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DLRA NEWS ISSUE 42 April 2012

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ISSUE 42 April 2012

Newsletter Sponsors 2
Contents 3
From the Chair 4
Pre Race Meeting 4
Rain Out Date 5
Very Important 5
Notice to Members 5
Office Bearers Positions…. 6
SpeedWeek 2012 Entry Form Details 6
Did you Know? 6
Buy, Swap and Sell 6
Heuer Stop Watch Raffle 7
Important Dates 8
WTF! 8
HAN – why use a head restraint? 7
Special DLRA HANs offer 8
How to order your Speed Week Calendar 10
Merchandise 13
Minutes of General Meeting 15
Advertisers 18
2012 Speed Week Entry Form 19

On the cover: Artwork for DLRA’s SpeedWeek 2012.
Inside: Kiwis Steve and Teena Williams shipped over this 1934 coupe for SpeedWeek in March 2012. Powered by a tunnel rammed 427 Merlin engine, 4 speed box and 9 inch ford diff with 2.7 to 1 gears. Unfortunately due to water on the lake, the race car only made it to Melbourne, turned around and was shipped back to NZ.
Details on how to order T Shirts and Stickers are in this newsletter.

President Cled Davies
Vice President Norm Bradshaw
Secretary Carol Hadfield
Treasurer Carol Hadfield
Chief Car Inspectors Brian Nicholson & Bob Ellis
Chief Motorcycle Inspectors Gary Baker, Dave Hinds
and Graham Hadley
Race Director Steve Charlton
Chief Starter Chris Hanlon
Chief Time Stan Suchodolskiy

PO Box 349 Castlemaine VIC 3450
Phone: 03 5472 4629 and Fax: 03 5472 4370
info@ dlra.org.au

From the Chair - Cled Davies

Yes - I accept that I was premature in advising thatthe meeting was on 2 weeks out from the date. From advice received this decision appeared correct.
However the opposite was proven the case.

Two important changes have been made! We will have a rain-out date in case of future problems (May/June each year) and we will re-schedule our main event for Jan/Feb (dependant on the moon phase) each year and try to miss this rain period.

Your newsletter contains the proposed changes to the constitution which we will vote on at the Annual Meeting. These are called “Housekeeping” which means we are tidying up some ambiguous areas. Rod, Norm and Norm met with local people at Benambra re - Lake Omeo and their report appears in this issue.
We will be holding a General Meeting along with a “Test & Tune” day at Tailem Bend on May the 5th. The strip will be open during the day and the General Meeting will commence at 7pm. BYO Chair.

We expect to hold our Annual Meeting at Lake Gairdner during our rain out date. However if this is not possible then we will schedule a date later in the year.

Inspections for conditions at Lake Gairdner will be carried out by our South Australian members each week from mid April on with a final decision made mid May. These inspections will be carried out before any future meetings.

Rod's Ramblings - Rod Hadfield
Like every other member who intended to attend this years Speedweek I was disappointed when the inspection party reported back that the Lakes condition was not suitable. It is a weather thing and totally out of anyone’s hands and we must accept that, but it seems some people, without thinking want to find someone to blame and thus start putting uncalled for comments and ridiculous suggestions on the forum. I ask, do these members realise or understand the amount of effort spent all year to get ready for the week, obviously not. Within 24 hours of the inspection party returning home a Committee meeting was underway to formulate a plan, how much quicker can we, the Committee act? In between the call off and the Committee meeting 5 members met at Lake Omeo to get plans in place, but in the previous three weeks 7 inches of rain had fallen and 2 inches the night before we arrived so the lake had water on it for the first time in ten years. However, much was achieved, the use of the football ground for camping (Omeo is only 18km away and has accommodation for hundreds of people). The use of the kitchen facilities have been assured, the bar has a licence in place to allow them to open it up to us, the Lake Committee (who are so keen to get us there, have already put an article stating our intentions in the Bairnsdale Newspaper). They will arrange the local fire and medical people to be available, the Councillor we spoke with assured us road closure, crowd control, signage and track preparation will be taken care of. We have sent off a letter requesting confirmation of our requirements, track layout and any concerns they may have. I must admit, never has something been so straightforward so far. There are 4.9km of usable surface, a viewing bank along one side of the track and a landing strip for fly-ins. If looking it up on the map the small town on Benambra is on the Lakes edge, fuel, a hotel and a general store is all it consists of, we also have approval in principal for our public risk and volunteer insurance. The surface is at present fully grassed which will be slashed very low a couple of times, there are several wheel tracks which will need to be filled and we have asked for the surface to be rolled, the long grass along each side will help drivers, turnouts will be to the left unlike lake Gairdner which are to the right. I think it has great potential and compared to El Mirage it is much longer, better facilities and there shouldn’t be as big a dust problem.

