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Re: Pick Your Date!!

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Greg Watters wrote:we have seen the water movement in the US when the evening tide comes in, pot holes in the main tracks like the road to the pits can be 100-`120mm deep or more and you can see the changes in level of the water just under the surface they can be dry all day and 1/2 full of water by late arvo , can't remember the moon at the time but i think it was getting pretty full , after seeing that quite clearly i have no doubt of the internal tide, how it manifests itself on our thicker salt could be an entirely different matter..
Also,,, at Bonneville there are a series of "bore holes", pvc pipe encased,, everytime we wanded over and checked, the water was at a different level,, no doubt about it, these salt lakes are definately tidal,,,,
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Re: Pick Your Date!!

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Speak with Animal. From what he told me he has dug holes and watch the water rise up and down. Again we have beening going to the lake for a long time now so why dont we use the info we have and try and not re-create the wheel. Like what was perviouly stated. Start by the moon. At least we can then take on element out of the sum.


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