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DLRA SPEED TIMES #31 (November 2007)

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DLRA SPEED TIMES ISSUE 31 - November 2007

Cover 1
Newsletter Sponsors 2
Contents 3
Presidents Report 4
Rods Rambling's 4
Lake Gairdner – Off Peak 6
DLRA Rule Changes 6
Queensland Meeting 6
Mangalore! 7
NSW Meeting 8
Bonneville 2007 Bub Meeting 8
Spirit of Sunshine 10
Lake Gairdner Report 10
Newsletter Sponsors 11

On the cover: Boys will be boys. Rod Hadfield’s new HAMBster holeshots the Moe Boys.
Well it is part airplane, Dr.Goggles and Reverend Hedgash’s new bellytank
Opposite: Spook’s Trumpy

President Rob Carroll Ph/Fax 03 5472 4370
Vice President John Lynch
Secretary Rod Hadfield
Treasurer Rod Hadfield
Chief Steward John Dawson
Motorcycle Steward Gary Baker
Race Director Kevin Saville / Rob Carroll
Starter Cled Davies
Assistant Starter Chris Hanlon
Timer Peter Noy
Assistant Timer Eric Smith
Scrutineer Phil Arnold
1st Assistant Scrutineer Lennie Souter
2nd Assistant Scrutineer Steve Charlton

PO Box 349 Castlemaine VIC 3450
Phone: 03 5472 4629 and Fax: 03 5472 4629
info@ dlra.org.au

Presidents Report
Rob Carroll #012
Well it appears by all accounts that the test and tune day at Mangalore was quite successful. Unfortunate that the bloke who organised it didn’t get to test his new car. I imagine that he was devastated about that. Hope you get it fixed soon Norm and get it to Lake Gairdner in March. Members of other States seem to be keen to get similar days organised, and this could be good for new cars or to test changes to existing cars before the long haul to Lake Gairdner.

Andy Jenkins (Camp Commandant) has phoned to tell me that he cannot do the portable toilet job anymore, as he will be running his new car in March. This means more volunteers to fill his position. Anyone keen to put their hand up? This of course could be handled by more than one person. The surveyors have been asked for a price to survey and mark a second track (short course). We will be notified of this before Christmas. My opinion is that we do not need a second track yet, we need to be more efficient at running the one we have and I still want to test in 2008 all the changes we put in place for 2007, but could not try out.

There seems to have been some over reaction to our problems, when most of them have been out of our control, namely the weather conditions. A lot of complaints were received after last years meet, mostly not getting enough runs, but when the track was open all day Friday for Ack Attack, no other competitors were seen at the start line.

Having tow tracks means multiple services as well, fire and rescue, starter and timers, timing equipment and communication equipment. We have only one channel on UHF available to us on the repeater (that channel actually belongs to a station but we are far enough away we don’t interfere with their communications). Whether a channel between 9 and 40 could be used for the short course without a repeater is not at question, I know the answer to, Are those channels used for another purpose? Would the signal be strong enough with out a repeater? Or if channel 8 was used for both tracks would that be too confusing? The end result is it could be disastrous.

My best suggestion is to run Speed Week 2008 s we were going to run speed Week 2007 and try to run as efficient a meet a s we can and hope the weather is kind to us from now until March. Maybe we could start earlier a couple of days, this depends upon the starters, fire and rescue and timers. It also means competitors have to be ready to run if your at the front of the staging lanes. Clearing the track quickly after your run will allow the next competitor to start sooner (especially short course vehicles).

It seems a small working bee will be held over Christmas / New Year at the camp to fix a few things (privacy screens etc) get rid of the ice machines in the shearing shed, some general clean up work and maintenance. I would also like to check the track area on the Lake for moisture content and debris that could be removed prior to the track scraping in March.

As you are aware we have been on the lookout for another (larger) diesel generator. I was told about one in a Northern Victorian Hospital (thanks Greg), but we found out about it too late, as the tender date had passed. But it did not matter because it was smaller than our current unit. Sine then we found another one (about 100Kva) that suits our purpose and we are currently trying to negotiate the purchase of this unit. Hopefully if we get it we can install at Christmas time.

I was shocked to hear the bad news that one of our Stateside members, Pete Aardema #465 lost his home in the recent Southern California fires. Pete, I hope you and Ladine can rebuild your home to better than it was. I also hope no other members are in the same situation.

We should be having a Melbourne meeting in January or early February again, a date to be advised later. Maybe even another newsletter by then??

