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For those that subscribe, you can now download your full colour newsletter from the DLRA website now or your Black and White hardcopy will be posted to you shortly.

Cover 1
Newsletter Sponsors 2
Contents 3
Presidents Report 4
Rods Rambling's 4
The Canteen 6
So close and yet so far 7
Lake Disappointment 8
Membership 10
Newsletter Sponsors 11

On the cover; Special Collectors edition T-Shirt artwork for the event that never was. Maybe we can use it again for next year? So to follow the theory, if we use the cars and bikes that broke records on the next years T-Shirt, what do we have on the 2008 shirt?
The Lake? A bloody big front end loader?

President Rob Carroll Ph/Fax 03 5472 4370
Vice President John Lynch
Secretary Rod Hadfield
Treasurer Rod Hadfield
Chief Steward John Dawson
Motorcycle Steward Gary Baker
Race Director Kevin Saville / Rob Carroll
Starter Cled Davies
Assistant Starter Chris Hanlon
Timer Peter Noy
Assistant Timer Eric Smith
Scrutineer Phil Arnold
1st Assistant Scrutineer Lennie Souter
2nd Assistant Scrutineer Steve Charlton

PO Box 349 Castlemaine VIC 3450
Phone: 03 5472 4629 and Fax: 03 5472 4370
info@ dlra.org.au

Presidents Report
Rob Carroll
Rob was in the States at the time the newsletter was put together, but he will be back for the Victorian meeting.

Rod's Rambling’s
Rod Hadfield

I suppose it is not a bad record, it is only the second time in 17 years we have had to cancel a meeting and the first not because of water but because of mud. When South Australia got a drenching in late January there was a massive amount of water on the lake which with the hot weather and wind started to dry up immediately, which we kept an eye on with aerial photos and visual sightings, what we didn’t realise was the amount of dirt that had been washed onto the lake and as the water dried up, leaving what everyone thought was our original surface was in fact only a thin layer, approximately ¼” thick of clean white salt from the subsiding waters making what was in fact a mud sandwich at least 1” thick and more in places out around the 5-6 mile mark.

This problem was not discovered by us until Rob and myself went out with equipment late Friday night, we then decided that we had best go back at daybreak on Saturday and have a good look, so Queensland member Bob Ellis, starter Peter Noy, Rob and Tom Carroll and myself checked the full length of track and to our dismay discovered no usable area and a deep creek running across the track so we had no option but to call the event off.

We immediately returned to the campsite where we got the pre entry list and started ringing the phone numbers, starting with the entrants furthest away, many people didn’t put phone numbers or have mobile phone numbers listed. We rang the Port Augusta Caravan Park where we got onto members and asked for a sign to be placed on the road, we were on the phone until 3pm., continuing to ring people or trying to get messages to them. Many people were not in a receiving area and it was amazing how many people had the wrong phone numbers on their entry forms, so I ask people to take the time to fill in the entry forms correctly as this is typical of how important it is and it is just some examples of wrong information, many people don’t have the full medical information filled out or their correct address.

One of the hardest things I have ever had to do was to ring Keith Turk who was in Adelaide and tell him the meeting was off. Keith had shipped his Camaro from the U.S.A. and had experienced more than his share of hassles with his chosen shippers. The car had arrived in Brisbane instead of Melbourne, it then had to be trucked to Melbourne, where I picked it up only a couple of days before I was to leave for the lake. Keith and his wife Tonya stayed in Castlemaine and worked on the car at my place before helping me pack it into my truck again, along with a ton of DLRA merchandise. Carol and I set off on Wednesday so that we could be there early to help get the meeting started on Monday morning. Keith, although very disappointed, said “He had on occasions driven from Alabama all the way to Bonneville just to be told the meeting was a washout”.

