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DLRA NEWS Issue 46 October 2013

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DLRA NEWS ISSUE 46 October 2013

Newsletter Sponsors 2
Contents 3
From the Chair 4
Rod s Ramblings 4
Meeting October 2013 5
From the Office 5
VERY IMPORTANT! Read this if you want to race! 5
Norm's Shit 6
Buy, Swap and Sell 8
SpeedWeek 2014 Proposed Dates 9
Lazy Afternoon 9
Minutes of Committee Meeting 15/7/13 9
Minutes of Committee Meeting 16/9/13 10
Sponsors 13

President Cled Davies
Vice President Norm Bradshaw
Secretary Carol Hadfield
Treasurer Carol Hadfield
Chief Car Inspector Bob Ellis
Chief Motorcycle Inspectors Ross Brown
Race Director Steve Charlton
Chief Starter Cled Davies & Rob Cranfield
Chief Timer Tony Cooke
Media Enquiries media@dlra.org.au
Advertising & Sponsorship marketing@dlra.org.au

PO Box 349 Castlemaine VIC 3450
Phone: 03 5472 4629 and Fax: 03 5472 4370
info@ dlra.org.au

From the Chair
Cled Davies
Where do I start?
We’ve been invited by the Executive Director; Aboriginal Affairs & Reconciliation (Government of SA) along with other users of the Lake to send

representatives to a meeting in October to discuss alleged damage to sacred sites at Lake Gairdner.
Invitees are DLRA; DEWAR; Department of Premier & Cabinet SA; Department of Aboriginal Affairs ; Gawler Ranges Aboriginal Co-op; Mt Ive Station

& Kokatha Mula Association.

The meeting is to be held in Port Augusta, date & venue tba – DLRA will be represented by President Cled, Vice President Norm,

Secretary/Treasurer Carol & committee members Greg & Rod. We are keen to have this issue resolved satisfactorily ASAP to avoid further problems.

The SA Government introduced legislation during April 2013 that directed the SA Department of Health to draw up new regulations relating to the

disposal of sewage waste throughout the state. Even though we operate in a very remote area we are not exempt from the new legislation.

Consequently we have to make provision to have sewage carted off site to a designated area -currently this is Whyalla and it will cost us $4000

-$6000 for the 2014 event. The alternative -to install a septic system at the lake – toward $30,000 – is not a feasible proposition at the


Further to the disposal of waste – we have been advised that SA Health will have inspectors on site to ensure that people using the bush camp

have portable chemical toilets available & used on each site – please make provision for this in your camp preparations.
We’ve been advised that people who do not heed this notice will be fined by SA Health.

I’m sure our drivers/riders have noted an increase in fees for 2014 – this will go some way toward covering additional costs resulting from the

government regulations & other increases in costs but we are on a tight budget & had no alternative except to raise fees. Dependent on the

outcome of current negotiations we’ll do our level best to peg annual fees at a reasonable cost.
By comparison with others -$1000 at Bonneville - we’re very cheap!

Whilst on the subject of prices – lunches will now be $15.00 per head – a reluctant measure but we must cover costs & I’m sure you’ll agree

excellent value & outstanding food -plus the company is free!

It’s not all doom & gloom but a column I would have preferred not to write. However it is important that members be kept up to date with

accurate information related to changes that will impact on them leading up to & during future events. Hopefully we’ll have more idea on costs &

other matters by the time we get together for our next General Meeting in Melbourne on Sunday 20 October.

Meantime if you have any questions or comments I’d be pleased to hear from you

Look forward to catching up on October 20


Rod’s Ramblings
Rod Hadfield
Problems, problems, problems..................

It just seems to get harder each year. The latest being a letter from the Premiers Department of the South Australian Government that states

that a complaint has been lodged against the DLRA claiming damage to a sacred rock, yes, a sacred rock! We at this stage don’t have any further

details but will require representatives of our club travelling to Port Augusta to meet with members of the appropriate bodies.
The next problem, for years we have been emptying the toilets into a drying pit dug by Mt. Ive Station, well guess what?
Now we have a major and an expensive problem, more details on this later.

