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DATES NOW ARE 3rd - 7th March 2008

(This is because Easter is very early in 2008)

ISSUE 29 - November 2006
Cover 1
Newsletter Sponsors 2
Contents 3
Presidents Report 4
Rods Rambling's 4
General Meeting 5
Aussies at Bonneville 6
For Sale 8
Newsletter Sponsors 9

On the cover;
The team from CLM Motorsport on the salt at Bonneville

President Rob Carroll Ph/Fax 03 5472 4370
Vice President John Lynch
Secretary Rod & Carol Hadfield
Treasurer Rod & Carol Hadfield
Chief Steward Brian Nicholson
- Assistants Bruce Fisher & Gary Brennan
Motorcycle Steward Gary Baker
Race Director Kevin Saville / Rob Carroll
Chief Starter Cled Davies
Assistant Starters Chris Hanlon, Paul Lynch,
Matthew Saunders, Don Noble
and Eddie Jackson
Timer Peter Noy
Assistant Timer John Hanson and Eric Smith
Scrutineer Phil Arnold
1st Assistant Scrutineer Lennie Souter
2nd Assistant Scrutineer Steve Charlton

PO Box 349 Castlemaine VIC 3450
Phone: 03 5472 4629 and Fax: 03 5472 4370
info@ dlra.org.au

Presidents Report
Rob Carroll
Welcome to another overdue newsletter. So Christmas is almost upon us again, with only three months till race week, and we know how quickly that will slide by. Some teams may be ready now but most, I have spoken to are still busy getting some part of their car finished while others will be working hard to make 2007 the first race meet for their new car. As far as I know Keith Turk is still bringing his Camaro from USA to run our meet.

The working bee we had in October was terrific (and not too hot). About a dozen members and friends came out to Mt Ive and helped with the coolroom roof, fitting another water pump and piping, replacing toilet cisterns and taps, vehicle repairs, portable toilet assembly and general camp tidy up. The weather was mild and a few laughs was had by all. Two of the small engines needed repair (stuck valves) and they and the dust blowers have been brought back to be serviced. The radiator and alternator from the Dodge truck are being repaired (by club members) plus we fitted a shutdown system to the diesel generator. A volunteer or two be required to do once or twice daily checks on the dust blowers-refuel and clean air cleaners and make sure they start and run O.K.

Please read the pit and start line information that Cled has supplied. Every competitor will need to understand how the pit and start line layout will be worked. Take special notice of Driver No / Car No / Class as there will not be any excuses for not getting this correct.

Every competitor is required to attend the drivers briefing – crews should also attend. The time will be announced on UHF Channel 8 and the place will be the pits. Don’t tell us you didn’t know, if you are not positive on something ask for the correct information.

If you are a competitor (or crew or even a spectator) please join The Ambulance Service in your State or confirm your membership is current. We discussed this at the March 2006 meeting and the committee strongly recommends you be a member. We may even make it compulsory for 2008 as it is in other forms of motorsport.

Please note that the March 2007 Speedweek will probably have at least as many people in attendance as this year so we need to keep electricity for lights and refrigeration only, using gas to cook on and boil the jug etc. Also the water supply will be a problem again with so many people. As of the first week in October we had only slightly more than 1 ½ tanks- ½ capacity - and there has been precious little rain since then. If the tanks are not full by March we will need to be on about stage 10 restrictions. And remember that even bores can run dry if you pump too much out of them.

I would like to extend season’s greetings to all members and their families from the committee. Have a safe and happy Christmas and New Year break and we will see you at the Melbourne meeting in February or at the lake in March.

Rod's Rambling’s
Rod Hadfield

Well over half the year has gone, you know, the year from March to March and the committee’s work never stops, there is an unbelievable amount of work behind the scenes with over 610 members now it is a year long job to get the next meeting ready, we have already been onto things such as the insurance, job allocations, T shirts and other merchandise, we also have a poster underway depicting the bikes and cars that have achieved 200 mph which we hope to have ready for the Melbourne Hot Rod Show where we hope to have some DLRA merchandise and information available.

Rob Carroll has been working on many other things to ensure that we are as ready as possible next year, the only thing we are unable to organise is the weather.