Have a safe and happy Christmas.

Rod's Rambling’s
Rod Hadfield #003
The D.L.R.A. now has over 720 members and the workload gets heavier every week, there are phone calls and business to attend to, bills to pay or banking to do, people wanting information of some sort, emails to answer etc. I don’t know what the club would do if it were not for Carol’s efforts.

The club has had two large banners made which will help promote the club when static displays are held.

Bob Ellis and the Queensland boys were set to push the club at the Nostalgia Drag Nationals at Willowbank in late August. We freighted up two tubs of merchandise but the weather had other ideas and the meeting had to be cancelled.

Norm Hardinge had done a top job in promoting the club with his regular page in “Cruzin” magazine and what about that article in “Street Machine” magazine with that awesome photo of the Streamliner leaving the line with smoke pouring from it, good job Knobby, anyway Norm and Vicki flew the flag for us at the “Gazza Nats” in Adelaide where they had merchandise for sale. Norm’s ’34 Roadster was shipped to Perth for display at the Hot Rod Show where he used one of our new banners for the first time. The same weekend as the Rod Show in Perth a bike show was held at Northam in Western Australia, Carol sent over some merchandise to one of our members, Terry Ings who was going to promote the club, thanks Terry.
Norm reports that his car was a big hit at the show with lots of questions, people getting their photo taken with it and in it. The Perth Saturday paper had a photo and story on the car so that helped a lot. The new banner added a lot of class to the stand and he and Vicki sold some of our Merchandise.

Norm and Vicki, Carol and I attended Bonneville this year where Norm took a lot of photos and we spoke at length about the running of the meetings. They had very wet conditions earlier this year and it looked like the meeting could have been off, but with extremely hot conditions and solid work by 110 people (they knew there were that many by the number of lunches ordered and eaten each day), they are going to run three tracks when the conditions are right, they grade the tracks wide and start cars on one side and as the track deteriorates they move to the other side of the track. If there is any trouble the whole lot are shut down as one fire crew handle the whole meeting. There are two Medic teams on hand, one would deal with the problem and the other stays put to attend to the crowd and to allow the meeting to start again, they have what they call at “beater” which they tow with a pickup, they claim the thumping draws the moisture to the top for the sun to dry it. They are looking at electric timing now, they had over 550 entries and people queued all day to get a run early in the week, but by the end of the week with both tracks going three runs a day were common.
A drink company had chilled drinks at the start line for all to enjoy as they were the major sponsor for the whole event. There was water 6 inches deep getting onto the lake and the heat there seemed much hotter than ours, but maybe the water getting drawn up did this.
A working bee at Christmas time will be held where Cled Davies, Rob Carroll, myself and any other interested members will check the electronic timing equipment. We have arranged to have the people there to show us, they feel confident it will work. I hope all our timekeepers can make it also.
Winter is over and there are no weekends free, the silly season has started with swap meetings, drags, rod runs, shows, Christmas etc. You just have to pick what you want to attend.

Norm Bradshaw has been hard at it building his new turbo V8 Ford, Norm felt that such a car needed a “Test and Tune” day but where could such a test be done? Norm rang me about the possibility of hiring Mangalore Airport, to which I said “I for one would attend” and Norm had to pick a date, Saturday the 27th of October was the day, I then rang Greg our Website man and said put it on show for members to see, Norm made some calls as I did and the bush wireless was in action. The day before daylight saving, it was warm and windy but comfortable, approximately 15 cars and bikes showed up, the runway was a little rough and a bit short but gave participants some indication. It was great to see two members from South Australia show, one bike and one streamliner (3/4 built). I won’t give too much away but there are some seriously committed guys out there. The Streamliner with a 1600 ohc Toyota in it would be as well built as any U.S. car and will be a real advertisement for the club when finished. The bellytank of Doctor Goggles and Rev. Headgash with its V6 Holden made some shake-down runs, Max Ellery’s 308 Commodore sounded great and the Moe boys Falcon was on song. Norm also hired as speed measuring trailer which only seemed to want to work now and again. I took my new Drag racing Hambster out to test the diff ratio and steering behaviour before making its first public appearance at the rescheduled Cruzin Nostalgia Drag Nationals to be run at Heathcote Park on the Bendigo Swap Meet weekend. Participants contributed to help cover the costs to Norm for the hire and we thank him for his generous efforts. Most agreed such a day could be put on by the club in the future but can you believe Norm had his car on the Dyno the night before when a computer hiccup (and I don’t know the full details) caused a fuel problem before a backfire set the whole deal on fire which was quickly extinguished but it didn’t leave him time to repair, but he took it on the chin as you must learn to do when building race cars, his Falcon ute did a couple of fast passes though, thanks Norm from everyone who attended.

