steering suspension package

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Maybe lie inside on a creeper with a BIG spring out back marked "eject" :shock:

Seriously though, my first quesion for a face first 'liner would be seat belt configuration?

Having driven several reverse trike billy carts I'm not a huge fan of the configuration, I guess you're not cornering at the salt and that would help things along quite a bit.

What do the Nebulus cars use for a front tyre?

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Hello sonny.....

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hawkwind racing wrote:Googes you senile old fart ,some times you can be so wrong and some times so right :wink:

,under no circumstances would this old fart concider laying down face first :shock: I will be in a semi reclined feet forward position ,how reclined ?? depends if I can fit in the "jason recliner" :wink:

I'll fetch your slippers while you get the angle on the Jason right Gaz....

The Salt Snake had an aluminium wheel and tyre analogue which didn't turn but moved side to side changing the point of balance and thus effecting steering.

There are accepted face down harness systems, I don't want to wear one, how the hell are you supposed to breathe when it's done up sufficiently?

I think periscope systems for driver vision may havebeen outlawed by the SCTA......

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Thrust SSC ran 2 fronts and 2 in-line rears didn't it?
so if you get a couple of big a#$e turbines....... oh hang on can't run thrust cars at speed week.

What about 2 fixed front wheels on a swing arm and rear steer?
Although packaging the steering around the engine could prove tricky.

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I think periscope systems for driver vision may havebeen outlawed by the SCTA......

What about multiple cameras and a HDD*

* Heads Down Display

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