Next problem (same source), a written complaint to the Department about the mess left by the Road Train that bogged coming off the lake in the

wrong spot. This one we feel is taken care of as the Ranger was there, saw what happened and worked on its removal. We also received our Bond

back for the Department which indicates they were happy with how we left the lake. The Committee are handling the first two problems adding to

the workload and taking up more time.
There are still many new members joining up and the phone rings every day with questions on this, that and the other.
Carol is keeping the merchandise moving to try and keep us afloat as the expenses side is worrying and the Committee is looking at the best and

fairest ways to try and generate funds.
We need as many as possible to come along to the next General Meeting, ( this is plenty of warning) at “White Rose Receptions” 725 High Street,

Thornbury, Vic. The meeting starts at 11am but we usually gather a bit before that for a chat.

We attended the Cranksters Rod Run at Nagambie recently and was talking to “Frankie Flatout”, one of our early competitors and he suggested to

check out a website called “Speedhunters”, it is well worth a look.

Undoubtedly “Aussie Norm” will be writing about his experiences at Bonneville so I will let him cover that, but I wish to say, Carol and I had a

great time travelling with Norm and Vicki and crewing on the ’34 Roadster Norm drove. Norm did a great job being thrown into a new car nothing

like his own, he did the DLRA proud as did the other Aussies with the bikes.
The rains came before they could all do their thing at “BUB” and “World of Speed” , a very big disappointment. Evelyne Schultz did run at

“Speedweek” but ran out of time to totally sort the bike. Shane Gaghan ran at the BUB meeting on the first day before the rain breaking the

previous record in his class, this is the second time Shane has done this, a truly great ambassador for us, can someone from the bike side of

the club write up the achievements as they deserve to be recognised.

General Meeting
Our next meeting is on Sunday 20th October 2013
and will be at:
11.00 AM
White Rose Receptions, 725 High St, Thornbury, Melbourne.
Why not come along and check the venue out!

Read if you want to race!
Next year, 2014, THERE IS ZERO TOLERENCE!! If your car (and your safety gear) is not 100% compliant with the current rule book, YOU WILL RACE

For all those entrants for Speed Week for 2014.
Entry Forms are now available for download from Please use this form for 2014 entries for ONLY.
Any entries that have been sent in so far using other event entry forms will be returned so that you can complete the official 2014 Entry form.

Yes it is different and there is more information for you to fill out.

NOTE: Incomplete entry forms will not be accepted and will be returned. If you don't know what class you are running in 2014, ask somebody.
We have Category Representatives and State delegates who are only too willing to help you determine what class you will be running in.
For contact details for these people go here Incomplete class details will result in your entry form returned to you.
Vehicles must have full class details displayed on the vehicle when it is presented for inspection as per their Entry Form. Failure to do so

will result in no inspection.
Any changes in class from what is shown on the entry form and how the vehicle is presented for inspection must be accompanied with a B-3 Rule

Change or Addition Submission Form as found in the Appendix of your Rule Book.
No form, no inspection.

From the Office Don't be a Wally!
Get your 2014 entries in early!!
2014 Entry form attached (Do NOT use 2013 version).
Avoid late entry fees!!!

Norm’s Shit
Norm Hardinge
Two years ago in a motel car park at Wendover, Utah, USA, the Haas family offered me a deal. As you would imagine, shipping a car across the

Pacific Ocean is expensive and American David Haas wanted to race in Australia. The Haas family's idea was a simple one, ship only the driver

and swap racing opportunities with an Aussie race team. We agreed on the deal and as a result, earlier this year, David Haas flew to Australia

and raced the Big Knob Roadster at DLRA Speedweek. He gained a new record of 209mph and membership of the DLRA 200 mph club, making David the

only guy in the world to own membership of the 200mph club at every land speed event. David went home a very happy chap.

