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You bloody ripper
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Rev H, Dr G & Col G

So now it is officially on, the lake is dry as it should be and the event is now 2 weeks off....

How's the tank going?

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nearly there

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well, it ain't gonna be pretty , but it's gonna be there....I hurt all over ...missed the odd shower ...but I'm back out to the shed.....
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Cooky any news from the guys at the Lake. Cars is ready I hope, bags are packed, spares, fuel, tools
Just add hard salt


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It's on, check the Australian Event News section of the board. Speed Week 2009 post.
Rob Carroll wrote:I suppose everyone has been hanging out for this report. Just talked to Pete Noy at the DLRA Camp. He tells me that at their inspection of the lake today the lake is absolutely fantastic. Some, but not much, salt flicked up off the wheels and no water dripping off the car when they stopped. He also said the track area gets even better the further north they went, which is excellent for the faster cars. Some dampness at the entrance ramp, but hopefully this may dry even more in the next two weeks. So its WOT from now till March 9 to complete preparations for the meeting.

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You little bloody beauty, well done to all involved. Lets have fun.
Happy Frank

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