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Posted: Mon Dec 20, 2010 10:39 pm
Thought to "swap" this little related story for when the threads are quite......and since Hillbilly Jim was the last to visit this end of the threads back in 05 ... :D theres room for us all 8)

......Let us kids play records up on her porch when there was nothin much to do.... they were 33s and 45s back then..
When my turn came up.... I'd search through the apple crate that the records were stored in and allways pull out
"Watermelon wine" by Tom T Hall . this used to "disgust" some of the other kids and they would run around doing the "Hick dance" laughing :lol: but care I didn't .... Granma and Diesel liked it... so it got played through....

Granma used to grow watermelons in the front yard and from that came Granmas "Sippin wine" and some other "Hell Fire Water" that dad and the Uncles drunk... and also stored it up so they could run the "flats" car on it .8)
(If they ever finished it........ )

Heres a picture of Diesel for those of you have yet to be introduced 8)
and the song "Watermelon wine " by Tom T Hall......


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Thats the speed life was played at back then ....... at least in my head..... some of the other kids in the local played at a more "bangin" type pace..... but that didnt matter Diesel and me weren't in any rush.....

But Anyway .... IN time I'll swap some stories of some of the adventures that happened round the local
A couple have already been told in a distant thread , but there are many more
Hope yas enjoy

RMJ Brown..


Posted: Thu Dec 23, 2010 9:07 pm
One day us kids
was sittin around just watchin Diesel lickin up a small puddle of fuel under Grandmas truck....
and the question arose of how Diesel got his name..... "Apart from the obvious"
There must have been more to it...... Dad was working under the the "Flats Car" at the time ,, so best we didn't ask him...(would have filled us with some "full of it" story anyway) :roll:
So off up to Granmas joint we wondered ....... Granma was out the back yard standin in the old enamale bath tub ,which was half full of watermelon bits, the bath had an axle and two old car wheels at one end and a tow hitch at the other which was propped up on a cut of tree stump, there was a bucket underneath it catchin the juices that came out the plug hole.
must have been makin " hell fire water " that day, as Granma made her "Sippin wine" in the kitchen.. Some times that bath tub smelt like it was havin its own party 8)...
But anyway...
Us kids got to askin Granma about Diesel and to how he and his name came about , as to us kids Diesel had allways been around..... Granma told us that Diesel's mum was a greyhound named "Sooty " and that Sotty was a white dog with a brindle patch.... then she said, that if us kids wanted to know why a white dog with a brindle patch got a black dogs name .. we should go and ask Dad.......... :roll:
So anyway .....
Granma said that Diesel was born on Christmas day :D and that four months before hand ,Sooty was "Heating"and that when Dad found this out he raced of somewhere and came back with some super studding Greyhound to do some mateing with...... But Granma also said,that when "Sooty was heating, that she would jump the fence and go hang out with "Sam"
the local hunting dog......
Granma said that everybody in the local new that Sooty was "duffed" and that the pups were due sometime around Christmas..the bets were on for how many...
Anyway Granma had cleaned out the shed and made up a wooden pen in the corner full of news paper and hay :)
Around midnight Granma said she could hear Sooty labouring .... So dad and the Uncles went out to start the count. It took two hours of labouring and then out popped Diesel :D Granma said Sooty turned around gave Diesel a bit of a clean up and then went to sleep.... Dad picked up the pup and the first thing he said was "Jesus Christ" what is this :? Granma gave dad a smack over the back of his head .. for his "blasfeaming" and all.. then took the pup of him....
Granma said all the Uncles were laughing... especially since that was the only pup that popped out...and a maingy thing at that..... Grandson of "Black top" he wasn't ( Black top .. famous Australian greyhound ) But a dog it was, and a pink one at that..
The next day when Ganma went out to the shed to see how Sooty and the pup were going... the pup was no were to be found.. "HELL BROKE LOOSE" Granma reckond everybody was getting blamed and things were getting quite heated round the local , especially for your Dad ,as he was coppin the biggest ear bashing... :evil:
It took three days to find him . Dad was looking out the kitchen window towards the shed when he spotted Sooty jumping out of the back of Granmas truck.... curious of this Dad went out to investergate.... there was a large wooden tool box on the back of the truck in which Granma kept a blanket ,some tools and a five gallon drum of Diesel that of which had leaked some ont o the bottom of the blanket . Sooty had hidden the pup in the box .. (dogs do that )
Grama said that Dads "blasfeamus blessings" could be heard all over the local :D :D :D and it was because he stunk of Diesel was how he got his name....


Hope Santa brings everybody a red hat.....
RMJ Brown