At this stage I must thank all South Australian members who have been working hard to keep the information lines open, especially David Pluckhahn who has inspection parties ready to pay regular visits to Lake Gairdner as a lead up to our proposed rescheduled meeting from the 28th of May – 1st of June 2012. If we are able to run this proposed meeting an Annual General Meeting will be held there, a Test and Tune Day is scheduled for May 5th at Tailem Bend and a General Meeting will be held there that evening starting at 7pm. Carol and I will take the Club truck for a run, we will load the truck with all our available Merchandise as we ordered plenty anticipating our biggest ever meeting with pre entries approaching 300, we will try and set up during the afternoon.

Thanks to Tom Carroll who serviced the truck in anticipation of Speedweek, Rob Carroll was to take it to Lake Gairdner as I would have been taking our truck. I have been thrashing for the last 12 months solid getting our Commodore ready, we hadn’t had a chance to get it onto the tuning dyno which now, hopefully we will. The new paint job by “Riches Auto Finishing” in Bendigo is first class and Ryan Ford has done his usual magic job on the signage. Nankervis Performance Boats have built the hi-torque 572 cubic inch motor, I would also like to thank a few people, first and foremost my wife Carol for her tireless efforts every day for the club would not exist if not for her, Kim Krebs and Greg Watters for helping to get Lake Omeo organised, Norm Hardinge and Vicki Howard for keeping our club in front of the public and getting the newsletters together, Gary Satara for his work on the Rule Book and Constitution, Club scrutineers, Graham Hadley who cops an unreal amount of enquiries especially from the Bike fraternity, Greg Wapling for keeping the website in order and lastly a new member, Chris Kaye for his generosity in donating to the club a new inverter generator, Chris can supply club members a full range of generators with the Briggs & Stratton motors at the best prices anywhere. I personally purchased a 7kva 2 cylinder electric start on wheels which will run almost anything in a house or a workshop, Chris has an interesting job tuning and hotting up the Briggs & Stratton motors for the Junior Dragsters, so thanks again Chris.

Lets all hope the salt re-generates and the rain stays away so we can get onto the lake.

Pre Race Meeting May 2012 -South Australia
Our next meeting is on Saturday 5th May 2012
and will be at:
The Tailem Bend Test and Tune day South Australia
The strip will be open during the day
(9am to 5pm) and the General Meeting will commence at 7pm.
BYO Chair
This meeting will be the last chance to Pre enter the May/June 2012 event
2012 Merchandise will be available
Why not come along and check the venue out!

Rain Out Date
DLRA will be making a second attempt at holding SpeedWeek 2012. Dates to remember are 28th May to 1st June.

Very Important
All entries DLRA already hold are eligible for the rain out date 28th May to 1st June.
Please let Carol Hadfield know by email or phone if you intend to race at the second attempt or not.
Carol 03 54724629 or

Notice to Members

All members are to be advised that there have been several changes made to the Club Constitution, there will be discussion and a vote taken on changes at our next AGM which will be held during the 2nd attempt at Speedweek, 28th May to 1st June
There will also be new Rule book changes voted on at the same meeting so if you are wanting to have your say you need to be there.
A copy of the proposed new constitution is included towards the end of this newsletter.

Office Bearer Positions to be voted on at the AGM
Office Bearer Positions to be voted on at the Annual
General Meeting.
Vice President
Race Director

Committee of Management:
Comprising of the above and two other nominated active members

Technical Committee:
Chief Car Inspectors (we have two at present)
Five Car Scrutineers
Chief Motorcycle Inspector (we have three at present)
Five Motorcycle Scrutineers
Assistant Starters (3)
Assistant TimerS (2)
Camp Co-ordinator
Rule Book Co-Ordinator
Contest Board - Should be made up of the voted Committee positions including Technical committee
Rules Committee Person – made up of chairperson and above inspectors

Incident Review Committee
- Chairperson and above inspectors, Race Director and other members

South Australian Liaison Committee
to deal with Native Title and Landowner issues
(we currently have 5 members on this committee).

Speed Week 202 Entry Form

Please find your entry form for SpeedWeek 2012 at the end of this newsletter.
There is a cut off (5th of May 2012) and a $100 extra
charge if you are a late entry.

