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Do you want to get the PRINTED version mailed to you or access to the COLOR version which you can download? Then send your $25 subscription to DLRA Newsletter, PO Box 349, Castlemaine VIC 3450
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Contents 3
Presidents Report 4
Rods Rambling's 4
Chief Stewards Report 5
QLD Chapter Meeting 6
The Lakes Prayer 6
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On the cover;
Alan Fountain’s beautiful new Bellytank makes its debut on the salt and Ray Charlton’s 32 Ford Roadster which has seen many campaigns to the salt.
Left: Terry O’Connell gets strapped in to his new Lakester

President Rob Carroll Ph/Fax 03 5472 4370
Vice President John Lynch
Secretary Rod & Carol Hadfield
Treasurer Rod & Carol Hadfield
Chief Steward Brian Nicholson
- Assistants Bruce Fisher & Gary Brennan
Motorcycle Steward Gary Baker
Race Director Kevin Saville / Rob Carroll
Chief Starter Cled Davies
Assistant Starters Chris Hanlon, Paul Lynch,
Matthew Saunders, Don Noble
and Eddie Jackson
Timer Peter Noy
Assistant Timer John Hanson and Eric Smith
Scrutineer Phil Arnold
1st Assistant Scrutineer Lennie Souter
2nd Assistant Scrutineer Steve Charlton

PO Box 349 Castlemaine VIC 3450
Phone: 03 5472 4629 and Fax: 03 5472 4370
info@ dlra.org.au

Presidents Report
Rob Carroll
To say the very least, Speed Week 2006 was very interesting. Even if you did not attend, you most likely knew by Monday (6th March) that the Lake had water on it. This made it difficult to set up the track, so we worked on setting up parts of the track that were not covered by water and by Sunday we had this done and the pits marked out. Then on Sunday night the wind turned around to the south and by Monday morning the water had moved north back to where it had come from. It was still visible in the distance, but not a problem to us. We then completed track marking.

Unfortunately the water had left the track damp and slippery, so we set up the start line at 31/2 mile. This would give us 11/2-mile speed up section and timing from 5 mile to 6 mile. The problem here was our longest coil of wire for the 6-mile lights to the timing van was tangled up on the reel. By the time a large band of helpers got this untangled enough to use, we did not start timed runs until after lunch on the Tuesday. We ran with the 21/2-mile track until Wednesday evening.

After runs finished on Wednesday we moved the start line south to the 1 mile marker. This ran well for Thursday and Friday. By 2pm Friday all members had finished making runs except for the Ack Attack streamliner. They were waiting for less wind, so we kept the track open until 5pm. They decided it was still too windy, so called it a day and we started to dismantle the track. We did as much as we could until dark then came back on Saturday to finish it off. By the time we got everything back to camp, put away and cleaned vehicles and toilets the last of us left camp around 3:30 or 4:00 p.m.

There was quite a deal of talk about not getting enough runs this year, but some of the reasons for this were out of our control. Some of these being obviously, water on the track, 2 motorcycle crashes, a serious fire, tangled timing wire, almost double the number of entries as last year and some start line misunderstandings that some were calling manipulation at least.
To address this, significant changes will be made to pit / warm up track / staging area / start line to streamline operations. Gary Baker is redesigning the tech inspection sheet for motorcycles and Brian Nicholson is making some adjustments to the rule book and car inspection sheet. These changes are in response to the 3 incidents we experienced this year. We may even buy another truck to use specifically as a fire truck. This will all be published as details are finalised. I have had a lot of suggestions forwarded to me and read the Forum and these will be taken into account when deciding changes for 2007.

I would especially like to thank all the people who helped in any way this year, especially those who came early to set up or stayed to pack up, as this is a lot of work! Thanks must also go to Bob Ellis and his crew for doing maintenance on the Dodge truck and the blokes whom refilled the water tank late at night when it ran out.
I have had 2 blokes offer to help Gary Baker do motorcycle inspections and am sure he will welcome this. I still need 1 or 2 members to handle inspections on support vehicles as their race cars come through the inspection tent.

