Review of 1991

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Review of 1991

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Lindsay Wilson ran in B/GS class, what sort of vehicle was it?
Rod Hadfield also ran in B/GS class that year, was it Lindsay's car?
Allan Weiland ran C/PRO, what sort of car was it?
Peter Owen ran C/GC, what sort of car was it?
Peter Frith ran C/PRO, what sort of car was it?
The team of Wilson, Byron, Dumensny, Wilson ran in C/PRO class as well, what sort of car was it?
Bernie Kelly and Greg Zwar ran their home built roadster in XF/GR class, there is a photo on the page but I'd like to give the car a name or description.
Ray Tully ran E/PRO what sort of car was it?
Kay and Brian Gursansky ran in H/PRO, I have a photo identifying their car as a Datsun 1100 ute, is this correct?
and lastly John Vevers rode a S/AB 1000 motorcycle, does anyone know what type of bike it was. This class is incorrect, it could have been a Streamliner or Special Construction and it may have been blown.

Of course photos of any of these vehicles would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Review of 1991

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john vevers bike was a yamaha FZR 1000 powered streamliner, i thought it was a naturally aspirated engine.
was in birdwood motor museum as far as i know.
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Re: Review of 1991

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Re: Review of 1991

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Re: Review of 1991

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The Wilson Byron car would most likely have been an FX Holden Ute. Only reason I know this is because I went with them one year.
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Re: Review of 1991

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Greg, The Gursansky's ran a Datsun 1200 ute. Ray Tully ran an HD Holden . I will look further into my archives & try to answer more of these mysteries of the past. Pete Noy DLRA #6

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Re: Review of 1991

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Greg Allan Wieland ran a 38/39 Chev sedan with a holden V8. I think Rad Hodfield had covers on his wheels on the Green Dragster to qualify as a streamliner.

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