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Important Dates - Norm Hardinge
TEST & TUNE...............
Tailem Bend South Australia....
The next Test & Tune is May 5th and 6th.
DLRA’s next general meeting (and pre race meeting) will be held Saturday 5th of May during this Tailem Bend event.
Access to the track for camping is available from Friday night.
You can camp at the track or accommodation is available in Tailem Bend.
All enquiries Ring Peter Noy 0427777661
or get on the web site www. dlra.org.au

2nd ATTEMPT SPEEDWEEK.................................
28th May to 1st June 2012
Lake Gairdner South Australia entries now open
contact Carol Hadfield 03 5472 4629 or download your entry form ............ www.dlra.org.au

WTF one week out from the event and the decision was made to cancel DLRA Speedweek for the second year in a row! Speedweek 2012 was to be our biggest event ever with over 300 entries and our DLRA membership at 1100 and still growing. The rain gods must hate racers! Eight inches of water on the lake put an end to our big week of racing. Some of our USA friends cancelled their flights while others decided to have a non salt lake racing Aussie holiday. Steve Williams sent over a wicked 1934 Plymouth coupe and a BSA single cylinder bike only to have to send them back to New Zealand without a speck of salt on either beast. Instead, Steve and his crew had a holiday (shed crawl) around Victoria for a week. I am sure all racers will have a sad tale or two. Those who planned not to make the event because they wouldn’t get time off work, their race car had blown up or they had to get married became lightened in their mood because they realised they had not missed anything, but the rest of us spat the dummy. When all the dust from the dummy spits settled down the frustrated DLRA committee led by President Cled Davies, Animal and David Pluckham decided for the first time in DLRA’s history to reschedule the event later in the year.

The committee headed out to Lake Gairdner to organise anything and everything required to run Speedweek at a later date. Thanks to their efforts, almost all requirements have now been ticked off and Speedweek has some new dates - May 28th to 1st June. So all those members that had to get married, Dr. Goggles, can now go salt lake racing at the end of May. David Pluckham has arranged a roster to have Lake Gairdner inspected weekly and to post the results on www.dlra.org.au. Thanks guys for your great work.

While the rain date (hopefully not the next date to rain) for Lake Gairdner Speedweek was being sorted, Rod Hadfield, Norm Bradshaw and I headed up to Lake Omeo in the Victorian high country, where we joined by Kim Krebs and Greg Watters to meet with the local officials. The aim was to lock in their support for a Lake Omeo land speed event later this year.

Kim had already done much of the ground work and we were guaranteed the full co operation of the locals to make our event happen. The paperwork is in and it looks all systems go, I will keep you informed with race dates.

I thought I’d tell you a bit more about Steve Williams’ New Zealand team. Steve says ” the race team consists of 15 hangers on, who are mostly hot rodders wanting to watch me make a fool of myself.” Steve’s crew in Australia was headed up by his wife Teena, nephew Jesse, brother in law Paul and his good mates Burt, Kingi and Steve among others. The race car is a 1934 Plymouth coupe that was found in a paddock. Over the following four years, the Kiwis chopped the roof, laid back the screen and extended the bonnet, filled in the grill and then channelled the body down over the chassis so it almost scrapes on the ground. This car screams hot rod! Steve shoehorned in a tunnel rammed 427 Merlin engine, 4 speed box and 9 inch ford diff with 2.7 to 1 gears .The record in the Bonneville class is 253mph. Steve was aiming for 200mph this time out but the rain gods put an end to that. Still smiling, Steve packed up the car and promised to return in two years time. It’s a big effort and a costly exercise to send your car or bike overseas to race. Thank you to Steve and all the other Kiwis who support our event. We Aussies appreciate it. Hope to see you back here next time. So from zero dry lake racing events in Australia in 2012, now it looks like we have two land speed events, cool. Smiles all round. Matt Lagoon has already started prepping the motor in the Big Knob Roadster to run on the 28thof May.

See you at the Salt
Norm Hardinge.

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Minutes of General Meeting 12th February 2012
Dry Lakes Racers Australia
General Meeting
Held at Highway 31, 743 Sydney Road, Brunswick Victoria
On the 12th February 2012
Meeting opened 11:30am
Welcome members and visitors

Norm Bradshaw, Tom Carroll, Bob Ellis, Denise Schute,
Rod Saville, Gary Satara.
Moved Stan, seconded Wayne Pickles

Minutes of previous Meeting
Moved that the minutes of the previous meeting that were distributed to members was true and correct.
Accept Minutes - Moved Alan Lacey, Seconded Garry Brennan