The 572 Chev crate engine in Keith’s car had run 260 mph with Nitrous and is owned by fellow driver and editor of “Hot Rod Magazine” Dave Freiburger, who along with fellow crew member Steve Atwell flew out for the meeting and recorded on film much about our club. After inspecting the lake and track conditions they all agreed we had done the right thing. Keith and his wife Tonya flew on to New Zealand before flying back to the U.S.A. As I had the Camaro in my truck, Keith left it to me to arrange a shipper so when a space showed up on a ship straight through to Los Angeles I took it down to the container yard at saw to the loading. Keith emailed and said the car had arrived safely with very minor damage.

Then what about Gail and Al Phillips, along with Doug Odem had worked their butts off all year to prepare a new Streamliner, this car is a 300 mph small block Chev powered beauty, again they took the news well and chose to remove the motor and ship it back to the States to possibly run in their Corvette at Bonneville this year.

The Streamliner is promoting the DLRA and Landspeed Racing at the Birdwood Museum in South Australia. Gail is one of our best Ambassadors, holding many records both here and in the U.S.A. Gail’s car arrived earlier in the year and she displayed it around Adelaide with Television coverage and a Car Show advertising our event, so to those people who rang, faxed and emailed the Committee complaining and criticising us (and there were many) be ready to try and do a better job. We did everything that we thought was right, phone calls, Aerial photo’s and had a member have a look and check on conditions, but not right down towards the end of the course. What I am annoyed at is that the Surveyors who were there on the Tuesday and Wednesday and didn’t report the problem which they must have realised would not go away in a few days (and they still charged us), but we have learned that if there is any doubt in the future we will have to be prepared to fly or drive out and physically check for ourselves. Let’s hope a good year follows as Gail’s car will be there, Keith says he will return and it is reported that Chic Henry is bringing a top U.S. Landspeed car out for the Summernats, then doing the Victorian Hot Rod Show and our March meeting, more about this as news comes to hand.

Lionel West and myself put a time into preparing Keith and Steven Stamps ‘A’ Roadster for this years meeting and were going to campaign it as they could not do so this year. Lionel’s Father had three cars on his semi trailer to take to the Lake but luckily they hadn’t left when we rang with the bad news. I was looking forward to this as it was around 1991 when I last took my A Model Roadster to the Lake.

Norm (Big Knob) Hardinge had put in three weeks with little sleep when they found a burnt piston in their ’34 Gas Roadster, luckily he had another 429 Ford that Lionel West had put together for him and they were able to use it. The car spent a couple of nights on the rear axle dyno (bolts to the rear axle flanges) of Matt Lagoon in Gisborne where things were sorted out and Knobby reckoned he had 200 mph in the bag. We stopped them at Ballarat on the Saturday morning. Norm has been doing a great job promoting the DLRA through his articles in “Cruzin Magazine” each month, it is a lot of work, we now have almost 700 members and the paperwork just keeps getting more. Also doing a great amount of promotional work is Bob Ellis, Bob has the XP Ford (200 mph member) powered by a small block Chev, Bob offered to man a DLRA stand at the Brisbane Hot Rod Show in May, so Carol put together three tubs of club merchandise and Norm (Knobby) kindly took it up to Bob with his Trade Stand. Bob did a sterling job and took in over $900.00 for the club, so thanks to Bob, Knob and crew.

Carol and I did a stand at the Melbourne Hot Rod Show in January and took in over $500.00 from the sale of caps, T shirts, stickers, posters, windcheaters, speed wheels etc. Three days is a long time to sit and answer questions while keeping an eye on the goods. Thanks to Kelvin Waddington Street Rods & Restorations for allowing us to use part of his stand and Carol for manning it with me.

Luckily a bit of merchandise has been going out as we have had a lot of expenses even though the meeting didn’t go ahead, such as the Surveyors, Insurance, Phone Account, Access fees, T Shirts & Flyers, Lake Bond. On that subject, because the drive onto the lake was in such a mess with the black mud I rang and got permission to build a rock landing out from the shore a couple of hundred feet so that in the future access would be a fair bit better, so we hired Len Newtons front end loader and a working bee laid the rocks and we smoothed the top with sand so that with time it would all blend in, but guess what?

