Two way runs for 2019

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Re: Two way runs for 2019

Post by momec3 »

I am not a fan of two way records. Poorly conceived and implemented would be my summary this year.
If we are to persist it needs to be simplified. I think it is too soon to be implementing the technical compliance.

Competitor info was lacking this year. If you and your crew were stuck in prestage for hours or days many thought they needed to be on 10. Your only comms was in your recovery vehicle.
If you tuned to 15 you got the excellent commentary but no group info, only what was on track at the time. Many thought tuning to 10 would give them information.

10's use needs to be clarified at the drivers briefing ie only needed when crew are following their race vehicle from startline then back to pits.

15 worked great but maybe expand to include impound/record competitor updates and prestage group info. (see below)

1/ Informing next group of 10 vehicles in prestage when it's time to roll.
2/ Informing all competitors track status, why are they waiting and updates. (there was absolute lack of any information this year)
3/ Impound info and numbers that would influence above.

4/ Given the above why have the prestage queue. As I have suggested in the past put the prestage queue on a spreadsheet. The prestage controller guy/girl is then in the shade. When you come back to the pits post run and are ready for your next run present to the prestage controller and be given your group designation, (a,b,c, etc, track 1 or 2) then wait in the comfort of your pits for your group to be called on channel 10/15. ......Make the call long and loud.... Repeat it 3 times.
If the competitors miss it they go to the end of the queue.

The benefits of proper shade, hydration, vehicles on tarps etc in your own pit are obvious. Why do we persist with long queues in the sun.
note; Multi diver/riders would need to cite vehicle also at prestage registration.

My thoughts
Chris Hanlon

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Re: Two way runs for 2019

Post by Stayt`ie »

I am all for two pass records, I am even more so for two way records,, I am happy to see the end of "One Hit Wonder" records :D

One problem is that we don't have a pool of "Techs" (folks who are "Fully" conversant with the rules pertaining to each vehicle) to be ever present in impound, we are relying on volenteers, volenteers are ok when you are checking in and overseeing a four hour limit on work allowed ,, Tech's are required when it comes to certifying a vehicle is legal for the record it is claiming,, one driver/entry sets a qualifier, checks into impound, awaits for next morning,, multi driver/entry sets a qualifier, impound, out again, sets record, Tech person has to be there to verify compliance/certification, bring on driver #2, the wheel turns,, with our present system a Tech is required to be in impound for the duration of the event, repeat, we do not have enough Techs to cover this,,(to have volenteers verifying compliance/certification is just not on),,
If everyone who qualifies sits in impound until the next morning, a Tech is only required in impound until all vehicles who have backed up are passed and certified,,
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Re: Two way runs for 2019

Post by jpbyron »

I am a fan of the two way run record setup as run at Bonneville.

My issue however is that our event is only 4.5 days long and unlike Bonneville which is 6.5 days long. I feel with the shorter event it is very time consuming to run two run records. We also do not have the luxury of El Mirage once a month for testing and tuning prior to our Speed Week. I only reference Bonneville here as I have heard that is why we are going to two run records to be compared on a level playing field.

So realistically you use a couple of days up with a shake down run and a dial it in run, then its Wednesday all going well.

I would like to say lets keep two run records and extend the event to 6.5 days but both of those ideas require more volunteers and experienced people in key roles.

I think the 4.5 days does not allow teams pushing the limits time to get their vehicle sorted and dialed in. If there are any external issues, weather, down time etc it shortens the event even more then 4.5 days.

I did get a record this year, but an open record, I did not get to try many things I had on the list due to the tight time frame and days lost.

JP Afflick
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Re: Two way runs for 2019

Post by Stayt`ie »

JP you spent time in impound, what are your thoughts from seeing it from the inside ?

From your above comments I get the feeling that it would free up "competitor time" if vehicles qualifying, went to impound, checked, then immediately cleared to lineup in prestage for their backup run :)
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