At 2007 Speed Week race cars will have to be passed tech before using the warm up track. This track will be ONE-WAY ONLY and competitors must have an equipped support vehicle at the start to watch their vehicle and ensure competitor has cleared the warm up track before handing over to the next crew for their turn on the warm up track.

Remember support vehicles must be equipped with UHF radio, fire extinguisher, oil spill kit, tarp, first aid kit and orange flashing light on the roof.

There has been some talk of having a second track similar to the way Bonneville is run. At this point this will not be feasible because for several reasons. Some of these being; not enough volunteers, no second starter, no second timer, need to find out if our old timing equipment still works, we don’t have 2 more fire and rescue vehicles and equipment and the main reason, that nobody mentioned, is the cost of surveying the second track. This would be an ongoing cost each year as is the track we have now. I also don’t believe we have enough entries yet to warrant the expense and use of volunteer labor to set up a second track. This labor can be used for better gains in other areas such as ;
1 Manning the tent at the entrance to the lake for collecting camping and spectator fees, handing out information sheets, selling tarps and merchandise etc, etc.
2 Daily checks and refueling of the dust blowers
I’m sure there many other activities to go this list that I haven’t thought of and these jobs are less effort than setting up a track.

So even though the weather and other problems gave us some grief, it is my genuine belief that we ended up running a reasonably good meeting.

Rod's Rambling’s
Rod Hadfield
It was with a heavy heart that I pulled out of our camp on Saturday with a badly damaged race car, knowing that I had probably made my last pass down that stretch of graded salt that I love, yet hate!, but on the other hand I was glad to be able to say thanks to the fire crew, the emergency response guys, the many people there to help and all those who showed so much concern. A big thanks also to those who got their extinguishers to the fire thus saving a total loss of the car.

There was no sign of any trouble on the run, we pushed the car to around 50 mph, running up to around 125 in first, knowing how wet the track was I went straight to 2nd gear trying to avoid wheel spin and shifted into 3rd just on 200 mph and hitting the first timers at 225mph, I made a quick check on the fuel pressure and pressed the NOS button which immediately cut the motor completely, so released it and pressed it again, the same thing happened, so as to not waste the run altogether just wound it to the 6 mile and a 240mph run, I was getting off the power slowly and knowing there was wet salt ahead I pulled the chute, but nothing happened, so started down shifting to around 100 before touching the brake, it was then things started to go wrong. I noticed smoke coming between the bonnet and the front screen, then smelt oil, I then killed the ignition, turning to get well off the track and jamming on the brakes before hitting the extinguishers, which was when things really got serious. I was instantly blinded and gasping for air. I hit the electric window switches before realising they don’t work without the ignition being on. It was then I thought I had better do things in order, I got the wheel off, got my belt off, reaching forward along the net I found the door handle and got that open, then I started on the net having real trouble getting the strength to get the pin out, I finally got it out and started to get out, but remembered my head not following my body because the fan lead was still connected to my helmet, but the net was the main trouble, it was not down and that is all I remember until someone was saying something about “move your legs”, then realising the emergency guy was wetting me down and Norm Hardinge was there along with my brother Mark and Debra Dawson all having worried looks on their faces. Thanks guys.

It was a close call and things would have been really serious if the fire crew wasn’t there. What it appears has happened, sometime after leaving the line the pressure line from the dry sump pump had split, spraying oil onto the left hand header, setting fire to it, burning through the main battery power lead which then dropped onto the steel extinguisher line, completely cutting it in half and when I hit the extinguishers nothing came out of the nozzle on the left side, the fire had burnt through one of the two fuel lines from the tank setting fire to the tank which blew up instantly heating the NOS bottle so quick the relief valve hadn’t gone off and it consequently exploded completely destroying the front of the car, buckling the chassis, wishbone, firewall and body, all fuel pumps, regulator, front tyres, wiring etc. Nothing is impossible to fix but I can’t justify the cost involved, every bit of $150.000.00 would be needed. The motor appears to be o.k. and the computer appears to have done its job as it was programmed not to allow the NOS to come in under any one of four conditions: low fuel pressure, low oil pressure (which is what we must have been getting), excessive temperature or excessive RPM.