Apparently some do-gooders have complained about it so Len has had to remove it, the whole thing was a waste of time, and it would have improved it for everyone if left to weather in.

I would like to thank everyone who supported the canteen, Len and Joy had bought up big of course, then we were forced to cancel the event, they were very worried that they would be stuck with tons of food but people rallied and supported them at every meal time until the Wednesday. I spoke to Len and he said what was left they could use at the station.

I would like to thank Peter Noy who has for many years been our official timer and all round good guy, thanks Peter. Peter will oversee the introduction of our new timer, Tony Cooke, so welcome Tony and thanks for taking up this position.

Prior to our March meeting we had in excess of 65 prepaid entries and only two people have asked for their money back, one member has kindly donated his entry to the club to help cover expenses. As I write these notes Carol is joining up another 8 new members so I expect that next year to be a record entry number.

President Rob Carroll and I have discussed this possibility and I for one am in favour of trying to run two tracks so we think some time possibly at Christmas we would take over a car and the gentleman we have spoken to who sets up the electronic timers at the drags, the V8 Supercars and Bathurst who claims he can get it working also on the salt. Maybe bikes on one track and cars on another, running out at a Vee shape, the emergency guys could be in the middle like they do at Bonneville.

Norm Hardinge and I are going to Bonneville this year to photograph and study exactly how it works. We have got accommodation thanks to Gail and Al Phillips and we look forward to catching up with them along with Keith Turk and his crew there in August. Our Chief Starter Cled Davies is also in favour of running two tracks and will present his proposal to the next General Meeting at Aussie Desert Coolers, 350 Murray Road, Preston on Sunday the 8th of July start at 11am so try and be there on this date, a light snack will be available.

John Lynch found out that Micky Thomson is doing a special run of 18” Landspeed tyres so that has solved a lot of problems for the very fast cars and John has ordered some.

How much time can be wasted on one item? After what would amount to hours of phone calls and letter writing to the different states regarding their policies on the Royal Flying Doctor question and whether your States Ambulance policy covers you we still do not many firm answers and in some cases we cannot even receive an acknowledgement to our enquiries, so all we as a club can suggest is that you as an individual get it sorted out from your state ambulance authority and if need be join as it could cost you big time if something goes wrong. A lot of competition clubs will not let you enter unless you produce a copy of your cover note.

I am still amazed at how many enquiries we get from people building or wanting to build a landspeed vehicle.
Marlo Treit, one of our U.S.A. members from Oregon has discussed buying a ’32 Roadster that he has been crewing on for some time now. The car belongs to Larry Bohnen who has raced it for many years. I have had the honour of spending some time with Larry and his new wife Marg over Easter when they flew out to attend the ASRF Street Rod Nationals in Goulburn. At the Nats were a number of the new Hambster Drag Racing Cars , Larry was most taken by them and hadn’t seen anything similar in the States, so I suggested we go to the “Cruzin Nostalgia Drags” in Sydney two weeks later, Carol and I flew up meeting with them and enjoyed a day at the Western Sydney International Dragway which must be as good a facility as anywhere in the world. Larry and Marg returned back to the United States by boat and has emailed to say how good a time they had and is still talking about Hambsters. We got a copy of the rules at the meeting, 26 in total and all easy. The whole idea is to keep them simple from bits of a bygone era, no overhead V8’s or V6’s, pre-1962 motors, so I thought I would throw one together and since starting I can’t believe how many are being built. I an using a 5 litre Commer Truck block and should be able to get it finished before going to Bonneville in July.

Our President has taken a U.S. trip and thus no report from him, Rob has apparently acquired a ticket to the Indy 500 which would be something to see, he will be back for our July 8th meeting.

Don’t forget our 200 mph achiever posters at $5.00 plus postage. I will take some to the July 8th meeting, see you there.

