Australian & International Records

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Australian & International Records

Post by Cookey » Sat Sep 26, 2015 10:31 pm

Whilst searching for some related information on Google I was directed to the following web page. ... eed-record

This has led me to make this post in order for us (DLRA) to get something happening towards our acceptance as credible land speed record facilitators!
According to the CAMS website, they are the only group accredited to certify Australian & World records set in this country!
While we, at present are content with having our own system of DLRA club records, it appears that unless we get our act together, we may find that we are coming under another governing bodies influence!!
With the decline in the racing surface at Bonneville in the news and our promotion of Lake Gairdner as the best site for land speed racing we need more than ever to protect our heritage and continue to manage this type of motor sport in Australia.
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Re: Australian & International Records

Post by DLRA 112 » Sun Sep 27, 2015 9:59 am

The DLRA as a whole needs much more acceptance with records. I say who are CAMS when it comes to the DLRA. Then I have to ask have CAMS ever been to a DLRA event ?
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Re: Australian & International Records

Post by DLRA » Sun Sep 27, 2015 3:26 pm

My understanding of the records thing is, you can have international records, but they need to be observed by a FIA or FIM official and the equipment being used needs to be certified. International records have their own class structure totally different to SCTA or DLRA.
The next level down is National Records, which is what Bonneville and Lake Gairdner are.
Lastly you can have a Local Record.

If the DLRA wanted to run a truley International meet they can, but it would have to be under FIA or FIM rules and regulations.

If the yanks come over and compete at a DLRA event they are setting Australian National Records only.
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Re: Australian & International Records

Post by AuotonomousRX » Thu Oct 01, 2015 5:40 pm

This is something that would need to be looked at if we ever wanted to offer FIA/FIM Records in the future.

In the USA according to the Mike Cook Bonneville Shootout site

Official FIA Car World Records are supervised by USAC United States Auto Club representatives.


Official FIM Motorcycle World Records are supervised by AMA, American Motorcycle Association representatives.

as both of these Organisations are the recognised National FIA and FIM Affiliated Bodies in the USA.

The Australian equivalent is

for Cars/FIA it is CAMS Confederation of Australian Motor Sport


for Motorcycles/FIM it's MA, Motorcycling Australia.

That is the formal Motorsport structure in Australia as far as I know.

It is a big step on a whole lot of levels,

and depends on what the future looks like for the DLRA if Bonneville is out of action for any length of time.

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Re: Australian & International Records

Post by David Leikvold » Fri Oct 02, 2015 4:38 pm

CAMS can claim to be the only game in town because they are FIA affiliated. They're welcome to come and watch but they have no authority over us. Don't forget that the international records are all two way. We would need to adjust the long course slightly to accommodate this. It would also reduce the number of one way runs we get now and might even require more timing gear to be purchased, depending on the quality of the salt at the various miles. Despite all that it would still be good to have some seriously fast international competitors there to inspire us. Maybe we could devote the first hour or so of the morning to two way runs and then we have the rest of the day to ourselves.

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Re: Australian & International Records

Post by RGV » Fri Oct 02, 2015 9:09 pm

Maybe the last hour might be better or we might spend the rest of the day cleaning up after engine blow ups?


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Re: Australian & International Records

Post by Stayt`ie » Sat Oct 03, 2015 8:51 pm

fellas, to run FIA/FIM would require a stand alone meet, we could not "Successfully" incorapate it within our current DLRA event. The costs involved to have these two orginisations attend would be huge. Also (FIM) motorcycles are intitled to a two hour backup run period, the (FIA) cars have a one hour window. The really fast stuff is supseptiable to wind conditions and cant just run when thay are "next in line". There is a lot of cordination required to run up and down passes. All vehicles competing for FIA/FIM World Records require "escorts" to and from impound. We (DLRA) are still working on perfecting our current event, imagine if we tried incorapting the requirements mentioned. :?

imho, in setting a FIM World Record you have to "Earn" it,, not just go out and "Do" it, :wink:
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Greg Watters
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Re: Australian & International Records

Post by Greg Watters » Mon Oct 05, 2015 8:21 am

DLRA 2006 had the FIM there for the Ack liner with the MA observer , it could be done , and not that complicated to run 2 ways , Bubs or now BMST turn the track around with virtually no slow down in proceedings , staging is off track so you just stop one end and start the other
main problem is you would need to run to the Cams regs to be FIA legal and they have no idea of our needs
Few yrs ago there was an international FIA gathering at Wendover , we met the Australian rep just after and he was "wow this is amazing we should do something like this back in Aussie" my reply was we do , very short conversation ,

MA have some idea , we have to join MA to run at the FIM meets , originally had to have the bikes inspected here, which was totally irrelevant to the needs, full GP regs needed to be met then the LSR addium on top, so we sort of miss that inspection that after the first yr and get them inspected in the USA where the guys understand the requirements, and the MA reps are getting familiar with FIM documentation and the paperwork goes through pretty smoothly most times

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Re: Australian & International Records

Post by momec3 » Mon Oct 05, 2015 2:35 pm

I think it will be a sad day when we have to deal with CAMS.
Its the good thing to have a small club like ours.

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