So in August, at Speedweek USA, the Haas family returned the favour. The Haas race car is a nice 34 roadster with owners David, Tom and Todd

Haas. Tom is the crew chief and along with crew Eddie Garbarino, Louie Cesario, and engine tech Josh Ksiazkiewicz, these guys run one successful

race team. Todd is the current holder of fuel record at 210 mph.
These guys did a great job preparing the 1934 Haas Racing Roadster and then hauled it 1600 miles from Detroit to Bonneville. Part of the

preparation was installing an even bigger turbo into the fresh GM Ecotech 2 litre motor, pushing the tiny engine's power up to 850 hp!

The first day at Bonneville was spent getting to know the crew, getting tech inspected and practicing bailouts, which is making sure I could

shut down and exit the cramped cockpit of the roadster in the case of an emergency. As I was unfamiliar with the car, the tech inspector

suggested I should practice the shut down procedure blind folded. I spent a fair bit of time on this. Tom blinded me with an A4 piece of paper

with, what I would consider, an unflattering face drawn upon it but some said it was an improvement -you find smart arses everywhere!
The 2 litre motor was the baby of GM Performance division that the Haas family got their hands on in a sponsorship deal with GM. The car was

originally built by well known salt car builder Mike Cook but along with the GM deal came a strip down and rebuild by Jimmy Shine at So Cal

Speed Shop. The 2 litre motor at 5000 revs really comes alive and feels like you are driving a rocket ship.

The plan was to rev the motor to 9200 change to second and hit the happy button located on the steering wheel. Every car should have a happy

button, at each push of the happy button (and you get 5 pushes) the turbo boost increases giving you an extra 75 horsepower instantaneously.

David gave me some good advice "make sure the car is going in a straight line before you hit the happy button!“. That advice came from a man

that had pushed the button and taken out a timing marker with the side of the car.
I listened. The rest of the plan -once up to 9000 revs, change to 3rd and keep feeding in boost until the reading showed the maximum which was

28 pound.

Our good friends Rod and Carol Hadfield had come with Vicki and I on the trip. Rod fitted straight in with the race team and was a great help,

Carol and Vicki went off to cover Bonneville for the next Kick Ass DVD.
Saturday was day one of racing and we pushed down to course three which is a four mile short course. I took the car on a shakedown run to get a

feel for the beast. I took it to 171 mph and pulled the chute. The car danced around a bit on the run, but I put that down to typical roadster

behaviour. We went back to the pits where engine tuner Josh, who is ex GM Performance, downloaded the data collected on the run. He told the

team we had done well and he was happy to crank in more boost. The decision of what the next move would be was handed to me. I felt confident.

It was my call, so I said lets head to course one the long course where the fast people race and go for it.
To race on course one, the driver has to be licensed to 200 mph and the car has to qualify by running at 175 mph by the 2 and a quarter marker

on one of the other courses. Because I had raced my car previously at Bonneville, I was already licensed to 200 mph and the car was a proven

Bonneville car and so had already qualified for course one.

With four courses in full swing, the lines were not as massive as they sometimes are. We were soon at the start line ready to run. The roadster

left the push car, revved to 7000 and let out a big cough and fart. I hit the kill switch, pulled the chute and headed to the return road. Josh

and Tom spent the rest of the day searching for the cause. Josh quickly established no mechanical damage had been done and put it down to a

faulty crank trigger sensor.

Next day we were back at course one and again pushing off. The little roadster screamed down the track until about the one and a half mile mark

at about 8000 revs in second gear. Without warning, the car went into a flat spin, all I could do was hang on! Roadsters are notorious for

spinning. Short wheel base, external turbulent causing wheels, they are well known for going round and round and round, but I haven't spun a car

before, this was my first, but it wasn't going to be my last!

