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hawkwind racing
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back again

Post by hawkwind racing »

As many would have known my wife was very sick (cancer) unfortunatly , she passed away on 2.10.09 after a hard fight with that evil condition , Im now recovered enough to start to get on with life again (just) ,I've been encouraged to get back out into the shed again and start to get ready for next year ,so hopefully I can get enough interest again to do so , anyway thought I woild let you know the reason for the absence .
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Post by Stayt`ie »

Garry, sorry to hear off the passing of your wife, condolances to you and your family,, all the best mate, and seeya at the lake in March.
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Post by OLDtimer »

Gary, sorry to hear of your loss. Please accept my condolences . See you in March. Pete Noy. DLRA #6

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Post by gennyshovel »

Garry please accept my condolences also , on the sad loss of your wife.
The encouragement you have been given is good advice, I used the same grief outlet to get thru the feeling of loss when my mum passed away when I was young.
There's nothing like stripping a four down and putting it back together to take your mind off your loss.
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Post by DON NOBLE »

Gday Gary , So sorry for the pain and suffering that wife would have had to endure with that incideous illness , and for your hurt and grief . Its easy to say time heals , and I hope it does .
Personally I couldn,t think of a better distraction than working in the shed on " toys " .
Hang in there ,we looking forward to seeing you at the salt .
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Rob Carroll
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Post by Rob Carroll »

G'day Gary, I too must say condolences to you and your family. It's a tough deal when you lose loved ones as Tiny said, but try to stay positive and eventually things will get better. Look after your family and hopefully they will look after you as well.
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Post by PLUCKA »

I dont think I have met you but never the less my family and I offer our condolences to you after your wife and your battle. Hope to meet you in March


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Post by momec »

G'Day Gary
A sad time for you mate, keep your chin up, we are thinking of you.
Chris and Kathy.
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Post by outbacktrev »

Don't know what to say Gary :cry: but my thoughts are with you and family. :wink: As has been said keep playing with the "Toys" :) See ya in March :D
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Post by Lynchy »


A sad time but remember we are all thinking of you. Hope to see you in March.


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Post by Dreamliner 200 »

So sorry to hear of this Gary, from experience with my Father, I can understand some of the pain this awful disease puts you and your family through, please accept our condolences.

I hope that your efforts to get back in the shed can, with time, help heal the pain.

Graham and Lillian.
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Post by Rob »

Really sorry to hear about your wife Gary, my condolences to you and your family.

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Post by boyracer »

my condolences to you and your family dude...offer of pit crew help still stands for 2010.
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hawkwind racing
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thanks all

Post by hawkwind racing »

Thanks all for the kind words and thoughts venturing out to the shed for the first time in months this weekend ... will attempt to get 1 bike ready for march
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Post by PJQ2 »

Go Hawk!
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