There are many lessons to be learned from this ride: All drivers must be timed to see how long it takes them to get out of their vehicle fully suited, electric windows must be wired to be live when the ignition is off, extinguishers charged with contents that don’t overcome the driver (which is now available but wasn’t when we built our car), engine bays must be completely separate from the interior, it is no good having extinguishers going off where there is no fire and possibly the biggest lesson of all is that the fire crew couldn’t get to the fire because of the completely sealed front. All these problems could be easily overcome and I have written to the new Chief Steward with these and other suggestions.

This year’s event was by far our biggest entry list and losing two days with the water blowing in really put us in an almost impossible position. Many people didn’t even get a run, anyone who paid and didn’t get a run please let us know and we can make sure it carries over for next year’s event. I ask people who were affected not to get too upset as it is all a learning curve and streamlining will be introduced as we learn. Remember we are all volunteering our time.

On a happier note the Ranger was happy as were Len and Joy Newton, our auction was a very successful event and the U.S. team went away with praise for our efforts even though the water ruined any chance they had to get the record they wanted, under normal conditions 90% of the previous meetings would have seen them get it. I feel really bad as I talked them into coming at the last Bonneville meet. I talked to Mike Akatiff at length on the Friday night when they decided to pull the pin on it and he was very disappointed but said he had learned valuable lessons in many areas. When they pulled out they left the club some oil, 5 popup shade covers, a ground sheet and 6 drums of fuel which I bought home and have given to Bob Fisher Superchargers to sell for us, they also left us the money given to us for expenses which they well covered and I will write to them with a thank you from the club. I will also be sending thanks to the Fire crew and Firejack Pty. Ltd. who Peter Noy works for, as they fuelled our extinguishers at no expense.

There were many people who worked hard to make this event happen, but from my observations the ones that need special thanking were: Gary Brennan, who worked tirelessly from an early arrival to a late leave along with conducting a raffle that raised around $300.00 after expenses. Mark Hadfield and Debra Dawson who didn’t see any of the event as they manned the Merchandising tent from the start to the finish. Animal and his team right through to the cleanup worked to make it happen. Trevor Beck and Kevin Saville were always ready when something had to be done, Garry Baker in his role as bike scrutineer was flat out but undoubtedly Bob Ellis needs a special thank you, Bob stepped in to work as car scrutineer helping Len Souter who was under a lot of pressure when our replacement scrutineer we had organised couldn’t make it. Bob was still helping out on Thursday when he has supposed to be running, a big thanks Bob. Andy the Camp Commander was also flat out keeping the toilets, showers and the camp sites organised, thanks Andy. Tom Carroll and Stan did whatever had to be done to help Rob and all the Stan’s again at the cleanup showed their expertise.
John and Paul Broughan gave much needed help when required but as I said, many made it happen, so thanks to everyone.

What about the American lady who said to Mark that she was running a little short of cash and asked was there an ATM in the area!!!!

The total number of entries this year was 112 and the total number of runs made was 268, which is not too bad considering the circumstances.

If you have any ideas that could help in any area or if you can help with the running of the meeting please send a letter to DLRA, P.O. Box 349, Castlemaine. Vic 3450 or an email to:carol@castlemaine.net.

Chief Stewards Report
Well another meeting has been completed. I believe it was a successful meeting even if we did have few problems like a very wet course, some people not following start line procedures, a couple of motorcycle accidents and a fire . It’s enough to give the chief steward grey hair. I guess I’m lucky mine is already grey. At least we ran some new records. I am currently reviewing the incidents and the rule book to try and stop anything happening in the future. Gary Baker (the motor cycle steward ) has sent me his review of the motor cycle rules and I intend to go with what he has recommended. There will also be some changes to the car rules to do with positioning of fuel tanks & nitrous bottles, welded steering components & possibly fire systems. New race cars and motorcycles that are either under construction or on the drawing board will need to fit into an existing class as I don’t want to create any more classes or modify any classes to suit peoples ideas. If anybody has any enquiries or wants to have a talk about any issues please feel free to email me at bnicholson@furmanite.com Or call me on 0419134683 In finishing I would like to thank all the people that volunteered their time and effort to run the event . without these people there wouldn’t be an event

