DLRA May General Meeting - Victoria

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DLRA May General Meeting - Victoria

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The DLRA General Meeting will be on Sunday 24th May 2015
at the Northern Suburbs Hot Rod Club rooms
25/196 Settlement Road, Thomastown
Meeting will start at 11 am sharp, should all be over by 3 pm
BBQ after, $5 per head for sausages in bread, salads and a soft drink
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Re: DLRA May General Meeting - Victoria

Post by BIG GAZ »

I am landing at Melbourne airport at 8.30am Sunday morning and hiring a car if anyone needs a lift to the meeting.

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Re: DLRA May General Meeting - Victoria

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An Apology for the meeting please from me.
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Re: DLRA May General Meeting - Victoria

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And me. At our QTA meeting last Sunday the topic of a new timing van came up. Might I suggest that rather than purchase an old van that may or may not have dangerous contaminants that the club investigate the damaged caravan auctions, which are held frequently in every state capital. Pickles and Manheim seem to be the main players. There are always modern statutory write-off caravans that offer far better value than some overpriced and worn out old van. Some are hail damaged, others have water damage but as they are relatively new they are usually in very good condition and would stay that way for many years to come. Of course, there are others that are comprehensively destroyed but we can ignore them. Statutory write-off means they can't be re-registered so there is less interest in them and they often represent excellent value for money. Even a repairable write-off might be worthwhile as the damage could be eliminated as we modify the chosen van to better suit our needs.

Dave :mrgreen:
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Re: DLRA May General Meeting - Victoria

Post by Lynchy »

I'm an apology as well. More medical stuff coming up too soon to travel. Would have loved a trip to Melbourne otherwise!!


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