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DLRA Sub divisions and AGM Reps

Posted: Sun Apr 10, 2011 12:58 am
by DirtyDave
Firstly I’ll start by saying that this is not in any way a dig at the many hard working volunteers this club has at present and in the past. Job well done.
This forum is also a great place to attract interest either media or prospective new members and racers, it is also a great media to express different views and general discussion, but I feel that a lot of the topics discussed here are definitely not for public debate. And not to mention the issue with treads going of topic.
Some members of the DLRA are already meeting at BBQ days , general get togethers, Tech Days and official club meeting .
I am proposing that we form sub division meeting groups ( not new sub clubs ) and when we meet at different events or gatherings we hold small club meetings and from these meetings we have a representative attend the General Meetings as a sub DLRA division representative, with the current level of interest and as a general rule we are having members traveling at their own expense from around the country already,
If we try and hold a few divisional gatherings and pay a few bucks at each meeting then we all might get better representation and another excuse to get out to someone’s BBQ area or Local Pub and have General meeting and the proceeds from the meeting can go to paying for your representative to attend Special Full DLRA Meetings and the left over kitty can go into the sub club Christmas Drinks.
I’ll see you all at the Tailem Bend Test n Tune with my pen and paper to take minutes..
David Hinds

Re: DLRA Sub divisions and AGM Reps

Posted: Sun Apr 10, 2011 11:55 am
As I understood it, this was very much the model that Bob Ellis proposed back before the formation of the QTA (Queensland Timing Association) (an organisation in name only, created for a purpose and that was to get an event happening in Queensland).
When it was first proposed at the meeting in Melbourne there were some that weren't too happy about it as they saw it as a division of the DLRA, to the contrary the existence of these sub divisions will make the club stronger and hopefully communication stronger and that has got to be a good thing. Yep this forum goes some way to making communication between such a geographically dispersed group easier and less costly, but there are many members who don't use computers and we need to be able to cater for these members as well.
Dave I believe what you are proposing is a good thing and should be encouraged. The BBQ's and tech days are going to make us (the DLRA) more accessible and give those potential new members an opportunity to see if this is something they really want to do.

Re: DLRA Sub divisions and AGM Reps

Posted: Sun Apr 10, 2011 1:05 pm
by DirtyDave
I agree with what you've said and i have discussed this subject with Bob ellis a few years back,
My spare time is still limited but I am willing to participate at a South Australian Motorcycle and Car Tech level..
With the announcment of the Tailem Bend Test and Tune days and Throw in a Christmas BBQ and an early January SA Tech Day we could meet 6 times a year away from Speedweek..this would give racers a voice at Special General Meetings eg the recent meetings in Melbourne and AGM's would run hopeful efficienty and productively with group representation as this should filter out some of the less important issues that can be delt with outside the AGM..

I'm not going to turn this topic into a long winded forum thread as my aim is to get racers together and have their say in person amongst fellow racers and supporters.

If you are interested in helping out please either post here or I'll see you at the Tailembend Test n Tune,
If you are not a racer and would like to participate you're most welcome to join in.

Please Private message me your email address if you want to be part of a South Aussie mail out, I'm not prooposing a monthly news letter just a point of contact to notify interested party's of an event or gathering in our area, this would not superseed or overrule any DLRA issues, newsletters or important notices.

David Hinds

Re: DLRA Sub divisions and AGM Reps

Posted: Sun Apr 10, 2011 3:23 pm
by OLDtimer
Dave, we already do this here in S.A. As state delegate, I have a full email mailing list (as well as one for people who do not have internet access), of all active members in this state. Carol updates this for me when new members join. Now we have tailem bend up & running,the Feb test & tune will replace the Jan tech day. Xmas bbqs have been tried here before, but didn't work as most people have too many other things happening that time of year. A local meeting is held at Smurf's every June to advise our members of what was discussed at Melbourne meeting. I also have petty cash from bbqs,raffles etc to cover expenses & I represent S.A. at Vic meetings. Cheers, Pete DLRA #6