Now to the race car.
I’m pretty happy with the speed that we achieved with the old coupe ( another 1 mile an hour would have been nice ) but it just means we will have to bring it back for another try next year. I believe the old Cleveland has got 200mph in it with some better traction. Wheelspin and going sideways at 160+mph was some fun. I intend to get the engine on the dyno during the year and try some bigger carbies to see if we can find a few more horsepower to help us along the way.
Best regards Brian Nicholson member 131

Annual General Meeting
Held At Campsite, Lake Gairdner
7th March, 2006
The meeting was opened at 10.46pm by Rob Carroll.

Apologies: Carol Hadfield, Kevin Ryan, Wally James, Rod Saville, Debra Dawson and the Bowman team

Minutes of Previous Meeting:
The previous minutes were read Moved By: Cled Davies 2ND: Mark Hadfield

Financial Report:
Bank Balance : $27,698.15
Moved By: Rod Hadfield 2nd: Steven Stamp

Business Arising From the Minutes:
There was discussion on helmet standards and the Chief Stewards role. John Broughan suggested that a bike Steward and car Steward be responsible for rule changes in their respective areas.

Election of Office Bearers:
This election was presided over by John Broughan, all positions were declared vacant and nominations were called for.
President - Rob Carroll nominated by Brian Nicholson and seconded by Bob Ellis.
Vice President – John Lynch nominated by Lionel West and seconded by Mark Hadfield.
Secretary/Treasurer – Rod and Carol Hadfield nominated by Bob Ellis & seconded by Peter Noy.
Chief Car Steward – Brian Nicholson, assisted by Bruce Fisher and Bill Herremans nominated by Robert Murdock and seconded by Gary Brennan.
Motorcycle Steward – Gary Baker nominated by Cled Davies & seconded by Chris Hanlon.
Chief Starter – Cled Davies nominated by Gary Baker and seconded by Peter Noy.
Assistant Starters – Chris Hanlon, Paul Lynch, Matthew Saunders, Don Noble and Eddie Jackson nominated by Cled Davies & seconded by John Broughan.
Timer – Peter Noy nominated by Robert Murdock and seconded by Bob Ellis.
Assistant Timers – John Hanson and Eric Smith nominated by Robert Murdock and Bob Ellis.

The President thanked everyone for their attendance; he thanked all Office Bearers, committee members and other assistants for their efforts during the past year.

The meeting was closed at 11.45pm.

General Meeting
Held At Campsite Lake Gairdner
7th March, 2006.
The meeting was opened at 9.30pm by Rob Carroll and 51 people registered their name.

Apologies: Carol Hadfield, Kevin Ryan, Wally James, Rod Saville, Debra Dawson and the Bowman Team.

Minutes Of Previous Meeting:
The previous minutes were read and Moved By: Greg Butler 2ND by Steven Stamp

Financial Report:
Bank Balance : $27,698.15
Moved By: Rod Hadfield 2nd: Rob Carroll

Business Arising From The Minutes
There was a query on the Ice Truck which was decided to be held over for general business.

Inward Correspondance
A letter of resignation from the Chief Steward and many emails

Outward Correspondance
Letters were written and sent to: John Broughan and John Dawson.
A thank you plaque was sent to Bill Lenton.
Many emails were answered.

General Business
There was concern that the Ice Truck was going to leave early as they were apparently not selling enough Ice. As the Ack Attack team will need 3 bags per run Rod Hadfield is to approach the driver to assess the position and what will be required to keep him there until Friday, there was a suggestion from the meeting that the Ice be $10.00 per bag instead of $6.00.
Rob Carroll spoke on the repeater working well and the meeting thanked Trevor Beck, Rob also thanked Greg Butler and Gary Brennan for the many track markers they had made and supplied to the club, he also spoke on the possible purchase of a second toilet block, he will speak to Len and Joy Newton about this. He also spoke on the refrigeration unit which was too expensive to fix and decided not to go ahead with it. Rob also thanked Graham Ward for work done at the last working bee, he also spoke on the automatic shutdown system for the generator which he has some ideas for and will look into it. Rob spoke on David Jones (from the Don Noble team) efforts helping with the bike rider who was injured after a fall from his bike on the first day of racing.
Rob then spoke on the amount of water that was on the lake on Thursday and what was to happen with the grading of the track and the airstrip. He then stated that helpers were required at the timing van as Peter Noy requires help from early arrivals and late leavers.
There was a discussion on the timing methods for this meeting and on the obtaining of spare timing wire for future meetings, Bill Herremans offered to look into prices.