Please note: there are some rule changes listed in this newsletter, we also received an email regarding an event at Murray Bridge which is also included with this newsletter.

It was good to hear from Don Noble who has been to the lake recently and reports the lake is hard and dry. He reports there is quite a bit of debris. The whole country is a picture of colour with the spring bloom out. Don has put some pictures and a story on the forum. He also reports that our rock work is still there and has blended in well with the salt now covering much of it. Let’s hope it can stay there to make things easier for the future.

Lake Gairdner – Off Peak
Don Noble#281
Yes I was there on Sept 19th. There's still a little water around the access area and as far as I could see around the edge of the lake. It was very shallow; maybe an inch or so deep and only extends out from the edge for about 50 metres. Len Newton said the water had been recently blown down from the northern end of the lake. We walked out about 200mtrs and found the surface had lots of potholes maybe an inch deep and around 1/2 metre in diameter. The further we walked out, the better the condition of the surface and the potholes became fewer. There's a fair bit of debris lying around, sticks, branches etc. The salt is "growing” on the debris, making big lumps out of little sticks.

Again it got less the further we walked out . We walked out in beautiful sunshine, and why did we only walk out 200 metres, ‘cos it bloody well started to rain, the wind was freezing and then it started to hail (sounds like Victorian weather, 4 seasons in one day) also had a look around the camp. Everything was pretty well intact apart from the barriers blown over at the end of the shower blocks. Only 2 cars had flat tyres, a red commodore had one flat tyre, and one of the Moe boy’s Falcon had a flat tyre.

All the water tanks are full. We timed it perfect for the spring wildflowers (totally unplanned). Have never seen the countryside look so healthy and the colours were pretty spectacular. Toured around the main attractions of Mt Ive station, even went to the top of Mt Ive, hey now that's a pretty rugged track, be warned! Stayed in the stone cottage at the homestead for 2 nights, was great especially the recently bought Barossa wines under the stars and chatting with other travellers.
I got in touch with our resident wine buff (Dirty Dave) in the Barossa Valley, who steered us in the right direction for the good wines and resulting fuzziness. Also visited the national motor museum at Birdwood, and saw the POP motor sports streamliner on display, can’t wait to see that vehicle run.

Well it was great to see Mt Ive station as a tourist, and its well worth the effort and still a great place to be.

DLRA Rule Changes
Street Class (6.4.7) has been deleted
Brian Nicholson Chief Steward

After receiving several rule change forms, and having given due consideration to them, I have permitted the following changes

7.F first dot point
Frames must be based on an OEM or production replica having similar geometry; a 5 degree rake over production will be permitted.

7.F.6. Wheels
Add, Scooters may use a minimum nominal rim diameter of 10"

7.F.11. Add definition. Forward of rider is defined as a vertical line drawn through the rider’s wrists. Delete the word "apparent"

7.B.23. Brakes are required and must be drum or disk type, actuation may be from a foot pedal or handlebar lever, brakes can be front or rear, brakes on all wheels is optional.

7.B.25. Add , modern type push on fittings may be used without and in lieu of metal clamps .

7.C.2. Leathers, one piece or two pieces with 360 degree metal zipper are permitted, all leather or road race off the rack types are permitted, leathers with extensive perforations will only be permitted if nomex style undergarments are used. Synthetic race suites are not permitted.
(Delete fairing attachment phrase)

Gary Chief Motorcycle Steward

The Rulebook will be updated shortly and available on the DLRA website for download.

Queensland Meeting Social Thang
Don Noble #281
We are having a XMAS get together (move back Bob, not so together). Its for DLRA members and families, friends and those interested in dry lakes racing.
FOOD: Cranking up the BBQ for a sausage sizzle ($2)
DRINKS: BYO (and bring your esky please)
NO SANTA WONT BE COMING (unless some dirty old fat man wants to dress up)
We may even have a meeting, to be decided.
Please bring and photos, CD’s, DVDs or items of interest.
RSVP: Just to let us know how many to cater for.
CONTACT: DON NOBLE 0413546380 OR BOB ELLIS 0418733191

There were about eight other cars there when we arrived as well as three bikes, the factory blown Vincent from Adelaide owned by the Penn's and Greg Watters with an R1 he just picked up still with grind marks on the tailpipe and lights from being flipped, Greg did a couple of runs around 250km/h(~158mph).