Miriam Macmillan, chairman of Bonneville Nationals and Vice President of SCTA, was the first official in attendance after the spin. As she

slapped a yellow sticker on the car, she asked where exactly I had spun. She informed me that I was the 3 rd car in a row to spin at that exact

spot and she would make sure the next guy was told to avoid that part of the track. Great!, I thought. I wish someone had told me!
The car was pushed back to the pits. Every yellow sticker has to be signed off by a tech inspector before you can continue to race. They check

the wheels and tyres and try to work out why the spin happened before letting you back out.

We heard from other racers that course one was soft and slippery, so we switched to course two which is a combination course, it can be used for

long five mile runs or short three mile runs. It was getting late in the day and we really wanted to get a straight run in, but while waiting,

the wind picked up. By the time we were at the start line there was a 14 mph crosswind.
Perhaps against better judgement, I went ahead and raced.
Another flat spin! This time somewhere between two and three mile markers. Another yellow sticker!

This time we blamed the wind but just in case, started checking other possibilities. Rod showed the guys how to do a wheel alignment with a

piece of string. We found the toe in was way out, possibly due to the car going around in circles at 179mph.
The tech inspector approved the car to race again, but warned "Three strikes and you're out!"

Next day we headed out to a freshly graded course one, no wind and a car that now steers straight. Again, we were quickly at the front of the

line and racing. All good .... til 7000 revs and the engine stopped pulling, got down to about 5000 and started pulling again. The cut out

problem had reappeared. I aborted the run.

Josh and Tom figured out that there was a clearance issue with the newly fitted crank trigger sensor. Once adjusted, the guys tested the motor

by revving it in the pits to 9000 revs! They gave it the all clear so we headed for course one again.

Josh backed the boost off down low and told me to short shift into top and then pump in all the boost hoping the motor would keep up. I followed

the plan but unfortunately the little motor didn't like the short shift and low revs and only managed 180mph through the fifth mile, nine miles

an hour off the record. The good news was that up till that point, it had gone in a straight line, the bad news was that when I pulled the

chute, the car speared to the right. I managed to hold on and turn the car left toward the return road but not before the officials noticed.

Even though, we thought, not technically a spin, it was deemed that I was not in control of my race car and was awarded my third yellow spin

No matter how much we protested, soft salt, wind, not really a spin, etc etc etc, the officials, probably rightly so, enforced their three spins

and you're out rule ... Bummer!

We pushed back to the pits and planned our next move. The head tech inspector was happy to let the car race but with another driver. Sounded

good, but the catch? One more spin and the car was out for the rest of the meet. It was decided to put Josh in the car, with a knowledge of the

motor and considerable racing experience in other motor sports, Josh was considered the most likely not to spin. But in Bonneville eyes, Josh

was a rookie and had to be licensed.

I thought this was a great idea, I wished him good luck. Josh did a great job going up through his licence passes and was soon on the long

course. On his 175 to 200mph licence, just before the fifth mile, Josh became a passenger as the 34 spun around 6 times! As relayed to him at

the end of his run, "Josh, mate, you do a good spin!"

True to their word, this time the officials kicked out the car.

That was it, clean up and go home time.

What an experience! We didn't take the record as planned, didn't do 200 mph as planned, didn't get into the two club has planned, but I got to

race at Bonneville again, had a great time and made some new very good friends.

Big thanks to David, Tom and Todd Haas for making the experience possible. Thank you to Eddie Garbarino, Louie Cesario, Will Martinez and Josh

Ksiazkiewicz (apparently this is pronounced as shah-skeh-vihch but I think I'm safer spinning in a roadster at 190 mph than trying that!)

Special thanks also goes to my good mates Rod and Carol Hadfield.

Check out next month’s Cruzin Mag for a special feature on Bonneville 2013.

See you on the salt, Norm Hardinge.

Buy, Swap and Sell
It is a 4/71 GM blower with a weiand front cover and a rare weiand 4/71 to suit small block chev. The only thing with blower is it needs a front

drive gear hat is all. $3,ooo, contact Norm on 0425700954.