Rob Carroll spoke about rules on the warm-up track and the track sign, also on rules on the lake and in the pits, a long discussion followed, it was suggested that we get “A” Frame boards for the pits showing “Row 1” and “Row 2” along with Speed limits.

There was a discussion on tarps under cars on the salt as there were quite a few cars that didn’t have tarps under them. The Committee is to look into a possible pit relocation.

There was a discussion on medical response and whether it should be compulsory for drivers to belong to the Ambulance Service in their state.

There was a reminder to members that the newsletter fees are due for those that want it mailed to them or that they can download it from the website.

Rod Hadfield thanked the Ack Attack team for their generosity to the club.

Rob Carroll drew the raffle conducted by Gary Brennan and the meeting closed at 10.45pm.

2006 Speed Trials Results (Provisional)
Driver No. Vehicle Class MPH Record
Rod Hadfield #003 96 VS Commodore AA/FALT 240.000 259.067
John Lynch #092 Belly Tank A/BFL 253.860 301.729
Darryl Hunt #093 Commodore E/PRO 154.745 160.007
Ray Charlton #096 32 Ford Roadster C/STR 175.618 189.294
Brian Nicholson #131 1973 XA Ford Coupe C/PRO 183.879 193.579
Vic O'Neill #132 32 Ford Coupe B/FCC 120.292 Open
Vic O'Neill #132 32 Ford Coupe B/GCC 125.918 Open
Steve Charlton #151 EF Falcon C/PRO 184.614 193.579
Steve Charlton #151 EF Falcon C/STR 170.672 189.294
Bob Bowman #194 27 Ford T Roadster D/GMR 165.812 171.159
Norm Hardinge #201 34 Ford Roadster B/GR 195.577 190.003
Bob Ellis #202 65 XP Ford Falcon Coupe C/GCC 181.983 202.520
Mathew Saunders #207 Fiat Topolino E/GCC 170.228 126.404
Steven Stamp #214 28 Ford A Roadster C/GMR 181.910 180.704
Wayne Belot #247 34 Ford Roadster B/GR 195.397 190.003
Graham Cain #249 72 LJ Holden Torana D/GC 129.701 195.047
Norm Golgerth #250 72 LJ Holden Torana D/GC 159.101 195.047
John Dent #253 68 Ford Mustang A/GC 189.823 202.440
Lionel West #272 96 VS Commodore AA/FALT 224.536 259.067
Nicholas Bown #274 86 VL Holden Commodore C/PRO 193.850 193.579
Roy Brand #277 XF Falcon Ute A/M-Ute 124.584 Open
Don Noble #281 Nissan Sklyline F/GC 141.187 137.988
Dennis Boundy #283 54 FJ Holden XO/PRO 113.075 111.124
Phil Stelling #285 68 HK Holden Monaro C/PRO 188.758 193.579
Mark Bryan #292 69 XW Ford Falcon C/PRO 175.168 193.579
Norm Bradshaw #295 68 Ford Mustang A/GC 168.082 202.440
Aulis Soderblom #296 28 Ford A Roadster C/GMR 185.013 180.704
Robert Murdock #299 EL Falcon E/PRO 152.892 160.007
Gary Brown #259 XF Falcon Ute A/M-Ute 119.724 Open
Des Jewis #311 Lakester D/GL 118.312 125.505
Bruce Fisher #321 1973 XA Ford Coupe C/PRO 186.518 193.579
Greg White #322 1973 XA Ford Coupe C/PRO 199.225 193.579
Daniel MacDonald#328 XB Falcon Coupe C/PRO 169.379 193.579
Derrick Borgas #335 80 XD Falcon AA/GALT 216.467 Open
Graeme De Courcy Cann #336 2005 Lakester H/GL 68.609 57.182
Adrian Hunt #342 Commodore E/PRO 144.126 160.007
Steven Vorwerk #343 50 International Truck NA/DT 111.707 Open
Graeme Turner #346 80 XD Falcon AA/GALT 211.764 Open
Michael Bowden #360 72 HQ Holden Statesman B/PRO 177.909 175.781
Chris Matherson #380 97 Ford Thunderbird C/GALT 196.461 218.512
Bill Cannon #381 Nissan Bluebird G/BGCC 100.747 Open
Daryl Chalmers #390 EF Falcon C/PRO 187.724 193.579
Dean Soderblom #395 28 Ford A Roadster C/GMR 182.116 180.704
Wayne Pickles #397 68 HK Holden Monaro C/PRO 187.090 193.579
Gavin Manning #414 Ford U/DT 125.125 133.769
Don Hudson #417 HQ Holden Monaro A/GC 151.674 202.440
Alan Fountain #423 Lakester A/FL 168.452 211.50
Stewart Pennycook #430 EF Falcon C/PRO 157.659 193.579
Ryan Culpitt #438 Nissan Bluebird G/BGCC 75.2722 Open
Rebeka Tucker #445 Suzuki Swift H/PRO 125.226 129.217
Justin Clarke #453 HQ Holden Monaro A/GC 151.006 202.440
Adam Rosenberg #456 EL Falcon E/PRO 159.419 160.007
Adam Pickles #466 68 HK Holden Monaro C/PRO 181.296 193.579
Doug Elsworthy #469 Lakester D/GL 127.136 125.505
Jan Grocke #499 Cortina E/PRO 123.685 160.007
Darren Visser #506 Chamberlain Tractor 55.878 Open
Steven White #507 Ford T Roadster E/GMR 84.352 126.11
Max Ellery #510 Commodore E/PRO 119.236 160.007
Kyle West #521 1985 Nissan Bluebird G/BGCC 122.440 Open
C Pettigrew #529 UC Holden Torana E/GC 108.169 Open
Neal Coglin #537 HQ Holden Monaro A/GC 146.353 202.440
Alan Jacups #217 HQ Holden Monaro A/GC 124.193 202.440
Neil Davis #549 34 Ford Roadster B/GR 126.662 190.003
David Lowe #507 Lakester D/GL 154.526 125.505

