Throttle question

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Throttle question

Post by Reverend Hedgash »

Is anyone running a scrutineered approved electronic throttle arrangement on a car? (stepper motor)

The rules state the requirement of multiple return springs with one on the shaft itself...

Any ideas appreciated.


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Post by momec »

I think your creating a president with this one, its not in the rule book so I'd put an official application on the appropriate form to our chief scrut to get this one by. Its something that will have to be addressed soon as many new motors are fly by wire.
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Post by nitro-nige »

Reverend, if you're thinking of something like a VZ commodore throttle body (LS whatever they are) they have two return springs in the main shaft.
you have to remove the cap with the sensor and plug on it to get to/see the springs.

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Post by DirtyDave »

the main reason for this rule was in the event of a cable failure the throttle would close, you would have to prove that in the event of a system failure, electrically or mechanically that the throttle fails closed.
good question, with the way the electronics are come on I'm sure this is going to be an ongoing situation,
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