Business arising from minutes
None - Moved Greg Watters, Seconded Greg Butler

Correspondence In
• Many emails relating to Annual subscriptions, Entries, enquiries etc.
• Emails from Paul Penny and Dion Higgins from Mildura Ice. Roxby Ice are no longer prepared to supply ice and Dion will be doing so this year, he will be arriving Saturday the 17th and staying until midday Thursday 22nd March. They will supply 5kg blocks of ice at $8 a bag and 5kg tube ice at $6.00 a bag.
• The club received an offer from Michael Brixton from Mastec to sponsor the 2012 event T-shirts at $2,000, he has offered to do the same in 2013 as well

Correspondence Out
• An application to Dept. of Environment and Heritage was sent on 27/10/2011 along with a cheque for $2,800 being for the hire of Lake Gairdner in 2012 and a cheque for $3,000 being a bond on the Lake.
• To Cowden Insurance a sum of $3090.00 was paid on 6/12/2011 ad we have received our policy which covers officials and Volunteers as well as public liability. We received a discount on the public liability due to our non event last year.
• A letter was sent to South Australia Country Fire Services requesting their services for Speed
• An email was sent to Robert Tolson from South Australia Ambulance requesting their services for Speed Week. A reply has indicated that they are not keen to attend and if they do the fee will be substantially increased.
Moved Kim Krebs, Seconded Max Ellery

Financial Report
DLRA Financial Statement as at 10th February 2012
Balance carried forward 30/09/12 $27,854.38
New Memberships $4,875.00
Annual Subscriptions $975.00
Sale of Merchandise $2,538.00
Major Raffle – Stop Watch $70.00
Raffle at Meeting $108.00
Donations – A&P Shepard $450.00
Entries $10,475.00
Advertising Income $75.00

Merchandising Purchases $8,025.60
Advertising – Graffiti Publications $15.00
Australian Communications and Media License $51.00
Fuel for campsite generator etc. $583.60
Hire of Lake for 2012 $2,800.00
Bond on Lake 2012 $3,000.00
Bank Interest $364.90
Insurance for 2012 event $3,090.00
Petty cash $1,000
Bank Fees $317.24
Balance at 10/02/2012 $28,902.84
Moved by Carol Hadfield, seconded unanimously.

General Business
• Lake Omeo Report
Kim Krebs and Greg Watters spoke about their investigations and recent visit to Lake Omeo with a view to using it to hold a DLRA event there. Lake Omeo is next to the township of Benambra, which is some 5 hours from Melbourne; it is a typical small town with a general store and pub. The football club has their clubrooms very close to the lake at the southern end which remains the driest. There is a tendency for the lake to be wetter at the northern end. There are no environmental issues with us using the lake as cattle have been grazed on the lake for a number of years. It is a silt clay base with tussocks of grass covering the surface. There are a couple of tracks across the lake with some vehicles using the lake as a short cut to a tip o the eastern side. There is a crashed plane in the middle of the lake, but this is hardly discernable and with the track layout we have proposed be no problem at all.

Track preparation would be limited to cutting the tussocks and a light grade. It is large enough to get 3 mile of track with a run-off after that. Greg has run at El Mirage and commented that a dry lake bed surface is not quite as good but similar to running on salt, but it is consistent.

The football club has already agreed to us using their facilities which will make a very suitable base and only require a couple of pedestrian gates cut through the fence between them and the lake. There is limited accommodation in Benambra but the tow of Omeo is not far away and provides ample accommodation that is used in the winter months by ski enthusiasts for the nearby ski fields.

We have had correspondence with East Gippsland Shire to determine who is responsible for the Lake and have now met with most of the interested parties. Officially the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment are responsible for the lake, but they have given their responsibility to a local management committee. Council have already indicated that they will assist where they can with getting the event happening and will also assist with promotion of the event, if that’s what we want to do.

An event similar to El Mirage certainly could be run at Lake Omeo. At this stage it is anticipated to running a one day event, set up Saturday and run Sunday. But if numbers dictate it, we could run a 2 day event. Certainly there are people who have vehicles that they would never run on a salt lake that would consider running on a dry lake.

Insurance can be obtained for an event of this type for about $2,500, we estimate it would cost about an additional $2,500 to run an event here. The club has indicated that the new timing gear would be made available, but if it was not suitable that the GPS units could be used.

It has no yet been determined when an event would be held but it would more than likely be between October and January. Obviously the lake will be at its wettest over the winter and we don’t want to clash with the local footy season.

The next step is to formalize the arrangements and agreements and get some signatures.

• Tailem Bend Test and Tune Weekend
Held at the Tailem Bend Motorsport Park just last weekend there were 17 vehicles that made use of this opportunity to blast down the 1.7km track. Although speeds are not measured or recorded as this is a test and tune event, the top speed of the meet was about 160MPH.