Rider No. Vehicle Class MPH Record
Phil Cvirn #135 '63 Harley Davison MPS/PF 1650 147.947 Open
Phil Cvirn #135 '63 Harley Davidson MPS/PG 1650 144.906 Open
Trevor Clare #139 Special Construction APS/BG 4400 88.945 141.978
Nigel Begg #177 Yamaha 77 P/G 500 110.846 Open
Chris Fraser #120 Special Construction APS/BG 4400 143.626 141.978
Ron Stayt #178 Kawasaki MPS/G 1350 204.000 204.603
Bob Prior #205 Suzuki GSX MPS/BF 1350 173.226 159.602
Terry Prince #280 '56 Vincent SC/MVG 1350 113.293 Open
Gary Baker #282 Special Construction APS/F 1000 131.950 202.065
Laszlo Molnar #347 Harley Davidson P/PG 1650 122.925 Open
Trent Clare #365 Honda CBR MPS/G 250 106.521 Open
Grant Schlein #371 Suzuki GSX MPS/G 1350 195.514 204.603
Greg Watters #379 2001 Suzuki Hayabusa MPS/BG 1350 196.699 223.325
Alex Musson #387 Ducati M/F 900 102.322 Open
Ben James #389 Kawasaki MPS/G 1000 135.108 170.261
Steven Barnett #391 Suzuki GT MPS/G 750 143.972 155.925
Paul Bushell #392 Honda P/PG 125 68.006 Open
Paul Bushell #392 Honda M/PG 125 77.666 Open
Gary Peterson #394 Suzuki GSX MPS/G 1350 197.541 204.603
Bill Brice #411 42 Harley Davidson M/VG 500 106.002
Bill Brice #411 42 Harley Davidson M/VG 175 63.649 Open
Robert Bishop #422 Special Construction APS/BG 3000 144.848 Open
Andrew Rogers #431 80 Suzuki M BG 1000 137.242 114.434
Martin Hicks #439 Suzuki M/BG 1000 136.147 114.434
Evelyne Scholz #443 Yamaha TZ MPS/G 1000 151.789 170.261
Dave McLachlan #444 Yamaha TZ MPS/G 1000 177.988 170.261
Jeffery Lemon #454 Kawasaki MPS/G 1350 166.097 204.603
Peter Dean #474A Ducati MPS/G 900 136.033 Open
Peter Dean #474B MPS/P 900 Open
Bob Lambert #484 Honda CT M/F 175 71.574 Open
Trevor Neilson #490 Honda M/BG 1350 125.278 126.778
Kim Krebs #495 Hayabusa MPS/BF 1350 166.666 159.602
Paul Tucker #498 Harley Davidson P/PG 1650 118.347 Open
Steve Sharpe #501 Yamaha PS/G 1000 162.491 170.261
David Hager #502 Suzuki GSX MPS/G 1350 155.012 204.603
Malcom Storrock #504 Triumph P/PG 1000 153.485 181.241
Brett DeStoop #509 Suzuki GT MPS/F 1000 164.024 Open
Richard Assen #519 Hayabusa MPS/BG 1350 186.075 223.325
Blake Clare #522 Honda MPS/G 250 97.423 Open
Blake Clarke #522 Honda MPS/F 250 109.117 Open
David Argent #524 Suzuki GSR MPS/G 750 136.306 155.925
Wayne Macdonald #527 Hayabusa P/PG 1350 173.858 121.424
Wayne Macdonald #527 Suzuki GSX MPS/G 1350 198.565 204.603
Joe Amo #534 1990 Kawasaki ZX-10 P/PG 1350 198.259 121.424
Joe Amo #534 1990 Kawasaki ZX-10 MPS/BF 1000 174.536 Open
John Noonan #535 2003 Suzuki Hayabusa MPS/BF 1350 235.740 159.602
Sam Wheeler #545 2004 Streamliner(Ackattack) XS/BG 249.014 Open
Richard Suter #539 2005 Honda SP 2 P/PG 1000 156.236 181.241
David Russell #540 2000 Suzuki Hayabusa P/PG 1350 125.909 121.424

