, Annangrove. NSW

The meeting was opened at 12:50pm by Gary Satara-NSW State Delegate

Gary Satara-418, Rob Cranfield-888, Steve Muller-873, Peter Bartetzko-312, Dave McLachlan-444, Terry Prince-280, Bob Burgess-974, Lazlo Hegedus-931, Rod Aurisch-Team Venom, Mark Dunn-212, Gary Baker-282, Paul Marcos-931. One race vehicle-418 Jaguar was in attendance.

Adrian Muller, Peter Underwood, John Maseusson and a number of other guests.

Kevin Saville-60, Bill Moore-1155, Terry Clift-21, Ian Bailey-1134, Michael Vella-1112, Kurt Dunn-875, Gemma Dunn-1149, Colin Clare-366, Robert Satara-634, Graham Hatfield-752, Al Fountain-423, Al Scott-473, Ian Wheatly-425

Motion that the apologies be accepted. Moved Gary Satara, Seconded Rob Cranfield

Minutes of the Previous Meeting 10th November 2012-Read by Gary Satara, Motion that the minutes be accepted by Peter Bartetzko, Seconded by Steve Muller

Business Arising from the Previous Minutes

• Steve Muller suggested that we have a Scrutineering/ Introduction/ Open Display Day before the next General Meeting in Melbourne. It was decided that 12th January 2013 would be the date with a rain date of 19th January 2013 at the Ratmuller workshop at Amaroo Raceway in Annangrove-DONE.

• Gary would contact Norm Hardinge to advise Crusin’ Magazine-DONE

• Steve would contact the editor for Australian Muscle Car magazine-DONE

• Steve would give Gary’s details to Glen Torrens at Street Machine and Unique Cars Magazine for inclusion in the next edition.-DONE

• Gary advised that there was now a Technology Committee which was looking at the Timing database, reader boards in the pits/canteen/start line etc and a wireless system to contact the network together. Weather station details are also being looked at to include on the timing ticket.

• Alan Fountain is selling his B52 bellytank #423, no engine or box but it is set up for a BB Chrysler so it should fit any possible combo in. It currently holds the A/FL record at 234.9mph and is for sale at $30k. Alan can be contacted on 0405 021 452.- SOLD TO QLD MEMBER

• Steve Muller advised that his first impressions of salt lake racing from preparation, the road trip, the lake and racing are captured in an 18 minute YouTube video. Please search ‘Salt Rats’ to view.

• The Lake Gairdner National Park Draft Management Plan 2004 is set for review. The DLRA Committee is to ensure that the DLRA have an input and Greg Wapling (the Webmaster) will put together a submission along with the members who had an involvement in the 2004 Plan. The submission will go to the Committee before it is forwarded to National Parks. If you wish to offer Greg any help then please contact him through the DLRA website. The forum for the
SA Government is at http://www.environment.sa.gov.au/haveyo ... nermgtplan

Correspondence In
• Refer email in General Business from Al Fountain and his team.

Correspondence Out
• Refer emails in General Business

Financial Report
• n/a

General Business
• The minutes of the recent QLD meeting on 17th March 2013 were tabled and read by Gary. The minutes were broken down into a number of subheadings which were:
• AGM at the lake-poorly planned and run. Probably not valid in many respects.
• Constitution on the website is not current-(this has now been rectified-Gary).
• Start Line, Track condition, return roads, markers and flags, shade shelters-concerns.
• Lack of runs per entrant
• Timing on the GPS course
• Lack of communications both in hardware and people
• Safety update and Rule changes
• AGM to be held Sunday night from now on.
• Lack of organization for volunteers
• Driving and riding of competition vehicles in the pits
• All of the above issues were discussed by the NSW members and all felt they were the same issues that they felt should be brought to the attention of the
DLRA Committee at the next general meeting in Melbourne on 19th May 2013.
• Mark Dunn put the motion to increase active member fees to $50. Seconded by Peter Bartetzko. Agreed unanimously.
• Paul Marcos put motion that all drivers pay the same entry fee. Seconded by Mark Dunn. Majority agreed.
• It was discussed that no refunds should be payable except for official cancellation and then only a certain percentage so we can cover costs.
• No refund for no shows but put entry on a buy back scheme for purchase by late entrants plus charge the late entry fee as in Bonneville.
• Discussion that the AGM on the lake was a farce and that the positions that were filled were unconstitutional.
• Request Melbourne Committee to set dates for meetings 12 months in advance as minuted at a number of meetings. That way State Delegates can advertise with more notice and get more involvement from members.
• A suggestion that all new race vehicles MUST attend a local State meeting scrutineering day or at least be looked at by a scrutineer before the event on
the lake otherwise they go to the end of the line during race week. New vehicles take up too much valuable time in the scrutineering tent if they have not
been looked at prior
• A letter was tabled from Al Fountain and detailed:
• Why Trevor Slaughter was able to forgo his 125 and 150 license pass and do a 177 first, 200 second and 250 third pass, shred a tyre and have no consequences.
• Why the new timing equipment did not print timing slips and give more than one speed as it was supposed to do.
• The behavior of the Race Director as well as his language was unacceptable.
• Fire crews chase down each vehicle after a run which wastes time. We should be able to use procedures from Bonneville and still remain safe.
• Start times should be 7am sharp. Currently it is too haphazard.
• Every competition vehicle should have a support vehicle. If there is not one available then you should go to the end of the line.
• The AGM was a sham.
• Al ran 19 runs in 3 days at Bonneville. At Lake Gairdner he got 5 runs in 4 days which he considered pathetic. At the meeting Al Fountain, Dave McLachlan
and Mark Dunn said they would consider just running at Bonneville as it was better organized, easier to do and cheaper if they left the vehicle in the US.
• There was a general consensus that the availability of timing on the GPS track would alleviate a lot of stress on the main track for under 175MPH runs.
• All members were in favour of State Delegates managing their own state members database by putting the database, or part of it on the cloud or some other method. This would enable better communications both intrastate and for the Secretary/Treasurer for memberships and newsletters.
• It was decided that there needed to be more communication between State Delegates. Gary was to contact them and arrange a conference call so issues could be formulated and sent to the DLRA Committee so they could be placed on the agenda for discussion at the next meeting on the 19th May 2013.
• Efforts were still underway to enable better communications on the lake by using wireless technology and having timing and general race information available in the pits/start line/canteen areas.

Gary thanked everyone for their attendance and reminded members that their subscriptions were due either now if they were inactive or on the 1st January 2014 for next year.
The meeting was closed at 4:15pm

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