1997 Thunderbird (Underbird) NASCAR $32,000
357 Ford Dry Sump Engine Alloy C3 cyclinder heads 700hp and 500Ft lbs & 9.5 to 1 4 speed Jericho gearbox close ratio, low miles Recent resto and

painted in Alan Kulwicki/Hooters livery One of the best looking NASCAR stock cars in Australia Built in Australia by Tom Smith for Terry Wyhoon

Spares package available. Can be driven at club level, or in many catagories thoughout Australia.
$32,000 turn key car. Email: koolkars@bigpond.com

The Ultimate Dodge !
Cled Davies' 1916 Dodge Speedster is up for grabs @ $18,000
Holds National speed records, DLRA class winner, Targa Tasmania class winner, Quarter mile time & hill climb records. Plus extensively rallied

locally & interstate for the past 18 years. An all round unique car -chassis # 83.313.
Contact Cled for further info M 0419 581 854, P 03 5443 3432

DLRA member from the USA Doug Odom has this Austin Healey Sprite for sale at $25,000.00.

For Sale......Record holding Modified Sports Salt flats race car.
1959 Austin Healey Sprite body with aerodynamic front end.
Full jig built frame made with 2' X 3" .120 wall steel.
Roll cage 1.75" .120 wall tubing. 128" wheelbase.
Full floating NASCAR Ford 9" Rear end with Rear disc brakes.
Race proven Turbo-Hydro 350 transmission.
Goodyear and M&H land speed racing tires.
Firestone Air springs front and rear suspension with leaf spring on rear.
12 Gal. Fuel cell. 20 Gal. water tank.
Full gauges and Parachute.
Ready to race with B class 400 CID Chevy race engine. Will sell car less engine.

This car has set records at Bonneville, Lake Gairdner, El Mirage and Muroc Dry Lake.
This car holds the two fastest Modified Sports records at Lake Gairdner with both drivers in the 200 MPH club.
This car will break the B/GMS record and be over 200 MPH at Lake Gairdner.

Interested enquirers can contact Doug through Gail Phillips, her email address is: fastdrvr@att.net

SpeedWeek 2014
Proposed Dates
There has been a proposed date set for 2014 Speedweek, DEH will be notified and it will only change if they have something else booked in. The

dates are from Friday the 28th of February until Friday the 7th of March, this is a week later than the Ballarat Swap Meet which is the 22nd

23rd of February. The reason why we are saying from Friday to Friday is so that we can get the track prepared, scrutineering done and the AGM

all out of the way before Monday morning so that racing can start on time. The AGM is proposed to be held on the Sunday night.

Minutes of Committee Meeting
15th July 2013

Meeting opened 7.30pm

In attendance
Cled Davies, Norm Bradshaw, Carol Hadfield, Rod Hadfield, Greg Watters, Rob Carroll, Greg Telford, Lionel West, Greg Wapling


Norm Golgerth, Eric Norton, Steve Charlton, Kim Krebs, Mark Dunn

Minutes from Previous Committee Meeting

Accepted as read


Balance at Bank $3,258.15
Term Deposit $20,000.00
Petty Cash $45.21

• The rebuild of the motor for the club ute was less than expected and was less than $1000.
• Jet Hot have sent in a $100 cheque for advertising in the newsletter.
• Carol requires $500 in petty cash
• Funds are down because of the purchase of the generator
• Timing equipment serviced and cost approx. $5000
• Blowers serviced and one was RS, replacement has been arranged
• Delegates airfares for General Meeting
• Purchase of merchandise since last meeting total $2,164

Correspondence In
• Emails from Trevor Beck regarding communication (for discussion)
• Letter from Norm Golgerth (his view on increasing fee etc.

