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Should Head And Neck Systems be instigated ASAP?

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Post by momec »

Sorry Don
I disagree, the thing that kills people in salt lake racing is almost always when the vehicle (talking cars) becomes airborne then yes whichever way it lands it will impact the ground. When Rods car spun a few years back whilst pointed backwards the rear came about 3 feet off the ground and came very close to getting air borne.
The only way we can test the stability of every homemade body style example comp coupe, streamliner etc is to run at speed. Comp coupes are the worst most compromised class, (l'm building one) and most are created without the aid of CFD an aerodynamist or a wind tunnel. Our wind tunnel is long and white.

Most production sedans or coupes are an aeroplane wing shape and all they require to fly is sufficient speed.

We have not had a fatality at Lake Gairdner and l'd like to see it stay that way.

BTW after seeing the helmet eject thing l'm a fan. It don't have to be in the rule book to run it. Anyone who has one make sure they inform the rescue guys and the scrutineers before the meeting.
Russell and his guys will need a heads up before the next meeting and we can make sure they have a gas bottle or pump.

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Greg Watters
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Post by Greg Watters »

Pretty graphic vid of one of the aussie v8 cars at Calder several yrs ago shows what a relatively low speed crash can do, get some air under a fast car and the results could be much more serious, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3Hkws3hYRI

Been at a couple of US meets where unfortunately there has been a casulty,, both i saw the results of were experianced racers in well prepared vehicles ,
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Post by Stayt`ie »

I always thought these things were for use in cars ?,,,, motorcycles :? ,, do thay allow your neck to be arched back so you can see where your going while in a crouched (tuck) position,,,
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Post by DirtyDave »

Greg I crashed a Drag Bike in the Same Spot at the 97 Nationals, I went onto the Dirt and managed to get the Bike back onto the track missing the section of wall by about a foot at about 140mph, would have been almost head on.....al because a bolt had come loose on my front mudgard and was rubbing on the front tyre as you get airborne thru the finish line at that shit hole of a race track...
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Greg Watters
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Post by Greg Watters »

Car or liner thing Ronnie i would think, on (or especially off) a bike we are not restricting body movement at the expense of our necks to the same degree

Dave i will find out about that bump in a few weeks, any luck and i will be hitting it at 160-170mph :shock: , last time i rode at Calder was in the 80's and a bit slower then

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Post by ROSS BROWN »

What will happen to the good old fashion cush type neck brace that also protects the front of our necks ?
Will it become illegal ?
Or could this be an option ?


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Post by penny »

what if after consultation the helmet eject system is brought in across the board as its affordable i believe and would suit our remote location. then the hans would be brought in after 2011 and for cars over a certain speed ie the meet after your 175 licence pass.

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Post by Rob »

I think IF HANs requirement is going to be speed dependant, it needs to be based on the current record for the class you're running in as per other safety regs.

Helmet eject across the board would save any confusion for safety crews as to whether or not one is in use. A bulk buy should assure further price reductions too.
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lag waggon
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Post by lag waggon »

The way i see it is if we are going to be catching up to the SCTA rule book then we should follow there rule, as of jan 1 2011 all new cars and motorcycle stremliners must have an SFI 38.1 head and neck restraint system.

Not just a Hans but any one of the systems as long as it meets SFI 38.1

The rule is not speed or record related, just a way to make LSR safer.
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