The Canteen
One of the most popular places this year was the canteen. The Newton’s put on some fantastic meals while the competitors were there and the view looking over the salt whilst the sun is setting is very “special”, not another place like it anywhere in the world.

Sunday 8th July 2007
starting at 11:00am
At Aussie Desert Cooler
350 Murray Road Preston

So close and yet so far
Out of respect to the 72 pre-entrants and those competitors who still turned up even thought the event

was cancelled a list will be show here once the information is compiled.
Driver No. Vehicle Class
Steve Atwell 675 1980 Chev Camaro F/CC
Robert Benson 660 1982 Commodore /PRO
Colin Berry 648 1989 Yamaha TZ250
Roger Biddlestone 656 1982 Ford Utility
Robert Bishop 422 Special Construction Motorcycle APS/BG 3000
Barry Blacksell 637 1984 Corvette
Alan Blackwood 671 1999 Triumph Sprint ST P/
Derrick Borgas 335 1980 XD Falcon AA GALT
Andre Bosman 631 2007 Yamaha R1 P/P1000
Michael Bowden 360 1972 Holden Statesman B/PRO
Norman Bradshaw 295 1996 Ford Mustang B/BGC
James Bragg 667 1986 Harley Davidson
Peter Briese 630 1932 Alvis Speed 20
Chris Bryson 624 1999 Suzuki Hyabusa
Mike Bulluss 659 1982 Commodore /PRO
Mark Burrows 587 2006 Special Construction bike APS-VG
Graham Cain 249 1972 LJ Torana D/GC
Graeme Cederblad 613 2006 Polini Replica Bike P/P50
Trevor Clare 139 Special construction bike V8 A/PG4400
Terry Coles 645 1986 Harley Davidson P/PG
Phil Cvirn 135 1964 HD Shovel M/PS
Jerry Davies 420 30's Speedster F/SPD
Graeme De Courcy Cann 336 2004/05 Lakester H/GL
John Dent 253 1968 Ford Mustang A/GC
Mark Dunn 212 1975 HJ Holden Wagon C/GC
Max Ellery 510 1988 Holden Commodore
Bob Ellis 202 1966 XP Falcon Coupe G/CC
Raymon Flaherty 639 1932 Ford Roadster
Alan Fountain 423 1950 Lakester Belly tank A/FL
Craig Fountain 424 1950 Lakester Belly tank A/FL
Cec Fraser 408 2002 Yamaha TTR P/PG
David Freiburger 673 1980 Chev Camaro G/CC, F/CC
Norm Golgerth 250 1972 LJ Torana D/GC
John Gower 632 1959 Milano /MS
Scott Greenham 666 Yamaha
Rod Hadfield 3 1929 A Model Ford Roadster G/MR
Chris Hanlon 251 1965 Falcon C/M UTE, C/FM UTE
Kathryn Hanlon 658 1965 Falcon Ute C/M UTE, C/FM UTE
Martin Hicks 439 1980 Suzuki GS 1000 M/PSBF1350
Derek Hogg 563 2004 Kawasaki 2X10-R
Kieron Horey 574 1983 Kawasaki 21100 M/PSG 1350
Adrian Hunt 342 1981 Commodore E/PRO
Darryl Hunt 93 1981 Commodore VC E/PRO
Terry Ings 565 1966 Triumph Special Construction
Jeffrey Jones 561 1981 Toyota Corolla H/PRO
Joel Jones 562 1981 Toyota Corolla H/PRO
Alan Laing 603 1975 Chev Monza G/ALT
Jake Laing 604 1975 Chev Monza G/ALT
Milton Lewis 571 1964-5 Special Construction SCA/PG1350
Shane Lewis 451 1972 Holden Statesman B/PRO
Will Lockwood 382 1997 Thunderbird C/GALT
David Lowe 369 2004 SLR MK 1 D/GL
Geoffrey Lugton 654 1932 Alvis Speed 20
Jeremy Mantello 628 1991 Van Diemen RF91 Lakester
Geoffrey Marden 337 2002 Suzuki GSXR1300 MPS1650
Dave McLachlan 444 2003 Yamaha R1 APS/G 1000
Philip Medlen 401 1927 Ford T Roadster
Leo Monahan 271 1972 LJ Torana D/GC
Colin Moore 294 1972 LJ Torana D/GC
Brian Payne 662 2002 Kawasaki ZX 12R MPS/G
Christop Peers 586 1996 Holden Astra
Synon Peers 669
Gail Phillips 254 Streamliner C/GS B/GS C/FS B/FS
Terry Prince 280 1955 Vincent SC/MVF 1300
Nick Rees 640 1932 Ford Roadster
Jamie Regan 581 1982 Commodore /PRO
Paul Schilling 615 Lakester
Evelyne Scholz 443 2003 Yamaha R1 APS/G1000
Allan Scott 473 1950 Lakester Belly tank A/FL
Allen Shephard 594 1962 E Type Jaguar
Phil Shephard 642 1962 E Type Jaguar
Donald Shields 627 2006 Kawasaki ZX14 Production
Ron Stayt 178 2002 Kawesaki 2 x 12R 1350 MPS/G 1350 M/G
Paul Stubber 584 1969 Chev Camaro B/GC
Keith Turk 674 1980 Chev Camaro F/CC
Tonya Turk 672 1980 Chev Camaro G/CC
Graeme Turner 346 1980 XD Falcon AA/GALT
Lindsay Urquhart 638 1923 British Alzani Temple
Steven Vorwerk 343 1950 International Truck UDT
Rob Warren 606 2001 DRB GT40 Coupe
Ian Wheatley 425 1950 Lakester Belly tank A/FL
Steven White 507 1927 T Model Ford
Dave Wilkes 661 1982 Commodore /PRO