Correspondence Out
• John Lynch -Letter reply
• SATA – approval of their request for equipment for the October Event General Discussion

1. Generator – Steve Main – 100KVA generator is now at his property, 27 Queen Street, Tallangata. It was too late to get a power board included

in the purchase.
Discussion about getting the generator serviced if needed before taking it to the lake either in Albury or Melbourne. Discussion about getting

the generator transported to Melbourne as well as to the lake, there are a couple of members who may be able to help here.
Norm has spoken to Bill Heremans and Brian Nicholson and will be speaking to them again.
ACTION: Norm Bradshaw to coordinate testing and transport

2. Communications and Communications fund. There have again been several posts on the forum with Gary, Greg and Trevor responding to these. See

Trevor’s response attached to these minutes. The fund still only has $400 in it.

3. Timing Equipment on GPS track – Greg Watters has been a bit side tracked getting the bikes ready to go to Bonneville, but will now be chasing

up batteries

4. Try Booking – Trevor Clare has returned from holidays, so the committee set up to get this happening can now start the ball rolling. Should

be ready for the October meeting.

5. Event Coordinator – Rob Carroll handed out some example job descriptions that he has done. These will eventually be posted online in the Jobs

Register as well. It will give people the information they need before nominating for a particular job. There were several jobs that were

missing from Robs Chart identified and also those jobs where descriptions needed to be completed by others as they hold the knowledge.
ACTION: Cled – Start Line documentation
ACTION: Cookey – Timing documentation
ACTION: Graeme Hadley – Motorcycle Tech
ACTION: Bob – Car Tech
Good news is that Rob has agreed to taking on the Event Coordinator role, so long as it can be shared.
Greg Telford who has been helping Rob with the documentation has nominated to assist and Kim Krebs has previously indicated that she is

interested in this role as well (to be confirmed). This was considered by the committee to be a great outcome.

6. New Rule Book – Gary Satara has begun working on this. Needs some new diagrams to compliment the rule changes. Gary requested that the

committee approve the changes as proposed by Bob Ellis. These were approved

7. Sponsorship / Increase in entry fees etc. Eric is still talking to Performance Metals about their support for 2014.
There was much discussion about increasing entry fees for Speed Week. Given the improvements that entrants want to see like the number of runs

they can make, communications, and not wanting to volunteer to help run the event there really was no alternative but to increase the Entry

Fees. The outcome is that the Entry Fee from 2014 onward will be $375 and $275 for additional drivers on a vehicle that is already entered.

8. Hiring of trailer for carting mats – the trailers that were damaged this year will be removed from the DLRA camp and Cled has asked Doc to

provide some costs on the hire of suitable trailers.

9. Chemical toilets – no updates for this meeting, but hope to have some news in October.

10. Environmental Manager – there has been no nominations for this position

11. Timing Equipment has been delivered back to container and Rod is to charge up batteries.

12. Race Solutions – Greg is having a meeting with James Taylor from Race Solutions Motorsport on Wednesday.
This meeting is to make them aware of what we are wanting and to determine how many people they can supply and to give some more detail on their


13. Trevor Slaughter. Apparently he has contacted SATA about running before or after their event in October.
Has been told it’s too windy in August and of course with the recent rains it has been reported that the lake could be up to 300mm under water.

14. Gearbox and Diff oil for club truck – Still looking for a deal on some oil, Steve will be speaking to the Penrite Rep.

Meeting closed 10.30pm
Next meeting - 16th September 2013 (No August meeting as many committee members will be at Bonneville.

Minutes of Committee Meeting
16th September 2013

Meeting opened 7.33pm

In attendance
Cled Davies, Norm Bradshaw, Carol Hadfield, Rod Hadfield, , Rob Carroll, Steve Charlton Greg Telford, Lionel West, Greg Wapling

