2012 Safety Equipment Requirements

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2012 Safety Equipment Requirements

Post by Cookey »

Can someone who is (or believes that they are) qualified in this matter please clarify some or all of the following points:
1. Section 3.A.3 Drivers Helmet Support Head & Neck Restraint Device. The rule book calls for a full SFI Spec 38.1 restraint system for all cars and motorcycle streamliners which at present time equates to the need for a full HANS device to be used.
Does this mean "All Cars" or "All Streamliner class cars??"

2. Word filtering through from those present at the last DLRA meeting in Victoria is somewhat sketchy as to what will be enforced in March 2012.
Word is that the rule will be relaxed based on vehicle type/speed range for 2012.
I have already commented elsewhere that I have a helmet and harness that was purchased new with full intent to have my car ready to race a year or 4 back but due to financial and or weather conditions found myself unable to run in those years.
I now have a new SFI 2011 certified driving suit & gloves, boots etc. and am happy to spend the extra money to purchase additional equipment to meet the rules, but naturally enough will feel very pissed off if I find that I have spent hard earned $$'s in order to meet the statuary requirements as set out in our upgraded rule book and our officials allow other racers to front up with "non compliant" safety equipment and be allowed to run on the pretext that they were unaware of the rule changes.
Believe me that I am not trying to stir up shit regarding this matter but feel that the communication channels regarding the rule updates must be clarified so we all are in the loop!!
Tony Cooke
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Re: 2012 Safety Equipment Requirements

Post by David Leikvold »


I don't necessarily regard myself as either but I think it's the option you didn't want. HANS devices are (forgive the obvious) designed for use with harnesses and all cars and all motorcycle streamliners use harnesses so...
I make no comment on what may or may not happen at scrutineering next year.

Dave :D
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