Moon Discs , the how to, by Bob Ellis

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Moon Discs , the how to, by Bob Ellis

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Bob Ellis ( DLRA #66) sent me this when I was asking Q's about attaching Moon discs , we ended up going another way which I'll explain elswhere but this is a good method....Ta for that Bob

The disc on the right is the template for everything.I indexed the setout,3 holes (1/16" Dia) 120degrees apart, 1 7/16" in from edge of disc.This template simply sits INSIDE of the new disc,drill thru the 1/16" pilot hole, then drill out to 7/16", ready for stamping.(will explain soon).

The template was also used to make the disc on the left, which is the template for welding on the fastener plates.Same deal,transfer the 1/16" pilot holes & drill to 7/16",(These holes DO NOT get stamped)

The cutouts are to tack weld plates to rim, I use part No's-DZUS1050 (Weld on plate-Lightweight), DZUS4050(Countersunk Button 0.500" Long),All from .

Now the trick bit! Take the welding template , rivot the dzus springs to the weld on plates (you may have to trim plates to fit in side rim) , insert dzus buttons thru disc, Place a 1/16" thick washer over button,between the template and the weldon plate , and lock the 3 plates on.Sit in rim , tack the plates thru the cutouts in template. (is a good idea to use antispatter on template , rim etc)Undo the dzus fasteners , remove template ,finish weld the plates to rim.Easy!!! Now back to the Moon discs.You have already got the 3x 7/16" holes , these need to be deburred.To stamp the countersink ,i used a 11/16" Nylok nut as the female die, and a dzus button as the male.sit the disc on the nut ,drop in the dzus button , line them all up , tap the dzus with a ballpein hammer , Done! I use Neil Stamp's discs ,and i had 2 old ones (from the welded nuts era) that i made the templates with.My indexing is out a touch , but every disc & rim has a mark on them, so that any disc can go on any rim.Hope this is of some help.
Cheers, Bob.
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easy as...

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Gee, that's a simple solution isn't it? I like the way the tabs are only welded on one edge, that way if they're a bit high or low they can easily be bent into the right spot. About the only thing I'd add is please do this before mounting your tyres, it'd be a real shame to destroy an expensive tyre by burning a pinhole in a sidewall with a bit of weld spatter.
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