Norm Golgerth, Eric Norton,, Greg Watters, Kim Krebs, Mark Dunn

Minutes from Previous Committee Meeting
Accepted as read

Balance at Bank $1,399.70
Term Deposit $20,000.00
Petty Cash $453.16
• Annual Subscriptions $175.00
• Camping Fees $300.00
• Communication Funds $100.00
• Membership – New Members $1,000.00
• Merchandise Sales $1,042.00
• Raffles/Auction $10.00
Total Income $2,627.00
Cost of Sales
• Purchase of Merchandise $2,425.10
Total Cost of Sales $2.425.10
Gross Profit $201.90
• Maintenance to Plant $936.48
• Printing & Stationery $20.50
• Travel and Entertainment -$118.86
Total Expenses $838.12
Operating Profit $838.12
Other Income
Other Expenses
Net Profit (Loss) -$636.22

Correspondence In
1. Email from Cowden Insurance – renewal declaration and voluntary workers confirmation
2. Email form Greg Wapling after his visit to Race Solutions.
3. Email from Greg Wapling with new Entry Form attached ACTION: Greg to add Ambulance Subscription to Medical Form.
4. Email from Eric Norton regarding Performance Metals sponsorship ACTION: Eric to prepare article for next newsletter.
5. Email from member Neville Mitchell who has been diagnosed with bone cancer, deciding not to continue his membership subscription.
6. An email and a letter from the Department of Premier and Cabinet, Government of South Australia referring to a complaint from the

Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation in relation to alleged damage to Aboriginal sites at Lake Gairdner during Speed Week 2013,

dumping of toilet waste and wheel rut impacts on the lake.
7. Letter from Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation Division, Government of South Australia requesting our attendance at a meeting in Port

Augusta with key stakeholders to discuss the conduct of future events.
8. Email from Trevor Beck stating that he hasn’t heard back from McCall Communications regarding the pricing of proposed communications

system for 2014 meeting.
9. Package from Tony Cooke containing 2013 Timing Certificates, for Secretary to now mail out. Tony also stated that he would not be

standing for the Chief Time Keeper position again ACTION: Carol to send Tony a letter thanking him for his time and effort as Chief Timer and

asking him to help train a replacement(s). Send letters to Clair Bolger and Denis Campbell to gauge their interest in taking on the role.
10. Start line procedures from Chris Hanlon and Motorcycle procedures from Graeme Hadley.
11. Emails form Colin Clare re Try Booking system.
Correspondence Out
1. Cowden Insurance – return completed declaration forms.
2. Email to Neville Mitchell – wishing him well with his treatment from the club.
3. Letter to the Department of Premier and Cabinet in response to their letter of complaint, included a copy of our Operational Plan and a

copy of MOU for 2013.
4. Email to Anna Russo, Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation indicating that we would be available any Wednesday in October and requesting

the presence of 3 delegates at the meeting in Port Augusta.
5. Emails to Colin Clare re Try Booking ACTION: Greg to confirm with Colin that we will proceed.
General Discussion
1. Generator – Steve Main – 100kva generator now at his property, 27 Queen Street Tallangatta. ACTION: Norm Bradshaw to arrange pickup.
2. Race Solutions were to make a presentation at tonight’s meeting. Received notification that they would not be attending the meeting due

to a motor accident in Melbourne. They indicated that they would be happy to meet in Melbourne later that week. ACTION: Greg Wapling to contact

them and arrange a meeting.
3. Communications system ACTION: Cled to contact McCall’s as a matter of urgency.
4. Timing equipment for second track, no report from Greg Watters as he is still in the States, but last update was thy just had to buy

5. Try Booking – It was decided by the committee that after due consideration and consultation with stakeholders that we will proceed with

the Try Booking online system for the booking and payment of camping and competitor entries. ACTION: Greg to notify Colin.
6. Speed Week Job Flow Chart – Rob Carroll and Greg Telford have been working on an Operations Manual for Speed Week, this includes an

organisational chart showing all jobs required and detailed job descriptions. This will be presented for comment at the next General Meeting in