DLRA General Meeting
Aussie Desert Cooler
350 Murray Road Preston
9th July starting at 11 am sharp

Notice to all Motorcycle Competitors
Proposed changes to the Motorcycle Regulations are now available for review and comment from the DLRA website.
To download this document go to the http://www.dlra.org.au/dlranews.htm page


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[quote="DLRA"]Do you want to get the PRINTED version mailed to you or access to the COLOR version which you can download? Then send your $25 subscription to DLRA Newsletter, PO Box 349, Castlemaine VIC 3450
send $25 for PRINT,,or DOWNLOAD? ,,this seems as difficult to understand as the pre amended rulebook , or does alcohol kill braincells.
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Post by Dr Goggles » Fri Jun 02, 2006 10:47 pm

gennyshovel wrote:[
send $25 for PRINT,,or DOWNLOAD? ,,this seems as difficult to understand as the pre amended rulebook , or does alcohol kill braincells.

........................can't remember if it kills brinecells but it makes girls better lookin' that's for sure :wink:
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Post by DLRA » Sat Jun 03, 2006 4:55 pm

Maybe if I said instead of PRINT,
"Something you could hold in your hand"
Hmmm, but then again, maybe not, that could be more confusing/misleading.......
But then again you may understadn this better? :D

The printed version is in Black and White (photocopy) where as a lot of the newsletter subscribers download the PDF file which is in full color (much betterer)
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Post by gennyshovel » Sat Jun 03, 2006 8:16 pm

Fweee for free?
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