Lake Disappointment ! Gairdner 2007
In 2004 Phil Medlen and I drove Phil’s V12 Jaguar powered 1927 Ford T Roadster street rod 1500 miles from Williams WA to Lake Gairdner towing a trailer loaded with camping and racing gear, stripped the rod down and bolted in a roll cage and racing tires.
Phil did four runs on the salt recording a fastest speed of 146.365 mph then we removed all the racing gear and returned the rod to street trim for the 1500 mile trip home.
Plans were made to do it again but we just were not ready until this year 2007 as Phil has been busy both on his farm and improving the 27 T.
He fitted hi lift cams and full-length belly pan, and then made a fuel injection system for the V12, which is managed by micro tech so we should have more power and better aerodynamics.

So Thursday 1st March the crew met at Phil’s place and we all helped with final checking and polishing then loaded the truck with Suzuky and the 27T plus food and camping gear for an early start Friday.
Our crew consisted of Phil owner-driver of the race car, Paul supplied the truck to transport us, Dave and Gilbert did the cooking, Ron came along for the ride and toasted bread and I shared truck driving with Paul, shot photos and buttered the toast.

Friday morning I got up early 3.30 am for a prearranged phone interview with our local ABC presenter about our trip to the salt then joined the craw for a hearty breakfast then we hit the road at 5.00 am.
The road out through Narrowgin, Hyden and on to Norsman is rough and has 150 miles of dirt roads so we made regular stops to check the load.
East of Norsman its long flat, straight roads (up to 90 miles dead straight in places) so you just have to keep the hammer down and grind it down.
We made camp in the bush 80 yards off the highway where we slept on stretchers and in swags alongside a large campfire.

Saturday we pushed on across the Nullabor to Ceduna where stopped to buy up all the food and drinks for 5 days on the salt, we entered the supermarket right on closing so the guys coned a checkout lady into a race around the store and filled two trolleys in about 5 minutes.
We drove south for another hour and a bit when the crew decided it was time to find a place to camp, we spotted an empty fertilizer shed 100 yard of the highway so we doubled back to setup camp in the shed just as the sun was setting, no sleeping under the stars tonight.