Melbourne. This information will be incorporated into the online Jobs Register so that people nominating will have a better idea of what is

required of them. ACTION: Rob Carroll present organisational chart at General Meeting. ACTION: Greg Wapling add jobs and job descriptions to

online Jobs Register.
7. Sponsorship – Eric raised the issue where a sponsor that he was working with had also been contacted by another DLRA member about

providing sponsorship. Eric voiced his concern about coordination of sponsorship and other potential problems. ACTION: Eric write an article for

the newsletter.
8. Hiring of trailer for carting of mats. Doc has now secured a trailer for this purpose. Item closed.
9. Chemical Toilets from Rota Loo / Flat Pack system. This issue has now been rolled into the wider issue of Wastewater Management, see

10. Environmental Manager, there has been no expressions of interest received, this position is still vacant and is an important role within

the DLRA.
11. Penrite Oil for DLRA truck, Steve now has obtained the oil and Rob will arrange the service.
12. Meeting in Port Augusta. Participants include Department of Premier and Cabinet, Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation Division;

Department of Natural Resources, Water and Environment; Mt. Ive Station; Kokatha Mula Association and the DRLA. The DLRA committee is very

pleased that this meeting has been arranged as we see it as a great opportunity to bring the matter to a head. At this time we still have had no

details as to the objects, location or damaged caused by the allegations, but have been promised they will be made available prior to the

meeting. We will be looking to demonstrate to the Premiers Dept. and Aboriginal Affairs that we have been for a long period of time a

responsible tenant and an organisation that has Lake Gairdner’s environmental issues at its heart.
13. Toilet Waste problem. The complaint lodged with DNRWE included damage to a sacred rock wheels ruts on the lake surface and dumping of

toilet waste within an Aboriginal Reserve. DNRWE were quick to ascertain that the dumping pit was in fact on Mt. Ive land and was done so with

full permission of Mt. Ive. However, the South Australian Department of Health released in July a revision of the SA Public Health regulations

and this activity is no longer acceptable. We have been informed that Dept. of Health Inspectors will be attending 2014 Speed Week and observing

how waste is disposed of. They will be watching how the DLRA processes its waste product and more importantly how campers dispose of their waste

at the Salt Bush camp. They will not tolerate dumping of waste in the bush by campers.
We have been in touch with the SA Dept. of Health to determine what our options are and then to cost those options. Basically there were 4

1. Providing a permanent in ground holding tank with storage capable of holding 3-4 days of wastewater. This would require the tank to

be pumped out once or twice and the contents taken to Whyalla for processing. Costs for supply and installation of the tank range from $30,000

upwards. A quote for disposal has been obtained at $1,400 per empty. We would have to get a permit from Dept. of Health.
2. Providing portable storage tanks with storage capable of holding 3-4 days of wastewater. These tanks could be bought outright or

hired just for the event, we would need 2 or 3 6000 litre tanks to satisfy our requirements and these tanks would still need to be emptied as

per option 1. Quotes are being obtained for purchase and for hire. These tanks are not usually encouraged by Dept. of Health as once installed

they tend to become a permanent solution rather than temporary one. But they have already said given our circumstances they would be happy with

this. There is no requirement for a permit.
3. Construction of a Septic System. This is not really a viable option due to the costs associated with the construction and the

difficulty in obtaining a suitable site is such rocky ground. Also the area required to dissipate the water would be very large as an acceptable

system would have to cater for our requirements over the week, not annually. Obviously a permit required for this option as well.
4. Pump out toilets in-situ. This method was investigated some years ago, it was relatively cheap, but was not considered due to the

potential for spillage with the system used at that time. Today there is much less risk adverse options for transfer from the toilet to the

transport available and we are in the process of obtaining a new quote for this service.

Regardless of which option we choose there will be a cost to the DLRA associated with it and it would be reflected in dearer camping fees. With

the next event now less than 4 months away we realise that it would be very difficult to provide a long term solution in that time. So we are

looking at being able to satisfy our requirements for 2014 as well as beyond.
Any members who have contacts or experience with supply of installation of wastewater systems, especially in remote location are welcome to

contact the committee with their comments or advice.

Meeting closed 10.00pm

Next meeting - 17th October 2013

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