Spook had his Trumper there but wasn't entirely happy with the tune he had going and didn't get to wring it's neck but gee it looked a treat. Rod and Carol Hadfield were there with his new HAMBster, Brian Nicholson and the Moe boys, David Partridge with his indescribably violent sounding RX7 which I have renamed (unofficially) as "Swearing Around Children" because no-one wants to hear it.

Max Ellery was there with his Commodore he got in some runs around 120mph and was happy with what he's done with the car, there was a new streamliner sans bodywork with a Toyota twin cam 1600 that got a lot of attention owned by a Graeme who's surname I missed and a couple of cars with number plates on 'em. Graeme's streamliner was a little "wanting" in the electrical department, our Colonel, who's a Graham himself felt a kinship bond and got it sorted out, he's a genius.

Sadly Norm Bradshaw who organised the booking of the airport and has run an early Mustang with a 499 that's gone about 210 til recently couldn't get his new car there due to engine management issues and a near disastrous fire the night before. Norm's new car is a late model Falcon dressed up as a taxi with a big block Ford and a turbo "big enough to put your head in ", still Norm had a good day and his booking didn't go to waste and I think the hat that got passed around covered him.

Stuart Penn #304 from SA on the Vincent
Graeme from SA and his new Lakester
Dik Jarman(The Reverend) #412, James Stewart(Dr. Goggles) #374 and Graeme Hadley (Colonel Grump) #441
Rod Hadfields #003 new HAMBster
Russell “Spook” Utber’s #413 Triumph
Rod Hadfield #003 and Brian Nicholson #131
Garry Allen’s #402 Bolwell
David Partridge #323 RX7
It just wouldn’t be the same without Animal in his jocks

NSW Meeting
Stephen Bailey
We didn't have many attendees, but I think we will have more interest as word spreads. We had Kevin Saville, Ian Wheatley, Bob Prior, Gary Baker and myself. I was a little disappointed but not really surprised.

We didn't discuss much, but we did decide to have another meeting, but not before 2008.

Bit of bad news. Dave Mclachlan, DLRA 444, has been seriously ill after a recent heart attack. His partner, Evelyne Scholz, DLRA 443, did a great job keeping everyone informed and passing on messages. He’s out of hospital now (been fitted with a turbo timer) and recovering at home. Get well soon Bones!

Bonneville 2007 Bub Meeting
Terry Prince #280
This was supposed to be a once in a life time trip to Bonneville for me Ha Ha. I had been going to the Bonneville Salt Flats a number of times to help out Max Lamky and Steve Hamel. Since I was a small kid I dreamt of racing there with my own bike. The meeting at Lake Gairdner in South Australia had been cancelled at the last moment due to flooding and I did not have boat but a 1955 Vincent with sidecar. Going to race at Bonneville is the rev- heads Mecca you have to do it one in a lift time. After wasting too much time deliberating if we could afford it and if I would get the all clear from my better half, the answer was yes, but only look at the girls in California but don’t touch. I decided to go.

In 2004 Dennis Manning from BUB enterprise put on the first all motor cycle meeting it was an immediate success. Every year has been better with the height light being the 2006 meeting, not only was the ultimate two wheeled record broken, fist by Ack-Attack, then by the BUB bike but a third bike E.Z. Hook Kawasaki was the fastest bike ever at 355mph (one way run) The 2007 meeting was to be from the 2nd to the 6th of September so I only had two month time to get the bike prepared and shipped to the U.S it was going to be very, very tight. Preparation did not go well trying to run a business and getting the bike finished and run good, was not happing. Deciding to through all caution and money to the wind I would send the bike by air freight, as it turned out it was cheaper and by far safer than by sea.