This is a fantastic facility with a large workshop and hoist and is well fenced and offers good security. It costs $1,350.00 per day to hire and insurance is very cheap with cars being covered by CAMS and bikes by a South Australian organisation. There is camping on site and 2 hotels with accommodation close by. Traveling time from Melbourne is a comfortable 7 hours.

• Rod and Carol are moving.
Although not very far, this means that whist they wish to continue to do all that they do for the DLRA they will no longer have the capacity to store all the DLRA merchandise and other items. Cled has investigated the purchase of a container that is in good condition inside and out and has adequate ventilation at a cost of $5,000 (delivered)
The purchase of the container was moved by Peter Warren and seconded by Robin Cseh.

• Second generator purchase
The club has identified the need to purchase a portable sine wave generator for running the gear in the new registration caravan. Cled has been able to get a good deal on a Honda generator for $1,800. However a member has very generously indicated that he is willing to donate a Briggs and Stratton sine wave generator, so we will wait and see what happens here.

• Ambulance Officer and vehicle at Speed Week With the recent correspondence from SA Ambulance the DLRA is asking all members to consider suitable alternatives. To provide an adequate service we would require a paramedic and a fitted out ambulance for the duration of Speed Week. To give you an idea of cost SA Ambulance quoted $3,000 in 2010 and $5,000 for 2011. f you know of some one or a suitable organisation please contact Cled.

• Rulebook Changes
a. 20110601- Use of more than one engine in a motorcycle- accepted by Dave, Graham, Bob and Brian. No response from Gary Baker. Limit of three engines.- RECOMENDED
b. 20110613- Addition of the Ute class- Bob and Brian are in agreement, there are just a few adjustments necessary but all under control.- RECOMENDED
c. 20120125- size of rear ‘and front’ sprocket to be optional. Both Graham and Dave agree. No response from Gary Baker.-RECOMENDED

• Constitution Changes To allow for financial and non-financial members, the $25 subscription fee and the voting rights attached to each class of member. (See actual changes to text attached to end of these minutes)

• Kenny 2 confirmed for 2012 and they will be bringing a portable urinal with them which will be put to good use on the lake.

• Cled spoke to Joy Newton this week and the news to pass on is that they will not be spending any more money of time on the saltbush camp, behind the canteen. The condition and functionality of the cold showers and limited toilets is unknown, but if they are not working they will not be fixed. (The DLRA camp offers clean toilets and hot showers for $60 for the week)

• Arron from TAG Heuer has confirmed that he will be at Speed Week to ensure the successful implementation of the new timing equipment.

• Norm Hardinge had arranged for Bruce Williams to make a presentation about safety equipment at the meeting, however Bruce was not available.

• There will be an inspection day next Sunday 19th February 2012 at Aussie Desert Cooler, 34 Macquarie Drive, Thomastown 3074. This is an ideal opportunity for entrants to get their vehicles inspected before heading to the salt. There were 4 or 5 present at the meeting that will be presenting vehicles.

• At the request of South Australian members the next General Meeting will be in South Australia, possibly at Tailem Bend. It will be Saturday 5th May 2012 and the meeting will start at 7.00pm

• Competitors that are rolling over entries from 2010 or 2011 need to contact Carol to confirm that they are attending the 2012 Speed Week.

• The new 2012 T-shirts were displayed (as modeled by Rod) and are now available for purchase. There is also a new Calendar available.

• When the lake was checked during the working bee at the end of last year, it was found to be in excellent condition, requiring minimal grading. All the salt had returned to the ramp edge. As of last week the Lake had about an inch of water over it. This is not considered to be a problem and the event is well and truly on.

• Due to the lack of pre-entries and roll over confirmations there will be no program this year. If we have enough of a list about 2 weeks out from the event, there maybe a list of entries printed.

• The 2012 DLRA Annual General Meeting will be held during the day on the lake, unsure of which day yet, this will probably be decided at the start of Speed Week.

• Each day of Speed Week will start at 8.00am with a drivers meeting, it is compulsory for drivers and riders to attend these meetings.

• Due to some issues regards the interpretation and implementation of mesh restraints, the rule will not be enforced for 2012. It will be for 2013.

• Entrants are to note that they are expected to perform some volunteer work to assist in the running of Speed Week. Many have already nominated, but many more have not. You can nominate online at http://www.dlra.org.au/schedule.html Or email drylakesracers@hotmail.com

Meeting Closed : 12.30pm

Lake Omeo
Photos that Rod took from Lake Omeo that were shown at the meeting. More photos are also available on line at http://www.dlra.org.au/ref-lake-omeo.htm
Football Club Rooms
North End looking south (longer grass)
Southern end, shorter grass and sparse
Edge of lake


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