What about our members taking their Thunderbird to Bonneville and running over 200 mph after blowing a tyre in a shake down run, congratulations boys, a great effort. What about our U.S.A. beauty Gail Phillips setting a record first time out in her Corvette, Gail is taking steps to be at our next meeting with her Streamliner, she is a great ambassador for our club. Carol and I had the pleasure of staying with Gail and her husband Alan when we were touring the United States last year, Mike Davidson has spent a month with them this year and Andy Jenkins and his wife Berris have also been their guests. Andy is looking at a car in the U.S. which will be great it if comes off, as he is DLRA member# 2 and has never run a car yet.

The “Big Knob” team are determined to run 200 mph at our next meeting and will have the car on a rear wheel Dyno with two motors on standby. Norm Bradshaw has his new Falcon running with some very serious gear and a Lenco transmission to make sure that area is covered. Good Luck Norm.

The club has been getting a lot of exposure with extra thanks to Norm Hardinge (Big Knob) writing articles for Cruzin magazine, so far covering drivers John Lynch, Ray Charlton, Steve Vorwerk and myself, good work Knobby.

Don’t forget that if you entered Speedweek 2006 and didn’t get to run contact me on 03 5472 4629 or DLRA, P.O. Box 349, Castlemaine, Vic 3450 so that you get to run in 2007 and the paperwork can be done in advance, don’t leave it until you get to the salt next year and expect us to sort it out, otherwise you will be paying again.

Thanks must go to all those who attended the working bee at the campsite and helped Rob Carroll to get most of his list of jobs completed. See Rob’s report for an update on the week spent there.

During the year I have taken my A model Ford Roadster to three Nostalgia Drag meetings, two at Heathcote and one at Willowbank in Queensland. I have met quite a few members at these events, another member, Leigh Fielder has been there with his new front engined rail, it has a side valve Ford motor built by DLRA member #1 Mike Davidson, it is a great looking vehicle and has had a great feature done on it in a special Hot Rod magazine put out by “Street Machine” magazine. Norm Hardinge is also working on a car for Nostalgia Drag racing, it is based on a ’34 two door sedan body, built by “Rod Bods” and a “McDonald Bros.” Chassis, 9’ diff, two speed powerglide transmission and is talking a Big Block Ford motor.

We now have the new “Up to date” rule book after a lot of work by a few people. Carol had to send out over 50 books to new members waiting for them. Brian Nicholson, the Chief Steward, has spent a lot of time overseas this year with his job which held things up a little; however it should be right for some time now. Gary Baker has the motorcycle side of the DLRA under control now and has done a great job; he has been handling the many enquiries we get about motorbikes.

My co-driver, Lionel West has left the employment he was with and is now working for himself; Lionel is a very knowledgeable car builder so if you want anything fixed, modified or built he can do it. Lionel’s phone number is 03 5473 3334.
I have spent most of this year building myself a new shed to work in and store my vehicles, I have set it up so the public can view the cars, I have put the “Salt Shaker” rear engined rail on display and set it up so people can sit in it and have their photo taken etc. this may inspire some more racers.

Great News just released…………………………..
The D.L.R.A. has just received an offer from the boys at “Cruzin” magazine to put a significant amount of money and time into a special magazine covering the D.L.R.A. and its meetings. The magazine will be like the one they currently put out on the Nostalgia Racing scene and will be sent free to every member and will cover the March

meeting, it will feature drivers and cars, bikes etc., rules and changes, this will be of enormous help to the committee who struggle to get the newsletters done. In return they want the right to be able to distribute the
magazine through their normal distributors. This will help lift the profile of the club enormously as Wayne and Gavin do a good job with their magazines and can see that the D.L.R.A. is a major player in the Rodding scene and in years to come to have our history recorded in the professional way they will do it will be invaluable. Thanks guys and we look forward to working with you.

Also it has now been confirmed that a U.S.A. team is sending their Camaro to Australia for our next meeting along with four drivers. Their aim is to run the car in four separate classes with a driver for each class, it is also believed that Hot Rod magazine will be sending a reporter with the car to cover the trip. The N.O.S. equipped car is a 250mph machine.

The next general meeting will be held at Aussie Desert Coolers, 350 Murray Road, Preston on the 4th of February, 2007 at 11am.

We will be manning a stand at the Melbourne Hot Rod Show in January where we will have D.L.R.A. items for sale and be able to answer any questions the people may have.

General Meeting
9TH JULY, 2006

The meeting was opened at 11.25am by Rob Carroll, President and he welcomed everyone in attendance.