I run in the 1350cc MVSC F that is Modified Vintage Sidecar Fuel class; I had run in the same class before at Lake Gairdner but with a 1200cc motor. I had made a new crank to bring it out to its full capacity at 1350cc and raised the compression to run on fuel (Methanol). There where to many problems to go into a long story but we run the bike on the dyno all day until the last few runs when it revved clean to 7000rpm. The next day we dismantled it and packed it in the crate. The day after that it was flown to San Francisco. I flew in 7 days later hoping that it had cleared customs etc, next joke, although the bike had landed the some day as it was sent with all customs documents they had done nothing. When ask when it would be cleared? (Maybe we could do it by the end of the week) the end of the week was the start of the BUB meeting. I had prearranged for it to be transported to a friend in Reno I would then assemble it and from there we would take it on Jay’s trailer to Bonneville. Eventually it was put on a very expense overnight truck to Reno and we arrived at Wendover Friday night. Wendover is the closes place to stay to the salt it is half in Utah and half in Nevada, in N.V there are a number of casinos sex shops, rock and roll etc, in Utah there no casinos no sex shops and defiantly no rock and roll or beer, and by the way one hour time deference from one half of the town to the other.

Saturday was Tec inspection so we went out to the track which is 9 miles from Wendover, finished preparing the bike and went to inspection. This is where the real fun starts now by what rules do we go by! There are AMA, SCTA, FIM and in Australia DLRA they should all be the same, but read the small print. The AMA will allow a full dustbin type fairing on a sidecar a passenger or 132LBs lead weight but you must have, a covering over the sidecar wheel irrespective if you have a passenger or not? SCTA do not allow a passenger or a full fairing. DLRA do not allow a passenger FIM allow everything but no passenger!! OK smile at the Tec guy and get my leathers out, his mouth just hung open I explain to him they are still in very good condition although I bought them in 1958 and they still fit, but the helmet is near new, he did like my boots though I only had them for 25 years they are a top brand, but I bought them very cheep as they where bright blew and no motor cyclist would be seen dead in them, I just had them dyed black. In the mean time there was a discussion about my sidecar wheel not being covered I was using a lead weight of 60Kg and could not see for the life of me why I should have it covered they did agree in the finish.

I signed in for my fist run, the next day Steve and Wendy Hamel had turned up after driving day and night no stop from St Paul M.N they had with them my 60kg of lead, oil and battery as I could not send this by air. I did not get a run on the Sunday but was in staging by Monday afternoon not sure what time. You have to wait in line to go into the staging aria and then out to the start in groups of 10.That all sound good but when it is well over 100 degrees F and you have been there for 5-6 hours it is not funny to say the least. By this time I had a team of speed nuts like myself helping me including Zee Nelly originally from France but now living in the U.S I was introduced, she had an incredible sexy voice or a throat problem I did not like to ask, it was just the flue, she insisted on giving to everyone at Bonneville. I was very well looked after by Nelly putting ice packs around my neck and in other places bring me water, humidity was sometime only 3 % giving me big huge as I was pretending to be nevus, well maybe I was. Ok we are all gear up in staging ready to go to the start 2 miles away I then notest the track we had to go on to get there, it was more like a ploughed field, I could not ride over that with no suspension on the rear or the sidecar we would attempt to towed it, not having a tow rope handy we made one from old tie down straps not a good idea, it broke 2 times. To you some idea it took ½ hour to tow me out, broke the fairing bracket, and I was to find out later damaged the ignition box, so I had to abort that run and go and do repairs. It took most of the next day before I could get back in line. The line now being about ½ mile long the meeting was oversubscribe with 340 entrees and bad salt, there was no way they could run a good event. Before I could get to staging a big storm blow in with strong winds that was the end of racing for that day. Bonneville salt flats are about 5000 feet high up, not only is that bad for power thinner air, but the weather can change from one minuet to the next over 100F and dropping to 40F. It was now Wednesday and still no run but by midday it was all happing. In the group on the start there where not one, not two, but three Vincent’s I do not think that will happen again. Steve Hamels bike with Marty Dickerson, the Danish Black Lightning and my sidecar Wow!

My bike did not want to start, we where only using 2 batteries on Steve’s starter roller as the third battery was just a hassle. It started and I was away, a bit of wheel spin in bottom more in second, who cares, wind it on, I was only doing 4000 rpm when the motor cut out, but came on again, put it in third gear 4000 cut out, in forth gear cut out. Just hold it on the stop and hope it clears no luck. For the whole 5 miles it just did that. I went through the end of the timed mile and shut down, pull up at the 7 mile to see what my speed was. If you think you have broken a record or are setting a new class you have to do a return run within 2 hours. The only record I could find in my class was at 101 mph I thought I might have been faster than that but no it was only 90mph! I should have gone that fast in second at 6500rpm and the motor would go to 7000, but at only 4000rpm, thinking it might be fuel I weakened it out considerably, I new I was running very rich for the attitude. I had the Ok to do a return run, it did exactly the same thing just cutting in and out at 4000rpm. I had another problem the wind had got up again, it was a 19mph cross wind so when the motor cut I was blown to the side of the course some 80 meters. I was happy at that moment not to be going faster; twice I only just missed the track markers. I when though the now 4 mile sign as the mile marker are in reverse for the return run. I new I was not any faster so just pulled before the end of the run.