Sunday morning we rose at daybreak and there was an some excitement in the air as we only had go south another half hour down the highway to Miniper, then tackle the really rough 100 mile track through the Gawler Rangers and sheep stations to Lake Gairdner.
We arrived to find a causeway being built onto the lake and no pit lane out, we all started to wonder out load what is going on here !!
Paul stopped the truck near some people watching a large loader building a causeway out onto the salt and we were soon given the bad news, we have come 1500 miles to have a look around, have a beer then go home.
January rains put three feet of water and mud in the lake which left a thin crust of salt over a layer of damp mud and its not safe to race on.
While the disappointment was building up along came John Turk who had transported his Camaro all the way from US to have a run so that made us realize Mother Nature put everyone out.
After a chat with John Lynch and co we turned around and rattled our way back to Minaper then on to Streaky Bay where we booked into a caravan park for the night.
Monday morning was a slow start, there is no great hurry as we are no longer on a mission so its holiday mode plus a little hunting and gathering from here on to home, reduced from racer to tourist.
However when on the road we drove back out to the Nullabor and into an abandoned sheep station where we always stop over night and take our campfire crew photo, this time we stayed two nights for some R+R.

Wednesday we were on the road again, cruising west to Norsman then south to the small wheat belt town of Grass Patch where we made camp at the back of a huge wheat bin.
It was decided the cooks would have a night of and we all had to make our own jaffles for dinner, this sorted who can look after them selves and who is spoilt rotten.

Thursday, after a breakfast of fried bacon, sausages tomato and eggs drove the last half hour into Esperance where we became tourists for half the day swimming in the harbour and driving around the

magnificent tourist coastal loop then had chicken sandwiches for lunch.
Though it was still hot we decided to move on to Hopetown for another swim then we drove to an old copper mine to camp the night with about five hours left to get back to Phil’s farm the next day.
I was the first to rise in the morning so I stoked the fire and sat back to watch the flames when a passing council ranger wheeled in and chatted us for camping off limits, we hope we don’t hear from him again.

Better luck next year
Here’s some of the photos and emails that we received from competitors who were on their way.

We would like to thank you for the entrant list being shown on the web site. Being in the list is great encouragement for my son and myself.
Like everyone else, we worked very hard to build the car in time for the event, left home a day later than planned, and were so happy to meet up with our friends on the way.
The news filtering through that the event was cancelled, was most disappointing. On the plus side, we met some great people and received lots of encouragement and advice for next year. Working on the rebuild and can't wait.
Many thanks, Alan & Jake Laing

Recently there were some questions about how many members we had, where they came from and how they could best be represented.
Well the following graph should help; Victoria has by far and away the largest membership with 36%, followed by New South Wales with 19% and (the host State) South Australia with 17%, then the mainland guys that have to travel the furtherest, Queensland with 9% and Western Australia with 5%

Rocky Robibson’s New Book
Hot off the Press. This is Rocky Robinson’s first non-fiction book, and is intended to put you in the driver’s seat of one of, if not the fastest motorcycle ever built. Ever wonder what it’s like to go faster than anyone else has ever gone? Try 350 mph on for size.

For more details go to www.rocky-robinson.com

SUNDAY 1st JULY from 10 AM
Don Noble 0413 546 380 gsmbrisbane @hotmail.com


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Keep the shiney side up........
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What's on the 2008 T shirt?

Post by David Leikvold » Fri Jun 29, 2007 9:39 pm

I think we should start the design with Keith Turk's Camaro and the Phillips' new streamliner on the 2008 T shirt as a way of acknowledging their efforts in coming all that way for nothing this year. And maybe the third car/bike could be chosen from the list of whoever else made it all the way to the lake from a very long way off.
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Post by Rocket » Sat Jun 30, 2007 12:24 am

I'll 2nd that motion.......Not that I've GOT any voting rights.

Good idea !!
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