Post record run inspection.

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Re: Post record run inspection.

Post by IN2VWS » Wed Mar 28, 2012 5:27 pm

I was talking to Bonneville veteran on the weekend, and I asked him about the 2 way runs.
He told me that one event, they do a two way run, and the other event it is 2 passes in the same direction for a record run. One of the events was Speedweek, and the other was World of Speed......but I can't remember which event was which. He also added that at one of the events, the 2 way runs were stopped because the return run was heading very fast towards the starting line, and it became a safety issue.

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Re: Post record run inspection.

Post by Greg Watters » Wed Mar 28, 2012 7:33 pm

Speedweek, WOS, World finals, all run same way next morning (SCTA rules)
Bubs and Cook Shootout run opposite direction , bikes within 2 hrs (FIM) or same day (AMA) and cars within 1 hr (FIA)
AMA/FIM Pits is at the 3 mile like ours was , , but long lines at the start would be hard to move,
AMA /FIM meets that run 2 ways have the lines off course more and run a pregrid like we now do

Cook shootout has the pits at the start line , and a couple of big catch fences with parachutes 2 miles out in case a fast car lost its chute on the return run, the pits are also only 1/2 mile off a big ditch then the freeway

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Re: Post record run inspection.

Post by DLRA » Wed Mar 28, 2012 8:54 pm

When talking records remember that all of these events, except for an event that has FIA or FIM officals observing are local records only. And speeds attained relate to that location only.
Only FIA and FIM observed records are International records regardless of where they were acomplished. So dont get too tied up with the one run or two issue. Unless you have the international officals there its still only a local record.
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Re: Post record run inspection.

Post by AuotonomousRX » Fri Mar 30, 2012 11:45 pm

Greg Watters wrote:Pete i think the 2 way record run is not 2 directions , but like the scta just 2 runs averaged , and i'm not aware of anyone opting to do it
Erc would be happy to supply the same event fuels as they do for Bonneville, they have a Melbourne agent, and i chat to the owner daily at Bonneville while filling up and have suggested at some stage in the future we may be needing a supplier
Haven't priced them but the guys that make fuel test stuff also do a range of products i have been looking at for grain, seen this lately

The mechanical capacity testing equipmet on motorcycles requires a centre spark plug with about 150-200mm clear space above , very few bikes have this capability, Suzuki sportsbikes are ok, Kawasaki usually have to drop the front of the motor down, and many others have to remove the head anyway
Oh and there fairly fragile ..
A liquid system would probably be easier, but still require disabling of valve gear
And in the US, as i would expect here the work is not done by the inspector, you have to pull your motor down in the heat and salt, and have it ready for the inspection before he will even think about coming over to check
Hey Greg

I fully understand that a "Two Way" Record is Two Runs averaged.

I simply did a cut and paste from our current Rule Book and that is what they are called.

I wanted to draw attention to the fact that there is Provisions in our current Rule Book
for Members to do a run and have it Recorded as a Legitimate Record as the Rules stand now.

My point was we are not really able to check for "Two Way" Records at present.

So I am suggesting this year the Record Runs are classed as "One Way" Records.

Then let us sort this Issue out at the AGM and so we will be able to fully implement the Record section of the Rule Book in 2013.

Also I am running Sunoco Race Gas. So why not Sunoco as an Event Supplier? They to have a wide range of Race Gas and a distributor in Melbourne. It is another issue that needs to be raised and sorted at the AGM.

Cheers :D
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Re: Post record run inspection.

Post by JonB » Sun Apr 01, 2012 9:17 am

Just thinking aloud about the fuel testing.

Would think that most of the potential "event fuel" suppliers would have testing facilities available.
Could be feasible that if you run a record you supply a specimen for analysis at their lab at the record runners cost.

Specimen could easily be taken from carb or EFI feed hose at post record run check to be reliable.
If you can't be a$$ed proving you comply with the rules run for time only IMHO.

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Re: Post record run inspection.

Post by zork » Sun Apr 01, 2012 9:48 am

They might have testing eqip but not likely in Oz as all canned gas is imported.
Then you have the problem of posting dangerous goods.

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Re: Post record run inspection.

Post by DLRA » Sun Apr 01, 2012 4:18 pm

G'Day Pete, thanks for your comments. Now that I have officially been given the job of record keeper. I definitely want to go back through the records (especially the first 10 years and clean all these up. I'm fully expecting to have to contact owners of those vehicles to get details, photos etc to determine exactly what class they should have run in. But in the first instance I'll be pestering the stewards (new and old).
First job is to identify those that need investigation and I'll be publishing that list here on the forum so there is a record of what goes on.
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