2010 Channel 7 coverage

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2010 Channel 7 coverage

Post by PLUCKA »

I have been in contact with some friends that are involved with Channel 7 Adelaide. I made mention that everyone who attended the 2009 event had a blast. I was encourage to e-mail the news director of 7. He reponded shortly after and was more than happy to accommodate our organisation with some coverage with a live satelite feed from Lake G.

What are peoples thoughts as he will be ringing me back in the near future. :?: :?: :?: :idea: :idea:


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Post by Rob »

It works for me Plucka.

There've been news crews out there before so I don't see that this sets any sort of precedent or problem.

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Post by PJQ2 »


(they're more annoying than the flys)
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Post by Dr Goggles »

Rob wrote:There've been news crews out there before so I don't see that this sets any sort of precedent or problem.

Tailored media is more appropriate.

Everyone here scoffed at Top Gear magazines coverage and simplistic commentary, and they're a motoring magazine.

Street Machine has done excellent coverage the last few meets,some of the smaller publications have done well too. The newspapers usually do a photo or maybe two and a VERY brief explanation/summary.

If the idea is to attract competitors/members/spectators then the kind of coverage that SM , Cruzin, ASR do is the way.....not Sixty Minutes, Current Affair....or any other 20 second news grab. It gives people the wrong idea,makes us look like hoons and attracts dickheads.

We have a 100 mile Fool Filter and this year it did it's best on the way home to convince plenty of the half committed to not go back......If the the meet is to stay well organised it needs repeat attendees committed to volunteering ...not an endless stream of annoying one timers.

My vote says stuff the news crews.

Sermon over.

Dr G.
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Post by gennyshovel »

I Totally agree with the Doc, regarding media coverage, non revhead type media coverage should be discoraged.
"If the the meet is to stay well organised it needs repeat attendees committed to volunteering .."
speaking of voulenteers, how 'bout updating the Task Assignment Schedule Greg, there's been no update since 9-12-09 , or has there been a halt in the "hands up brigade"?
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Post by Cookey »

I too agree with the good Doktor :wink: :wink:
As far as the updating of the Task Schedule I believe that some people do not put sufficient information such as their DLRA membership number which Greg needs to confirm prior to adding the relevant name to the list.
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Post by OLDtimer »

The last thing we need is TV coverage, we had it in the past, & it attracted dickheads. The true enthusiasts will see our coverage in the car & bike magazines. S.A. has a very anti anything fast nazi running the state at the moment & we dont want him jumping on the bandwagon either. I vote no TV cameras . Pete. DLRA #6

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Post by REAL Stan »

I vote no TV as well :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
We dont need it.

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Post by Greg Watters »

Its a double edged sword,oppotunitys and complications
Some coverage i think is essential or we will die a slow death , too much hype could be worse :? .
Pity there is no real way to get coverage proofed for accuracy before release

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