Jamie Andrikopoulos, Mark Hadfield, Bob Ellis, Neil Stamp, John Lynch, Peter Noy, Lionel West, Eddie Ford, Rod Saville and Dik Jarman.

were read and moved by Rob Carroll and Seconded by Norm Hardinge as being correct.

BANK BALANCE $ 48,786.32
The Treasurer requests a further $500.00
Petty Cash, this and the report were
Moved by Carol Hadfield and Seconded by Stephen Charlton.

• A letter from Roland Skate with suggestions on improvements for Speedweek and offering his help.
• A letter from John Broughan regarding rule book changes and other safety measures he thought appropriate.

• A letter was sent to the CFS Fire Rescue thanking them for their assistance, interest and support.
• A letter was sent to Firejack P/L thanking them for refilling our extinguishers
• Correspondence and phone calls to VP fuels regarding refund required on double payment for Ack Attack fuel.

• Rob Carroll thanked Gary Brennan for the effort he put in running a raffle at Speedweek raising a profit of $290.00 after the purchase of a banner for the club, there was a round of applause from the members.
• There was a discussion regarding the two motorcycle mishaps at Speedweek and it was suggested that any vehicle go through scrutineering a second time if they have made changes after the first inspection.
• Rob spoke on the Committee meeting held in Castlemaine on the 6th of May, 2006 and read the minutes, there was quite a lot of discussion regarding the outcome of this meeting and the need to Police the pits.
• There was a discussion on First Aid qualifications and equipment available.
• A further discussion was held on the possibility of making it mandatory that all entrants belong to the Ambulance Service, this was deemed not possible to enforce but it is highly recommended that each entrant do so.
• There was a discussion on Roland Skate’s letter.
• Stephen Charlton reported that he has spoken to Trevor Beck regarding the use of FM radio’s at the lake and Rob Carroll is to follow up with Trevor on this.
• Rob informed the meeting that the new toilet is to be ready on the 1st of October and he will pick it up on the way to the working bee.
• Rob spoke on the possibility of the club obtaining a fire truck for use at the lake, Bob Ellis reportedly knows of a fully equipped truck for sale for $2,500.00. Brian Nicholson reported that Bob Ellis had told of him of an equipped Holden One tonner as well. Bill Herremans moved a motion that Bob Ellis purchases a suitable fire truck for the club, seconded by Norm Bradshaw.
• It was suggested that the club organise an emergency fire crew of qualified people at the Drivers meeting during Speedweek for any situation that may occur.
• Gary Baker has offered to make up a Volunteer roster for Speedweek and asks that members inform him of tasks known to them.
• Rob spoke about the working bee to be held at the campsite in October and some of jobs and maintenance to be carried out, for example repairs to the Dodge Truck, Timing Van, timing wire etc.
• Rob spoke on his trip to Narrandera for the “Thank-you night” arranged by the Torana team “God’s Gift” for their sponsors, Rob gave a talk on behalf of the DLRA at the event.
• Peter Noy has informed the club that he will be Chief Timer for 2007 but wishes to relinquish this position after that date and he is willing to teach his replacement. Rob asked for volunteers for this job, it was suggested that two or three people fill the position instead of just one.
• There was a discussion on the track width as some entrants felt the track was narrower this year, the surveyors claim that the track was the same as every other year and that the markers have always been 100 ft. wide.
• Rob reported that he had a call from a member regarding the Chamberlain Tractor running at Speedweek, this person thought it was unsafe. The meeting decided that it is up to the Scrutineer to decide this and the majority of members at the meeting were happy with the tractor running.
• Rob received a letter from “Showtime Events” regarding a Motor sport show to be held at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre from the 9the until the 11th of February, 2007 asking if the club would like to put a stand in the show.

Chief Stewards Report
• Brian Nicholson gave the following report to the meeting:
• He wants dual fire systems (cabin and engine) implemented by 2008.
• Electric windows need to be able to operate after ignition has been shut down.
• He would prefer drivers to wear arm restraints rather than have a window net.
• Helmets must meet the standards discussed at a Committee meeting held on the 6th of May, 2007 as follows:
“Helmets for bikes must be current Australian standard AS1698 and must be in good condition and marked “M” for motorcycle, whereas helmets used for cars must be Snell 2000 or later, these are marked “SA” for cars, this standard is ongoing for 10 years”.
• Drivers meeting, any driver that does not attend must see the Chief Steward for a briefing before making a run.
• Welded modified steering components are not to be allowed without correct documentation.
• Fuel tanks are not to be in the engine compartment.
• Interiors in Production cars are not required, but it is the owners choice.
• Classification of cars, it will be up to the Stewards to re-classify any vehicles not meeting the criteria of the nominated classification.