Back in the pits I was a bit disappointed but very happy to have made a two way run at Bonneville. Both my times where within one mph so I presumed that it had somehow triggered the rev limiter at 4000rpm. No problem just take the rev limiter out, Steve had his lap top computer with the program in it, to easy. It was by now Wednesday afternoon, with the heat, then the cold and the battering I had getting to the start, I was feeling a bit second hand. I check the length of the line up as it was longer than the pit aria so I decided I would not make another run before the meeting finished. As it turned out Marty had to do another run, as his return run for the record was not recorded, so Steve was flat out getting his bike back in line. Marty’s return run and new record for his class was one of the last runs. It was all over Steve bike went into compound to have the motor striped down and measured, so Steve and myself and 2 of our crew put the spanners to work. The FIM did the measuring and all was OK. Marty had a new record for the 1000cc modified vintage gas class at 151. 3MPH on Steve Hamels bike. Steve did not get to have a run himself he completely and unselfishly was not going to run in the same class as Marty so as not to compete with Marty new record. As for Marty at 80 years of age what can one say he is just a hero. I hope that I can one day join that very elate band of record breakers might have to get to 80 to do it though.

To conclude record braking has to be the hardest thing to do in motor sport. You have to hold the throttle full open for up to 10 miles, you get to full speed and then wait and hope that you can gain a few more revs before the motor blows up. In anything up to 120 degrees F, contend with bad wet salt, cross winds, wheel spin, (up to 26mph has been recorded) timing malfunction and only very few places in the world that this can be achieved.

The final and the most impotent thing, I had a hell of a lot of fun and should have started doing this along time ago not at the same age as Burt Monroe stop racing. It would not have been possible to go Land Speed Racing at Bonneville and Lake Gairdner without all the help I had from my friends I OZ and the U. S. A. I thank you once again.
See you all next year
Terry Prince

The Jarman - Stewart Bellytanker
The Spirit of Sunshine
James Stewart #374
We started in Nov '03. The Canberra bomber wing tank bought from Rod. The cowl made from the remains of the tank that Wayne and Russell used for the "Waza-vudu". It's powered by a VN V6 at the moment but we also have an Alloytec, Aussie 4spd box, Ford 8 ¾ rear end. There is no suspension. Graham Robinson built the front axle. The windscreen came from a Machi jet fighter.
The wheels are a combination of VW rims with AU centres, Kombi steering box, EH Holden stubs and steering arms. The seat made from two inner HQ front guards. Tiller bent from a Laser wheel. EVERYTHING else was home made. We will never be finished. Thanks to the Hadfeilds, Mumford and Mack, the Broughan’s, Jon Amo and everyone on Landracing.com particularly Sumner and Jack Dolan, thanks to Greg Wapling for running the DLRA message board so we didn't feel alone, Graham at ColdFire , Norm H for getting me fired up , Ben , Pete , Steve and especially Vaughn and Miles.

Lake Gairdner Report
This picture from the edge of the lake was taken earlier this month. It shows the salt covering the remains of the ramp that was constructed in March this year.
There will be another inspection at the end of December when some members go over for maintenance work and then again.
So look forward to another report in the next newsletter in January/February.


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Re: DLRA SPEED TIMES #31 (November 2007)

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This idiot is getting worse all the time. Not only does this latest automated spam message fail to mention his company's name (it's in South Africa where it's no bloody use to us anyway) but he clearly doesn't know anyone who speaks enough English to proof read it for him! Is it possible to block everything he sends?

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Re: DLRA SPEED TIMES #31 (November 2007)

Post by DLRA » Tue Apr 10, 2012 10:54 pm

David I gave him a couple of goes to fly right, but seems he didn't get the message and all his posts and his login are now gone.
PS Greetings from Thailand
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Re: DLRA SPEED TIMES #31 (November 2007)

Post by David Leikvold » Wed Apr 11, 2012 12:14 am

Found any good race tracks there yet?

Dave :D
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