Rob Carroll advised the meeting that Trevor Beck has been in hospital with Pneumonia for three weeks; Rob had a card to send him from the club. He then presented the trophy for the Fastest Roadster from the Southern Hot Rod Club to Norm Hardinge of Big Knob Racing.

Cled Davies spoke on Start line changes as per the committee meeting, it was decided that Cled would draft up a report.

Adrian Hunt suggested that there be some Permanent tarps at the start line.

Carol Hadfield to organise 50 more T shirts from 2006 event to fulfil back orders and to organise T shirts and posters for next year’s event.

Rob thanked the interstate members and visitors for attending the meeting, along with Norm and Vicki for the use of their premises and supplying lunch.

A raffle was held during the meeting which raised $112.50

Meeting closed at 2.30 pm

Next General Meeting will be held at Aussie Desert Coolers, 350 Murray Road, Preston on the 4th of February, 2007 at 1am.

Australian Team Runs 213.450 mph at Bonneville Speed Week 2006

In the late 90’s Motor sport saw the introduction of the American Nascar to the circuits of Australia. It was a bold move to bring these 3000lbs monsters to run the Supercar circuits including Sandown, Gold Coast Indy and the legendary Mt Panorama. Whilst the Bob Jane Thunderdome was ideal, unfortunately the limited numbers of cars and the fact that the main game rivalry between V8 Supercars Holden and Ford was more relative to the local Australian die hard fans. Despite legends such as Jim Richards, Bowe and Jones competing in spectacular battles in these thunderous 750 plus horsepower “Tanks” their days ended in 2001and the cars were parked.

I guess as they say out of bad comes good and fortunately I spotted one of these monsters sitting in a shed slowly being ratted for its tuff American fast bits. The car was originally built in America in 1997 after successfully competing as a front running car in the top series in the states. The car found its way to the famous Australian Wanless stable, better known as speedway champions, where it successfully ran in the Australian series up until 2001 when the series ended.

The car is a 1997 Ford Thunderbird with a regulation spec Ford Motor Sport 358 cube V8 engine, a Tex 10 box with a 9 inch Locker Diff under the boot.

After experiencing Salt Fever in 2004 and 2005, I saw the Nascar as a great way to go fast without destroying the cars history or ability to go back to circuit racing in the future or trying to reinvent the wheel. The car was built for speed, designed to crash and has been proven at over 200mph on the domes of famous tracks such as the brick yard in California on many a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Admittedly, the salt through up new challenges, however, we knew we had the basis for a big fun factor challenge.

We basically only had a couple of months to find sponsors, to get the car spec to meet the DLRA regulations and freshen up the entire vehicle. The car hadn’t fired a shot since 2001 and was still set up for Queensland Raceway, which was its last appearance placing 1st, 2nd and 4th before early retirement.

As luck had it, a close mate Paul Bushell from Bushell Engineering specialised in race fabrication and had been around go fast machines for many years. Better known for his drag racing efforts, Paul was taken aback when I delivered the Nascar to his shop on the back of a tilt tray. First visual was good however the other side of the car had been” T-Boned” as a result of the last race. Fortunately it was “cosmetic” as Paul “only” had to replace the side of the car! Now that’s a typical drivers comment if you ever heard one! Again, fortunately, the roll cage was unmarked and it was a matter of removing the side skin and reshaping it on the floor of the shop and tacking it back in place. Sounds easy, however, this was not a job the local panel beater would or could attempt.

After a paint job (thanks to Advanced Auto Accident Repair Centre) and an engine freshen up from Kurt Davies of KD Engines (Nascar guru), now based on the Gold Coast, we headed for the salt at Lake Gairdner in South Australia.

Speed Week was excellent, we went through tech, and then we did our licence passes and chute pull, with virtually no real problems. The official end result was a 196 mph, which was excellent for the cars first attempt and out performed one of the super car teams who competed the year prior. We were happy and keen to step it up!

After returning back to Brisbane we aimed for the next step up and set a goal to run at Bonneville, the home of speed in Utah USA.

I’m not sure who set the goal, but it was an ambitious one, needless to say a good one. I think “The Worlds Fastest Indian” movie had been an inspiration to us all. We had hatched a plan, so we set about getting the team together and putting what experience we had and modifying the car to achieve a goal of 200 mph at Bonneville.

As the meet was in August we had to get the car sorted, finished and loaded on the ship in June. We gathered a crew of “experts” including Paul Bushell Fabricator, Andrew Atkins Super Car mechanic to the stars, Gary Lambert film producer and head decision maker, Andrew‘s wife Cassie to make sure we behaved, although she does make a great sandwich. Last but not least, two mates from Narrogin in WA, Derrick Borgas and Graeme Turner, who are well known around the salt as the holders of the Australian Gas record in the AA Class. The Narrogin boys no doubt were keen for a look and I suspect out for some ideas to keep ahead of the bunch in AA. I was the unfortunate test dummy and team owner who paid the bills and generally got in the way when work was to be done!

Three months was not a lot of time, however a champion effort from all the team saw us get the car in the container with time to spare. Now the agonising wait until the team flew to USA and hopefully the car didn’t get damaged or lost on the way. After a visit to Hollywood and the famous Peterson Race Museum in LA, we arrived the Thursday before with scrutineering set to start the following day and racing at 12 noon Saturday.

The pits were enormous with almost 500 entrants for the meet, which was the biggest in history. A mixed field, with low budget to obscene budgets, such as the English JCB team, who were fielding a twin engine diesel stream liner, including tractor push vehicles, two transporters and a catering staff that mere mortals could only fantasise about.

The event was run with the precision of an orchestral symphony, on time no fuss and in absolute harmony across the whole event. An enormous number of officials, volunteers and Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) members

were all on hand to help and went out of their way to make our team feel at home. Team Thunderbird was the only team from Australia with a crew from NZ and the JCB team from England rounding out the international competitors.

After setting up the pit and firing up the Ford “first hit I might add” we ventured through scrutineering without any problems and then headed to the short course for a shake down pass.

We ran a 184 mph at the 1 mile marker, then blew a tyre and spun out, no damage just an increase in the pilots heart rate as the car looped and looped and yes looped. The Nascar, whilst was a big heavy tank, did have a piece of engineering which I am extremely fond of being “roof flaps”. The flaps open as you spin to ensure the car does not fly, as the aero is reversed, as was all too common in the pre 1997 Nascar's, resulting in some spectacular crashes.

Naturally, as driver the first thing on the check list before a run is WD-40 the roof flap, cables and hinges so they open easily, just in case! After the spin we changed the tyre and checked the car, refueled, re-oiled the

flaps and headed back to the short course to qualify for the long track.

The short course was timed at the maximum distance of 2 miles, so we had to get up to speed quickly, which is difficult in itself trying to get 800 plus BHP to the ground through 6.0 inch land speed tyres on slippery salt. I can still recall sitting at the start line about to go, thinking to myself we made it to Bonneville and we are about to run 200 mph, what a feeling. The Ford fired up like a crack of thunder and sung through the gears, in a blink I passed the two mile marker and backed out of it, wishing I could have left the hammer down for another mile. 202 mph, sensational first time and a special feeling to achieve it at the legendary Bonneville speedway. The team was elated and I think we were all a little relieved as we had achieved the goal.

We now had to step up a notch and back up our 200 mph pass and see if we could improve. The long course will allow us to build more revs and hopefully get more speed as we could only just get in the engines power band on the short course at 6500 rpm with a red line of 9500rpm!

The Nascar’s were built to run for 10 hours straight on 95% noise, usually at around 9000 rpm. We wanted to keep the reliability in the engine so we could keep the fun factor high, as opposed to rebuilding broken engines between runs, which takes out the enjoyment in my book. After a couple of Cassie’s famous salad sandwiches, we decided to tweak a couple of things on the car and hit the course again. 211 mph and feeling good, however, we only had one more day as the container was being picked up on the Friday for the voyage home. Conditions were still good and the line ups were starting to thin as engines blew, or cars wouldn’t run any harder so they were put in the trailers for the home leg.

The next run was a 213.4 mph, with another pass that day at 213 mph against a 6 mph headwind. We could only manage 8100 rpm with 9000 being the target for March 2007, back home at Lake Gairdner. We had run out of time, knowing the car still had further potential, however had excelled our goal of 200 mph and did it at Bonneville.

The Bonneville Speed Week is a huge event that provides racers and spectators with a memorable experience, which we were fortunate to be a part of.

At the end of the meet some interesting stats for thought;
• 490 entries, 469 were pre- entries, 2018 timed runs, fastest bike 338.379 mph, fastest car 410.997 mph, 4,500 spectators and participants.
• Racing starts at 7am, salt closes at 8 pm. Two tracks, one short, one long, staging lanes comprise two lanes, everyone is suited up three cars back from the start “no chalk board”. Staging lanes close at 5pm, cars are left in their positions overnight.
• At the end of the week we had run five passes, four of which were over 200 mph, the fastest 213.450 mph and flown the Australian flag at the famous Bonneville Speed Week.

Special thanks to all the team, our sponsors, the SCTA officials, volunteers, racers and teams who made us welcome throughout our visit to Bonneville.

Bushell Engineering
LJ Hooker Commercial
CLM Group
KD Engines
ABC Auto Gear
Colliers International
Doyle GRP
Aero Spec
Advanced Auto Accident Repair Centre

355ci Small Block Chev Motor
Brodex Heads, Westlite Pistons, Eagle H-Beam Rods, Barry Grant Carb running on Av Gas, steel flywheel, button clutch, super T10 steel case gearbox, big bore extractors, big sump. Lots of spares, gaskets etc. Motor fresh, ready to go, fully tested. Holds current C/GMR record 185.113 MPH. Currently installed in Keith’s A Model roadster. Can negotiate to use in car at the salt in 2007. All Assistance given to purchaser. Call Neil Stamp Phone: 03 5447 7555 or Mobile 0409 333 314

We get lots of phone calls, letters and emails about what people need to bring with them when they come to the salt.

And yes you do need to bring almost everything with you (and take it home with you as well) as this is a very remote location. These days we are really spoilt by the wonderful service provided by our friendly hosts from Mt. Ive homestead.
The canteen is located very close to the edge of the salt lake and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as the usual take away. The meals are generous and very reasonably priced. It might not look much, but at the end of a hot day on the salt this place is a real oasis.


The hottest in heat management coating
More power less heat, unmatched durability, great looks!

To order call 1800 700 HOT (468)
Free call or Tech Info (03) 5470 6416

Jet Hot Coating Australia
26 Elizabeth Street Caastlemaine VIC 3450


Radiators and Replacement Cores
Made in Australia, by Australians, for Australians
3 year warranty, built to fit into existing support panels
350 Murrary Road Preston VIC 3072
Phone (03) 9470 4449 Fax (03) 94714446


Pyrenees Highway, Chewton VIC Australia 3451
Tel (03) 5472 2853 Fax (03) 5472 1241


Smash Repairs, Resprays, Insurance Work, Fleet Work, Sign Writing
9 Ashley Park Drv Chelsea Heights VIC 3196
Phone (03) 9776 2333


For all the latest news, event information and coverage, Hot Rod Swap Meet – buy and sell.
Now with the new Bench Racing forum, talk to 100’s of other rodders from all over the world.



Sculpting classics of the future from bronze, silver and gold
Investment castings for the finest detail, strength and tollerance

*Event Merchandise *medalions * Jewellery *Awards *Gifts
*Mascots *Artifact Restoration *Custom Sculpting Anything

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Custom made to compliment your cars interior
For a free quotation and information on our full range, contact;
Neil and Desma Stamp,
286 High Street
Kangaroo Flat 3555 Bendigo Victoria
Telephone (03) 5447 7555
Mobile 019 333 314
Technical Enquiries
6pm – 10 pm 7 days.


North Terrace Tyres
In Adelaide are now agents for cold fire ext systems. System costs around $900
Contact Domenic Lepro on
08 83624417 or


Spa – Lite Fire Suppression Systems
Available from
OG Speed Shop
65 Og Road Klemzig South Australia
Ph: 08 8261 7931 or 8261 7700
Suitable to replace Halon systems,
as fitted to Australian Rally Cars.
Contact Leonard


Suppliers and Installers of "JURALCO"
Aluminum Roof Walkway and Guardsafe Handrail Systems
25 Pritchard Place PEAKHURST
02 9584 9566


Cambridge Concrete Services
Bob Ellis #202
25-27 Harrier Avenue
Loganholme QLD 4129
Ph: 0418 733 191 A/Hrs 07 3801 4050
Fax: 07 3801 4160
Keep the shiney side up........
DLRA WebMaster / Editor

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